Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Copying Lisa – Part 3

We sat in the living room (with Susan and me still naked) to wait for everyone else (including Jen) to turn up. I was eager to hear how her night with Lisa and Amber had gone (although I knew I’d be getting a much more detailed description later on so I could write it up). We heard the metallic sound of a ladder and Susan told me it was the window cleaner. She said that he had seen both her and Abrahii naked already (through the window) and that one time she (Susan) had put on a little show for him. This seemed like a wonderful idea and we dashed upstairs. Susan waited in the hallway while I went in to her room, opened the curtains fully and started to play with myself on the bed. I pulled out a few of Susan’s and Abrahii’s toys and by the time I heard the ladder outside the window I was already well on the way to cumming. At first I pretended to not notice the guy as he watched me, but then glanced in his direction and gave him a little smile. I guessed he was in his mid-40’s and he looked a little overweight but I went back to playing with myself, looking over at him a few times and deliberately oriented my body to give him a better view of what I was doing. I tossed all the toys aside to let him watch me finger and frig myself and then called out to Susan and told her to fetch Abrahii as well.

As instructed, Susan called Abrahii and skipped in to the room. The cleaner looked a bit surprised but Susan just waved to him, walked over to me and climbed up on to the bed, straddling my face. I pulled her to me and licked her for a minute or so and felt her fingers probing my already wet pussy, but as much as I was enjoying myself, I wanted to watch us being watched so pushed Susan off me and we humped against each other. Abrahii appeared in the doorway and the guy once again looked a bit concerned but we called her over to us and asked if she would join in, putting on a good show. She hesitated a little, but we tugged at her skirt and she knelt forwards on to the bed (which we took as a sign of acceptance). We quickly pulled Abrahii’s clothes off and fell into a tangled mess with each of us kissing, licking, fingering each other depending on whom and where we could reach. I glanced over to the guy repeatedly and then suggested that we go talk to him. Susan was up for this so we clambered off of the bed and opened the window to ask if he was enjoying the show (he was). I leant forwards and lifted my breasts, saying he could play with them if he wanted and when he reached in his hands felt freezing. Not to be outdone, Susan offered him her breasts as well and he had a good fondle of them and by this point Abrahii had joined us and let him fondle hers as well. I sucked on one of Abrahii’s nipples and fingered her, then tried to offer my pussy to the guy for him to play with, but he couldn’t reach in far enough. I would have happily sat on the window sill to let him touch me but Susan suggested he could come in and watch us up close and I enthusiastically agreed. He asked if we were serious and I knelt and sucked on Susan’s clit and gave her a few exaggerated licks. He said he’d meet us at the door and quickly climbed down the ladder and I dashed out of the door and called out to Richard and James to stay out of sight so they didn’t scare the guy off.

Susan followed me downstairs and we opened the door and stood there naked waiting for the guy to appear from around the side of the house. He looked us up and down as he entered and we led him back up to the bedroom, each pulling him by a hand. Abrahii was still waiting for us and once we were all present we pulled up a chair for the guy and resumed our three-way session on the bed, making sure to spread each other’s cunts and let him watch as we fingered and licked them, sucked on each other’s nipples and kissed with lots more (visible) tongue action than usual. I was already fairly sure of the answer but whispered to Susan if we were going to ask the guy to join us and she said ‘of course’, Abrahii agreed and we crawled off of the bed and Susan and I knelt either side of the guy with Abrahii directly in front of him. We all caressed his legs and moved our hands up to his crotch but it was only after we’d undone his zipper that we asked if he wanted to play with us. Unsurprisingly the answer was yes and with his help (he stood up) we pulled his trousers down and off and once we had rolled a condom on to his cock, the three of us took turns stroking and licking it. (Well, I say we took turns, but there were often three sets of hands on it and more than one tongue). His hands reached out and caressed our breasts and I stood up to let him suck on my nipples and let him (finally) reach my pussy. His fingers were still cold, but not as much so as earlier and he seemed to know what he was doing as he slid a couple of fingers along and then between my lips and then teased my clit. Susan saw what I was doing and stood up as well, letting him suck on her nipples and finger her as well and I then switched places with Abrahii so I could suck on his cock while he played with her.

I then stood up and turned around, lowered myself on to his cock and slid up and down on it. It wasn’t really the best position for actual fucking but certainly got things started and the guy reached around to fondle one of my breasts. Susan told me not to be selfish and share him so I pulled myself off of him and let her mount him. I kissed Susan as she humped against the guy’s cock and then told her it was Abrahii’s turn. She dutifully took this and Susan kissed her while I knelt between the guy’s legs and toyed with her clit (I had wanted to lick it but as I said, it wasn’t a wonderful position). The three of us then knelt on the bed and offered ourselves to the guy and told him to sample us all. He did this, fucking us in turn and reaching around to play with our clits and breasts but we adapted the position a bit and whoever had just been fucked crawled in front of whoever he was fucking to be eaten (while kissing the one waiting to be fucked). A few of the gang arrived during our session, but they remained downstairs and the guy didn’t seem to care anyway. Susan came with Abrahii eating her and the guy came in me (after briefly fucking Susan) a few minutes later as I ate Abrahii.

We all licked the cum-filled condom and then lay back on the bed, telling him to finish us off and giving him the choice of using his fingers or some toys. He went for both and at first fingered both Abrahii and me and then used some vibes in us. Susan helped out and played with our clits whenever he wasn’t and I gave the guy warning that my orgasm was approaching. I asked him to finish me off with his fingers (while I like toys, sometimes it’s nicest to feel actual skin) and he did as I asked, using three fingers in me while strumming his other hand back and forth across my clit. I arched my pelvis up towards him as I came and moaned loudly, saying how good it felt. Once my orgasm finished, both Susan and I helped him out with Abrahii, kissing her and sucking on her nipples while he played with her pussy. She came quite quickly and I sucked the guy’s fingers clean and then helped Susan kitty kiss Abrahii while the guy straightened himself out and got dressed again.

He thanked us and Abrahii remained in the room to get dressed while Susan and I showed the guy out. On the way downstairs Susan told him that whenever he was cleaning the windows he just had to knock to receive his tip. Jen and Richard wandered from the living room to the kitchen as we chatted to the guy but they didn’t pay any attention to us and we waved him off (with us still naked). I caught up with Jen and heard about her morning and relayed what I’d been up to but we were interrupted by the arrival of Mel and Julia, at which point I was ordered to fuck Julia in a position determined by a roll of a dice. The dice (or rather the bit of paper that someone had written down the number to position mapping on) said we had to share a double ended dildo so Susan fetched one of hers and Julia and I headed upstairs to share it. We used a couple of different positions, scissoring (with it shared between us), kneel on all fours facing away from each other and finally one of us on top of the other, but it wasn’t long enough to bend around to do this so we had to swap it for a longer one (fortunately Susan and Abrahii have a fairly decent collection of toys – not quite as good as Jen’s and mine, but sufficient for most situations). We finished off by scissoring again and then as we hadn’t seen each other in a while we chatted and kitty kissed in a 69 (chatting between licks and kisses). Julia gave me her appraisal of Lisa’s performance the week before (she was suitably impressed) and when I said that I intended to at least match her, Julia licked me a bit harder and said she would have to see what she could do to help me out with my target. Naturally I reciprocated and we migrated from kitty kissing to a full 69 session. I got Julia off first and stuck with the old rules we used to play by and kept eating her just as hard until I came. I could feel her moaning and panting into my pussy but that just added to my pleasure as my orgasm built. I tried to get Jules off again and in return she kept eating me at full force. We both humped against each other’s faces and went on like this for another good few minutes before Jules pulled away and said ‘enough’. We shared a messy kiss and I told her I’d missed her and the two of us went downstairs to report on the completion of our task (and the bonus 69).

I discovered that we had been sent upstairs to allow them to prepare the room for my online session (copying what Lisa had done the previous week). I wasn’t sure why they had thought this needed to be hidden from me as if I was going to refuse to do it I could have done so equally at that point (although I wouldn’t have put it past Mel to hold me down and force me to cum for the people watching). Susan had been sitting playing with herself to ensure that there were people watching and waiting for the main event and Abrahii told me to go down on Susan to ensure she was rewarded for her part in things. I donned my mask and buried my face between Susan’s legs while Mel moved the camera to provide a close up of what I was doing. Wanting to put on a good show I made sure to spread Susan’s pussy and kept my head to the side as I licked her and then got her to pull her legs up and spread her ass cheeks so I could swirl my tongue over and around her ass. I returned to concentrating on her clit and stayed there until she came, moving up to kiss her afterwards. Mel and Abrahii caressed my ass and showed a close-up of my pussy and I felt a cock slide in to me (it was Nicholas). I pushed back against him and let him fuck me hard. It only took a couple of minutes until he said he was going to cum and I told him out loud (for the benefit of my viewers) that I wanted to feel his cum fill my cunt and spill out of me. He moaned a little as he came and Abrahii told him to pull out slowly. I felt her fingers spreading my lips and his cum started dripping out of my pussy and running down my thighs. My audience apparently quite liked the close-up creampie view, but things were only just getting started…

Susan had to lick me clean and I was then told to lie on my back while multiple people fingered, frigged and stroked me. I got to suck both Richard and James and was briefly fucked by Ashraf and then Mel (with a strap-on). Abrahii, and Lisa took turns sitting over my face for me to eat them and Lisa ended up knocking my mask off as she humped back and forth while telling me to eat her cunt (while she was hardly a sweet, innocent little girl when we first met her, she’s still come a long way). I came twice during this (although one of the orgasms was fairly weak) but they didn’t let up and an ear of corn was produced. I was slightly concerned that Mel was going to use it on me (and was specifically concerned about how forcefully she would use it) but fortunately it was Amber who was told to fuck me. I lay on my back and spread my legs but other people helped out anyway and held them apart as Amber pushed the corn up in to me and slowly pumped it in and out. As she did this Ashraf spooned some ice cream over my breasts and then squirted strawberry and chocolate sauce over them – when I pointed out that I thought the food play was meant for breakfast Abrahii fetched a banana and said that there was no reason I couldn’t ‘eat’ twice in one weekend. It wasn’t difficult to guess where the banana was going and after applying a bit of lube she pressed it against my ass and I relaxed to allow it to slide in.

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