Friday, 4 December 2015

Training Lisa – Part 10

Nicholas cumming over Lisa seemed to declare open season on her and after giving Lisa a quick wipe down (not enough to actually remove the grease and mess from the food, just to take some of the taste away so she could be used for dessert), they moved her over to the mattress again. Lisa was put on top of the protective sheet and Susan climbed over her face and demanded to be eaten. Ashraf started to fuck Lisa while others arranged pieces of fruit on her body and then poured yoghurt over her. Just because Susan was on Lisa’s face and Ashraf was in her cunt didn’t mean that these places escaped the yoghurt and Julia said she wanted to join in and straddled Lisa, humping against the yoghurt on her stomach breasts. Susan and Julia took turns being licked by Lisa and Ashraf fucked and frigged her, emptying his cum in to her when he came. Abrahii went down on Lisa and finished off what Ashraf had started, licking Lisa to another orgasm while Lisa finished off satisfying Susan and then Julia. Mike fucked Abrahii from behind and had a few licks of her pussy then moved up to Lisa’s mouth to have her lick his cock clean. Richard had returned for a second sucking from Lisa and switched places with Mike to fuck Abrahii.

Chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce and ice cream were added to Lisa’s body and pretty much everyone took a turn licking this off of her breasts and from her pussy, with a number of the guys coating their cocks with the sticky mess and getting Lisa to suck them clean. She was then fucked in succession by James, Mike and Richard. James pulled out and came over her while Mike and Richard both came in her pussy. When Mike pulled out, the cum that leaked of her was collected and wiped over her body and when Richard finished, James and Abrahii each went down on Lisa, collected what cum they could in their mouths and let this dribble over Lisa’s body. She was then ‘treated’ to a final group orgasm with many people stroking, caressing and fingering her (with a copious amount of extra yoghurt to help cleanse her pussy). They took her to the edge of cumming three times and backed off each time. I was quite impressed about this as while it isn’t hard to do with just one person stimulating the other, once a group is involved it’s much more likely someone will push things too far. Admittedly they had both Mike and Amber reading Lisa’s state of arousal and telling people when to ease off, but still… Mike and Amber were allowed to actually finish things off (Mike licking Lisa’s clit and Amber sitting over Lisa’s face being eaten and once her orgasm passed (and Amber had cum), people stood back to admire the mess she was coated in.

Abrahii had meant this to be the grand finale but Mel said that they could do one more thing and suggested another online orgasm for Lisa. It wasn’t just to be her though and Mel said that Julia would join her and suggested that Susan could as well. Once the stream was up and running the girls were told to sit on the mattress beside each other and masturbate themselves. Julia said she didn’t need to wear a mask and Mel said that none of them should but Mike told Lisa that it would be sensible to her face. She acted all brave and said she didn’t mind being seen but Mike reminded her that I would wear one and that it was sensible (and I usually do) so she relented and put one on. The masks only hid their identities though (Susan wore one too) and the three of them openly masturbated, fingering themselves and used the corn, a banana and a dildo (sharing these between themselves). They had cream sprayed over their bodies and rubbed this over themselves and into their pussies and while they weren’t meant to be playing with each other, they were told to share their cream and juice covered fingers with each other. Mike is quite certain that if they’d been told to make each other cum there would have been a wonderful creamy dogpile as the three of them fought to get to each other’s cunts but Mel was adamant that they should just masturbate themselves (something about it being more demeaning). Abrahii joined in a little and made a show of squirting some cream over and between her lips and rubbing her pussy against each of their faces in turn to be licked clean (replenishing the cream between each person).

Susan came first – but she can usually have fairly quick orgasms – and was told to help Julia out so she knelt behind Jules and fondled her breasts. Julia came next, but not by much and while Susan had moved over to help Lisa out, Julia was still lying on her back enjoying the last waves of her orgasm when Lisa came. As Lisa lay there, Susan pulled Lisa’s pussy lips apart and let the Internet get a close up look at her pussy, then humped her pussy against Lisa’s face and got Lisa to make a show of licking Susan’s pussy. The three girls were absolutely coated in cream, with Lisa being coated in many more things as well. Susan and Julia were allowed to shower first while the stream continued to run and the rest of the group once again caressed Lisa. She sucked Ashraf, Lisa and Richard, individually and in pairs and the guys said it would be wonderful if they could all synchronise their orgasms and cum over her face at the same time but as none of them are 15, cumming so soon again was pretty much out of the question (and they probably wouldn’t have produced much cum anyway).

By the time Julia and Susan had finished cleaning themselves off, Lisa was getting quite aroused again but instead of being made to cum, was just led up to the shower. She wasn’t allowed to actually shower though and had to kneel beside the bath with her head over it so her hair and head could be washed. This was carefully wrapped up in a towel and Abrahii then got Mike to help her smear the remaining cream, sauce, cum, ice cream and pussy juices over Lisa’s body to even it out. She was then dressed with a nice (but short) camisole, a simple blouse, a mid-thigh length skirt (no panties – obviously) and long socks that left just a little skin showing below the skirt hem. The camisole stuck to her skin under the blouse and she was told that she would have to go out in her messy, sticky state. Some people had already cleaned themselves up while the girls had been showering but Ashraf showered with Abrahii (and may have taken advantage of her nudity) and once everyone was ready, they headed out for coffee (where else would students go). Lisa was made to show her pussy a number of times as they chatted and people took turns sitting next to and fondling her (they were in a quieter café with a bit more privacy). A few of them tried to make her cum, but they didn’t have any long enough periods without interruption to manage this. Fortunately Mel didn’t intend to let Lisa off that easily and when they left the face, she led Lisa to a number of random people in the street and told them that Lisa wanted to cum, then asked for their help.

It took four attempts to find someone who didn’t just brush them off and when he asked if they were being serious, Mel told Lisa to explain to the man about the state she was in. Lisa told him that she had been teased by her friends, was coated in cream, had no panties on and desperately wanted to cum (she was sensible enough to leave out that fact she had been fucked already that day). The guy was still a bit hesitant but after being nudged by Mel Lisa told him she really wanted to cum and couldn’t wait any longer, then asked him if he would please play with her cunt. Mel convinced the guy that he should at least have a look and he followed them to an alleyway where Lisa lifted her skirt and Mel pushed his hand between Lisa’s legs. He commented on how sticky she was and Mel reiterated what Lisa had said about being covered in cream. Mel then lifted her own skirt and got Lisa to kneel and lick at her pussy then told the guy if he fingered Lisa to an orgasm that he could fuck her. By this point, his reservations seemed to have gone (funny how lust does that) and he eagerly pushed a couple of fingers into Lisa and under her direction toyed with her until she came. We don’t know if he actually expected Mel to come through with her promise, but Lisa was bent over, her skirt flipped up and the guy provided with a condom. Unusually Mel knelt and sucked on the guy for a minute or so and then had a few licks of Lisa’s pussy before stepping back and letting the guy fuck her. Mel knelt and undid Lisa’s top, then peeled the camisole up to reveal her breasts. She told the guy he could play with them (but warned him they too were sticky) and after he’d groped her a bit, Mel reached under Lisa to play with her clit and asked if she could cum again. Lisa said she didn’t know so Mel placed a hand on her ass and probed it with a finger. As the session went on, this was joined by a second finger and Lisa ended up cumming with her breasts, clit, ass and pussy being stimulated.

Mel had told the guy to try to wait until Lisa came before he did but as soon as Lisa came he was allowed to enjoy her pussy as much as he wanted. It didn’t take long for him to finish off and when he pulled out Lisa was told to suck her juices from his cock (still with the condom on). Mel then carefully pulled the condom off and poured his cum over Lisa’s socks – from the knees down, let Lisa do her top up and led her out to meet up with the rest of the group.

As it was getting close to the time Mike had to leave, he was allowed to escort Lisa back to her room. He invited Amber along and she asked if they wanted some privacy to say goodbye but Mike said that as it was up to her to keep Lisa company while he was gone, she should get to enjoy the goodbye as well. Back in Lisa’s room, they literally peeled the clothes off of her and took her to the shower to clean her up. Mike hosed out Lisa’s pussy and then lapped at it while Amber stood behind Lisa and washed her down (with warm water only so Mike didn’t end up eating soap). Amber then had a turn licking Lisa while Mike stood behind Lisa and pushed his cock between her legs (as much as he loves Lisa, he wasn’t going to turn down the chance to have another young girl lick his cock). Lisa was then led back to her room (with them dressed in towels this time as people were around) and licked, fingered and fucked on her bed. Both Lisa and Amber had their cunts and asses licked, Mike semi-fucked them both and he had his cock licked by them both at the same time. He made them promise that Amber would make Lisa cum at least twice more that day after he’d left (under the threat of Jen and I doing much worse to Lisa when we visited the following week) and they finished Lisa off with Mike inside her and Amber licking her clit.

They didn’t neglect Amber and as Lisa wanted Mike to remain inside her she told pulled herself off of his cock, told him to lie on his back, mounted him and told Amber to sit over his face. This was Lisa’s going-away present for Mike and she let him take Amber’s pussy while Lisa rimmed her ass (although Mike would have been happy doing either, he enjoys making girls cum in almost any way). He didn’t turn down the present though and happily buried his tongue in Amber. He had to get Lisa to stay still a few times as he was feeling quite sensitive but Lisa was determined to get him to cum in her one last time before he left. After what she had been through he thought it would be poor form to say he couldn’t cum again so he went with it and spurred on by the sounds of Amber cumming (which he was still contributing to) he thrust into Lisa. Amber moved out of the way and Lisa kissed Mike deeply. He told her he wanted her to cum again but Lisa told him to just fill her with his cum. As they fucked he pointed out he probably wouldn’t cum much but Lisa told him she didn’t care and just wanted him to leave something inside her. Amber decided that Lisa should definitely cum again and moved around behind her. Lisa gasped as Amber pushed her tongue into Lisa’s ass and Mike got Lisa to describe what she could feel as they probed both her holes. Lisa repeatedly said she couldn’t cum again but also repeatedly moaned and gasped and Amber added to the stimulation by toying with Lisa’s clit.

Lisa eventually gave in and moaned out loud, saying how good what they were doing felt and Mike told her he was glad she was being more honest and letting her body feel pleasure. Lisa told him he had to cum in her and he promised her if he felt her little cunt cumming around his cock that he would empty every last bit of cum he had into her. Mike fucked a bit faster and harder, but he couldn’t go all out as Amber was still working on Lisa’s ass. Lisa kissed him hard and Mike asked her to make some noise as she came and she did as asked, moaning and describing how good it felt. When Lisa’s orgasm ended Mike asked Amber to move back and he pumped away inside Lisa, hard and fast. Amber knelt just behind them and watched as Mike’s cock repeatedly plunged into her girlfriend’s cunt and said how hot it looked. Mike kissed Lisa and whispered to her how Amber would take care of her until he saw her again and as he’d promised, he came and gave Lisa the last of his cum.

The three of them kissed for a while and Amber left Mike to say goodbye to Lisa. She walked him to the station and he ended up buying a ticket so she could go to the airport with him. He made sure that she had actually enjoyed herself but reiterated that he didn’t want her to be like me, he just wanted her to enjoy herself and told her that it was obvious that she and Amber had something and he didn’t mind sharing her if it made her happy. Lisa said that her parents heads would probably explode if she introduced Amber into the mix but that if she were to date Amber, that she wouldn’t want to hide it from them. For the time being she promised to just enjoy being with Amber and he reminded her that she still had to cum twice more that day – preferably making Amber cum at the same time. They had a long goodbye kiss at security and Lisa said she wished she had transferred Uni so she could have been with him – Mike agreed that it wasn’t as easy as he’d thought it would be and they made a snap decision to get Lisa transferred for the start of her third year.

When Mike got home Ineta was still at our house (she had been visiting to keep Jen and I ‘company’ in Mike’s absence). I won’t describe what we got up to here as this weekend has taken long enough to write up already, but I took MJ a couple of times to let Jen enjoy herself with Ineta (and I had a couple of turns with her too). Lisa kept her promise and that night fucked Amber twice, once in a 69 and once with a double ended dildo. It was after the second time, with Amber on top of her, still joined by the dildo that Lisa asked Amber to stay with her (Amber said yes).

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