Saturday, 28 November 2015

Training Lisa – Part 8

Lisa and Susan were given their dresses and coats back and everyone stopped off at a café for a hot drink (allowing the girls to warm up) and to give the others a description of what had happened to the guys. They were quite explicit and openly described how the girls had been fucked, eaten each other and how Lisa had pissed herself as she came, allowing other customers in the café to hear them. Mike was becoming increasingly impressed with Lisa’s endurance and between them the group counted that she had cum 18 times so far that day. Mike assured them that he fully intended to make her cum again once they got home and Amber said she was willing to give it a try as well to take the total to an even 20. Even Lisa couldn’t believe she’d done so much and Susan told her that they would have to do much more together in future as she liked the idea of having an ultra-horny fuck buddy (and Julia or I only came to visit occasionally). Mike noticed Amber’s response to this – she didn’t say anything but the look on her face was enough that it was clear she didn’t like this idea. On the walk home Mike told Amber that he was quite sure that even if she did things with other people, that she would still want Amber above any other girl. Amber just said that ‘she’d better’ and Mike pointed out that one advantage of staying with Lisa was that Amber got both Lisa and him to pleasure her whenever he visited (or whenever Amber wanted to visit him with Lisa).

Mike noticed that Lisa had been pushed in to an alleyway and he and Amber caught up with the others to find out what the others wanted to do to Lisa. They moved a little way down the alley (out of easy sight from the footpath) and Mel said it was time for other people to pee. She told Lisa to remove her coat and squat down so they could all easily piss over her and Mike told Lisa she didn’t have to do that and that 18 (to be 20) orgasms in a day was pretty good going (he didn’t say this bit, but even by my, Susan’s or Julia’s standards). Lisa just said she wasn’t going to give up, handed her coat over and knelt. She was told to spread her legs and hike the nightdress up so she could stroke herself at the same time and as soon as she did this Mel lifted her own skirt, stood over Lisa and peed. It mostly landed on Lisa’s head but Mel stepped back and aimed the stream up and down Lisa’s front before stepping aside and letting Julia take over. Julia was followed by Susan and at this point Lisa was told to remove her nightdress (it was completely soaked anyway. Susan added her own pee to Lisa’s body and as soon as she was finished Abrahii stepped up and told Lisa to lick her while she peed. Lisa did as she was told and everyone watched as Abrahii’s piss spilled from Lisa’s mouth and ran down the front of her body. Abrahii also took the nightdress and wrung it out over Lisa’s head, adding to the amount of liquid. Seeing as Lisa was going along with this, Mike told Amber that she should finish things off and she was hesitant at first but Mike told her that Lisa would probably prefer it as well. Amber didn’t seem entirely convinced but as all the other girls had done it she went along with the flow, lifted the front of her skirt, pushed her cunt to Lisa’s mouth and emptied her bladder. By the time Amber finished, Lisa was absolutely drenched, her whole body (including her hair) was dripping wet and Lisa said she felt a bit cold. She was handed the nightdress back to wipe herself down with but it wasn’t that effective so Mel (in a rare sign of compassion) got Julia to remove her skirt and then her top. Lisa went to put the dry clothing on but was told they were for wiping herself down with, which she did and once she was dry, the items were given back to Julia to wear.

Lisa was told to just wear her coat and as she’d had the dress on underneath it, she hadn’t selected a coat with sufficient coverage. She still didn’t say anything though and slipped her coat on, not even bothering to do it up. They walked the rest of the way back to Lisa’s halls with her in this state, her ass half-visible and the front of her coat flapping open (she held it shut when she saw people coming). It was only when they actually reached her building that she got worried about someone seeing her so they hurried to the back stairs and went up that way. Mike grabbed her a few times and lapped at her pussy from behind – he tried to get Amber to do the same but she wanted Lisa to shower before she would play with her and as soon as they got to Lisa’s room, the three of them stripped off, grabbed some towels and headed over to the bathroom.

Mike and Amber soaped up Lisa’s body and hair and gave her a thorough washing. As they did this Mike congratulated her and said she had done (and managed) more than he ever thought she would have been able to. Lisa told him that she wanted to make sure that she could match me and it turned out that this had been her aim all along, to do as many of the things that she knows I (and Jen) have done so that Mike would like her as much as he does us. Mike told her that if that was the only reason she’d done so much that she was incredibly stupid and that he (and Amber) loved her dearly for who she was. He explained that he had wanted her to explore her limits so she would enjoy herself and that he wanted her to be able to feel as much pleasure as possible, but this didn’t mean she had to do things with anyone else (even Jen and me) if she didn’t want to. He shared a wet kiss with Lisa and Amber and then moved around behind Lisa to slide his cock in to her and caress her breasts as she and Amber kissed. Lisa said she wasn’t sure she could cum again but Mike told her she had three more orgasms to go before she could sleep as he wanted to eat her, Amber had to make her cum and he wanted to fuck her. Before they left the shower, Mike told her he would show her that he was hers every bit as much as she was his so he knelt in front of her to eat her and told her to give him whatever pee she had left. Lisa told him he didn’t have to do that but he said that as he does it for Jen (occasionally as a special treat) he wanted to do it for her and that this would count as him eating her.

Lisa leaned back against the wall and Mike worked on her pussy. As she got closer to cumming he started tasting her juices again (they had cleaned her quite well to remove the multiple loads of cum that had been pumped in to her) and Mike used a finger to toy with her ass while Amber kissed Lisa and teased her nipples. Mike slid a hand up Amber’s leg and teased her pussy with his fingers, but only half-heartedly as he was really concentrating on Lisa. Lisa warned him she was getting close and asked if he really wanted her to pee and Mike just nodded and murmured an ‘uh-huh’ into Lisa’s pussy. Lisa let out an ‘oh fuck’ as she came and Mike felt her pee flood into his mouth. Both he and I are now well practiced at this and he kept licking her, letting most of the pee flow from his mouth and down his body as he did so. Mike wiggled his finger in Lisa’s ass throughout her orgasm and he could feel her sliding down the wall, but between Amber and him they managed to hold her up until her orgasm ended. Mike stood up and kissed Lisa, letting some of her pee run from his mouth to hers (another thing we’ve learned from Jen) and he then turned to Amber and  used his hands to ask if she wanted him to kiss her. She just shrugged and bent forwards towards him. As they kissed, Mike pushed his tongue into her mouth and they shared the remainder of the pee. Mike made a show of swallowing what was left in his mouth and moved his mouth to beside Amber’s ear and whispered to her that this was his way of showing Lisa that he would do anything for her. Amber kissed him again and swallowed and they both turned to Lisa to display their empty mouths and then kissed around her body.

After a final quick shower they dried off and returned to Lisa’s room. Mike dared Lisa to carry her towel so she was naked and she said she would do it if he and Amber would. Mike said he was up for it and Lisa actually helped him to convince Amber to play along. Lisa left the shower cubicle naked and opened the bathroom door to check that the corridor was empty and the three of them walked along to Lisa’s room with their towels over their arms. As Lisa unlocked her door, Mike knelt and played with Amber’s pussy and even when Lisa went in to her room he carried on fingering and licking Amber for a minute. She told him she wanted to cum but to do it on the bed so he let her go and the three of them fell on to the bed. Mike told Lisa that he had promised he would fuck Amber but that he still had to cum in her so he suggested that he fuck Lisa first while she and he ate Amber, then Amber could go down on Lisa for her final orgasm of the day and Mike could fuck Amber while Lisa slipped off into oblivion. Lisa didn’t care by this point so went along with whatever the other two were happy with. Amber climbed up over Lisa’s face to be licked and Mike slid in to Lisa’s pussy and fucked her with long strokes. He got Amber to face away from him and lean forwards so he could lick at her ass and she loved this but Mike wanted to make sure Lisa came so they changed position again with Amber on her back, Lisa between her legs eating her and Mike on top of Lisa so he could fuck her and reach around to play with her clit.

Mike moved inside Lisa for a while then reached over to try and retrieve a vibe from her bedside drawer. He could have easily pulled out and fetched it, but wanted to remain inside Lisa throughout and as it always the case, the vibe was just out of reach. He eventually managed to get it (with a lot of stretching) and after turning it on he pushed it under Lisa’s stomach and down to her pussy where he positioned it near her clit. As he fucked Lisa he got her to move her head to the side a few times so he could have a turn licking Amber. When Lisa was working on Amber’s pussy Mike watched closely – not for the girl on girl action (he gets to see that frequently enough that it isn’t anything special to him anymore – although he still really likes it) – but to learn how Amber enjoys being played with. He whispered to Lisa that it was obvious that she had something special with Amber too and he told her he was happy for her (Lisa) to be sandwiched between two people she cared about. Lisa told him he wasn’t being fair but he dared her to say she didn’t love having her tongue buried in Amber’s sweet little pussy. Whether on purpose or by accident, Lisa distracted Mike by saying she was getting close to cumming again. Mike asked her if she wanted him to cum in her or if he should save his cum for her girlfriend. Lisa told him that after everything she’d done that day that he’d better cum in her so Mike told her he was just teasing and that he wanted nothing more than to empty as much of his cum as deep into her beautiful cunt as he could. Mike thrust into Lisa faster so he wasn’t too far behind her with his orgasm.

As Lisa came he told her to moan into Amber’s pussy and he fucked her harder, saying he was going to fill her entire cunt with his cum. Between moans, Lisa told him to give her as much as she could and she ate Amber harder, making the occasional slurping sound as she did so. Amber gently caressed her breasts and Mike watched her body as his own orgasm started. Unfortunately Lisa’s had ended by this point but she let him continue to thrust into her until he came at which point he pushed as far as he could into her and told her to push back. She did this and he whispered to her that it felt like he was pumping his cum straight into her womb. As Amber started to cum Mike took a chance and whispered to Lisa that he hoped he would get a chance to pump his cum into her womb to get her pregnant someday. Lisa knew that he was trying to help Lis get pregnant and that I would want a baby someday, but she took it the way he meant it (that he wanted her to stay with him and settle down with us). She finished eating Amber until her orgasm ended and then turned to kiss Mike, telling him that he could make babies with her anytime (although they agreed that she should probably graduate first).

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