Monday, 7 December 2015

Copying Lisa – Part 1

The week after Mike’s visit and Lisa’s epic-cumfest, Jen and I went down to visit her old friends. Having heard the full description from Mike about everything Lisa had done (as well as the bit we had witnessed online), I was somewhat jealous and desperately wanted to experience the same as she had and with another (even more willing) volunteer. Abrahii was quite eager to help me enjoy myself (she is such a sweet girl) and even managed to get Mel, Julia and Ashraf to come back for a second weekend in a row. I was quite glad to hear this as the combination of Susan, Julia and myself can be quite intense. I won’t go in to the full details of everything we got up to as a lot of it is very similar to what they did with (or to) Lisa the previous weekend, but there were a few differences which I’ll concentrate on – after telling you about Mike’s weekend.

Jen and I left arrived on the Friday afternoon, leaving Mike at home to look after MJ. He wasn’t by himself as he had told Ineta that we were abandoning him and seeing as she had kept Jen and I company the previous weekend, it was fairly obvious that we didn’t mind if she did the same with him. Jen found it quite difficult to leave MJ behind but she knew that Mike would guard her with his life and even if he was in the middle of fucking Ineta that he would stop and look after MJ if she woke up or wanted any attention. Mike came home early from work to take MJ and let Jen and I leave and Ineta joined him after work. When she arrived he had food almost ready and let her go shower to freshen up. Jen had left her a nice dress out to wear but Ineta has spent long enough with us to know how we operate and after drying her hair, she came downstairs wearing just some lacy underwear. Mike appreciated the view and fondled Ineta while finishing preparing dinner, then let her take MJ while he served it up. Fortunately MJ fell asleep while they ate and after her evening bottle they put MJ to bed and settled down on the rug in front of the fire in the living room. Ineta told him that she had fucked Jen in exactly the same spot just a week before (Mike already knew this). Mike told Ineta that he would just have to make sure he outperformed Jen and Ineta said he’d have to try quite hard as Jen had been quite thorough with her. Mike got Ineta to describe what Jen had done and kissed up and down Ineta’s body as she did this. He kept asking her for more details and Ineta knew full well he just wanted to hear her talk dirty to him so launched into a graphic description of her sessions with Jen, what they’d done, what they tasted and felt like, how they’d cum…

Mike ate and fingered Ineta to a relatively quick orgasm and then kitty kissed her for a while before rolling her over and sliding into her pussy from behind. He fucked her like this for a while with his full weight on her body. Mike pulled out and rolled Ineta over again so he could lift her legs up and fuck her while teasing her clit. He kept this up until Ineta was moaning and then told her to ride him
. Without pulling out (but with a bit of effort) they changed position so she was on top and he frigged her as she bounced up and down on his cock until she came. She then lay on top of Mike and kissed him as he continued to gently move inside her and kneaded her ass. Ineta said he was off to a good start so Mike told her he’d make sure she’d cum at least twice more before he came. She wasn’t sure she could manage that, but we’re quite experienced at pushing people in this way so after a bit more kissing Mike went down on Ineta again and she then said she wanted to 69. She sucked on his cock quite energetically and Mike complimented her on her style but told her she couldn’t make him cum before he could get her off. Ineta tried quite hard and Mike certainly enjoyed the way she licked and sucked him but he fingered both her pussy and ass while flicking his tongue back and forth across her clit and he won the battle as she came first.

She carried on sucking him as he kitty kissed her, but more gently (having admitted she lost). Mike then spooned with her and they went over some of the things that she and I had done and Mike promised her that if she came for dinner one evening after work that he, Jen and I would all pleasure her in a foursome. He pointed out that as he was about to make her cum for her fourth time that the group-fuck would involve her cumming twelve times and Ineta said that her cunt would just break if that happened. Mike quietly described to Ineta how the three of us could spend four hours making her cum three times and hour, passing her between us to be fingered, fucked, eaten, stimulated with toys (she knows we have a good collection), scissored… He moved faster in her as the description went on and played with her clit and nipples more, then asked what she thought everyone at work would think if they knew what Ineta got up to with him, Jen and me. They carried on spooning with Ineta facing the fire and Mike spent ages playing with her nipples, teasing each of them to stiffness and describing how  Jen would spend ages sucking on them (as she had the previous weekend). It had been obvious for a while, but Ineta told him that she thought she could cum again and Mike asked if she minded if he came inside her. She said she didn’t care so Mike told her he could just cum over her, covering her breasts and face but that he’d much rather fill her hot cunt and feel it enveloping his cock as he came. She gave him permission to cum inside her and he fucked her until he was close and then frigged her while moving steadily but gently enough that he could hold back. Ineta started to cum but Mike held back until her orgasm was fading (so he could fuck her right through it) and then unloaded in to her. He moaned into her mouth and their tongues pushed against each other until he pushed as far in to her as he could and remained still.

Mike remained buried in Ineta for quite a while. They chatted and kissed some more and Mike asked her if she would let him shave her in the morning. He made sure to point out that he thought her pussy was very nicely presented (she only had hair on her mons) and it was just so he could play with it and Ineta said she would think about it. When they finally headed up to bed his cum dribbled out of her pussy and ran down her leg so Mike massaged it in to her thighs and ass as she climbed the stairs. He spooned with her as they fell asleep and warned her she would be eaten awake, which she said sounded nice (and was something else Jen had done to her). Mike didn’t actually get to do this as they were both woken by MJ in the morning. Ineta cuddled her while Mike went to heat some of Jen’s breasts milk and it wasn’t until MJ was fed and dozed off again that Mike could go down on Ineta. She agreed that cumming was the best way to start the day and Mike told her she only had to drop by on the way to work, or join him in a conference room at work and he’d be happy to give her a morning cum anytime she wanted one.

Instead of shaving her (her lips were smooth so she didn’t really need it), Ineta let Mike kitty kiss her for a while after they had showered. He tried to get her to go out in a very revealing dress but she wasn’t up for this. She did compromise and wear opaque tights for him though (which led to her thighs and pussy being fondled and kissed for another period of time before they actually left. They wandered around the shops and had lunch out. Ineta went off by herself for a while but met up with Mike at home that evening (just about as MJ was going to bed so she got to have a goodnight cuddle). Over dinner they discussed Ineta’s sexuality – whether she preferred boys or girls, whether she wanted to settle down, have kids… Like me she is truly bisexual and her preference drifts from girls to boys from time to time, but never strays too far from the centre. She said that cuddling MJ certainly made her feel broody and she knew about our arrangement with Lis where Mike would get her pregnant so teased him about having him impregnate her as well. Mike said he would love to, but fathering daughters (he’s not having any sons) with Jen, Lis, me and Lucy was probably enough, although he was quite happy to pretend to make babies with her (as he used to do with Lis before it became a real goal).

The conversation moved on and after dinner when they went to bed Mike asked Ineta if she wanted to dress up for him (meaning of course that he wanted her to dress up). She knows about his schoolgirl fetish (pretend ones only) and agreed and with his help she slipped in to one of Jen’s outfits with cute underwear, a little blue and green tartan skirt, white blouse and long blue socks. She even went as far as putting her hair into bunches and Mike found the whole package of the uniform with her Eastern European looks to be irresistible. They headed back downstairs so they could play properly without waking MJ and Ineta sat on the sofa with Mike on the floor in front of her. He subjected her to his usual leg worship, caressing and kissing from the top of her socks to the hem of her skirt and slowly working her skirt up higher so he could kiss more of her legs. Once he had her legs fully spread he kissed around her panties then pulled them aside and gently licked up and down her pussy lips. He got Ineta to pose for him with her knees up and her panties peeking out from behind her legs and then moved up on the sofa beside her so they could kiss. Ineta dropped a hand to his crotch and fished out his cock, stroked him for a minute and then bent down to take him in her mouth.

They moved over to the rug by the fire and Mike slid Ineta’s panties off so they could 69. This time Ineta asked him if he wanted to cum in her mouth or her pussy and Mike told her that while her mouth felt wonderful, he preferred the idea of filling her cunt again. Ineta kept sucking him but stopped trying to make him cum – Mike on the other hand made sure that Ineta came and licked as far inside her as he could, sucked on her lips and swirled his tongue around her clit. He then kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes and Ineta helped to remove Mike’s clothes. Mike undid her blouse and freed her breasts from her bra, but she kept the outfit on and Mike kissed and caressed her whole body and she stroked and sucked on his cock (depending on what position they were in). Mike worked Ineta up into a state of high arousal and she asked and then begged him to fuck her. He told her he would happily do so but asked her to first sit up on the sofa and play with herself while he watched. She did as he asked and in return she asked him to stroke his cock (which he did). Mike loves watching girls play with themselves and Ineta was no exception (especially while she was wearing a little skirt and long socks). He told her if she wanted to make herself cum that he would play with her again afterwards and get her ready to fuck but she said she wanted him inside her too much to waste the way she was feeling on her fingers.

Mike sucked Ineta’s fingers clean and had a few more licks at her now engorged pussy, they switched places and she had a quick suck on his cock and then stood up, straddled him and lowered herself onto him. They fucked like this for a while and then moved back to the rug, switched between a few positions but ended up with Ineta on top again. She said she wanted Mike to fuck her hard until she came so he took hold of her ass and pumped into her. They kissed and Ineta moaned into his mouth and then out loud while telling him to keep going. She told him to fuck her harder and Mike slammed into her as hard and fast as he could. She said some things that he assumed were in Latvian and then said (in English) that she was almost there and for him to keep going. Mike told her that her cunt felt amazing and pounded away in her as she came. He told her he was about to cum and she panted at him to keep going just a little longer. Mike did as she asked and she said she could cum again so Mike concentrated on other things and fucked her as she moaned, panted and told him how close she was getting. She said she was about to cum again and that she wanted him to cum so he asked her to describe what she could feel. Ineta made an attempt at this but mostly just moaned and panted – when she came she was much louder than she had been the times before and Mike was glad they were downstairs as he really didn’t want to have to stop and cuddle MJ. He fucked her through her second orgasm (having done a good job at distracting himself so he didn’t cum too quickly he had to catch up) and then came into her, quickly slowed his movements and held her tight against him.

They rolled over after a couple of minutes and when Mike pulled out he watched as his cum leaked out of Ineta’s pussy and ran over her ass onto Jen’s skirt. Ineta said that he’d have to get it washed before Jen returned but Mike assured her that given the number of times Jen had eaten Ineta’s pussy, she wouldn’t mind and would probably happily wear it with their combined cum still on it. Mike would have liked Ineta to wear her outfit to bed but he knows it’s not that comfortable to sleep in so he helped to strip her but she left the socks on for him and after a while he managed to get hard enough to spoon her to sleep and caressed her legs as he did so. Ineta thinks that Mike’s long sock/tights fetish is a little strange, but she enjoys the results of it so doesn’t mind.

On the Sunday morning Mike managed to eat Ineta awake before MJ woke up (she had woken during the night and joined them in bed for a little while but had been moved back to her cot). With her first orgasm out of the way and a suitable period of kitty kissing completed, Mike climbed up over her and she kissed her juices (and some of his cum from the previous night) from his face. Ineta whispered that she wanted to pretend they were trying to make a baby so Mike quickly slipped in to her and told her he loved that idea. To be fair, there isn’t much difference in what they did compared to how they would have fucked anyway – just a few mentions from Ineta about wanting his cum deep inside her to get her pregnant. Mike promises me that he only thought of getting Lis and me pregnant while he fucked Ineta, but he also admits he told her repeatedly how his cum was going to fill her, seek out her womb and then 9 months later they would have a child. Ineta wrapped her legs around Mike as they came (not quite at the same time, but fairly close to each other as it was a gentle session so easier to time their orgasms). They lay together for a while and Mike told Ineta that he hadn’t expected her to want children just yet (even pretend ones) – she blamed the influence of MJ (who *is* incredibly cute). Mike was just about to kitty kiss Ineta again when MJ woke up – he retrieved her from her cot and the three of them headed down for breakfast. Ineta couldn’t stay with Mike on the Sunday as she had made other arrangements but she gave him a long goodbye kiss and let him have a final fondle and lick of her pussy before saying she would see him at work. Mike didn’t mind this too much as it meant he had most of the day to spend with MJ (the girl he loves the most – and neither Jen nor I are the least bit jealous of that fact as we love her just as much).

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