Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Training Lisa – Part 9

Amber told Mike she wasn’t sure she could cum again after what Lisa had just done to her but she agreed to let him kitty kiss her while she worked on Lisa. Lisa was even less sure that she could cum again but agreed that reaching 21 orgasms in a day was a goal worth trying for. She made herself comfortable on the bed with a couple of pillows under her ass (to give Amber a better angle to work at) and Amber settled down to caress, finger and lick Lisa. Mike knelt beside Lisa for a while so he could kiss her and fondle her breasts. Amber and Lisa quite often take things slowly so this was perfect for Lisa in her current state and it meant Mike had plenty of time to caress Amber as well as Lisa. He toyed with Amber’s breasts, licked her from behind and lay on his back with his head under Amber’s crotch so he could kitty kiss her properly. As he had time, he explored her pussy thoroughly with his tongue and fingers. He quite liked the way she tasted and she was shaved just as thoroughly as Lisa had been (he’d noticed this earlier in the day but now he could appreciate it properly). He told Amber that he could see why Lisa loved her pussy so much and if he was Lisa he would spend all day eating her.

He didn’t just abandon Lisa though and returned to kissing and caressing her – noticing that Lisa seemed quite eager to taste Amber’s juices from his lips. That naturally led to him going down on Amber again and then sliding his cock in to her so Lisa could lick it clean. He gently toyed with Amber’s ass a few times and rimmed, then speared her (making her gasp). She said he didn’t have to do that, but admitted she liked it so he did it again and told her he was happy to do whatever she enjoyed (assuming she wouldn’t want one of the few things we don’t do). He spent a while longer kitty kissing Amber and could taste her quite strongly by the time Lisa said she was getting close to cumming. Mike moved up to lie beside her and caressed on of her legs, saying it was a pity they hadn’t gone for the long socks as she looked really sexy in them. Lisa kissed him as she came and Mike rubbed his cock (which was now hard again thanks to him having kitty kissed Amber) against her body. Amber licked Lisa through her orgasm and switched to kitty kissing her until Lisa’s breathing returned to normal.

Amber crawled up Lisa’s body to kiss her and Mike moved down between Lisa’s legs with the hope of licking her and Amber at the same time, but with the position they were in he couldn’t do this. Instead, he pushed his cock between Amber’s legs and slipped in to her pussy again, then lay on top of her (supporting most of his own weight with his arms so they didn’t crush Lisa) and gently fucked Amber. Mike asked Lisa if she wanted to help out (seeing as he was fucking her girlfriend) and she said that she would, but was too tired. Mike pulled out of Lisa and he and Amber snuggled up against Lisa as she fell asleep and Mike then went down on Amber once more. Mike spooned with her as he’d done earlier, but this time he told her he intended to cum in her. As they fucked, he whispered to Amber about how much Lisa loved her and that he wanted her to keep making Lisa happy whenever he wasn’t around. Amber asked why he didn’t get jealous about sharing Lisa with her (let alone everyone else Lisa had fucked that day) and Mike reiterated that he wanted Lisa to enjoy herself as much as possible and that the random orgasms she’d been having didn’t mean anywhere near as much as the ones she had with Amber and him. As Amber was getting close to cumming, he lightened the conversation and told her that he couldn’t possibly be jealous of someone with a body like hers – as long as he got to play with it as well of course – and he caressed her while describing how he loved her legs, hips, breasts, neck and finally (of course) her pussy. As Amber started to cum he described how her pussy felt around his cock and asked if she wanted him to cum all the way inside her. Amber quietly (but repeatedly) gasped yes and they pushed against each other until Mike whispered that he was about to cum and emptied whatever cum he had left into her. He remained buried in Amber as they fell asleep (he would have preferred to be in Lisa but didn’t want to wake her and thought that her pussy deserved a rest).

The next morning, Mike woke and went down on Amber and then Lisa – not making either of them cum straight away but getting them both nicely aroused. He got them to agree that as they could do things with each other whenever they wanted that he could eat them both and as they neared their orgasms Lisa lay on top of Amber, facing up, so he could lick them both at the same time (or at least with the same lick). Mike repeatedly licked from the bottom of Amber’s pussy, up over her clit, across Lisa’s ass and over Lisa’s pussy and clit. In an anime they would have both cum at the same time and would have squirted huge volumes of pussy juice over his face and into his mouth, but unfortunately neither of these things happened. He was trying to get them to cum at the same time and the girls helped out by telling him how close to cumming they were, but Lisa still came first. Not by much, but Mike concentrated on her once her orgasm started and only when she’d finished cumming did he return to Amber’s cunt. Amber had calmed down a little while he’d been neglecting her, but he made up for this and alternated between attacking her clit and swirling his tongue around inside her and she came while fondling Lisa’s breasts and kissing her neck.

As they lay and discussed everything Lisa had done (or, had done *to* her) the previous day she repeatedly blushed. She was particularly embarrassed that she had let people watched her online, had been fucked in the toilets, that the group of guys had known she was being fingered in the pub, that she’d participated in the group fuck behind the club, and finally that she had been peed over by a number of her friends. Mike told her he was very impressed and that if she didn’t want to continue that she had nothing to prove. Lisa asked what he meant by ‘continue’ as she thought it was just the Saturday that she was being ‘tested’ but he told her that they had some other things lined up if she was still in the mood to play. Lisa asked what the ‘other things’ were but neither Mike nor Amber would tell her. She asked if she would enjoy them and Mike said if she had enjoyed the previous day then she would enjoy what they had lined up. He added that (at present) it would only be people from the gang that would be involved. Lisa thought for a little while and Mike rolled her on to her side so he could slide into her from behind and he gently fucked her. Amber helped out and moved down between Lisa’s legs to lick her clit. Lisa gave in and said she would do it and Mike told her that she wouldn’t regret it, but that he and Amber were still going to make her cum again. They fucked and licked her to a second orgasm before Mike handed Amber some money and sent her off to prepare.

Mike helped Lisa to rinse her nightdress out (the one that had been soaked in pee) – she had suggested just binning it but Mike told her that she should wear it out again and every time she did so, think back to this weekend and what had happened to her. Lisa asked him what her friends would really think of her after what had happened (mostly referring to the peeing) but he pointed out all the things that other members of the gang had done over the years (including pee – mostly in Jen’s case) so while her behaviour seemed extreme to her, compared to Julia, Susan and me, she still had a way to go to catch up. Lisa had the sense to ask what she should wear for the day and Mike told her it didn’t matter too much as whatever she wore wouldn’t remain on her for long. Lisa went with a simple skirt and top which Mike accessorised with some long blue socks and then spent a while caressing her legs, ass and pussy. They discussed their plans for Christmas as he played with her and he confirmed that he was finally going to meet her parents (Lisa had gradually broken the news to them about Mike – at first that she was dating someone, then that the ‘someone’ was a bit older than her (almost – but as Mike points out, not quite – twice her age), then the big one, that he was already involved with someone and that she (I) knew about it and finally that he was actually married to me and that Jen was in the picture as well – oh, and that Mike had a baby with Jen. Her parents had taken the different bits of information with varying degrees of acceptance but now seemed to realise that Mike wasn’t just taking advantage of a young girl to have a quick affair with. That’s not to say that they were entirely happy with the situation, but they had agreed to let Mike visit over the holiday period as they knew that if he didn’t then Lisa would just come to visit us anyway.

Mike got Lisa nicely aroused again and texted Amber to see how the preparations were going. The two of them took a slow wander along to the house and as they walked arm-in-arm Lisa asked if he’d meant what he said about getting her pregnant. Mike said he’d love to have a Mini-Lisa to keep Mini-Jen (and by then hopefully a Mini-Andi) company and they talked about the plan to make a Mini-Lis (and possibly a Mini-Lucy at some future date). We’ve considered (in great depth) the ramifications of Mike potentially having so many children, whether Lis’ and Lucy’s children would get to know if Mike was the father and multiple other aspects so nothing new came of the conversation other than confirming that Lisa agreed it would be stupid for her to get pregnant while at Uni.

She also tried to get some clues from Mike as to what was going to happen to her but he wouldn’t tell her anything. It was only when they got to the house that she realised she was going to be used for breakfast (which she has seen and participated in before, just not as the target). Amber had fetched a whole load of things from the shops, more than enough for the whole gang to eat their fill and in the process filling Lisa multiple times. Lisa knew exactly what to expect and from the smell coming from the kitchen she knew that she was in for the full treatment (not just fruit and yoghurt). To get things started she was stripped and ceremonially carried to the table where she was sat up, had her legs spread and told to play with herself. Despite her multiple displays the previous day she was quite embarrassed about doing this, but got to work and toyed with her nipples and pussy, getting herself more and more aroused until she was masturbating properly. By this point the cooked food was ready and Lisa was told to lie down on her back. Mike made sure that nothing was too hot (Susan had been lightly burned the previous year when being used to eat breakfast from) and they placed some fried eggs on her breasts, a couple of sausages in her pussy, poured baked beans over her mons and placed mushrooms and tomatoes over her body with extra servings of beans, scrambled eggs and sausages over her stomach and up between her breasts (from experience they know toast isn’t a good idea as the crumbs are uncomfortable).

People got stuck in and started eating the food off of and out of her. Naturally Mike and Amber had the sausages from Lisa’s pussy but once it was exposed, Susan and Mel each rubbed some of the eggs and beans in to her and ate her clean(ish). Mel made Lisa cum (or at least was licking Lisa’s pussy when Lisa came). Lisa was then gently fucked with some more sausages but Abrahii then produced a cob of corn which had been partially cooked to slightly soften it, but not so the corn was too squishy. Lisa was quite nervous about taking this but lay back and allowed them to fuck her with it. She said it felt quite big, but that she liked the texture and As Abrahii and James took turns using the corn on her Richard decided he wanted some fun as well and offered Lisa his cock. She took this willingly and sucked on him but he decided not to cum just yet and when he pulled out of Lisa’s mouth, Nicholas eagerly took his place. He wasn’t as restrained and let Lisa make him cum, emptying some of his cum into her mouth and pulling back to squirt a few jets over her face just after Lisa came.

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