Saturday, 21 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 6

Lisa was allowed a rest when they got back to the house and both Mike and Amber curled up with her. Lisa fell asleep but Mike carried on his flirting with Amber (he had already asked her to join Lisa and him that night and he had been telling her how he was going to make her cum lots for a significant part of the time they had been in town). He spooned up behind Amber and rubbed his cock against her ass, then pushed his hand down into her skirt and stroked her through her panties. Amber didn’t stop him but said she thought he had said he was going to make her cum later on that night. Mike worked his fingers in to her panties and nibbled on her earlobe as he told her he fully intended to do that, but it didn’t preclude him making her cum now as well. Amber craned her neck round so they could kiss and she asked him to eat her. He whispered that he would do that later and that they should be quiet and let Lisa rest. He tugged on her panties and she helped to slide them down a little. Mike stopped her from pushing them down past her mid-thighs and said it was far enough. He unzipped his trousers, pulled up the back of her skirt and pushed in to her. As his cock sank into her cunt he told her how hot she felt and she blamed him for teasing her so much. He didn’t move too quickly inside her, just gently slid in and out as he frigged her and whispered in her ear how he would eat her as many times as she wanted later on. Amber’s orgasm slowly built and she pushed back harder against Mike’s cock, telling him she was getting close and that she wanted to feel him cum. He reminded her that his cum was for Lisa and Amber whined a bit but Mike told her it meant he could keep moving in her as she came around him and that he wanted to see how hard she could cum (while still being quiet of course). Amber told him he was really bad but just squeezed her thighs around his hand as he frigged her. She panted that she was about to cum and let out a little moan as she came. Mike rapidly flicked a finger back and forth across her clit and carried on sliding in and out of her cunt, telling her how wonderfully tight she felt in that position. He eased off on the frigging as her orgasm ended but kept gently fucking her for a while and then just spooned inside her.

Mike and Amber also dozed off, but not for long as they were all summoned to head downstairs for the next part of Lisa’s orgasmic day. Mike and Amber didn’t try to hide the fact that they had been fucking but Mike assured Lisa that he had kept his cum for her (and seeing as Lisa regularly fucks Amber she couldn’t really complain). She was given some food to keep energy levels up and joined in the others who had been drinking while she had dozed. Part of the reason for the drinking was to loosen people up in preparation for the next phase, which involved Lisa’s ‘proper’ group session for the day. Abrahii had convinced people that not only should they all fuck Lisa (that didn’t take much convincing) but that it should be a live event as well. They had set up a webcam pointing at the mattress and everyone had been warned to bring masks if they wanted. Lisa obviously didn’t know about this, but a mask had been provided for her as well and to ensure that there was an audience from the beginning, Susan had been lying naked on the mattress playing with herself for about 10 minutes (during this time Abrahii had sat over Susan’s face and she had sucked a couple of cocks, but nobody had cum). Jen and I were sitting at home watching this, waiting for the main event to begin and I had a selection of toys out in front of me for us to use. (MJ was asleep and we had hoped that she would remain that way but unfortunately she didn’t and we ended up having to take turns looking after her while the other one played with themselves – but we still both got to cum.)

With her mask on, Lisa was led towards the mattress and Mike quietly reminded her of the safe word, saying he wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t want to let them broadcast it (but that he hoped she would still let them all play with her). Lisa told him she wanted to try, he told her he thought she was amazing and that he knew why he’d fallen in love with her. He tugged at her top and she said she would remove it but he told her to stand still and tore it down the front, revealing her breasts. A couple of the others gave her skirt the same treatment so she was standing naked and she was then pushed down on to the mattress with Susan who pulled Lisa over her in a 69. From experience I know that this doesn’t work too well as the masks get in the way and Susan quickly shed hers so she could eat Susan properly. Richard moved the webcam around to show them eating each other and then Lisa was pulled off of Susan so some of the guys could rub their cocks over her breasts and in to her mouth and cunt. Ashraf was the first to fuck her and Richard got a good close up his cock pounding in to Lisa’s cunt (her legs were held wide apart and near the end they spread her pussy lips as well to give an even better view). Susan tried to lap at Lisa’s clit but this blocked the view too much so they just used a vibe on Lisa’s clit.

Ashraf came in Lisa and when he pulled out everyone (Internet included) watched as his cum oozed out of Lisa’s pussy. Amber and Abrahii smeared this around Lisa’s crotch and over her breasts but they were just getting started. Mike said he really wanted to cum and decided to help to put on a good show. He knelt beside Lisa’s head and offered her his cock. She was already sucking Richard who was kneeling on the other side of her head. At first she moved back and forth between the cocks, stroking one while sucking the other but Mike told Lisa to take them both at once and he and Richard moved closer to allow Lisa to do this. Mike asked if she could taste Amber’s juices and she murmured a ‘mm-mmm’ (which he took as a yes) and told Richard he had been spooning with Amber just a little while ago. Richard said he loved the feel of Mike’s cock against his in Lisa’s mouth and Mike gave a noncommittal sound (he wasn’t too keen on this but was more than willing to put up with it to provide the intended outcome).

Amber went down on Lisa and then shared a double ended dildo with her while other people played with Lisa’s breasts. Mike and Richard stroked themselves whenever Lisa was sucking them and they tried to time their orgasms to be fairly close. Richard said he was about to cum and they both pulled back a little, Richard came over Lisa’s face and a minute or so later (while she was gently sucking the last of the cum from Richard’s cock) Mike added his cum to Lisa’s face (and some on to Richard’s cock, but Lisa took care of that). She was then told to rub their combined cum over her body and did so, massaging it in to her breasts and then down over her pussy. At the group’s instruction Lisa masturbated for the Internet (there were about 30-40 people in the chatroom watching her and I was very tempted to open up a room of my own when she finished – although I guessed that most of the people watching would ‘finish’ before the gang finished with Lisa). Nicholas was allowed to fuck her again and Abrahii sat over Lisa’s face to be eaten, humping back and forth and getting Lisa to finger Mike and Richard’s cum in to her pussy. Lisa was told to finish masturbating while Nicholas fucked her and he had to hold back until she came. I thought it would have been better if Nicholas had cum over her (but at that point I didn’t know he’d fucked her earlier).

Lisa was given a little time to recover but people caressed and probed her throughout, taking instructions from the chat as what to show close-ups of (her face being the most popular but she still had her mask on). A few people wanted her pussy spread so this was done and Susan then humped her cunt against Lisa’s (again with a close up for the people watching online). James hadn’t cum yet and it was time for the grand finale. James lay on the mattress and Lisa climbed on top of him, mounting his cock. Ashraf took up position in front of Lisa so she could suck him and Mike knelt behind her, applied a decent amount of lube to his cock and then pressed it against Lisa’s ass. He asked if she was ready and she nodded while breathing heavily around Ashraf’s cock. Mike eased his cock in to Lisa’s ass, getting a little further with each stroke (he’d fucked her ass before but not too many times) and as she relaxed, he started moving a bit more. There was a lot of moaning and I made sure to get my bid in to take Lisa’s place when Jen and I came up to visit. Susan knelt and reached between Lisa and James so she could play with Lisa’s clit.

Abrahii decided Lisa needed to be marked more and crouched over her then rubbed her pussy back and forth along Lisa’s spine. Abrahii moved towards Mike so he could kiss her and then turned around and humped her way up Lisa’s back so she could kiss Ashraf. Mike got Amber to join in and he reached around her to spread her pussy so she could get better contact with Lisa and as Mike and Amber kissed, he told her how he was going to eat her so many times that night and then fuck her. Amber said she thought his cum was meant to be for his girlfriend and he told her that it was only a matter of minutes before he filled Lisa’s ass with his cum, that James would do the same to her cunt and Ashraf would fill her mouth (although not really as he’d cum not too long before). It was the same rule as before, Lisa had to cum before any of the guys did but that just gave them longer to use her various holes to enjoy themselves. Lisa was told to moan around Ashraf’s cock when she got close to cumming and to somehow let them know when she actually came (while still keeping the cock in her mouth). When she started moaning, Mike, James and Ashraf sped up their movements and as Lisa bounced back and forth against the cocks in her ass and cunt James said he was getting quite close. Susan frigged Lisa faster and they heard Lisa’s moans get louder and then she let out a series of muffled ‘aahhhh’s as she came. James emptied his cum in to Lisa’s cunt almost straight away (he’s better than he used to be, but still cums fairly quickly so I thought he’d done well to last that long), Mike came in Lisa’s ass and shortly after (with a bit of help from his hand) Ashraf came in Lisa’s mouth. They all remained buried in Lisa for a short while before pulling out and helping Lisa shakily to her feet where she let the cum dribble out of her mouth and run down over her breasts while James’ cum leaked out of her pussy and down her thighs.

As a final show of Lisa’s willingness to please, Amber, Abrahii, Susan sat beside each other on the sofa and Lisa had to enthusiastically eat each of them in rotation. To finish off, they spread their lips and rubbed themselves against Lisa’s face and the guys then helped spread their juices over all of Lisa’s body. She lay back on the mattress and said she was done so was left alone for a while (and the live-stream ended so Jen and I didn’t get to witness any more).

Lisa dozed off again and the group ordered some food. She was still asleep when the delivery guy turned up and they led him in to the living room where he was somewhat surprised to find a naked girl covered in what was fairly obviously the products of sex (the scent was quite strong). He was told he could fuck her if he wanted (with a condom of course) but it was a bit too much for him (although he did let Susan spread Lisa’s legs and pussy to give him a good view). He was interested enough to have a play with Lisa’s breasts and they managed to ‘talk him  in to’ fondling Lisa’s pussy and then fingering her properly (not to orgasm). Susan sat over Lisa’s face again and let him watch as Lisa fingered and licked her and with a bit more cajoling they convinced him to play with Lisa properly, although he wasn’t up for doing this in front of everyone so he was taken upstairs to have some private time with her. Well, when I say ‘private’ I mean semi-private as Susan went with them (both to ensure Lisa would be fine and to enjoy herself). I only have a brief description of what happened but they both sucked the guy, played with each other (in turn) as he fucked them. Got him to fuck Susan while Lisa frigged her and then got him to fuck Lisa while Susan licked her clit. The guy came in Lisa (in a condom) and as per our custom, the girls both escorted him to the front door in the nude (them, not him) and waved him goodbye.

Lisa was given another respite as they ate dinner, chatted and drank some more. She slowly recovered her energy enough to agree to go out but when it came time for her to get ready she wasn’t allowed to do this in the same way the other girls did. Mike presented her with a light, lacy nightdress that could just about pass for a dress (although quite a revealing one) and Lisa was only allowed to give her face a wipe in order to put on some make-up (she doesn’t wear much as we have convinced her she looks much more beautiful with a natural look). The cum and juices had mostly dried in to her body so the nightdress didn’t stick to her and as usual (for us anyway), she wasn’t allowed any underwear (not even a bra). She had to pose with long socks on (both blue and white), some black opaque tights (which showed through the nightdress a lot) and finally some black opaque hold-ups (which they settled on). Abrahii fetched some of her revealing black lingerie and got Lisa to try it on (and put the nightdress back on over it). Just as with the tights, the bra and panties were very visible and they debated whether Lisa should wear them (at least for a while) as it drew attention and would make the flimsiness of the nightdress even more apparent. 

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