Sunday, 1 November 2015

Lis and Lucy Visit – October 2014 – Part 5

Mike didn’t want to waste the arousal he had built up and asked Lis if she was ready to head upstairs. They invited Jen along as well (as it was technically her night to sleep with Lis) but as Jen was pretty much done for the night it was decided that Mike and Lis would sleep in his room so they could be a bit more energetic without risking waking MJ. Lis literally dragged Mike out of the room as she was so desperate to have him cum in her again but he stopped her halfway up the stairs and lapped at her pussy for a couple of minutes before they finally made it to his room. Even then he didn’t try to fuck her straight away and they kissed for a while (with Mike inside her for some of this). He then went down on her and Lis had expected him to just tease her but he went for the kill and ate her the whole way to orgasm. She complained bitterly about this (once she had finished cumming) and told him off for not having fucked her so Mike tried to make it up to her by switching between kitty kissing her and semi-fucking her.

Mike teased Lis relentlessly until she was begging him to fuck her and cum in her. She told him he was being cruel and pushed him off of her, but only so she could dive in to her bag and pull out some long white socks (knowing these would help drive him wild, although by this point there probably wasn’t much anyone could have done to make him want to cum any more than he already did as he was at bursting point. Lis quickly put the socks on and sat on the bed with her knees drawn up (both Mike and I love this position as it is simultaneously cute and slutty) and she asked him to fuck her properly. Mike asked her how much she wanted him to cum in her and Lis told him she would do anything he wanted if he got her pregnant. Mike pointed out how dangerous a promise that was to make but Lis said she didn’t care and she would stand by it (admittedly she knows that he’d never do anything to actually hurt her so there were some limits on what he might ask). Mike caressed Lis’ legs, briefly went down on her again and then crawled up her body to slide into her. She pulled him against her to keep him in place but they changed positions a few times, although each time Mike was only out of her long enough to get in to the new position and he didn’t tease her. Lis had been reasonably close to cumming for a while so Mike didn’t have to do much to get her back to the edge of orgasm and when she got close she said she wanted to face him again (she was lying face down with him on top of her). They switched round and she rode him until they were both really on the verge of cumming and then he pulled her to him, rolled her over and they remained in this position, fucking through their orgasms. During the build-up Lis kept begging Mike for his cum and he told her he would fill her with it as many times as necessary and almost as soon as Lis started to cum Mike  told her that he was cumming too and told her to take it deep into her and to make babies.

They remained locked together like this for quite a while and discussed how things would change for Lis and Lucy with a baby to look after. As a group, we had already discussed Mike’s role in things and decided that while he would always be around as ‘uncle Mike’, it would be up to Lis and Lucy whether they ever let the child know that Mike was the father. Mike caressed Lis’ legs as they chatted and he said (again) that he hoped she would become hyper sexual during her pregnancy (as Jen had) so that Lucy would have to call on him (along with Jen and me) to ensure Lis remained satisfied. Lis said she liked the sound of that but couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have a sex drive as ridiculously high (her words) as Jen’s was (or mine usually is). They discussed what would happen if the same thing happened to me when I got pregnant and Mike said the only answer would be to save up and buy me a sybian that I could just sit on for 9 months (although I’d need two so I had one in work as well!).

Lis said that she felt very wet and was pleased that Mike had cum so much in her so he described how his cum was now swimming up towards her eggs and how she could end up with twins as he’d cum so much. Lis loved this idea (knowing full well it doesn’t work like that) and Mike teased her more about how her eggs didn’t stand a chance and would be relentlessly attached by his cum to give him another daughter. Lis asked if he actually wanted another daughter and he said he would as he thought a little girl like Lis would be very cute and a good playmate for MJ. He teased her more about how her eggs were being fertilised and started to move inside her – Lis responded and it was well in to the second session before she asked if he was really going to fuck her again. Mike reminded her that he hadn’t cum all day and had a lot to make up for. Lis told him to fill her again and he said he would do what he could but he probably wouldn’t cum as much this time, although she would get his first load in the morning to add to what she already had.

Even though it meant a good deal of his cum leaked out of her, Lis rode Mike for a while and he toyed with her clit and ass (depending on whether she was sitting up or lying down against him). There was less baby talk this time (but no less dirty talk) and Lis asked him if he had the energy to finish off with a hard fuck the way he had with Lucy downstairs. Mike loves doing this so told Lis she had better be ready as he was going to slam in to her tight little cunt as many times as needed until she came for him. Mike described to Lis how her tight lesbian cunt felt around his cock and how he loved being inside her so Lis teased him about whether her preferred her cunt or Lucy’s. Mike told her this wasn’t fair (without stopping fucking her) and that she knew he loved the idea of filling her with cum but that he’d had to wait so long to get inside Lucy that he was desperate to do so whenever he got the chance. Lis told him if he fucked her again in the morning that she would make sure Lucy let him have another turn inside her (Lucy) before they left and Mike told Lis if she could get Lucy to allow him to eat her then he would happily fuck Lis twice while eating Lucy. Lis liked the idea of this, but warned Mike it wasn’t likely and by this point she was getting close to cumming so she told him to shut up and concentrate on fucking her. Mike pointed out he hadn’t stopped pounding into her and encouraged Lis to cum for him, telling her he wanted to feel her tight cunt spasm around his cock and milk his own cum from it. Lis came fairly quickly after this and moaned at Mike to cum in her again, which he obligingly did.

Lis lay on top of Mike for a while as she caught her breath and then rolled off of him and curled up against him (with him spooning against her). His cock wasn’t hard enough to slide back in to her but he positioned it against her ass and she occasionally gently wriggled back and forth against it to tease him. Lis asked why Mike liked eating pussy so much and he said he wasn’t sure he could easily answer that, he just loved being given access to somewhere so intimate where he could concentrate on stimulating and pleasuring the person. He also described how his love of legs naturally led to the pussy as it meant he could kiss and caress his way up the legs and then bury his tongue between them and then went on to describe how the scent, taste, sight and texture of a beautiful (preferably shaved – at least along the lips) pussy could keep him aroused for hours. Lis wriggled back against him when he said this and told him he could go down on her for hours if he wanted and he warned her that she might not be as keen after hours of teasing. Lis was confident that she could take it (providing she also got to cum a few times, which is technically cheating) and Mike told her he would steal her for a day sometime and eat her until either she couldn’t take any more or he couldn’t move his tongue. Lis told him he had a deal, just as long as he came in her afterwards and he assured her that after hours between her legs that he would be desperate to empty his cum into her. Lis pointed out that Mike was hard again and he slid into her pussy and gently moved against her. She asked if he could give her a third load of cum but while Mike was willing to fuck her until she came again (with a bit of help from his fingers and/or a toy) he doubted he’d be able to cum so soon. Lis didn’t really mind and was content to gently move against him as they chatted and drifted off to sleep.

My night with Lucy was much gentler as Jen was spent and just wanted to get to sleep. I was able to convince Lucy to stay downstairs with me and have some more fun though. As we had the fire lit we made use of the sheepskin rug and Lucy and I fucked fairly gently for a while, mostly just kissing and grinding against each other. I told her she had done really well in the shop in riding the sybian and we discussed how we could save up to buy one between us (and then how we would fight over who would keep it). Lucy asked how I had been able to cum on the sybian and then let two guys fuck me – I didn’t really have a good answer to this other than ‘practice’ or ‘it’s just a gift’ but she did at least now understand that I was almost insatiable and loved the feeling of letting guys use me (even when, as in the case of the random customer, I don’t get to cum). Lucy said she would still never dare to ride the sybian while the shop was open to customers but I pointed out that Alistair had seen her cum (he’s fucked me enough times now that I doubt I kept his full attention) and told Lucy that next time she should strip completely and put on a show for however many people were in the shop. Lucy said she couldn’t see that happening but that she would be prepared to do things with Lis in front of the gang should they go back to visit their Uni friends. Sadly Lis and Lucy were already booked for the weekends that Mike, Jen and I were planning to visit but Lucy promised me she would continue her ‘growth’ and let people watch her cum as well as fucking Lisa (in private).

With all the talk of fucking, I knew how I wanted to cum and told Lucy we could either share a double ended dildo or use one of the strap-ons to fuck properly. Lucy kissed me and said she didn’t care and as long as I ravished her cunt and clit until she came, she would do the same for me. I briefly left her on the rug and quietly dashed up to the bedroom to fetch some toys. I still hadn’t decided what I wanted but on entering the living room and seeing Lucy lying on the rug with her body lit by the fire I knew I wanted to fuck her with the strap-on. I got Lucy to pull her knees up and spread her legs and I knelt between them as I fastened the strap on to my body. I generally have no desire to want to be a guy (as their sexual capacity is so low), but there are times when I wish I really knew what it was like to have a cock and feel a hot, wet, soft pussy wrapped around it. I applied a little lube to the strap-on and told Lucy to spread herself. She did as I asked and it looked so sexy that I asked her to play with herself for just a minute and after telling me off for teasing her, she slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy and slowly fucked herself while using her other hand to frig her clit. I gently stroked up and down the length of the dildo between my legs (which allowed me to press the internal vibe harder against my own pussy) and I imagined more what it would be like to be able to cum into Lucy (although to be honest, Jen would be my first choice, followed by Lis and then either Sue or Lucy, depending on how naughty I was feeling).

Lucy asked me to fuck her so I positioned my ‘cock’ against her pussy and slowly slipped it in to her. She pulled me down on top of her and once I was most of the way in, she wrapped her legs around me and said it felt nice. We kissed and fucked until I could feel my own orgasm building and I told Lucy I wanted her to cum. She held me tight against her and told me to cum first (the one design flaw is that the internal vibe isn’t controllable once the harness is put on) and as I came she said that I needed to keep fucking her until she came and I wasn’t allowed to take the strap-on off. We kissed quite passionately (and wetly) and I told her she was getting as bad as Mike and Jen at ‘forcing’ me to cum multiple times but it felt wonderful and I wasn’t really complaining. I pushed down against Lucy so the vibe inside her was pressed up against her g-spot (and the vibe in the harness pressed against my pussy) and I thrust hard against her a number of times. As my orgasm faded I sat up and pulled her legs apart so I could play with her clit but this pressed the vibe even harder against my pussy so I pulled out and lay my cock along the length of Lucy’s pussy so she could feel the vibrations on both her lips and clit. I slid the vibe back and forth while pressing it against her and Lucy clearly enjoyed this but said she wanted me inside her again. I told her she could fuck me and lay on the rug, presenting the vibe to her, she eagerly climbed on and ground back and forth against me, saying this felt much better and I told her how this generally doesn’t feel too good for guys (Mike says it doesn’t feel bad, he just doesn’t feel that much in this position). Lucy alternated between grinding against me and sitting up so I could toy with her clit and she was soon breathing heavily and saying she was about to cum. We kissed some more and I told Lucy to cum for me and as she did she told me I had to cum again. I held her in place and told her she wasn’t escaping until I came so she reached down to press the crotch of the harness against my pussy and repeatedly moaned in my ear that it felt too intense for her to take and for me to hurry up. I told her I was doing my best but Lucy helped out by telling me how a whole group of guys could have walked in on me when I was on the sybian and insisted on all fucking me until I was soaked in their cum.

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