Friday, 11 December 2015

Copying Lisa – Part 2

Now on to main part of the story...

Jen and I arrived late evening and met up with the gang out at a bar. We only had a couple of drinks before heading home but we didn’t go to the same place, with Jen heading off to Amber’s (along with Lisa) and me heading back to ‘the house’ to enjoy the company of Richard, James, Abrahii and Susan. As I said in the previous entry, they knew that I wanted to have as fun a weekend as they’d given Lisa and on the way home Abrahii confirmed that people had agreed to spend the weekend pleasuring me (with me returning the favours of course). It was a bit too cold and wet to do anything outside so Abrahii said she wouldn’t make me do anything but she seemed to have forgot who she was talking to and on arriving at the house I whispered to Susan and she agreed to my proposal. While standing outside the front door, we both removed our clothes, handing them to the others to take care of and once we were naked we kissed and fingered each other up against the wall. Richard et al kept a lookout for anyone watching from the windows of the other houses and Susan and I had a brief 69 session on the small bit of grass in the front garden. We would have liked to eaten each other to orgasm, but it really was too cold and wet so after just a couple of minutes of fun and rolling around we hurried in to the house to warm up and dry off.

We headed straight up to the bedrooms – unfortunately none of the beds were big enough for five people (for sleeping anyway) so we knew we’d have to split up for the night eventually, but for the pre-sleep part of the night it worked out fine. Abrahii started to warm Susan up while I knelt on all fours, sucking Richard and letting James fuck me. I didn’t want either of them to cum just yet but they certainly got quite turned on and we had to switch position partway through so I could suck James slowly and prevent him from cumming. I then crawled over to Abrahii and planted my face between her legs. Susan had already gotten her quite wet and I buried my tongue between her lips and lapped at her juices. Susan and Abrahii both played with me with Abrahii fingering my pussy and then my ass as Susan ate me. They asked if I wanted to cum and I nodded. I devoured Abrahii as they worked on getting me off and once we had both cum Susan said that she had been promised an orgasm for each time I came. I was more than happy to oblige as I quite like her little cunt, so pulled her over my face and gave her the same treatment I’d given Abrahii. As she had already been well on the way to cumming it didn’t take much to finish her off and I then kissed her, sharing her and Abrahii’s juices with her and told her that if she intended to keep up with me that there would be many more orgasms over the weekend (she was fine with that).

Abrahii gently played with Susan while I lay on my back and sucked and stroked James and Richard. They liked the idea of cumming over me or both cumming in my mouth at the same time and I described how wonderful it would be if they could manage that but then have enough cum to both fuck me at the same time and cum inside me in unison. Abrahii pushed a vibe into my pussy and then got Susan to fetch a dildo to add to it. The two of them fucked me with the two toys and it felt quite nice but it didn’t compare to having two actual cocks inside me. The guys asked whether I wanted to be spit roasted, DPed or have both of them in my cunt – I replied that I wanted all of the above, preferably at the same time but as we’d need more guys and some strange geometry to manage them all at once that I’d settle for the third option. Having Abrahii there turned out to be incredibly useful as she knows that James cums much faster than Richard (he’s a lot better than he used to be, but Richard also lasts longer than he used to so there is still a differential). Richard lay on his back with me on top of him (facing up). Abrahii worked one of the vibes into my pussy. Richard loved the feeling of my pussy holding the vibe hard against his cock and I liked the sensation of him and Abrahii fucking me at the same time (especially as she lapped at my clit as well), but I really wanted their cocks and told Abrahii to go pleasure Susan so James could fuck me.

Abrahii actually helped James to get inside me (for all the fucking I do, two cocks don’t fit in me that easily), but a little lube helped and they were soon both sliding back and forth against each other and the walls of my cunt. Richard reached around me and fondled my breasts and then reached down to my clit to frig me and I told them to both pump as much cum in to me as they could. Abrahii told them to make sure I came as well and I promised I’d fuck her afterwards to share the cum with her if she wanted. Richard pushed as far as he could into me and frigged me faster, James sped up and said he was getting close and he and Richard talked to time their orgasms. Richard also whispered in my ear (loudly enough for the others to hear) and asked if I wanted two loads of cum in my pussy. I told him I’d take as many loads as they could produce and imagined I was in one of the hentai tentacle films where the aliens could cum countless times and that my body was about to be filled with cum. I moaned that I was cumming and James said he was almost there but Richard got him to hold back just a bit so he could catch up. I had probably just about finished my orgasm when they came but this meant I could concentrate on the fact that I had two guys emptying themselves into me at (roughly) the same time.

James pulled out first and I covered my pussy as Richard pulled out so I could climb up and sit over Abrahii’s face to let her drink the double cum-shot from me. She quite likes the taste of Richard’s cum and while I find the idea of being filled with cum from both ends appealing, I’m still not overly keen on the taste (although better than I used to be). As promised I made sure she got to cum and licked her clit while using the vibe on her that she had used on me earlier. I didn’t escape being made to cum again and as I ate Abrahii, she and Richard played with my pussy and ass. It took me a bit longer to cum than it did for her and I had Susan’s cunt thrust in my face to lick for the latter part of my session. Once I’d cum, I thanked them all for my orgasms and we tossed a coin as to who I would spend the night with, Richard and James or Abrahii and Susan. Both options had their appeal so I didn’t really mind and it came up heads so I stayed with the guys while Abrahii and Susan went to what is nominally their room (they switch about where they actually sleep a lot, but it is where their clothes are). I even managed to coax the guys’ cocks back to life and spooned with them as I fell asleep (James first, then I turned around and slid Richard into me). As an added bonus James had a suck on my nipples which is rather unusual for him (he is on the gay end of spectrum) but Abrahii has been training him well.

Jen’s night with Lisa and Amber was a bit tamer but she still got to play with both of them and enjoyed having two younger girls around who were eager to impress her with their skills. Jen made further use of them in the morning and after eating Lisa awake, she let Lisa go down on her while she played with Amber (Jen knelt on all fours eating Amber with Lisa lying under Jen’s pussy). Jen is usually content with just one orgasm in the morning (she isn’t as greedy as I am) but after they’d had breakfast Jen asked if they would both shower with her. Lisa knew what this was likely to lead to and after washing Lisa and Amber down Jen asked if she could sit and play with them. The girls agreed to this and Jen went back and forth between them, fingering and licking each of them and playing with herself. Lisa told Amber that she would be expected to pee shortly and Jen said that Lisa had given the game away, but Amber knew of Jen’s fetish anyway so wasn’t really surprised. Ideally Jen wanted both of the girls to be cumming as they peed over her, but they’d already spent quite a while in the shower so she agreed to pleasure them on demand throughout the day in return for a double golden shower. The girls let Jen get herself close to cumming and then hugged each other, standing with their pussies directly over Jen’s face. Jen told them when she was getting close and just before she started to cum, both of the girls started to pee over her. Jen moved her face back and forth through the streams and as she came she pushed as hard as she could, spraying her own pee over her hands and the shower. As soon as her orgasm finished, she pushed her face between Lisa’s legs and licked at her pussy, then did the same to Amber, licking every part of the girls’ pussies and pushing her tongue up inside them as far as she could. When Jen stood up to shower herself down she was pleasantly surprised to find that Lisa knelt and licked her and even more surprised when she was turned around and had Amber do the same in return. She offered to pee on them but they both declined and just helped Jen wash her hair and body, then headed back to Amber’s room. The three of them were seen leaving the showers together, but the people living around her generally knew that Amber was gay (she’s actually bi but that still seems to confuse a lot of people) and the girls were all wearing towels so it wasn’t the same as it would have been if I’d been there.

My morning started nicely as both of the guys had morning wood. I encouraged this by rubbing back against Richard and liked the feeling of his cock sliding between my ass cheeks. When he actually woke up I briefly sucked him and then moved over to James. It was only when James woke up that I thought it would have been fun to see if I could have made him cum while he was asleep (Richard has managed this). Richard moved down and slipped into my cunt as I sucked James. He asked if I wanted him to play with my clit and make me cum or if I’d prefer to have James eat his cum out of me (and make me cum). I asked why I couldn’t have both and in response Richard pinched one of my nipples but then carried on frigging me. I told him I didn’t care if he came in me before I came, as long as he kept his cock buried in me and he decided to just see how things went. James came first and I swallowed some of his cum but let the rest leak out and smeared it around his cock, balls and stomach. I actually came before Richard did as I wasn’t holding back at all (and knew I had another orgasm already lined up) so he got to enjoy moving freely in me to finish off. I got him to stay inside me for a bit and then pulled myself off of him and mounted James’ face. As he ate Richard’s cum out of me, Richard kissed and licked James’ cock clean. After a few minutes, as my second orgasm started to build, I got Richard to sit in a scissor position with James so their cocks were pressed together and I sucked them both at once. I came in this position and they enjoyed my moaning around their cocks but neither of the guys were ready to cum again so we decided to get up and head down for breakfast.

Abrahii and Susan joined us a little later – They were both wearing robes (as were the guys) but when Susan saw I was naked she tossed her robe to the side and said it was much more fun when I was visiting (because obviously Abrahii, Richard and James are such prudes). Susan had already cum (by Abrahii’s hand) but it was a shame to waste her enthusiasm and even though I knew that a special breakfast had been scheduled for the Sunday I asked Susan if she would like to help me eat some yoghurt. She eagerly agreed and we took turns lying on the table, letting the other one use our pussies to lick yoghurt from. Not being content with letting us just play with each other, Abrahii added a spoonful of honey to the mix which made things much stickier and we did the best we could to clean each other up but then had to go and shower together. As neither of us had cum during breakfast, we made up for this in the shower and after a bit more licking under the warm water, we frigged and fingered each other while kissing. Unfortunately as we were in a house we didn’t have unlimited hot water so couldn’t take too long, but we had enough for us both to cum and then left the shower to dry off and let the others use it.

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