Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 1

In the middle of October Mike headed down to Jen’s old Uni to visit Lisa as it had been about a month since she had seen him (originally Jen and I were going to go down that weekend but we decided to be nice to Lisa and let Mike go in our place with us going the following weekend). He left work a little early so he arrived not too late and met up with Lisa at the airport. She told him that everyone was out at the pub and they could go meet up with them if he wanted but Mike knew better that to fall for this and didn’t even bother teasing Lisa by saying he wanted to see the others. They headed back to her place – once again in student halls – and before Lisa even had her door unlocked, Mike had her dress lifted up around her breasts and was fondling her. He had already discovered that she didn’t have panties on and took a chance (given it was only late evening) by pulling his cock out and pressing it between Lisa’s legs. Lisa pushed back against him and asked what they would do if someone caught them but Mike just hissed in her ear that he didn’t care and had missed being inside her. Lisa told him that she wanted him as well but thought it would be safer to do things in her room. Mike told her to get the door unlocked then but as he said this he pulled her bra up to free her breasts and reached down to guide his cock into her pussy. He pulled back on her hips and Lisa pushed her ass out, allowing him to move in her more readily and they started to fuck. After a minute or so (once Mike had played with Lisa’s clit and she was really getting in to it) he asked if she still wanted to move into her room and she seemed to remember where they were, quickly looked around and fumbled with her keys again to unlock the door. Mike didn’t stop fucking her as she did this but he was ready to grab her when she unlocked the door so she (or they) didn’t fall through it).

Before they went in, Mike asked Lisa to lean forwards (with her hands on the ground), he pulled out of her, knelt and lapped at her pussy and ass. Lisa said this felt really nice so he kept doing it until they heard people coming, at which point Lisa scrambled into her room and told Mike to hurry up and follow her. They think the people kept going up the stairs (they certainly didn’t enter Lisa’s hallway) but she repeatedly said how close it had been and Mike told her he wanted everyone to know how hot his girlfriend was so he didn’t mind if someone caught them. They then quickly stripped and Mike carried Lisa over to the bed and crawled between her legs to eat her again. Lisa said she wanted his cock so Mike lay on his back and let Lisa climb over him so they could 69. After a couple of minutes he asked Lisa if she had been practising as she was eagerly sucking him, using a good amount of saliva and suction as well as stroking the shaft of his cock. Between licks, Lisa asked if he would be jealous if she had been sucking other guys so Mike pushed her off of him and turned round so he could slide in to her. As he buried his cock in her pussy he told her that as long as she wasn’t hiding anything from him, she was having fun and she was being safe that he couldn’t complain about her doing things with anyone else as he had encouraged her to enjoy herself. Lisa told him that there hadn’t been any other guys (stressing the word ‘guys’) so he got her to tell him about the girls. It was only Amber, Abrahii and Susan (which he knew about anyway) and as the two of them fucked, Mike asked Lisa if she was still prepared for a weekend of other people making her cum. She told him she was and he promised her that she would be completely spent by the time he left. They kissed and humped against each other and Lisa told him she was getting close to cumming. Mike told her over and over to cum as hard as she could and to make as much noise as she wanted. Lisa said she didn’t want her neighbours to hear but was still louder than she usually is as Mike fucked her right through her orgasm.

Once she recovered, Lisa asked Mike if he had cum and he told her not to be silly and that he wanted to take care of her a bit more before he came. He asked if she was really up for having the group fuck her and said that she obviously didn’t have to do it if she didn’t want to but that he thought she would enjoy it (and added that he knew he would enjoy seeing her enjoy it). Lisa said that it wasn’t as if it would be anything new, she had done things with most of the gang before (although had mostly stopped doing things with other guys when she started to date Mike). Mike promised her that she would be made to cum by everyone and Lisa teased him by saying he just wanted an excuse to play with the other girls. Mike told her he was certainly keen on seeing (and playing with) them, especially Abrahii, Susan and Amber and Lisa said that she could call Amber up to join them if he wanted (Lisa and Amber are effectively girlfriends, Lisa just doesn’t admit that as she says she is dating Mike). Mike said it was tempting (why have just one 19 year old when you can have two) but that he had missed her (Lisa) and wanted her to himself for that night – although if Lisa really wanted Amber to join them, he would ‘put up with it’.

Mike had been gently stroking and fingering Lisa as they chatted and Lisa had been rubbing her fingers against the head of Mike’s cock, occasionally rubbing her pussy to gather more of her juices to smear over him. Mike told her it was time for him to go down on her as his previous session of eating her had been side-tracked. He pushed the pillows under Lisa’s ass to give him a better angle to eat her then changed his mind and turned her around so she was lying across the bed with her ass at the side. He put one pillow under her ass and threw the other on the floor for him to kneel on. Mike spent a couple of minutes admiring Lisa’s pussy and she told him that Amber had shaved her that morning (in preparation for Mike’s visit – although Lisa and Amber now generally shaved each other most of the time for their own benefit). Mike said he would have to congratulate Amber on having done such a good job and as his tongue made contact with Lisa’s pussy, she asked how he would congratulate her. For the next 15 minutes, Mike demonstrated how he could reward Amber as he swirled his tongue around Lisa’s lips, dipping between them to sample her pussy, flicking over her clit and brushing across and spearing her ass. Each time he tried something new (for that session – they’d done all of this many times before) he asked Lisa if Amber would like it. Lisa’s answers flitted between telling him how Amber actually liked to be licked and describing how what he was doing felt to her and Mike got her to the point of panting at him to make her cum.

He backed off a bit but continued playing with her ass, telling her how inviting it looked and asking if he should slide his cock into it and fuck her there. Lisa said she didn’t mind and trusted him so he could do it if he wanted. Mike concentrated on her ass for a while longer and told her how they could get little Sara to join them and that she would do a much better job at this than he could. Lisa said it felt nice enough but that she was curious about Sara (Jen, Sue and I have told Lisa about Sara a number of times) and that she was even considering coming along to one of the sex parties. Mike loved hearing this and got quite excited but Lisa said she might only watch (or let him fuck her) at first but relented and said that she might at least do things with other girls.

Mike had paid more attention to Lisa’s pussy during this part of the discussion and soon had her back on the verge of cumming. He stood up and slid his cock into her then bent forwards and kissed her. Lisa ignored her juices covering his face and told him to fuck her but Mike reminded her that he was going to eat her to orgasm and wanted to hear her ask to cum. She slapped his back but told him if he wasn’t going to fuck her, to get back between her legs and finish her off. Mike quickly pulled out and went back to eating her, but held her close to cumming and kept asking her to tell him to make her cum. Lisa knew what he wanted but held out for a little while before finally asking in a loud voice for him to eat her cunt and make her cum. He asked her to repeat herself and she did then said that she really needed to cum and wanted to feel his tongue inside her and his lips sucking on her clit. Mike did as she asked and spread her lips wide to allow his tongue access to her whole pussy. He lapped, sucked and nibbled on her (with a couple of flicks across her ass thrown in) and Lisa came. She was louder this time and massaged her breasts and nipples, repeatedly telling him she was cumming (as if he couldn’t tell). She let out a little shriek at the end and said it felt too intense so Mike quickly backed off and just kitty kissed her, leaving Lisa panting and quietly moaning. He kitty kissed her for quite a while, exploring her lips and inside her pussy again (but avoiding her clit) and eventually Lisa told him to join her on the bed.

When Mike reminded Lisa that he still had to fuck her she said she wasn’t sure she could cum again but when he said that was fine and they could just spoon if she wanted she quickly changed her mind and said she wanted him to cum in her and that she was sure they could get her to cum again if they tried. Mike kissed and caressed her body for a while, sometimes grinding his cock against her and other times letting her stroke him. They heard people out in the corridor a number of times and Mike teased her about her neighbours having heard her cum – Lisa said she didn’t care and that it had felt wonderful so Mike teased her about how wonderful it was going to feel with everyone making her cum. Lisa asked why he liked that idea so much and Mike said that he just loved seeing the people he cared about cumming, whether that was due to things being done by him or other people.

Before they could go for Lisa’s third orgasm, she needed some time to recover from her orgasm so they got dressed and wandered out to get a drink. Regular readers won’t be surprised to know that ‘getting dressed’ didn’t really describe what Lisa did and Mike convinced her to just wear a long t-shirt with a belt around it. Lisa didn’t like going out without a bra on so put a black one on which showed through the t-shirt quite clearly. They debated whether she should wear the matching panties and decided to go with them but they weren’t quite as visible through the t-shirt due to the way the material fell so on the way downstairs Mike insisted on removing them from her. Lisa was quite nervous about this – not about going without panties (as she was now well trained in this area) but in someone discovering them as Mike slid them down her legs. Nobody interrupted them but while he was kneeling in front of her Mike kissed and caressed Lisa’s legs all the way up to her pussy. Lisa kept a lookout and when they heard a door to the stairwell open down below them she pushed Mike away and lef him downstairs by the hand.

The bar they went to was just around the corner and quite busy. Lisa didn’t see anyone she knew so when they finally got a seat she sat on Mike’s lap and let him slide his hand up her leg while they kissed. He didn’t make it as far as her pussy, but he stroked around her inner thigh just a little way below it and he thinks that to other people it may have looked like he was stroking her crotch. Lisa wriggled around on his lap, feeling his erection pressing against her ass and she teased him saying that she might not be up for sex that night. Mike said he could always just call Amber and fuck her but when Lisa said he was welcome to do that he said he would rather wait and save his cum to fuck her in the morning. She told him he wouldn’t have to wait and that she was ready and wanted him to use her. Mike slid his fingers up a little further so his fingertips brushed against her lips and Lisa gasped and said they should get back to her room. They kissed a little more and Mike pointed out he didn’t want to just use her and that she had to cum as well and he worked his hand up slightly further so he could rub his fingers up and down between her lips and over her clit until Lisa assured him that she could cum again. On the walk back to her room Mike slid a hand under the back of her t-shirt and caressed her ass, squeezing one of her ass cheeks and slipping his fingers far enough forwards to feel her cunt. Lisa didn’t push his hand away and when they stopped in an alleyway just around the corner from her halls they kissed up against the wall and Mike kneaded her ass with both hands. It was fairly chilly and he didn’t want her to get too cold but before they returned to the warmth (and safety) of her room he wanted to have a little more fun.

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