Saturday, 14 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 4

It was determined that she was now ready for the surprise and it was revealed that Susan had lined up a few of her regular fuck buddies to help break Lisa in. The plan was that Susan and Lisa would visit each of the guys in turn, fuck them and then move on to the next one. Mike had confirmed that they were clean (in that they had up to date health checks, but while Susan is horny, she isn’t stupid) and he checked with Lisa that she was still up for more. Lisa tried to act tough and said she thought she could take as many guys as Susan (which she clearly couldn’t – even Julia and I have trouble keeping up with Susan) and Mike assured her that they would all be watching. Working off the assumption that most guys would be somewhat distracted by having two naked female students throwing themselves at them, Susan would position her phone to stream the sessions over Skype and the rest of the gang would sit and watch.

Lisa already reeked of sex and the guys agreed that she would easily be able to get any guy aroused. As it was reasonably cold out, they thought it would be unfair to just send her out with a coat on (naked underneath) so as a compromise she was given a light dress to wear with a coat over it (but still no underwear). She was waved off and people sat around chatting with people generally behaving themselves but a little light petting going on as the events so far had got people quite worked up. All the guys promised to save their cum for Lisa though and they relished the idea of giving her a cum-bath when she returned (by which point she would already have another three loads of cum in or on her if everything went to plan).

On their way to Susan’s first fuck-buddy, Susan describe to Lisa how he liked having his cock sucked and that she had promised him they would both suck him together. In return, he was willing to cum in her pussy (instead of in her mouth or over her face where he often came when playing with Susan).  Lisa wasn’t quite sure whether this was better or not and Susan said that she could choose where the guy came, as long as he made sure that Lisa came (although Susan would help out with this). They made their way to the guy’s place and when he opened the door he eyed Lisa up and down and clearly approved of what Susan had brought him. Once inside, Susan told Lisa to lose her coat and shoes and she peeled Lisa’s dress off to reveal Lisa’s naked body (she literally had to peel the dress off as it was stuck to Lisa’s skin in a few places, although the juices had dried in by this point). Apparently Lisa blushed quite a bit and tried to cover herself but Susan stood behind her, pulled her hands away from her body and caressed Lisa in full view of the guy. Susan dipped her fingers down between Lisa’s legs, rubbed them between her lips and fed Lisa her own juices (probably along with some of Nicholas’ cum).

Susan quickly removed her own clothes and knelt to lick Lisa (she knew the guy had wanted to see the two of them play with each other) and told the guy he could fondle Lisa’s breasts while she ate her. He eagerly did this and they moved over to the bed. Susan remembered that she hadn’t set Skype running and pretended to hear her phone ring so she could ‘answer’ it, leaving Lisa to distract the guy. She didn’t have to do much for this as he quickly started fingering her and sucking on her breasts so Susan could place the phone on some drawers, aim it at the bed and quickly return to the fray, clambering over Lisa’s face to let him watch as Lisa ate her. The aim was for Lisa to cum though so Susan soon told the guy to get naked and join them properly. As soon as his cock was free Susan took him in her mouth, sucked him briefly and passed his cock over to Lisa. Susan whispered to Lisa that Mike was now watching her and Lisa glanced over towards the phone, licked the head of the guy’s cock and took him in her mouth. She sucked at it for a minute and then shared it with Susan with them kissing around it and then one sucking while the other licked the shaft (we have taught her well).

Susan and Lisa then lay beside each other on the bed and let the guy fuck them both, switching back and forth between them. They played with each other’s clits as he fucked them and Susan ended up licking Lisa’s clit while the guy fucked her until she came. They switched position to let him watch Lisa finger and eat Susan (and give him a chance to calm down). He watched intently and Susan told him to give Lisa instructions, which he did and Lisa followed them, letting him guide her fingers and tongue in and over Susan’s cunt. The guy then fucked Susan as Lisa lapped at her clit but he was reminded not to cum as Lisa was to receive this. Susan came quite quickly and the guy was allowed back inside Lisa. This time he was told to enjoy himself properly and Susan asked him if he could try to cum a little bit in Lisa, then pull out and cum over her. He liked this idea and held Lisa’s legs apart as he fucked her, gave her warning that he was about to cum, unloaded inside of her and then pulled out ejaculate a few (fairly weak) squirts over Lisa’s stomach and lower chest. It wasn’t quite what Susan had hoped for, but she rubbed his cum over Lisa’s body and as more started to leak from Lisa’s pussy, Susan smeared this over Lisa’s thighs and breasts (and some over her own breasts). Susan whispered to Lisa to thank her cum donor and Lisa did so, then took his cock in her hand and gently licked it clean.

The guy repeatedly asked if Susan could bring Lisa along another time and was told not to be greedy, but that he would have to wait and see. Susan and Lisa quickly dressed as they had to get to their next target and within about 5 minutes they were knocking on the door and Susan was once again sliding Lisa’s dress off and introducing her to a guy who was clearly looking forward to fucking her. This guy had done things with Susan and Abrahii together a couple of times so the whole threesome thing wasn’t new to him, but he still enjoyed watching Susan and Lisa play with each other. He not only wanted to fuck Lisa but to finger her and go down on her too. Naturally Susan didn’t let Lisa have all the fun and made sure the guy fucked and ate her as well. For a while Susan sat over the guy’s face and got him to eat her as Lisa rode his cock but when the guy said he was getting close to cumming they stopped and both he and Susan played with Lisa to make sure that she would cum. The guy wanted to finish off fucking Lisa while she ate Susan (he did this when he got to play with both Susan and Abrahii as well). The girls didn’t mind this and Susan eagerly lay back on the bed and told Lisa to eat her as hard as she could. Lisa did as instructed, licking around Susan’s cunt and ass and Susan made sure the guy knew exactly what was happening by describing in explicit detail 1everything Lisa did. He asked if he could fuck Lisa’s ass and she said she didn’t want him to but Susan promised him he could take her ass during their next session. The guy frigged Lisa and fondled her ass as he fucked her and Susan told him to cum in Lisa as hard as he could and pump as much of his cum into her as he could manage. He didn’t really need to be encouraged and pushed as deep as he could into her as he came, telling her that she felt amazing and how hard he was cumming. Lisa hadn’t quite cum yet but the guy remained inside her (not really moving) and frigged her until she came and then pulled out to watch Lisa finish getting Susan off. This time Susan sucked the guy’s cock clean (while Lisa was still eating her) and his cum dribbled out of Lisa and ran down her thighs.

They didn’t hang around as they still needed to get to the third guy but Susan made sure that Lisa wasn’t allowed to wipe the cum from her legs. For guy number three, she managed to set her phone up to give the gang an even better view as she explained that it was going dead and needed to be charged so plugged it in and set it on the table right beside the bed. Susan stripped Lisa naked more forcefully this time but despite her tiredness, Lisa fought back and pulled Susan’s clothes off and the two of them almost attacked the guy, freed his cock, pushed him on to the bed and mounted him (Susan on his cock and Lisa on his face – she seemed to be getting the idea of being naughty and liked the thought of him unknowingly eating the last guy’s cum out of her). Lisa said she wasn’t sure if she could cum again and Susan had to shush her in case the guy asked what she meant by ‘again’ as while he knew that he was only one of Susan’s sex friends, he didn’t know that they had been to see some of the others before him. They swapped over so Lisa could fuck him and as expected, he really wanted to see the two girls do things together so they played with each other using fingers, tongues and a hairbrush (the guy seemed to like seeing them use the brush on each other even more than eating each other).

Susan got the guy to fuck Lisa as she stood against the window, facing out with her breasts pressed up against the glass and Susan stood beside her to reach down and play with Lisa’s clit. The guy lived on the second floor (which is the 3rd floor to American’s I think) so while they weren’t at ground level, they weren’t so high up that Lisa couldn’t be seen. Susan teased her about how everyone down below was watching her. To ensure she came, they moved back to the bed (by which point Lisa’s nipples were freezing from being pressed up against the glass) and Susan and Lisa 69ed while the guy briefly fucked Susan and then finished off in Lisa. He wanted to help make Susan cum and she told him he was welcome to fuck her as Susan ate her but he couldn’t manage that so soon after cumming (although he wanted to) and had to satisfy himself with fingering her and then using the brush on her. With Susan being Susan, she decided this wasn’t quite enough for her and told him he may as well do things properly and finger her ass as well. The guy didn’t need to be told this twice, lubed up his fingers in Lisa’s pussy (at Susan’s suggestion) and user two fingers in Susan’s ass. She didn’t take long to cum and did so incredibly loudly, pretty much shouting about how good her cunt felt and telling the guy to pump the brush in to it and finger her ass as well as telling Lisa to lick her clit harder. Susan massaged the guy’s cum over Lisa’s cunt and ass as it leaked out of her and then let the guy examine Lisa’s pussy up close. He told her it was beautiful and fingered her a bit more until Susan said they really needed to get going as they were meeting people. The girls allowed the guy to dress them (and have a final fondle) and then set off to where they had arranged to meet.

The rest of the gang set off when Susan had said it was time to go so they missed watching the dressing (and fondling) and when they arrived, Mike embraced Lisa, told her she was coping admirably and asked if she was still enjoying herself. She told him it was fun and that she certainly liked getting to cum so much, but that she wasn’t sure she could last much longer as she felt rather tired. This was addressed through copious amount of coffee and cake and as they chatted Lisa was encouraged to sit cross legged with her pussy on display under the table. Both Mike and Abrahii (who were sitting either side of Lisa) slid hands up her thighs and fondled her – not enough to even get her close to cumming but they each managed to get fingers between her lips (and both commented on how wet and slick her pussy felt). Not wanting to be outdone, Susan sat with her feet up on the seat hugging her knees and occasionally spread her legs slightly to give a clear view to her crotch. Susan ‘allowed’ a guy to see her doing this and Mike set Lisa the challenge of showing herself off even more – fortunately Lisa has witnessed us doing thing like this enough that she didn’t have to be too inventive and when it was time to leave, she shifted her bag towards a table with a couple of guys sitting at it and then bent forwards to rummage around. Mike tried to nonchalantly watch and even though he hadn’t tested the skirt she was wearing to see how much it rode up, he guessed from the length (and experience of me doing this) that a fair amount of her ass should be exposed. The guys at the table behind her had definitely noticed and were indicating to each other. Lisa looked up a little at Mike and he tried to indicate to her bag with his eyes, meaning that she should keep rummaging a little longer. Lisa took the look to mean that she should bend over more though and did so, pretending to look right in the bottom of her bag. By this point the guys had both pulled out their phones and were taking photos of Lisa’s ass (and pussy) but she didn’t know this until they left the café and the others told her.

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