Saturday, 7 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 2

In the middle of October Mike headed down to Jen’s old Uni to visit Lisa as it had been about a
Lisa said she didn’t feel cold so Mike pulled on the front of her belt until she sighed and undid it. Mike pulled it loose and dropped it to the ground then lifted her t-shirt so he could grind against her pussy. They kissed and he lifted the shirt higher so he could play with her breasts and then told her he wanted her. He asked her to hold her shirt up and play with her breasts while he knelt and lapped at her cunt but after a minute of this he said ‘fuck it’, unzipped his trousers to free his cock and stood up. They kissed as he rubbed his cock against her cunt and he told her how hot and wet she felt. Lisa lifted one leg up and Mike held it as he slid in to her and they started to fuck He told Lisa he wanted to make her cum outside and she told him to go ahead but warned that she didn’t think she’d be able to cum again afterwards if it was anything like the earlier orgasm. He fucked her against the wall (being careful to not scratch her back too much) and Lisa gently moaned in to his mouth. He pulled out and turned her around so he could play with her clit, gently pressing her up against the wall so it rubbed on her nipples. As they fucked he told her how much Jen loved this position (she likes the low level stimulation/pain on her nips) and Lisa said she could see why as it felt nice. He got Lisa very close to cumming and said he really wanted her to cum and then finish things off upstairs (with her cumming again of course) and Lisa said she would try, but that she was getting tired. She added that she was happy for him to spoon with her and cum in her even if she couldn’t cum but that wasn’t enough for Mike so he pulled out, knelt and gave her a few licks from behind and told her he wanted to cum with her in his arms.

They grabbed the belt and as they walked the short distance to Lisa’s halls he told her how it would have been fun if he had cum in her and she had walked back with his cum leaking from her pussy and dripping down her legs. Lisa said that it wasn’t funny and if they’d seen anyone that they might have seen the cum but Mike just reached under her shirt and slipped a couple of fingers in to her from behind. He twisted his wrist round and pushed the fingers deeper in to her, then reached around with his other hand to play with her clit. Lisa let out a little moan but didn’t try to stop him and as they climbed the stairs with Mike fingering and frigging her, he continued the description of how if he had cum in her and they had met someone Lisa knew that he would have lifted her t-shirt to show off her beautiful cum-soaked cunt and let them all admire and fondle her. Lisa told Mike he was awful to her, but she was so close to cumming that she still didn’t try to stop him fondling her. When they heard someone lower down on the stairs Lisa quickly looked round but kept walking up to her room with Mike’s fingers inside her.

As they wanted to have a proper session together, Mike stopped playing with Lisa once they reached her room and they washed, brushed teeth and did the general bedtime preparations as Lisa slowly calmed down. Once they returned to her room from the bathroom Mike had a final lick of Lisa’s pussy before sliding in to her and gently fucking her. They rolled around on the bed for a while with each of them taking turns on top and carried on like this until Lisa was close to cumming again. She told Mike not to tease her any more as she was getting tired so he pulled her down on top of him and guided her up and down on his cock as they kissed. Mike reached around her ass and placed a finger on Lisa’s clit – to which she murmured that it felt good – and he rubbed her in time with their movements. Lisa started moaning that she was about to cum and he told her to go ahead as he was close as well. At first Lisa didn’t seem to believe him (probably as they were only moving relatively slowly against each other) but Mike promised he would be able to cum in her very quickly. Almost immediately Lisa let out another little moan and whispered in his ear that she was cumming. Mike kept up the same steady pace of fucking and frigging her and told her he was about to cum. Lisa’s orgasm finished before Mike came but she kept kissing him and gently riding him until he moaned and told her he was about to cum. Lisa quietly told him to fill her and make her his again and Mike felt jet after jet of cum squirt from his cock. Lisa slowed her movements but Mike asked her to keep going and said it felt wonderful and Lisa said that with each stroke she could feel his cum running down, coating his cock and soaking her pussy.

They rolled over again so Mike was on top and when he pulled out a fair amount of cum leaked out of Lisa. Mike moved off of Lisa and lay behind her to try and get his cock back inside her but he was already too soft so just spooned up against her ass. Lisa told him it felt nice to have his cum dripping out of her pussy again and he told her if she liked that then she was going to love the way she would feel the next day when she’d been fucked by multiple guys. Lisa whined that it was *his* cum that she liked having in her, but that she was actually a little excited about what he had planned for her. Mike managed to get sufficiently hard to slip back in to Lisa and spoon her as they went to sleep and they both slept soundly (which can be a challenge in student halls).

Mike had actually wanted to wake up in the middle of the night and drag Lisa down to the kitchen to fuck her so he was a little disappointed when he realised he had missed his opportunity. He went down on her and said she still tasted quite salty (from his cum) but got her off anyway and they then went to the kitchen to get breakfast. Lisa was well aware that he would try and play with her there and said as long as he was careful and made sure nobody caught them, he could go ahead. Lisa just had the long t-shirt on from the night before so Mike had ready access to her crotch and semi-fucked her a few times as she made breakfast. She sat up on the counter and let him eat her and even more impressively, she let play with her with some things he found in the fridge. Someone had one of my favourite food items (for playing with), a courgette. Mike pulled Lisa’s shirt up and rubbed the courgette over her nipples, then down between her legs and back and forth across her pussy. Lisa flinched at the cold a few times but on request she spread her lips and leant back against the wall to allow him to slide the vegetable up inside her. Mike lapped at her clit as he fucked her but he wanted to play more before she came so he got her to hold the courgette in place while he fetched some yoghurt. Lisa actually carried on fucking herself and Mike told her he loved that she was so willing to enjoy herself. He dabbed some of the yoghurt on to her nipples and sucked it off and then rubbed some over her pussy before once again licking it off. Lisa then scooched forwards to allow Mike to spoon the yoghurt out onto her pussy and she used the courgette to pump some of it in to herself. A couple of times she spread her lips apart and let Mike pour the yoghurt over her pussy and then catch it in the pot (mixed with her juices) and after a few more licks of her clit then concentrated on getting Lisa off with the courgette. As Mike fucked her with it he poured more yoghurt over her pussy and told her how she would have to try and find out who it (and the courgette) belonged to so she would know who had eaten her juices. As Lisa got close to cumming she said she couldn’t believe she was letting him do this to her where they could so easily be caught (they’ve done similar stuff before, but not that many times). As Lisa came Mike told her to imagine that everyone in her hall suddenly came in to the kitchen and witnessed her cumming as she fucked their food. Lisa went bright red at the thought of this (unlike Sue, she doesn’t usually get that flushed when she cums).

Lisa rode out her orgasm but then quickly wanted to get covered up. Before she was allowed to do this though, they wiped as much of the yoghurt back in to the pot and they could and wiped the yoghurt off of the courgette. Mike licked Lisa’s pussy clean(ish) and the courgette was pushed up inside her one last time and then smeared with her juices. Lisa hesitated before putting it back in the fridge with the yoghurt, but Mike told her to just imagine two random people she was living with eating her and she made up her mind and placed them back where Mike had retrieved them from. She wasn’t quite free yet as Mike suggested they add her juices for a third person and he picked up a block of butter, pushed it up under her top to rub across her breasts and then down between her legs (which he got her to spread) where he rubbed it back and forth across her pussy.

With the butter back in the fridge, they walked back to Lisa’s room and she complained that her whole body was either sticky or greasy. They showered together and Mike washed her down thoroughly, in preparation for her to get far dirtier throughout the day. They spent a while in the shower (another advantage of living in halls is virtually unlimited hot water) and a few other people came and went from the bathroom while they were in the shower. Some just seemed to brush their teeth and two people showered. Unfortunately the water pressure wasn’t enough to be useful in getting Lisa off but Mike played with Lisa quite a bit as he was cleaning her and when the second person was in the shower (when they think someone else was also using one of the sinks) Mike told Lisa it was time for her to cum again. He frigged her clit and fingered her ass while lamenting the fact they hadn’t brought any lube in to the shower as he could have got her off while fucking her ass while in earshot of her neighbours. Lisa stroked his cock as he toyed with her and said she wanted him to cum on her but Mike reminded her he couldn’t cum as many times as she could (or was going to, whether she could or not!) and he didn’t want to waste his cum by having it washed away in the shower. Mike whispered to Lisa to try to keep quiet – unless of course she wanted people to hear her cum again – and he sped up the frigging of her clit. As he felt her body begin to tremble and she reached out to use the wall to keep herself steady he told her to pee as hard as she could when she came. Lisa quietly gasped to Mike that he was terrible and he pushed a second finger into her ass and told her he was looking forward to fucking her there later on. Lisa made little mmm, mmm sounds as she started to cum and as requested, she pushed and peed as hard as she could, spraying the liquid over their legs and the shower.

They rinsed and then towelled each other off, returned to Lisa’s room and dressed for the day. Lisa was advised to take a few changes of clothes with her and she allowed Mike to pack what he thought would be suitable. Just before they set off he asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with what he had planned (she didn’t know exactly what the plan was, but was aware it would involve multiple people making her cum) and she said that she had enjoyed her time with Richard and James and as long as Mike was going to be a part of whatever happened, she was willing to give it a try. Mike kissed her and as she locked her door he slipped a hand under her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her tights (she had black but not-opaque tights on and her skirt was fairly short so most of her thighs were exposed). They walked most of the way downstairs with Mike fondling her like this and he only withdrew his hand from her skirt when they encountered someone coming upstairs (although he kept it under her skirt long enough that he thinks the other person probably realised he had been fondling her). As soon as the guy was out of sight, he pushed his hand back under her skirt, pushed hard enough on her tights to work the material a little way in to her pussy and told her that her safe-word for the day would be ‘perpetual motion’ (Mike thinks up some very random safe-words, but they aren’t things that you would accidentally say in the heat of the moment so they work quite well). He promised Lisa that if she said this that he would ensure people stopped whatever they were doing to her and ask if she wanted to back things off or stop completely.

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