Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 7

When everyone was finally ready, they headed out and stopped off at a couple of bars first, specifically as the lighting was much better than it would be in a club. Lisa certainly caught the attention of a number of the guys and a few of them offered her drinks. Susan, Julia and Abrahii ‘helped’ out by draping themselves over Lisa and openly caressing her (nothing to explicit, just running their hands over Lisa’s body (especially her ass and breasts). Julia made out with Lisa in front of a guy and told him he could have them both if he was willing to do it around the back of the bar (but he wasn’t). On the way to the second bar it was decided that while the black underwear was quite effective at drawing attention, they should see how well the nightdress could do the same by itself. They stopped by an alleyway and most of the group stood chatting to keep watch while Lisa went to remove the underwear. Now technically (and practically) she could have done this while keeping the nightdress on, but seeing as she had to remove her jacket anyway people felt that she may as well do it properly so Amber was left holding Lisa’s jacket and nightdress while she removed the bra and panties and Mel stashed them in her bag (so Lisa couldn’t put them back on – not that she would have been likely to get the chance). Mel being Mel, wanted to push things a bit further and despite the cold, produced a brush from her bag and suggested that Lisa could fuck herself. Mike made sure she was at least given her jacket back (just to put around her shoulders) so she didn’t get too cold but liked the idea and Lisa agreed and proceeded to work the handle up in to her pussy. Mel tweaked Lisa’s nipples and Mike ended up kneeling and licking at Lisa’s clit to help her along the way. The aim wasn’t to make her cum, just get her horny again and once this was achieved, she was handed the nightdress back and they hurried to the next bar to warm up.

The teasing had the desired effect and Lisa’s nipples were very prominently visible through the nightdress (both due to the sheer material and the firmness of her nips). Lisa had to stand at the bar to order some drinks and was blatantly ogled by a number of guys as well as propositioned by a few of them. Someone pushed up against her ass and she assumed it was one of the gang so didn’t react and he caressed her through her nightdress quite firmly even as she was ordering the drinks. She only realised it was a stranger when she turned around and saw him – at first she was shocked, but then seemed to just accept it as a part of the day. I was quite impressed at this behaviour but the others (specifically Mel and Jules) told her off, saying that she should have propositioned the guy and let him fuck her (and Julia said she would have happily helped out with this).

As punishment for not propositioning the guy Lisa was pushed in to a corner and Abrahii asked Mike if he wanted to do the honours. Mike stood beside Lisa and slid his hand down her back, up under her nightdress and started to play with her pussy. He gently fondled her for a while, managing to work his fingers in to her pussy from behind and teasing her about making her cum in the middle of the pub. Lisa said it was too risky and he wouldn’t do it (despite being a bright girl this was an incredibly stupid thing to say). Mike fully intended to get her off, but after Lisa’s comment he didn’t get the choice as Mel stepped forward and embraced Lisa, kissed her deeply and pushed her hand under the front of Lisa’s nightdress. Lisa was facing out to the room but between Mel’s body and the others closing ranks around them she was probably sufficiently shielded (at least to the point that nobody said anything even if they noticed). With Mike’s fingers in her cunt and Mel’s on her clit Lisa was pushed towards her orgasm as Mel kissed her. Between kisses Mel told Lisa she wanted to hear her cum and Lisa objected to this as someone (else) would hear, but was told to just moan in to Mel’s mouth. The carried on caressing her and Mike rubbed his thumb up against Lisa’s ass as well for an extra bit of stimulation. Just before she came Abrahii lent in and told Lisa that she thought a group of guys near them knew what was going on. Lisa tried to say something but was too close to cumming (and didn’t have any control over what was being done to her) so just kissed Mel deeply and moaned into her mouth as instructed. Mike thought that Lisa was going to fall over but Mel kept a hold of her and Mike concentrated on fingering Lisa’s pussy while feeling Mel’s fingers strumming back and forth across Lisa’s clit. Mel was as cruel as ever and near the end of Lisa’s orgasm she pulled her mouth away from Lisa just as Lisa moaned. Lisa stifled the moan fairly quickly but enough escaped to be clearly audible

Mel continued to be herself and stepped aside fairly soon after Lisa came. Lisa was still flushed and (to the gang at least) it was quite obvious she had just cum. Mel went a step further and pointed Lisa out to the group of guys who were closest to them and told them how she had just fingered Lisa’s little pussy. Lisa just sat down and didn’t deny this and Mel described to the guys how Lisa was completely naked under her dress and had a completely shaved pussy (although this latter point was also true for Susan, Abrahii, Julia and Amber – Mel had a little patch of hair on her mons). Abrahii played along with Mel, sat beside Lisa and slid her hand up Lisa’s thighs. Lisa said it was too soon to do anything more but Abrahii whispered that she just wanted to show the guys and Lisa let Abrahii pull her legs apart and slide the hem of her dress up. Given the way the weekend had gone, I expected Mike to tell me that Lisa was handed around the group of guys to be fucked and fondled but Abrahii kept to her word and just displayed Lisa to the guys (she did stroke Lisa a little, but this was mostly to spread her lips and let the guys see her properly). Lisa didn’t resist and let the guys ogle her, but Mike says she was mostly waiting to be handed to them and was as surprised as he was when Mel said it was time to get to the club.

Lisa was fondled and groped some more while they queued to get in and as she danced with various people from the group they caressed her under her nightdress and took advantage of the dim lighting on the dancefloor to openly play with her. At one point she was dancing with Asfraf, facing away from him and he slid his hands up under the front of her dress to fondle her breasts. This lifted it enough to completely expose her pussy (and ass, but that was pressed up against him) and he toyed with her nipples for long enough that a number of people noticed and watched. Mike was more subtle and when he danced with her he stroked her pussy mostly under her dress. She kissed him as he stroked her clit and he rubbed her just the way she liked. Lisa warned him she wouldn’t be able to hold back if he continued so he told her he didn’t want her to hold back and that he wanted to feel her cum in his arms while surrounded by hundreds of strangers (and of course a few people she knew). Lisa rubbed Mike’s crotch saying it was only fair he should cum as well and he promised her that he would, just later on when he gave her her final fuck of the night. He dipped his fingers between her lips to gather more lube and sped up his stroking slightly. Lisa moaned into his mouth and he told her to be as loud as she wanted as the music would drown out any noise she made. Lisa told him she was cumming and Mike told her how he loved knowing she was letting herself feel so much pleasure. She wrapped her arms around him and used him to keep her balance and Mike frigged her until her orgasm ended, then got her to suck his fingers clean before helping her back over to where most of the others were.

They were impressed that she had cum in such a public way (although from experience we know it’s likely that nobody noticed anything, or if they did, that they guessed she actually came). Mel tried to forcefully fondle Abrahii in a similar way while dancing but Abrahii is one of the few people who can get Mel to stop being a bitch. She did allow Mel to fondle her, just gently and discreetly (and not to orgasm). Mike thought it was a pity that there hadn’t been one of the ‘events’ on at the harcore club as the thought of stripping Lisa off completely and having us all dance with her and then making her cum repeatedly with an audience of strangers would have been a good end to the day. Not that there was a shortage of guys who were interested and the fact that Susan, Julia and (to a lesser extent) Abrahii were all up for playing, meant that they soon had four guys with hands roaming over their bodies. None of the girls offered much resistance and in Susan’s and Julia’s cases, they actively pushed the guy’s hands down between their legs. The guys quickly realised that none of the four girls had panties on but their night was about to get even better when Julia moved over towards Lisa and started making out with her. Susan did the same with Abrahii and after moving to a suitably secluded part of the club, they were much more hands-on with each other. Lisa and Julia openly played with each other and Susan knelt and briefly licked at Abrahii’s pussy. The four girls told the guys they could each fuck all of them if they had the stamina and the guys couldn’t believe their luck to find a group of such horny girls (I’m not sure if Julia counts as a ‘girl’ anymore and Abrahii is also a little old for that title, but they are both eminently fuckable so the guys didn’t complain).

The girls considered taking the guys back to the house but decided to stick with tradition and asked the guys if they were up for fucking them around the back of the club. Three of the guys went for this immediately and the fourth agreed soon after. They all left together and Mel and Amber went with them to hold the girls’ coats with the guys from our gang waiting around the corner so as not to put the random guys off (so a lot of this is third hand again, based on things Mike heard from Lisa and the others). At first the guys stuck to one girl each, kissing, fondling and fingering them. Tops were soon lifted and breasts exposed and in the case of Lisa and Susan their dresses were pulled right up and then off to leave them naked. Julia was being fucked up against the wall and told Susan to eat Lisa, which she dutifully knelt and did and then swapped guys with Lisa. After a couple more minutes, Lisa had to eat Abrahii and swapped guys again and then eat Julia and swap so she’d had each of the guys playing with her. Two of the guys were already at the stage of serious fucking (Julia and Abrahii) so the girls all stood leaning against the wall to let the guys take them properly but insisted that they rotate along the line every minute. Julia then switched things up more by specifying that the girls had to lick the previous girl’s juices from the guys cock before they fucked and they did this. She then wanted to try two of the girls being DPed but some of the guys were getting impatient and just wanted to fuck. Jules shamed them in to making sure that the girls all got to cum and they each told the guy inside them how they wanted to be touched, caressed and teased.

Lisa played her part quite well and told the guy to fuck her cunt and make her cum (Julia and Susan said similar things, it’s just not that unusual for them to do this). Julia promised the guys that if all the girls got to cum that they would get to watch something else. Lisa said she didn’t think at the time what this would be as she was too close to cumming, but unsurprisingly it was related to her. Given this additional incentive, the guys all played along and stroked the girls as instructed. Abrahii came first (but she’d cum far less than the others), Susan next, then Lisa and finally Julia. Lisa and Susan were given their coats back (but not their dresses) so they could warm up a little and Julia demonstrated kitty kissing (using Lisa as a model of course). She let the guys watch closely as she played with Lisa, kneeling and eating her from the front, eating her from behind and then moving on to fingering her. Lisa lost her coat again and as Julia and Susan played with Lisa’s pussy, the guys were allowed to all fondle her. As expected they spent more time on her breasts and ass than anywhere else and despite feeling cold, Lisa responded to Julia’s questioning and said that she was sure she would cum again if they kept going. So they kept going. Abrahii told Susan something and Susan agreed, shed her coat and dived in to Lisa’s pussy with her mouth. Abrahii pushed in to stand beside Lisa and told her that she had to tell them when she was going to cum and then pee herself. Lisa’s initial response was ‘What?’ and Abrahii repeated the instructions and asked if she would do what she was told. Lisa hesitated a bit but then said yes. Abrahii slid a hand down Lisa’s side, cupped her ass and pushed a finger a little way in. Lisa soon said she couldn’t hold back any more, Susan pulled back a bit and started to finger Lisa, pumping two fingers in and out of her and Abrahii reached down with her other hand to play with Lisa’s clit. Abrahii warned the guys to stand back and they asked why but it quickly became apparent when Lisa called out that she was cumming and released a jet of piss.

As Susan was pumping her fingers in and out of Lisa’s pussy, the pee splashed everywhere, but mostly over Susan and with some over Abrahii’s legs. Lisa’s legs were soaked and the guys quickly stepped back (they had been warned). Susan kept fingering Lisa until she stopped and then lifted her fingers to Lisa’s mouth, telling her to suck them clean. Lisa did this and the guys made various comments about her being a complete slut but Julia came to Lisa’s defence and knelt to lick at Lisa’s pussy, saying she tasted wonderful. Lisa was offered to the guys again, saying any or all of them could fuck her as much as they wanted but they weren’t adventurous enough to fuck a pee-soaked girl (to be fair, I wouldn’t have been either without the training Jen has given me). The guys did at least watch as Lisa was made to lean forwards against the wall and slowly fucked with a dildo but as the girls weren’t trying to make Lisa cum again the guys soon lost interest.

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