Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Copying Lisa – Part 4

I'm not getting much time to write at the minute so may have to intersperse the events of my weekend copying Lisa with the tail end of the fantasy I wrote but didn't post. It's back to actual events this post with me 'suffering' more delicious abuse at the hands of Jen's friends...
Amber and Abrahii fucked me with the corn and banana and then held a vibe against my clit to ensure I came. Nicholas offered me his cock and I sucked it clean as best I could while on my back but as another orgasm began to build I got distracted and he mostly just moved his cock inside my mouth. By this point the ice cream and sauce had been smeared over a lot of my body and my mask was long gone. I don’t usually perform online without concealing my identity so this added to my excitement and even though there weren’t too many people watching (as it was still early morning in the US) I think Mel said that there were around 120 people watching and fapping to me. When I heard this I imagined being surrounded by them and that it was their cocks inading me in place of my food based dildos. As I came I imagined all of them cumming on and in me at once, coating my body in a sea of cum and filling every orifice I had. This helped me have a much better orgasm than the previous one and I told everyone how hot my cunt felt and how I wanted their cum. Amber and Abrahii left the corn and banana in me so I pulled the corn out and licked it clean, then puled the banana from my ass and ate a fair bit of it (after peeling it of course).

I was told that it was nearly time to see some of Susan’s friends so I was sent up to shower along with Susan. As we cleaned each other off I tried to get her to tell me who we were heading to see but was told I’d just to have to take it as it came. Once we’d dried off I was handed one of my lacy bra and panty sets (I do own some panties, I just rarely wear them) and then given a set of stockings to put on with them. I saw that Jen packed some other clothes into a bag that Susan took and just before we set off I was given my coat to slip over the underwear. I tried to get some more details from Susan but she wouldn’t let anything slip so I just followed her to a house and as she knocked on the door she told me to undo my coat and hold it open. A guy opened the door, looked me up and down, said hi to Susan and invited us in. He called upstairs to Pete and told him that his fuck-buddy was here and as he did this, Susan slipped my coat off and put it over the bannister. As Pete came downstairs Susan ran her hands over my body, paying special attention to my breasts. My bra was already fairly revealing but as Pete got to the bottom of the stairs Susan pulled the left cup down to reveal (and caress) my nipple as she asked Pete if my breasts were large enough for him (I later found out he has a fetish for this). Susan gave my nipple a few licks and offered my breast to Pete as she slipped a hand into my panties and curled a couple of fingers up into my pussy. The housemate who had let us in was still watching so to even things up I pushed my hand between Susan’s legs and rubbed her through her skirt. Susan told me off for doing this and I decided to play along (as opposed to just tearing her skirt off) and I felt her other hand slide down the back of my panties and push them down slightly. Pete suggested we go upstairs and Susan agreed, but first slid my panties completely off and stuffed them in my coat pocket. She told me to finger myself and after letting the housemate watch me do this for a short while (less than a minute) we headed upstairs with my fingers still buried in my cunt.

As soon as we got into Pete’s room he changed and literally pounced on my breasts. The other one was quickly bared and he sucked, caressed and kissed them all over (quite well actually – he didn’t just focus on the nipples). My bra was removed completely and my panties soon followed suit (which required the unfastening of the garter belt). Susan slipped out of her clothes and joined us on the bed, quickly sitting over my face. I heard Pete say that it was ‘fucking hot’ as I licked at Susan’s pussy and I felt him stroke my pussy than fumble with his trousers to free his cock. He did at least ask if he could fuck me and Susan told him to go ahead and said I was clean. He pushed in to me and humped away but still seemed to be mostly concentrating on my breasts. After a couple of minutes Susan said I wasn’t allowed to hog his cock and told him to get off of me. Pete was told to lie on his back and Susan mounted him while I lay beside him and let him fondle my breasts some more. Susan and I felt that he should be servicing us both properly so I climbed up over his face and told him to eat me. He was as good at this as he was at breast play and I told Susan (so he would overhear) that she had been hiding a good one from me. I reached forwards to play with Susan’s clit and Pete sucked on my clit and flicked his tongue back and forth against it in a way that reminded me of Lis. I reminded Susan that his cum was meant to be mine and she grudgingly pulled herself off of his cock and told me that I would have to repay her.

I leant forwards and took Pete’s cock in my mouth, sucked most of Susan’s juices from it and then said it was time for him to fuck properly. I easily mounted his cock and Susan took my place on his face. I wanted to spend a while fucking him but knew that we had other targets lined up so once we were both in place we sped things up and I humped up and down on his cock, riding as much of the length as I could without him sliding out of me (or at least aiming for that – he fell out once). Susan helped out by stroking my clit and we both repeatedly told Pete to lick and fuck us (as appropriate) and Susan and I silently mouthed a conversation about how we would milk her various sex friends dry and then return to the gang. Susan came a little bit before I did (I said he was good at eating pussy) and as a reward we offered to let him change position. He said he liked watching me ride him but warned that he didn’t think he could hold out much longer so Susan moved around behind me, used one hand to play with my breasts, one to frig me and then licked and kissed the side of my neck and my ear. While this felt amazing for me (especially coupled with Pete’s cock fucking me), he said it looked so sexy that he was going to cum even faster. We managed to get him to hold back just long enough as Susan rapidly frigged me and she whispered in my ear how this was just the first of multiple loads I was going to get before we returned to the house. I moaned as I came and told him to pump his cum into my cunt, but he was already doing this by the time I said it.

Due to the position we were in (I was leaning back a bit), his cum stared leaking out of my pussy while we were still fucking but Susan’s fingers caught a fair amount of it and smeared it over my pussy, then fed some of it to me. I sucked her fingers clean and gradually slowed my movements. When I pulled myself off of Pete’s cock, another load of cum dripped out and Susan said that we should clean him off so we lay either side of him and licked up and down the length of his cock. Susan said he didn’t mind eating his cum out of her so suggested I sit over his face for a final lick, but I wanted to keep the cum that was still in me so I just asked him to have a few licks of my clit (and at his request another few licks of my nipples). We were already running a little late so couldn’t spend too long doing this and to make up for it I promised to return the next time I visited. Susan quickly got dressed but I was only allowed to put on my bra (I still had the stockings on). Pete liked the fact that I was leaving his room practically naked under my coat and liked it even more when Susan pushed me up against the wall in the hallway and buried her face in my pussy.

Pete’s housemate came out of his room (which we don’t think was a coincidence) and watched as Susan ate me. I saw her look at her watch and expected her to say that we should head off but instead she pulled out her phone and asked the housemate if he wanted a turn with me. He asked if she was serious and was told that I was even hornier than she was (and coming from her that means something) and would happily fuck anyone willing to make me cum. He asked if he would get both of us but Susan said I’d probably be enough to keep him occupied and she stood up and pushed my coat off of my shoulders. I asked her ‘what about…?’ (referring to our next appointment) and she said it would be fine, pulled a vibe and a condom out of her bag, gave them to me and pushed me towards the housemate. I tried to put on a sultry look and asked if he wanted to do anything with me but didn’t really wait for him to answer as I pushed myself up against him. He stepped back into his room and I followed, keeping my body against his.

We made it as far as his bed before he said anything about closing the door (which I’d been expecting but had been hoping to get to fuck him with an audience, however unlikely that was). I went back and closed the door, giving Susan a little wave as I did so and then quickly returned to the bed and immediately unzipped his trousers. Needless to say, he was already hard and I freed his cock from his trousers and shorts. I gave it a brief rub before tearing open the condom and rolling it on. Now that I was sufficiently protected, I knelt in front of him and used by breasts and mouth to suck and stroke him. He made comments a number of times about how much I must love cock and I played along by telling him that Susan was correct and I love pretty much anything that can make me cum. I asked him if he could make me cum while rubbing his cock against my face and he said he’d do his best. I lay on my back across the bed and spread my legs wide, saying I wanted to feel him inside me. He either didn’t realise or didn’t care that I was lubricated with Pete’s cum and he went all the way in on the first stroke. We fucked for a while like this and he then asked if he could take me from behind. I obligingly turned over and knelt on all fours and he took me doggy style while reaching around to play with my breasts. I felt a finger on my ass and he asked if he could fuck me there. I asked if he had any lube (which he didn’t) so I told him he could try as long as he was gentle. He started off fairly gently and slowly pressed in to me, getting a little deeper with each stroke and as I relaxed I pushed back against him more. I told him to use the vibe on my clit which he did but then pushed it up inside me. I pushed my clit towards the vibe to get some contact and told him not to cum too quickly but he said my ass felt too tight to hold back for long. I  changed my demand and told him he could cum as long as he made me cum afterwards and I took over holding the vibe while he finished fucking my ass.

He at least kept his end of the bargain up and after he came in my ass he fingered me and used the vibe while playing with my nipples. I asked if he’d enjoyed watching Susan eat me (he had) and told him if I came that he’d get to see me do the same to her before we left. This encouraged him further and he pumped the vibe into me while frigging me until I came. As soon as my orgasm passed I said that I needed to go but I waited for him to remove the condom and put his cock away before I opened the door. I carried my bra and coat downstairs and we found Susan with Pete in the living room. I told her that I’d cum again and that the housemate had fucked my ass and Pete told me his name was Mark (I hadn’t wanted to know, sometimes it’s much more fun having a completely anonymous fuck). Susan took my bra from me and said that I probably wouldn’t need it and when I went to put my coat on she said there was one more thing she wanted to show the guys. I was told to sit down on the edge of the sofa and lay back with my eyes closed. I could feel Susan standing in front of me and felt something hard press against my pussy and slide in to me and when I was told to look, Susan was holding her skirt up with a rolling pin between us with one handle in her and the other in me. She pumped it back and forth a few times, saying that Pete had been using it on her while I’d been busy and I told her that I needed to let Mark see me lick her before we left. She handed the rolling pin to Pete and climbed up on the sofa, pusher her pussy against my face and told me to show him as much as I wanted. I took advantage of being in charge (sort of) and gripped Susan’s ass firmly to hold her in place as I ate her. I ended up using her juices to lubricate my thumb and pushed this in to her ass. Just to prove I could be as mean as her, I got her quite close to cumming (she hadn’t had a second orgasm, Pete had just been fondling her) and then pulled away, saying that we should head off or people would wonder where we were. Susan called me a bitch and said that I couldn’t have my bra back but I’d assumed she would have kept it anyway so I just buttoned up my coat, kissed the guys goodbye and dragged Susan to the door.

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