Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 5

Mike walked hand in hand with Lisa around town and told her that while she was doing quite well, he thought they needed to kick things up a notch. Fortunately we know some ‘helpful’ sex shops in the area and a few of the gang took Lisa in to one. Susan explained to the guy that they were trying to give Lisa a day of orgasms and to indicate how serious she was, she lifted Lisa’s skirt and slid her fingers between Lisa’s lips. The guy’s response to this was a simple ‘fuck me’, to which Susan responded ‘Gladly – as long as you’ll do her too’ (while pushing her fingers in to Lisa’s pussy. He didn’t seem to realise that Susan was being completely serious despite her dropping a few more hints (she doesn’t like to beg for sex) so went back to the original plan of showing Lisa off and looking for ways to make her cum

Susan selected a number of items from the shop and suggested to Lisa how she could use them all throughout the day. A couple of times she asked the guy for his advice and showed off Lisa's pussy again. Susan ended up just getting a tube of tingle gel (saying that it would help make Lisa's pussy taste better) and once she had paid for it she got Lisa to pull her skirt right up and rubbed the gel over Lisa's pussy before getting her to pull her top down so she could smear some of the gel over Lisa's nipples. The guy seemed a bit more believing of Susan's earlier comments now and when she asked if he'd like to see more he said yes immediately. Lisa was told to suit up on the counter and when she asked what would happen if someone came in (in the hope the guy would lock the door) she was told they wrote just get to watch too. Despite this Lisa still climbed up on the counter, let Abrahii push her skirt up and spread her legs on command. Susan spread Lisa's lips and stroked her pussy, then used a bit more of the gel and fingered Lisa. Abrahii said that just fingering was tame and pushed her face between Lisa's legs to eat her. Lisa was pushed back so she was mostly lying down (the counter wasn't big enough for her to lie down properly) and the girls took turns fingering, frigging asks eating her.

They asked Lisa if what they were doing was working (even though it clearly was) and when she said it felt amazing Abrahii told Lisa to play with herself for a bit. Lisa said that it was embarrassing but when they pushed her hand down to her pussy she started to rub herself. Abrahii told her she was doing well and got Lisa to finger herself properly and as she did this, Susan lifted Lisa’s top to expose her breasts fully. They told the guy that Lisa would cum for him if he wanted (he did) and after getting him to wipe his hands clean, Susan (who now always carried alcohol wipes – a useful thing to have if you want strangers to randomly play with you) let him fondle her and then feed her juices to Lisa. Naturally the guy was allowed to do things the other way around and he fingered both girls (although could see a lot more of Lisa). He was given the choice of being the one to make Lisa cum or to watch Susan or Amber eat Lisa to her orgasm. Despite working in a sex shop (and having access to a huge stash of lesbian porn) he wanted to see the real thing but he helped out by fondling Lisa’s breasts as Abrahii slid her tongue up and down the length of Lisa’s pussy and flicked it back and forth over Lisa’s clit until she came.

Lisa was left trembling and panting on the counter and told to gently stroke herself to bring herself back down. Despite it being Lisa’s weekend Susan wanted to cum and told the guy he could fuck her. He let Susan rub his crotch and was clearly interested but was worried someone would come in (and was afraid to lock up in case the owner found out and sacked him). Susan pushed his hand back between her legs and told him that he could at least finger her and he seemed happier about doing this. Abrahii kitty kissed Lisa while this was happening and Susan directed the guy, telling when to finger her, when to play with her clit, how hard and how fast… until she came. She thanked him and got him to wipe his hands over Lisa’s thighs, then took pity on him and ask if he would let one of them give him a blowjob behind the counter. Probably at least partially due to the fact that Susan had been rubbing his cock through his trousers as he had been fingering her, he jumped at the chance and while Susan would have been happy to satisfy him, the job was given to Lisa.

Lisa climbed down from the counter and before she could object Abrahii pulled her skirt down. At this point she *did* object but Susan told Lisa to get her top off as well as she would be hidden behind the counter so she could be naked. Lisa was apparently quite nervous about stripping off completely but did as she was told and quickly dived behind the counter. Susan handed the guy a condom (one of the shop’s own) and then decided to help him put it on. He was already rock hard and Susan rolled the condom on easily, then knelt and gave him a quick suck. Never being content to do just a little, she turned around and bent forwards with her hands on the ground and told the guy to quickly slide in to her to Lisa could suck her juices from his cock. He grabbed her by the ass and pushed straight in, pumped in her a few times and would have probably kept going (according to Susan) if she hadn’t reminded him that the door was still unlocked. He pulled out and moved back behind the counter where Lisa was kneeling. She took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him while stroking the shaft. The guy obviously loved what Lisa was doing to him but Abrahii wanted more and got Lisa to stand behind the counter the same way Susan had. Despite his earlier reservations, when presented with Lisa’s cunt he no longer seemed that worried about being caught and slid straight in to her. He didn’t waste any time and rapidly pumped in and out of Lisa, holding her firmly by the hips and occasionally caressing her ass. Susan egged him on and told him to fuck her as hard as he wanted and it was over in a matter of minutes. The guy pushed hard in to her, made a few more small thrusts and then pulled out.

Lisa crawled forwards out from behind the counter and Susan knelt to admire the cum in the condom saying she wished she could coat her body with it (like me, Susan wishes she could have every guy she met cum in or over her – and probably would if there was no risk from disease). She gave the head of his cock a quick suck, using her tongue to squish the cum around inside the condom and then pulled away, telling the guy he should probably thank Lisa for the fuck. He did so and Lisa said it was fine, then asked for her clothes. She pulled her top on first, then her skirt and asked if they were done. Susan said that Lisa was done, but that she could really do with an orgasm and considered getting Lisa to eat her there and then (probably up on the counter) but Abrahii said they could find a better place and that they should  go and meet up with the others. Susan promised the guy that they would be back another time.

Mike was surprised that they had spent so long in the shop (he had been expecting Lisa to just be shown off and fondled a bit) and was really surprised that she had let herself be eaten fingered and fucked. They all headed off for a drink (of the alcoholic variety) and both Susan and Lisa sat with their pussies on display. A few people from the gang fondled them both but Susan went a step further and displayed herself to a couple of guys a few tables over. She then went and sat with them, chatted for a couple of minutes and the three of them moved in to a booth. Susan made out with them both until she was interrupted by Lisa coming over. At first the guys seemed a bit pissed with Lisa but when Susan said Lisa would let them do anything to her they moved over and let her in so she was sitting beside Susan (with both of them between the guys). Susan had preferred having the two guys to herself (once again like me, she is quite selfish when it comes to sex) but let one of them slide his hand up under Lisa’s skirt to finger her. They guys weren’t too bad at what they were doing and both Susan and Lisa got quite aroused (although a lot of Lisa’s wetness was still due to the previous fuckings). Susan really wanted to cum and asked Lisa if she was up for a session in the toilets. Lisa said she was a bit tired but Susan pushed a hand up under her skirt and fondled her (with the guy’s hand still there), told her not to be boring and said that she (Susan) needed a big cock inside her. The guys couldn’t believe their luck but were a bit reticent when Susan said they would use the ladies toilets. The allure of two young girls was enough to overcome this reticence though and they were told to give the girls one minute and then follow them.

Susan and Lisa chose the two cubicles furthest from the door and Susan quickly pulled her clothes off, stuffed them on top of the cistern and told Lisa to do the same. Lisa hesitated so Susan pulled at her top and unzipped her skirt, just managing to get them off when the guys pushed the door open. Susan pushed Lisa to the ground and told her to eat her and called the guys in, telling them they were at the end. When they saw Lisa kneeling and eating Susan they eagerly crowded in to the cubicle and started to fondle Susan’s breasts. Susan told them if they were up for it, they could either all fuck together or that two of them could use the cubicle next door. She had hoped for the former, but like many guys these ones only seemed to be interested in the ‘good’ sort of threesome (one of them and two girls) so opted to pair off. Susan did swap places with Lisa for a bit and let the guys watch as she ate Lisa’s pussy (and let them both fondle and kiss Lisa’s breasts). Susan then left Lisa with one of the guys (after providing a condom from her skirt pocket) and dragged the other one (quite willingly) to the next cubicle. Both pairs were soon happily fucking away but after a couple of minutes Susan said they should switch. She quickly dashed back to the end cubicle and pushed Lisa out the door before bending over and telling the guy that had been fucking Lisa to finish her off.

Susan had been vocal enough about telling her first guy to play with her clit that both of them had been doing this so the second guy just carried on from where he’d left off with Lisa. Likewise, Susan’s first guy started frigging Lisa as soon as he was inside her and as he pulled Lisa back against him in time with his thrusts he reached around with his other hand to fondle her swinging breasts. He asked what they would do if someone else came in to the toilets and was told they would just have to keep quiet and try not to be caught. This turned out not to be a problem though and both pairs managed to finish up without being disturbed. Again, Susan was sufficiently vocal at telling her guy that he’d better not cum until she did that both of them toyed with the girls’ clits and got them off before they unloaded in them. The girls switched back again to suck each other’s juices from the guys’ cocks and after getting dressed put on one more display for the guys where they took turns sitting up on a washbasin, spreading their legs and pussies and having the other one kitty kiss them.

They let the guys leave first and then went back to the gang to tell them what they’d done. Abrahii told Susan off saying that she had planned on letting her and Lisa make each other cum in a changing room. Mike pointed out that the two things didn’t have to be exclusive and when Lisa said she wasn’t sure she could cum much more he told her she just had to use the safe word (or phrase) and it would stop. Lisa backtracked and said she could probably manage a little more, which led to them finding a suitable shop where Susan, Abrahii and Lisa took turns playing with each other. Mike tried to convince Amber to join them and while she wasn’t a complete stranger to dressing-room fun, it wasn’t really her thing (plus getting four people in at once might have been pushing their luck). Both Susan and Abrahii manage to cum but Lisa was given a double treat – with the only downside being she had to stand for her orgasm. Susan knelt in front of her and used a vibe in her pussy while licking her clit and Abrahii knelt behind and lapped at Lisa’s ass. Lisa had trouble keeping quiet as she came and had to hold on to the coat hooks to keep herself upright and even then she sat down hard on the bench as soon as her orgasm passed. As a reward, they bought Lisa some nice new panties, but it quickly turned out that this was just so they could make her wear the vibe (turned off) for the journey home.

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