Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 3

They made their way over to ‘the house’ – a place that Richard, James, Abrahii and Susan were sharing and that was much nicer than the student digs they had all been in before as Richard was now working so could afford to contribute more. Mike said his hellos to people and he was especially glad to see that Mel and Julia had made it (they had promised to turn up but apparently had kept saying this and bailing). Lisa seemed quite nervous and was very quiet but this didn’t stop things from getting started and she was led to a mattress (from what was technically Susan’s room, although she always spent the night in someone else’s bed) that had been brought down and put in the middle of the living room. As the star of the show she was told that she should get things started off herself and that everyone would watch her masturbate and learn what she liked. If it had been me in her position I would have been halfway to cumming before they’d even finished the sentence, but Lisa isn’t an exhibitionist (yet) and while everyone present had seen her cum many times (and had often helped her out), this was usually when other people were doing things as well and she wasn’t the centre of attention.

A few people helped to sit her down on the mattress and Mike spread her legs to display her pussy, which was still covered by her tights but not completely hidden (hence why he didn’t want her to wear opaque ones). Mike started to caress Lisa’s pussy through her tights and whispered to her that today was all about her and everyone was going to see her cum so many times that she may as well just relax (or surrender to her fate, depending on how you look at it) and enjoy herself. Once again (as she often does) Lisa told Mike he was terrible, but she slid a hand between her legs and placed it on top of his hand. They intertwined their fingers so both of them were rubbing her and Mile slid his hand out and placed it on top of Lisa’s so he was helping her rub herself. Finally, Mike pulled his hand away and moved back to let everyone watch as Lisa stroked herself through her tights. She asked what she should do and was told to do whatever felt best but that she didn’t have to hurry.

Lisa rubbed herself through her tights for a couple of minutes and asked if she should play with her breasts but was told the same thing again – to just do what felt best. Everyone watched as she slid a hand up under her top and Mike asked if she would feel more comfortable if other people were doing things as well. She said she would so Susan was given the job of making Julia cum (as they both have sex drives similar to mine, them cumming wouldn’t make any difference to how much they would be able to play with Lisa later on). Mel pulled Julia’s clothes off and pushed Susan’s face into Julia’s crotch and to add another person to the mix, Mike leant over and started to fondle Abrahii. She had panties on, but they weren’t substantial enough to restrict his movements and she spread her legs to give Lisa a view of what he was doing to her. Lisa lay back on the mattress and applied a bit more pressure with her fingers, then pushed her hand down inside her tights to finger herself properly. Amber crawled over to Lisa and pulled her tights off, at which point Lisa spread her legs and really started masturbating. This was the point that Mike had been waiting for and he asked Susan to help Lisa out. Susan immediately crawled over between Lisa’s legs and started to eat her, at which point Lisa said she thought she was meant to have been playing with herself but Mike just said that there didn’t seem much point in waiting and she should start enjoying having other people making her cum.

While most of the group weren’t quite ready to join in (most of their group fucking happens under the influence of alcohol – discounting Susan, Julia and to some extent Abrahii) one of the new guys (first years), an American named Nicholas, was quite keen to join in and asked if he could fuck Susan. Now normally Susan would be all for this but Mike had made her promise that Lisa would be the one who would receive all of the guys cum that weekend (Mike had to promise her a session with him, Jen and me over the Christmas break) and she reluctantly had to decline him. Mike told Nicholas to wait just a couple of minutes and he could fuck Lisa and he thinks this is the point that it became real for Lisa. Apart from sleeping with Amber, Lisa occasionally plays with Abrahii and had let Julia get her off a couple of times, but she very rarely did things with other guys. Susan was eagerly lapping at Lisa’s pussy and Julia said it seemed a shame (and pointless) for her to be naked and not to cum so she joined them on the mattress and planted herself over Lisa’s face. As Susan pushed Lisa towards her first group orgasm of the day Mike told everyone that this would be her fourth actual orgasm that day and Abrahii seemed quite impressed.

As they watched, Abrahii asked Mike if he had cum yet and he told her he hadn’t and would be more than happy to plant his cock in her, but that he wouldn’t cum. Abrahii was fine with this and moved closer to Mike and then straddled him. He said he would rather eat her first but she wanted him inside her and quickly undid his jeans, pulled his cock free and rubbed herself back and forth against it. She told him to help get inside him so Mike reached around and pulled on Abrahii’s panties as she pushed his cock in to her. It took a few attempts and Mike offered to tear the panties off (or at least try to – they are quite often stronger than you’d think) but Abrahii said that they were one of her favourite pairs. Mike chastised her and asked what had happened to the adventurous horny girl he used to know who would leave her pussy exposed and she pointed out that she was about to fuck him in front of her friends and afterwards that she was going to make his girlfriend cum multiple times. Mike said he guessed that would have to do and they finally got him inside her. They kissed and fucked for a couple of minutes until Mike said that he loved being back inside her, but he needed to watch Lisa. Abrahii put on a mock pout but said she didn’t mind, climbed off of Mike’s cock, turned around and asked if he minded if she used him while they watched. Mike had no problem with that and reached out to pull Abrahii’s panties aside but she slid them down her legs, spread her lips and backed on to Mike’s cock.

Susan was really stuck in to Lisa by this point, licking up in to Lisa’s cunt and sucking on her clit. Lisa was passing this on to Julia who was obviously enjoying herself as she humped back and forth across Lisa’s face. Mike told Julia to try and hold back but she told him she wanted to cum and she proceeded to do so. Mike watched the expression on Julia’s face as she came and wanted to find a way to explain to Lisa that he really wanted her to be able to enjoy herself as openly (and wantonly) as Julia was. Not that Lisa seemed to be holding back as she had a hand on the back of Susan’s head, holding her against her pussy and it looked like she wasn’t too far from cumming herself.

Abrahii was still riding Mike’s cock and Mike was helping out by fondling her breasts and playing with her clit. Abrahii called Richard over and asked if he would lick her and Mike felt Richard’s tongue slide up the length of his shaft and then flit around Abrahii’s clit (Mike obviously didn’t feel Richard licking her clit, but his tongue kept brushing against Mike’s cock as he did this). Mike wasn’t really in to being licked by a guy, but he had experimented with Richard before so it wasn’t anything new, and he had the perfect excuse not to cum as he was also saving all his cum for Lisa. Abrahii certainly enjoyed what was being done to her though and Mike used both hands to tease her nipples (she likes having them very gently pinched and rolled – not in a painful way like Jen, just enough to cause them to ‘tingle’ – as she describes it). Lisa came while Mike and Richard were assaulting Abrahii’s body and as soon as Susan moved out of the way Nicholas asked if he was allowed to fuck her. Mike asked Julia to move off of Lisa’s face (which was now shiny with Julia’s juices) and he asked Lisa if she was ready for her first cock of the day. Lisa was still flushed from having just cum but she said she would try and Mike suggested that Lisa reward Susan for helping her cum.

Susan didn’t wait for the invitation and climbed up over Lisa’s body, at first she lay on top of her and kissed her, licking Julia’s juices from Lisa’s face as she humped against Lisa’s cunt, but she quickly moved up and sat where Julia had been just moments before. Nicholas pulled his trousers down and crawled between Lisa’s legs and Mike was impressed that he was so willing to fuck with all of his new friends watching (but Mike admits that at 18 he would have probably done the same if it meant he got to cum in a girl). Abrahii said she was getting close and Mike pumped away inside her, still feeling Richard’s tongue brushing against his cock. He watched as Nicholas pulled Lisa’s legs apart, thrust his cock in to her cunt and started pumping in and out (fortunately Lisa was quite wet from Susan’s licking). Abrahii reminded people to get the sheet and James produced a sheet of blue plastic to put under Lisa’s ass. The aim of this was to stop the cum soaking in to the mattress and not wasted so it could be rubbed over Lisa’s body. Nicholas had to pull out to let Lisa lift her ass for the plastic to be slid into place. James stole a quick lick of Nicholas’ cock and Mike chided James, saying that it was up to Lisa to milk the cum from the cock. Nicholas pushed back in to Lisa and eagerly fucked her while reaching up to play with her breasts. Abrahii came around Mike’s cock and Nicholas came in Lisa a little while after (Mike was impressed that Nicholas had lasted so long given his age). When Nicholas pulled out Susan bent forwards and kept Lisa’s legs spread so everyone could watch as the cum leaked out of her. Susan reached down and smeared this over Lisa’s pussy, thighs and then her breasts.

When Abrahii lifted herself off of Mike’s cock, it fell forwards and Richard asked if he could suck it clean. Mike said yes, as long as he was quick (again using the excuse that he wanted to save his cum for Lisa) so Richard teased him about Mike cumming in his mouth so easily. As Abrahii had just cum, she got up and moved over to where Lisa was eating Susan (Richard stopped sucking Mike at this point). Abrahii mounted one of Lisa’s legs and slid up and down it, rubbing her pussy against Lisa and smearing her juices over her. Lisa pushed Susan up to see what was happening and Mike told her she was just being marked – as bazar as this may seem, we’ve done this enough times that Lisa understood and went back to Susan’s pussy. It didn’t take long for Susan to cum and she gave Lisa another coating of juices by humping against Lisa’s breasts before dismounting her.

Mike congratulated Lisa on having started off so well and she went to retrieve her clothes but was told that she could only wear then when they went out. It’s not unusual for people in the gang to be semi-naked (or completely naked if it is Susan, Julia or myself) but Lisa wasn’t used to this and was quite embarrassed. Mike had foreseen this and as a compromise she was given the option of wearing a pair of panties. Lisa knows Mike well enough to ask what the catch was and she was told that only other people could put them on her or take them off. She decided to take the chance so Mike handed the panties to Amber and as soon as Lisa saw them she recognised them as the panties with a vibrating egg in the crotch. Amber slid them up Lisa’s legs and made sure the egg was nestled firmly between Lisa’s lips and Amber was then given the honour of turning the vibe on. Fortunately for Lisa, they are only low power (as they are designed to wear for a longer time) but this just means that she was teased for ages. They kept the vibe on until Lisa was clearly ready to cum again and told her that it was now time for her to be fucked once more. Abrahii said that it might be a good idea not to get more cumin her pussy just yet and quietly told Mike about a bonus surprise they had lined up for Lisa.

Mike liked the sound of this but wanted Lisa to cum again so asked if anyone wanted to eat her (he would have done it if nobody else had). Abrahii volunteered but Mel said she wanted to fuck Lisa and pulled out a strap-on. Mel slipped her jeans off and asked Julia to help her get the strap-on fastened. Similar to ours, it had an internal component but this was just a dildo that penetrated and rubbed against the clit. Mel worked this in to her and decided she wasn’t wet enough so got Lisa to lick her. It was clear from the expression on Lisa’s face that she enjoyed the taste of Mel’s pussy as much as I generally do (which is not at all, actually only Mike, Jen and Julia seem to like the way Mel tastes and even then it’s only at certain times of the month). Mel is aware that not everyone enjoys her pussy but doesn’t care. She only had Lisa lick her for long enough that she could slide the dildo into her though and Lisa was told to kneel on all fours on the mattress in preparation. Lisa was still well enough lubricated from her earlier fucking and the teasing with the egg that Mel had no trouble getting in to her and she fucked Lisa with hard thrusts. A number of other people helped out, fondling Lisa’s breasts, ass and clit and she sucked Mike, Richard, Nicholas and Ashraf (who had turned up while Lisa had been wearing the panties). None of the guys came (saving their cum for after the surprise) but Mel said that Julia could probably cum again so Jules lay down on the mattress and ‘allowed’ Lisa to eat her.

Mel pounded in to Lisa relentlessly but it was probably the people fondling Lisa who actually got her off. Lisa moaned in to Julia’s pussy that she was cumming and Mel said she wasn’t going to stop until Julia also came but Mike managed to at least get Mel to ease off a bit and use gentler strokes (if it had been me in Lisa’s place I doubt he would have done this, but we were still at the relatively early stages of training her so I guess it wouldn’t have been fair to let Mel continue…). Lisa’s frequent practice at eating Jen and I over the summer paid off and she got Julia to cum quite quickly. Lisa was then instructed to lie on her back while Julia knelt over her and Lisa had to repeatedly wipe Julia’s pussy and smear her juices over her (Lisa’s) body. To save Lisa having to eat Mel, Mike did this in her place (as it’s quite common for him to want to eat pussy Mel probably didn’t realise his reasons) and once he got the strap-on removed, he buried his face in Mel’s cunt and lapped at her until she came. Mike later confirmed that Mel certainly wasn’t tasting her best (although he still probably liked it more than Lisa had) and a few people helped to rub Mel’s juices from her pussy over various parts of Lisa’s body.

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