Sunday, 27 December 2015

Copying Lisa – Part 5

On the way to our next guy she said that she had texted the one we’d meant to be going to and rearranged for later on so we were pretty much on time. Susan warned me that he generally didn’t last very long but was quite willing to use fingers, toys or his mouth to finish her off so the plan was that we would do a lot of the work ourselves and just let him enjoy having two eager girls to fuck and watch. This guy lived in halls and was called Rory – he greeted Susan with a kiss but seemed a bit more formal with me – until my coat was removed anyway. Susan let him have a brief play with me while she undressed and then joined us on the bed. We didn’t undress the guy for a while and just fondled him through his clothes while we played with each other. He helped out a bit and after a while we helped him get naked and all fell on to the bed together. Susan and I rolled around on the bed and 69ed with the guy fucking whichever one of us happened to be on top at the time. He was inside Susan when said he was getting close but I told him I wanted him to cum in me - he didn’t seem to care who he came in and eagerly moved around to slide in to me and I told him to move as fast and hard as he wanted. Susan pulled her face away from my pussy so he could really go to town but I kept eating her. I wasn’t trying to make her cum, just enjoying the feeling of having my face rubbing between her lips and her scent and taste filling my mouth and nose. The guy came in me and kneaded my ass as he did so. I pushed back against him and told him to get as far inside me as he could.

I let him rest inside me for a couple of minutes and squeezed myself around his cock (which he really liked). Susan then told him that he now had to make me cum and to speed things along that she would ‘let’ me make her cum at the same time (as if ‘letting’ me would have any bearing on the outcome if I wanted to make her cum). The guy asked what I wanted him to do to me and I said he could choose (as long as I came). He pulled out and I felt his cum dribble out down my thighs so I reached back and rubbed it around then pushed some of it in to Susan’s cunt (if you hadn’t guessed. she loves cum as much as I do). I rolled off of Susan and lay on my back with my legs spread, let her sit over my face and felt the guy start to play with my pussy. He also licked me for a bit but mostly used his fingers. Fortunately Susan seemed to be using me as a teaching aid and was tutoring him on how to best finger and frig me so it felt quite good as he tried out the different things she recommended. At one point she told him that he could probably get his whole hand inside me but she seemed to get the message when I bit her pussy (it was only a gently nip) and she didn’t encourage him to actually do this. Susan came before me so I just kitty kissed her while the guy finished me off.

I had to clean myself up a bit before we headed off for guy number three (Mark the housemate didn’t count as he wasn’t one of the initial ones Susan had lined up) and removed my stockings as they were now quite obviously stained with various cum marks. I half expected Susan to produce some new clothes from the bag but she asked Rory if he thought I should remain naked and just wear my coat and he said yes. Once we’d left his room she told me that our next appointment was just up a couple of floors and we headed to the stairs at the end of the hallway. I hadn’t bothered to do my coat up but when we heard some people coming downstairs I held the front closed. We saw three guys appear on the landing above us and Susan quickly grabbed my hand and held it beside me so my coat flapped open a bit. I wasn’t completely exposed but I saw two of the guys noticed and just as they passed us they whispered loudly to each other asking if I was really naked. Susan quietly told me that we had a couple of minutes and before I realised what she meant she called out to the guys and asked if they wanted to see if I was actually wearing anything under my coat. One of them piped up ‘fuck yeah’ immediately.

We turned around and I stood still as Susan slid a hand into my coat near my waist and then slowly slid it up the side of my body until she reached my shoulder where she pushed my coat up and over so one side of the front was completely open. She brushed her hand against my nipple as she pulled away and asked the guys if they were surprised (which they were) and if they wanted to see any more (which they did). Susan moved up a step and stood behind me, pulled the other side of my coat open and looped it up over my shoulder before reaching around me and fondling my breasts. She whispered to me and asked if I liked being watched so I leant my head back against her and told her that she knew full well I did. The guys had taken a few steps towards me already but Susan told them to come closer and as they got tome she offered my breasts to them. Three sets of hands shot out and fondled them and Susan slid her hands down my sides (which tickled quite a bit) and reached between my legs to stroke my pussy. She held my lips open and told the guys they could play with my cunt if they wanted but that they should be aware I was incredibly wet (leaving out the fact that a fair amount of that ‘wetness’ was a guy’s cum.

The outer wall of the stairwell was glass but looked out onto trees so I was fairly well hidden from anyone looking in but as the guys took turns stroking my pussy I looked out and imagined I had an even bigger audience. One of the guys pumped a couple of fingers into me, one stroked me mostly externally and one stroked my lips and then played with my clit. I let out a little gasp to let him know it felt good and Susan told them if any of them were brave enough to fuck me right there that they could do it. I played along and thrust my pussy forwards and let out a pleading ‘pleassseee’ but none of them were up to the task. They asked if we could go back to one of their rooms but Susan said we didn’t have time for that so if they weren’t going to man up then we’d be off. She gave them one more chance and said I’d suck them off if they wanted but they weren’t even prepared to do that. Seeing as they weren’t prepared to join in I was surprised when Susan said I would cum for them anyway and I was told to sit on the top step and masturbate for them. I did as I was told and started playing with my pussy while licking on one of my nipples and the guys asked if they could help out. I leant back and told them to go ahead and they fondled my breasts and pussy. One of them kissed one of my nipples so one of the other guys did the same to the other nipple. I made quiet breathless sounds, telling them how good it felt and how much I wanted them to make me cum. I reached out to caress the crotch of the guy on my right and his friends teased him but he didn’t stop me. I told him I wanted his cock and he asked to go back to his room again but I told him that was boring and I wanted him to fuck me there and then. Susan took a photo of me being played with and I told everyone that I was getting very close. This didn’t make any difference and they just kept going, frigging, fingering and fondling me. Susan told them to carry on even when I’d cum and I ended up lying back on the landing as it felt so intense. Each of the guys had a turn fingering and frigging me and if I hadn’t already cum multiple times that day I’m fairly sure I would have cum again for them.

I was left lying on the floor completely exposed while Susan thanked the guys for helping to get me off and she then came and sat beside me. I told her I was surprised that she hadn’t joined in or at least let them see her naked and she pointed out that she likes cumming and certainly doesn’t mind doing it in public, but I’m the real exhibitionist. I told her that was fair enough, but that she was missing out and I could have eaten her while the guys played with her. She said that the next guy would make sure she came and I remembered that we’d been on the way to see someone before I was ‘assaulted’ by the random guys. Susan helped me up and I said I might need a bit of a break but was told I was expected to be as enthusiastic with him as I’d been with everyone else so far. I promised to do my best and held the front of my coat together while we walked along the corridor to his room and was quite pleased to see a fairly handsome and well-built black guy answer the door. Susan introduced me to Pasha and told him that I was ready to do anything he wanted. He gave Susan a welcome kiss first and told her he’d been looking forward to her visit and then kissed my hand and said that Susan had told him I loved fucking as much as she did.

We moved in to his room proper and he took Susan’s coat then held out his hand for mine. I slipped it off and he looked me up and down but was obviously ogling my breasts. Susan cupped one of them told me that Pasha loved breasts and had told her he wanted to fuck mine. This seemed like a good way to give my pussy a little time to rest so I told him I’d be happy to wrap my breasts around his cock. He quickly moved over to me and kissed me firmly while caressing and kneading my ass. I reached down to caress his crotch and Susan moved around to stand behind him then reached around to also rub his crotch. She unzipped his jeans and pulled them down a little then quickly freed his cock from his shorts. He felt like he was a good size and I stroked him and rubbed his cock against my stomach and then moved my lower body back a little to try and push his cock between my legs. He held on to my ass too firmly though so I couldn’t move far enough and had to tell him I wasn’t try to pull away and just wanted to feel him rubbing against my cunt. Susan said that she had warned him about me and he told me to suck his cock. I slowly lowered my body until I was kneeling in front of him and I could admire his cock properly.

It wasn’t the biggest I’ve seen (or fucked) but it was quite pretty. He kept his public hair neatly trimmed, the shaft looked quite thick and even and the head looked almost polished. I complimented him on his cock and said it looked wonderful (I almost said pretty but caught myself in time as I’m not sure guys want to hear ‘pretty’ in relation to their cocks). I rubbed it back and forth across my neck and face and told him I’d love to spend an afternoon massaging my neck with it and having him empty multiple loads of cum over me (and then had to explain that – given sufficient time – I can cum just from having my neck stroked). Sadly we still had two more appointments to make (although he didn’t know that) so I couldn’t spend that long enjoying myself and I started to kiss up and down the length of his cock and then around the head. I took the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it and noticed that Susan was helping him remove his top as I did this. He certainly had a nice body – very well defined without being overly muscular and I let a little more of his cock slide into my mouth as I caressed his balls.

As I saw Susan’s skirt slide down her legs I released Pasha’s cock and crawled over to her, saying I wanted Pasha to see her little cunt being eaten. Susan said that we were there to please him but didn’t stop me as I buried my face in her crotch and ate her. Pasha stood behind me and hugged Susan so his cock was pressed up against my head. I reached back and stroked him and then suggested he slide in to Susan for a little while so I could lick them both. Susan liked the sound of this and guided him to the bed, getting him to sit down on the edge and then lie back. She mounted him facing me and he held on to her hips to help keep her balanced while I knelt on the floor between his legs and licked them both. Susan slowly rode up and down his cock, allowing me time to lick the shaft between strokes and occasionally concentrate on her clit. After a couple of minutes she reminded me that he had been promised a tit-fuck and lifted herself off of his cock. I gave her a final lick and messily slurped her juices off of Pasha’s cock before kneeling forwards a bit more and wrapping by breasts around it. I watched as Susan straddled Pasha’s face and he pulled her to his mouth but mostly concentrated on the tit-fuck I was giving him.

Susan teased her nipples and as quite vocal about how much she was enjoying herself and I desperately wanted something to stimulate me and told Pasha I couldn’t wait to get his beautiful cock inside me and feel what it could do. We remained working on each other like this until Susan came and told me it was time to fuck Pasha. I asked him to lick me briefly beforehand (as Susan had clearly enjoyed it) and he wasn’t bad, but not as good as Mike (although to be fair, Mike has multiple years (and what must be tens of thousands of sessions) of practice so knows what I like). Susan had been sucking Pasha’s cock while he had been eating me and she got me to crawl down his body and face her so she could lick us both in the way I’d done to her earlier. She held his cock in place and spread my lips and I slowly lowered myself on to him. He wasn’t so big that I felt really stretched or anything, but he filled me nicely and once I’d sunk the whole way down on to him I remained still for a moment and enjoyed the feeling. He tried to get me to start moving but I told him I wanted to enjoy the way his cock felt inside me and I flexed my pussy around him to show my gratitude. Susan lapped at my clit and his balls and I instinctively started riding up and down – just a little, but I soon realised that it was no use resisting and I started to move properly.

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