Saturday, 19 December 2015

Locker Room (Fantasy) – Part 6

I was left lying on the ground for a while until someone said I should really get cleaned up and turned the hose on me. The water felt freezing at first, but after the initial shock it felt good to cool down (and clean off the sticky mess covering my body). I felt quite refreshed afterwards but was quickly brought back to earth when I was told it was time for me to show off my banana skills to everyone. My nipples were already hard from the cold water and a few of the guys wanted a chance to play with them so were granted permission to do so. I lay on the grass and had hands and tongues roaming over my breasts, pulling, tweaking, sucking and licking them until I started squirming around. Jo pushed a banana in to my hand and told me to get to work. I rubbed the end of the banana around my pussy and slipped it inside me, worked it in further and then started to masturbate properly (or as properly as I could given my level of experience). It worked well enough though and once I started playing with my clit as well I quickly started letting out little moans. I knew the others were once again pointing out how easily I got horny and how I loved having lots of people play with me, but just ignored them and concentrated on masturbating. A couple of the guys wanted me to suck or stroke them but they were told to wait as I had to stay clean. I wasn’t sure why but knew better than to ask and just followed the instructions I’d been given to make myself cum. The guys sucking on my nipples were certainly helping things along and things felt even better when one of them slid a hand down to my ass and caressed it. I wasn’t able to hide how I was feeling and squirmed around on the ground as the pleasure built and I came.

It was a much weaker orgasm than I’d had with the vibe and I recovered much faster. When I sat up, I saw a new person there who turned out to be Sarah’s older sister. I saw her quietly talking with Fiona, Jo and Sarah while glancing over at me and I wondered what else was going to be done. Jo came over and told me to climb back up on the bench, but this time they tied my hands and legs to the legs of the bench. Sarah’s sister walked over to me and ran her fingers up from my knee, across my pussy and up over my breasts. She told Sarah that I would do and then asked me how much I’d done with other girls. I stammered out ‘nothing’, but Fiona said that a few of them has played with my clit and had their fingers inside me, but that was all. The sister said ‘Ah, bless. Well I’ll teach you’ and lowered her mouth to my breasts to kiss and suck them. She then kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth and afterwards whispered to me that she would make sure I felt good. I tried to tell her that I wasn’t gay but she shushed me and said that I could decide about things like that later on. Her fingers slid down to my pussy and slipped inside me. It didn’t feel any different than when Fiona or her friends had played with me at first, but the sister pushed her fingers in deeper and pressed up against the front of my pussy from the inside. She then withdrew her fingers and tasted them, saying I was still a bit salty, but that she would get rid of all the boy-cum inside me so she could see what I really tasted like.

My legs were untied and once again they were taken hold of by two of the guys and spread far apart. Sarah’s sister knelt between my legs and ran her fingers over my pussy, saying that it looked very sweet. Sarah told her sister that it had been Tracey who had shaved me and her sister looked over at Tracey, told her she had done a good job and that she might ask for her to shave her someday. I felt my lips being spread and a finger stroking in little circles around my clit, occasionally dipping in to my pussy and then returning with more of my juices. The sister said that it looked like I was getting wet already and Fiona told her that I’d become such a slut that I could now get off to anything. I protested my innocence and pointed out they kept making me do things, but when Sarah’s sister pressed her tongue against my pussy and started to swirl it around inside me my protests quickly faltered. This was much gentler than anything the others had done to me and when her tongue flicked up over my clit it felt amazing. I instinctively arched my back and tried to push against her face (which was quickly noticed by everyone) and I tried to control myself, but the more her tongue explored my pussy and played with my clit, the more my body responded by itself. She didn’t go straight to making me cum and broke away from my pussy for a while to kiss me again and play with my breasts.

We had another whispered conversation and she said she loved the way I tasted before asking if I was still sure I wasn’t gay. I told her I wasn’t but she dipped her fingers in to my pussy and when she withdrew them they covered in my juices. She fed these to me and told me I must be enjoying it to be that wet but before I could say anything she moved back down between my legs and pushed her tongue back into me. It went even deeper this time and probed all around the inside of my pussy before she moved up to my clit and licked it with the flat of her tongue. She then spread my lips as far as they would go and repeatedly licked from the bottom of my pussy up to my clit. By this point I couldn’t hold back and let out an ’aahhh’ with each lick, knowing I was about to cum with a girl licking me. My body arched but Sarah’s sister held tightly onto my thighs, keeping her mouth glued to my pussy and with each stroke of her tongue it felt like another wave of orgasm pulsed through my pussy. Fiona told me to tell everyone I was cumming and I repeated this over and over until my ‘I’m cummings’ tailed off as my orgasm passed. I was panting heavily and when I was told to thank Sarah’s sister I told her ‘thank you’ about five times.

I was untied and allowed down from the bench but then told it was selfish of me to just take and give nothing back. Jo pushed me down on to my back and Sarah said I should show everyone what I’d just learned. I watched as Sarah’s sister slipped her dress off and pulled her panties down, revealing a mostly shaved pussy with a small patch of hair. She straddled me, lowered her pussy to just above my mouth and told me to explore. I told her I hadn’t done anything like that before and Fiona chimed in and said I hadn’t had sex with a guy until just a few days ago and now Id fucked more guys than anyone else in the school. I tried the ‘but I’m not gay’ line again and Fiona told me if I didn’t do what I was told that she would hold the vibe against my clit for the next hour. I was already quite sensitive from the strong orgasm I’d just had and knew I would never be able to ensure the vibe so I quietly said ’okay’. This (of course) wasn’t good enough and I was told to ask Sarah’s sister to let me lick her pussy. I did this but was then told to ask her in a number of other ways and describe how I wanted to slide my tongue in to her and eat her juices. The temptation became too great for her and she lowered her pussy to my mouth. At first I kept my mouth shut but this was relayed to Fiona who ran the vibe over my clit.

I jumped and tentatively flicked my tongue out over the lips. The sister told everyone what I was doing but said I could do a lot better so the vibe was pressed against my clit for longer. As I’d expected, the sensation was excruciatingly intense and I yelped into the pussy over my mouth. Fiona was told to give me another chance and I pushed my tongue out more, licking up and down the lips. I was told to spread the lips and lick inside her, which I did and then had to flick my tongue over her clit and suck on it. I felt some fingers push in to my pussy and tensed up as I waited for the vibe on my clit, but apparently I was doing a good enough job that I didn’t need any further ‘encouragement’. Sarah’s sister told everyone I was doing well but that I still needed some more tutoring. She climbed off of my face, removed her bra and lay on top of me with one of her legs pressed between mine. She kissed me and I kissed her back. She then moved up a bit and offered me her breasts, telling me to suck on each of her nipples. I felt her leg press against my pussy and then grind against me and I took this as a sign that she liked what I was doing. She moved down and kissed me again and then down further so she could suck on my nipples while her fingers played with my pussy. Jo said that it was meant to be my turn to make Sarah’s sister cum but the sister replied by saying that they were the ones who said they were going to make sure I came so much that my pussy exploded. I was beginning to feel that they might actually manage that if they kept going but was distracted when the sister rolled off of me, lay on her back and told me to sit over her face.

I did as instructed and was told to sit upright for a while so everyone could watch as she ate me again. This only went on for a short while but I still felt incredibly exposed and was almost grateful when I was told to bend forwards. Sarah pushed my face down in to her sister’s pussy and everyone started chanting ‘69, 69, 69’. I may have been relatively innocent, but I knew what was expected of me and went back to licking and sucking the pussy in front of my face. The sister broke away from licking me a few times to give me pointers and I followed every instruction she gave me. I soon had a couple of fingers buried in her as I lapped at her clit and was rocking back and forth against her face as she ate me. It felt like I was going to cum again and I couldn’t believe a girl was doing this to me – or that I was doing the same to her. She kept me close to cumming until I was desperate and begging her to finish things off, but she told me I had to get her off first. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and planted my mouth against it. I plunged my tongue in to her the way she’d done to me and then sucked on her clit. She started moaning and said it felt really good so I just carried on in the same way until she let out a louder moan and her pussy got much wetter. She pushed my face harder against her and told me to lick her clean so I lapped away with her taste filling my mouth and her scent filling my nose.

As her orgasm subsided, she gave me a few more licks and asked me what I wanted. I told her I wanted to cum and had to go on to say I wanted her to make me cum. She buried her mouth in my pussy again and I let out an ‘oh fuck’ and came very quickly. She let me pull away from her and I rolled off of heron to the grass, at which point she crawled around, lay beside me and asked if I was still sure I wasn’t gay. Once I calmed down I admitted it had felt good but had never thought of girls in that way and she gently traced her fingers up and down over my pussy and told me that from now on I could be fucked by both boys and girls. This seemed a lot less confusing to me but I just lay there thinking as she got up, fished a bikini out of her bag and slipped it on.

I wasn’t allowed to get dressed and had to spend the rest of the afternoon fetching drinks and serving food naked. From time to time someone would pull me over and I had to service them, either by sucking them off or letting them fuck me. A couple of guys got me to ride them and then suck their cocks clean as the rest of their cum dribbled out of me. Sarah’s sister felt sorry for me and I was attacked with the vibe. A number of people held me down as she alternated between rubbing it back and forth over my clit and fucking me with it, telling me that I deserved to cum for all the pleasure I was giving other people. One of the guys straddled my chest and pushed his cock between my breasts, stroking back and forth as Sarah’s sister took me closer and closer to cumming. I lay with my head tiled back as my orgasm approached and another guy knelt by my head and pushed his cock in to my mouth. I automatically sucked him and started to cum. I moaned loudly, but this was somewhat muffled by the cock I was sucking and when my orgasm ended I felt Sarah’s tongue make contact with my pussy and start to gently lick me. The guy fucking my breasts came and I felt his cum squirt up over my neck and chin. Jo leant over and massaged his cum over my breasts and neck, finishing off by wiping her hand over my face.

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