Friday, 23 December 2016

January 2015 Sex Party – Part 4

Mike changed position and mounted Em then asked her to wrap her legs around him. They fucked like this for a while and then rolled over so Emily could ride his cock and grind against him. Mike toyed with her clit a bit but then took hold of her ass and fucked her hard for a while until Emily said she thought she could cum. Mike had been waiting to hear that and eased off, rolling Emily over and fucking her at a slower pace for a while, before kneeling up and pulling her legs up in the air so he could get deep into her. He kept up a steady pace, pushing as far into her as he could with each stroke and occasionally pressing forwards (squashing her legs between them) so they could kiss. Emily told him to stop teasing her and if he pulled back again that she wouldn’t let him eat her anymore. Mike promised to be good and gently stroked her clit as they fucked – not properly frigging her, just applying enough pressure to help things along a bit. Mike made good on his promise not to back off, but he still teased Emily and as she got closer to cumming he stroked her clit much more lightly and just relied on the fucking to keep her stimulated. Only when she let out a plaintive request to cum did he lean forwards and fuck her to orgasm. Emily kissed him and wrapped her legs around him, whimpering between kissed. Mike pushed harder into her, but keeping roughly the same pace as before. He whispered to Emily that he was about to spoil the way her cunt tasted and she told him to cum. He pumped in again and again, moaning as he filled her, then pressed in deep and remained still as the two of them kissed.

When Mike pulled out and rolled over to lie beside Emily, Jen moved down between Em’s legs and kitty kissed her as Mike’s cum oozed out (despite not wanting to fuck any guys, Jen likes the taste of boy-cum more than I do). Mike also got an unexpected bonus (depending on how you look at it) as Sara straddled him, took hold of his cock and guided him in to her pussy. Mike gasped due to the intensity of the feeling but Sara said she wanted to feel him inside her so he let her slide down the whole way and then held her in place. Sara kissed Mike, let out a little giggle and told him she now had his cum in her as well. Mike’s cock twitched at the combination of Sara’s cunt around his cock, the way she looked and the giggle and he told her he wished he could fuck her properly. Sara dared him to try and he moved a little, but said his cock still felt too sensitive after fucking Emily. Sara wasn’t willing to give up though and gently humped against him – enough to stimulate him but not too much that it was too intense (she got this wrong a few times and he had to slow her movements). Jen made a comment about Mike not being able to stay hard after fucking and how men were generally inferior (she may love him, but it doesn’t stop her from teasing him) and Mike took this as a challenge and told Jen that if it was ‘his little lesbian’ (his pet name for Sara), that he might well be able to cum again.

Mike’s movements picked up speed and Sara eagerly humped back against him. Sara asked if she really felt that good and Mike told her she always felt good and he loved being inside her. Emily moved around behind Sara and spread her ass cheeks but Sara said she wanted to concentrate on Mike and see if she could get him to cum. Mike said he felt honoured that she would turn down an ass licking for him and Sara told him she could always get Emily to do it for her later on if she wanted (and then leaned close to Mike and whispered to him that she’d have Emily’s tongue buried in her ass later that night). Sara asked Mike if he wanted to take control so they rolled over and she wrapped her legs around him again. Mike caressed her skin and the socks and they fucked against each other with Sara occasionally reaching down to apply some pressure to her clit. Mike told her to cum and that he would follow and Sara steadily stroked her clit and encouraged him to fill her with cum. Sara came and Mike came in her – probably not producing much cum, but certainly experiencing the pulsing sensation as his balls tried to pump whatever he had left into her.

When Mike pulled out of Sara, Jen took hold of his cock and told him he now had to fuck her. Mike told her he would if he could, but he doubted his cock would be of much use for a while. Jen said she wasn’t sure about that and took him in her mouth, then moved around to lie over him in a 69.mIke was still catching his breath but made a fair effort to lick Jen as she gently sucked his cock clean of Sara’s juices. Her tongue couldn’t stop him from going limp but Jen didn’t mind as she just suggested everyone head into the shower to freshen up. It was a rather tight squeeze with four of them but Jen only wanted them all to be in there briefly as she crouched down on the floor of the shower and told them to all let loose. Three streams of piss splashed over Jen’s body and face. Mike watched as she rubbed the liquid into her skin and turned her face to receive the full flow of each stream. Unfortunately for Jen, the shower didn’t last too long but she made up for this by burying her face between Emily’s and Sara’s legs and licking them clean, then sucking Mike’s cock once more. Jen then stood up and asked them to make her cum one more time. Mike asked who should eat Jen and Sara volunteered. Sara knelt and sucked on Jen’s clit while Mike and Emily licked and sucked on Jen’s breasts, kissed her lips and caressed her ass. Jen mewed her way to her orgasm and announced to Sara that she was about to cum, then squirted out a jet of pee as hard as she could while her orgasm took her. Mike and Emily each pushed a finger into Jen’s ass and Sara just kept licking until Jen finished.

Jen panted her thanks and the four of them awkwardly washed each other down (the awkwardness being due to the tight space) before they dried each other off and returned to the bed. Emily teased Mike about not being able to fuck her again and she fondled his cock but he said he couldn’t cum again just yet. He did retaliate and pin Emily down, then forcefully eat her. Emily half-heartedly said she couldn’t cum either, but Mike proved her wrong and carried on kitty kissing her afterwards before passing her over to Jen. The four of them remained in bed until well after lunch – Mike didn’t cum again but Jen, Sara and Emily all did and they ended up having to have another shower to freshen up before heading out to get some food. They went straight to the station after lunch and as Jen hugged Emily goodbye, she told her not to do anything to hurt Sara again. Emily quietly replied and said she didn’t want to hurt Sara and Jen thought that for a moment, Em looked quite sad so she kissed Em on the lips and told her ‘good’, then pulled her close and whispered that they could all continue to enjoy each other properly. This elicited a smile from Emily, which was punctuated by a squeak when Jen slid her hand up under Emily’s skirt and dragged her finger along Emily’s pussy, pushing it firmly between her lips.

As I said at the beginning, my weekend ‘alone’ wasn’t that lonely as Ineta came over to visit on the Friday night and once we had MJ down to sleep, we went into the other room (taking the baby monitor) and made good use of a number of our collection of toys. Ineta was in a frisky mood and was willing to try out all the toys I suggested to her. We shared dildos and humped against each other, managed to get two double dildos into our holes (pussy to pussy and ass to ass and she even tried out some of Jen’s nipple clamps and let me use the leather paddle on her (I wasn’t as forceful as I am when spanking Jen). We returned to Jen’s room once we had finished fucking so we could keep an eye on MJ and chatted for a while as we dozed off. In the morning I managed to wake Ineta by eating her, but we didn’t get to finish as MJ woke up and interrupted us. I let Ineta feed MJ while I prepared breakfast for us and she commented on how it would be nice to have a baby of her own. She knows that Mike has got Lis pregnant and she teased me, saying she could always ask him to knock her up if she couldn’t find a guy she wanted to settle down with. I threatened her with a spatula, saying that I was the next one he was going to fertilise and over breakfast we chatted about my plans to get pregnant and what sort of changes it would bring to our lives.

We showered to freshen up and I texted Andy to tell him I was ready to get more work done on our paper whenever he was ready (just in case his girlfriend saw the text). He turned up at the house about an hour later – Ineta and I were sitting watching TV with MJ by this point – and I ushered him in and introduced him to Ineta. He seemed quite taken with her (she does have quite striking Eastern European looks) and after initially jumping when I slid my hand up under her top, Ineta relaxed and let me fondle her in front of Andy as our way of demonstrating that she would be participating fully in our games. At least that was what we had planned, but MJ wanted more attention so Ineta and I had to take turns holding her while the other one played with Andy (Andy also had a turn holding MJ so he could watch Ineta and me play with each other). In the end I decided to give our neighbour’s daughter a call and fortunately she was in and willing to take MJ for a walk for an hour so Andy and I could concentrate on our paper (we had to get dressed and spread some papers out on the table to make this look more convincing).

Wanting to make the most of our time, we moved straight to the bedroom and quickly removed our clothes. Andy enjoyed his second session with two girls (the last one being with Lisa and me) and we made sure we both got to make good use of his cock, riding him and having him fuck us. He fingered and ate us both and we sucked him individually and together. In a brief lull between playing, I got Andy to identify which picture on the wall was of my pussy (he got that right) and which was of Lisa’s (he got that one wrong, but I corrected him and told him it was Jen’s). I then lay on top of Ineta and got Andy to slide his cock between our cunts – he liked the way this felt, but said enjoyed it even more when he slid into one of us, pumped away for a little bit then entered the other one of us. I let Andy fuck Ineta to orgasm – helping out by first stroking her clit as they fucked and then getting them to change position so she was riding him, allowing me to lick her clit as he moved in her. To add to his enjoyment, I pulled the large mirror over so he and Ineta were facing it and could watch themselves as I knelt and licked at them until Ineta came. She said she found this rather embarrassing (but it didn’t seem to stop her from cumming) and as soon as she was released from Andy’s cock, I mounted him and told him to just hold off for long enough for me to catch up as I frigged myself. Ineta recovered fairly quickly and reached over to help out (it almost always feels better having someone else touch you – providing they know what they are doing) and I concentrated on the impending load of cum about to fill me as Andy pumped away. When I felt my own orgasm getting close, I told him to stop holding back and he asked to change position. I accommodated his request and ended up on all fours with him behind me. Ineta could easily reach under me to frig my clit and she partially slid under me so she could also suck on my handing breasts. Andy came a bit before I did, but he remained pressed deep inside me until I came and when he pulled out I stayed kneeling up to let both him and Ineta watch as his cum dribbled out of my pussy – some running down my thighs and the rest dripping onto the bed.

Ineta and I licked Andy’s cock clean together and she allowed him to finger his cum out of me and push it into her pussy. We sat and chatted for a little while and I masturbated myself and gently toyed with Ineta until she gave in and 69ed with me, putting on a show for Andy. This had the desired effect and he got hard enough to fuck again so we allowed him to join in with Ineta and I taking turns kneeling and eating each other and Andy fucking the one going the eating from behind. As much as I liked the idea of having a second load of cum in me (1knowing it would be significantly smaller than the first load), I decided it would be too selfish to insist he came in me so we just took turns being eaten and being fucked. I still hoped I was going to be the one he came in but I assume that Andy liked the idea of actually cumming in each of us and he was indeed pumping away in Ineta when he said he was about to cum. She told him to go ahead and as soon as he pulled out Ineta and I resumed our 69 and finished each other off (I came first but she kept licking me until she also came).

Both Ineta and I went to the front door naked to see Andy off. I made him promise to do more work on the paper with me at work on the Monday and said if he was good, he might even get to watch me work on it myself as well. Once Andy had left I told Ineta about the disused lab that Andy and I play in and she said it sounded fun so I offered to take her there. Ineta briefly hid and I threw on a dressing gown when our babysitter returned with MJ – I thanked her profusely and arranged for her to take MJ for another walk the following day so I could pop in to work. Ineta and I then wandered in to town together (with MJ of course) and looked around for a while before heading home. I had wanted to visit our friendly shop and ride the sybian, but it wouldn’t have been fair to dump MJ on Ineta while I went to enjoy myself (and we  try not to take MJ into the shop).

Ineta agreed to stay over again that night and was going to go home to get another change of clothes but I told her she could use whatever she wanted of Jen’s or my clothes. To ensure she didn’t leave, I may have also hidden her clothes and just given her a skimpy nightdress to wear. She took this quite well and didn’t even argue when I said we should order pizza and answer the door in our barely covered state. While we waited for the food to arrive, we decided on what we would show the guy and ended up tossing a coin to see who would be played with. I won the toss and decided I wanted Ineta to play with me so when the guy arrived, I invited him in, took him to the kitchen and sat up on the counter with my legs spread while Ineta kissed, fingered and fondled me. I whispered to her to eat me and scooched forwards so my ass was at the edge of the counter. She knelt and buried her tongue in my pussy (giving the guy a good view of her ass) and ate me as I counted out the money. I told the guy he could touch us if he wanted and he did caress Ineta’s ass and very briefly stroke her pussy, but he said he shouldn’t and didn’t do any more than this. Just before the guy left I took a slice of pizza from the box, blew on it (I’ve made that mistake before) and wiped it along my pussy before taking a big bite. I told the guy I intended to eat the rest of my share flavoured with Ineta’s cunt juice and he didn’t pull away as I pressed my hand up against his crotch. I asked if he was sure he didn’t want to play and lifted my nightdress (not that it had been hiding much) and he did reach up to my breasts but pulled away again so we let him leave without tempting him further.

I didn’t quite flavour all of the pizza with Ineta’s juices, but we each wiped some of it over each other before eating it (both pussy and breasts). This left us in a very greasy state by the time we’d finished so we had to shower and wash each other down thoroughly before heading off to bed. I shared the fantasy of how our first time with Sue (my little sister) could have gone as well as telling her how the first few times actually did go and Ineta pulled down the picture of Sue’s pussy from the wall and compared it to my actual pussy. She said she couldn’t see many similarities and I agreed with her and let her see some of the other pictures and videos of Sue (some of them of Sue and me). Ineta said that Sue’s orgasm face looked vaguely similar to mine (I don’t agree) and that our breasts were obviously of a similar size (although my nipples are larger and Sue’s are more sensitive).

By this point in the proceedings, things had become quite heated (since Sue and I had crossed the final line and eaten each other, thoughts of doing things with her tended to get me even hornier than usual) and Ineta and I were fingering and humping each other. I teased Ineta about enjoying the idea of me fucking my little sister and asked her how she would like to have her brothers playing with her. At first she turned her nose up at this idea but I didn’t let go and told her how she could just watch while I took them both at once – letting them fuck my cunt, mouth and ass and filling me with their cum. I told Ineta how I would then pounce on her and force her to eat the cum out of me while I spat cum into her cunt and ate her to orgasm while her brothers watched and then how they would take my place and fuck her as she lay in her post-orgasmic state, emptying load after load of cum into her. Throughout the description, she protested that she didn’t want to fuck her brothers, but she let me keep describing it and playing with her. I used our ejaculating vibe in her and after repeatedly telling her to imagine it was one of her brothers’ cocks fucking her, I got her to press the button to make it ‘cum’ in her as she came. As she lay there, she told me I was awful, but still allowed me to kitty kiss her as the cum oozed from her pussy. In the end she agreed that I could have her brothers double team me if I wanted – she just wouldn’t be involved. She did describe how they would both fuck me while she played with me and went into a fair bit of detail, describing how their cocks would plunge into me, fill my cunt and ass and fuck me until I came then cum in me. As we snuggled up afterwards I told Ineta she could fuck Sue whenever she wanted and that we’d let her compare our bodies and tastes if she wanted.

We managed to have a session on the Sunday morning before MJ woke up – I ate Ineta awake and she then went down on me. We went out for an early brunch (technically breakfast) and by the time we returned we just had time to get a few things together before the neighbour turned up to take MJ. Ineta and I headed straight into Uni and I took her to my building. I briefly showed her my lab and as there was nobody else there I got her to sit up on my desk with her legs spread so I could eat her. I couldn’t let her beat me in exhibiting herself though so I pulled a vibe from my bag and lay on one of the desks in the middle of the room, pulled my skirt right up and repeatedly plunged the vibe into my pussy. I started off also frigging my clit, but then decided to go further and pulled my top up, freed me breasts from my bra and played with myself with my body almost fully exposed. I only half-straightened my clothes before leading Ineta upstairs to the other lab and as soon as we were inside I stripped completely and told her I wanted to fuck properly.

Ineta said she’d never be brave enough to do this at her work and I told her I knew that she and Mike had fucked there. She explained that she meant stripping naked and that whenever they played, she kept her clothes on so she could quickly cover herself up if they were interrupted (I don’t know how she expected Mike to quickly put his cock away or if she’d even thought of that). She wasn’t as reserved while at *my* work though (and it being a Sunday presumably helped) and she let me unbutton her dress and then slide her underwear off. I got Ineta to sit on a bench near the window and bent down to eat her. She said the bench felt cold so we swapped places and I lay on my back with a leg dangling over the side to give Ineta access to my cunt and she made good use of this, first fingering me, then using a vibe. She soon joined me on the bench so we could 69 and we also used the vibe on each other – passing it back and forth. As we played I told Ineta how Andy and I would fuck up here and how I’d gone back to my desk with my pussy tingling and feeling very wet and a couple of times with his cum dribbling out of me and down my legs. Ineta asked how I got any work done and I explained that I work hard most of the time and just get any to help me relax when I get too horny and distracted. It seemed to work quite well and we had actually got a paper out of the sessions and were working on another one (although admittedly the paper had very little to do with our sexual activities).

We broke contact and I asked Ineta if she’d let me fuck her properly. I pulled a strap-on from my bag and offered her the opportunity to wear it but she said I could be the guy so I stepped in to the harness (it was one of the ones that left my pussy accessible, not our good one), smeared some tingle gel over the vibe and asked Ineta to kneel up on the bench. She was a bit nervous about this as we were so close to the window but I assured her it would be fine and pointed out that I would be much higher than her as she’d be on all fours. We both climbed up and I positioned the dildo against her pussy, then pushed into her. I reached around to cup one of her breasts to wipe the tingle gel off, then smeared a little over her ass and pushed the tip of my thumb into her ass. Ineta and I rocked back and forth against each other and I reached around to play with her clit. She said the gel felt good and asked me to fuck her a bit harder so I did and loved the sight of her ass slamming against my body. I once again wished I had a real cock so I could cum in her, but kept that to myself as the girls I’d really (or especially) like to cum in are Jen, Sue, Lis, Lisa, Lucy and Sara (in that order of preference). I told Ineta she didn’t have to be silent and could make a little noise if she wanted as I doubted anyone else was in work (and the noise of our bodies slapping together was reasonably loud anyway). Ineta played along and moaned – not too loudly, but she isn’t usually overly loud anyway. She told me she was getting close and I teased her about cumming quickly, but kept going, fucking and frigging her until she came.

I pulled out and Ineta lay down to let me kitty kiss her for a few minutes. She asked if I wanted her to fuck me and I told her she could make me cum whatever way she wanted. She decided to use the strap on but got me to ride her as she knew I liked the idea of being visible out the window. We applied more tingle gel to the dildo and she wiped the gel over both my breasts, my clit and worked some into my ass. Ineta toyed with my clit as I humped up and down on the dildo and ground myself against her and she asked me to tell her my darkest, lewdest fantasy. That was genuinely a difficult thing for me to decide and I told her it could be about Mike and I being the ones to give Sue her ‘first time’ (doing things with her a number of years before we actually did) but in the end went for the locker room fantasy I published a while ago where I was forced to go into the boys’ changing room naked, then stripped and had my virginity taken in a gang rape, with my cunt, mouth and ass being filled with load after load of cum as a while class of guys fucked me. Retelling the fantasy certainly helped speed me towards my orgasm and I had to get Ineta to hold off from stroking my clit so I could wait until I was describing having three guys in me at once (cunt, mouth and ass) before I let myself cum.

When I lifted myself off of the dildo, I turned around and planted my pussy on Ineta’s face, bent forwards and sucked the strap-on clean of my juices and then got her to lift her ass u pso I could lick her pussy. The harness of the strap-on made this quite difficult from that particular angle so I ended up pulling it off her, then burying my tongue in her properly and we had a long, slurpy 69. Ineta told me she didn’t think she could cum again, but I insisted and she knew better than to argue with me. I lapped at her cunt repeatedly and swirled my tongue around her ass (thinking about little Sara as I did this) and Ineta repaid me in full. I was still working my way through my locker room fantasy in my head and I came before Ineta did but she kitty kissed me while I finished her off. I then asked her to remain on the bench while I turned around and we scissored gently – not trying to cum again, just because I liked the idea of doing that in work.

I told Ineta she could come back home with me and have Mike and Jen ‘thank’ her for looking after me and stopping me from getting bored. Unfortunately she had a few things to do at home (as did I) so we walked and chatted for a while before saying our goodbyes and heading our separate ways, with me promising that Mike would bring the things she’d left at our house into work the next day). On the way home I called our neighbour and told her when I’d be back so she could drop MJ off – I ended up chatting to the girl for quite a while and she even helped me do some of the chores around the house. I almost walked into the bedroom with her and only remembered at the last minute about the pictures of our genitalia on the wall and directed her into the bathroom instead. Even there, I had to discreetly slide a vibrator out of the way. When I was by myself later on (and MJ was sleeping), I decided I couldn’t wait for Mike and Jen and attached our stick-on dildo to the washing machine. I hadn’t done this for a while and enjoyed sitting naked, impaled on the dildo with the machine spinning and vibrating beneath me and visible from the kitchen window, the kitchen door and the front window (I knew I wasn’t really visible to anyone unless they came in to the garden and looked right through the window, but I still enjoyed it). Sadly it wasn’t the best orgasm as I had to concentrate on not falling off, but it was better than nothing and saw me through until my husband and wife returned (Mike fingered me at the station, ate me on a wall on the way home and Jen then fingered me while we made dinner).

Monday, 19 December 2016

January 2015 Sex Party – Part 3

Simone told him he could fuck her in the ass if he wanted and Mike told her that it was very tempting as her ass was cute, but he really liked the idea of cumming deep into her cunt. Simone told him that he was the naughty one and they rolled over so she could ride him for a bit. Mike told her that they could always ask for someone to fuck her ass and DP her – Simone seemed to consider this but said it was too awkward and she liked the way he was moving in her. Mike then suggested that Sara and Jen could team up to work on her at the next party and if she wanted to be really dirty, she could have Sara licking at her ass while Jen ate her. Simone said that this sounded nice so Mike told her if they did it in the shower that she could pee over Jen as she came. Again, Simone wrinkled her nose at this (although Jen’s fetish is no secret and known by everyone at the parties) and Mike told her not to discount things that she might enjoy, reminding her that just a year ago she was much shyer and probably wouldn’t have let him fuck her as quickly. Mike was going to describe how much Jen loved eating someone and having them pee on her but didn’t want to disrupt the session they were having (seeing as Simone didn’t seem entirely convinced). He went back to more general dirty talk and they described to each other how his cum would pump deep into her cunt and fill her as she came around his hard cock.  

Simone moaned and told Mike she was going to cum if they kept going. This surprised Mike a bit as he hadn’t been playing with her clit at all and he asked if she could always cum just by fucking. She said she could if she was given enough time and that she was glad he hadn’t cum too quickly. This was another boost to his ego and he told her again that her wish was his command and he’d fuck her until she came for him. They rolled over so Mike was on top and Simone wrapped her legs around him again. She told him to keep going the way he was and Mike carried on with long steady strokes, pushing firmly into her as they exchanged more dirty talk. Simone let out little whimpered ‘ooh’ sounds as her orgasm built and Mike got her to keep telling him how close she was (although he was pretty much able to guess as he could feel her arching her back underneath him). Simone said ‘now, now, now’ and moaned a bit more – Mike resisted the urge to speed up and carried on fucking her at the same pace, willing himself to cum in her. He didn’t manage it before she finished cumming, but she let him carry on moving in her and kissed him until he moaned into her mouth and then broke contact to tell her he was cumming in her. Mike pushed as deep as he could and was pleased to feel Simone push back against him – he remained inside her and whispered to her that she was indeed a naughty girl, but that he liked her and would happily eat her anytime she wanted. He even fetched her bra and top from the landing where she had pulled them off earlier and helped to dress her (although this was more of a thinly veiled excuse to fondle her more than actually help out).

Mike went downstairs with Simone to get another drink and he bumped into Jen and found out she’d managed to play with another couple of girls (mostly eating them). Mike said he was jealous, but was then even more jealous when Jen told him that one of the girls had been Emily (they hadn’t been sure if Em would be coming to the party). Mike quickly finished his drink, dashed to the bathroom and then headed off to find Emily. Unfortunately for him, she was in the middle of being fucked by Joris but this meant Mike had a chance to fondle Joris’ partner Nora. As another girl with large breasts (who is proud of them in the same way Vicky is), she seemed to expect Mike to want to play with them. It’s not that Mike doesn’t like breasts – he just prefers legs and pussy – so he fondled and kissed them for a while, but had his fingers in Nora’s pussy from very early on in the proceedings. Mike admits (now, not at the time to Nora) that he was only half paying attention and while he wanted to get between Nora’s legs, he didn’t want to end up missing Emily finishing with Joris and having someone else steal her away (for newer readers, Emily has the most amazing tasting pussy and given Mike’s obsession with eating pussy, it meant Emily was pretty much his dream girl).

Mike decided to take the chance and got Nora to lie back – she didn’t want to take her skirt off, but it was only a short one that he could easily push up out of the way and he positioned himself between her legs and admired her pussy. She had a good patch of hair on her mons, but her lips were bald and Mike spread them and gently blew air over her pussy (which she said tickled). He stroked up and down her pussy and used a couple of fingers inside her while flicking his tongue over her clit. He was well aware that she would have boy-cum inside her and was trying to get her wet enough with her own juices to help mask the taste (he doesn’t really care about eating other guys’ cum from a pussy now, but still prefers the ‘native’ taste). After a couple of minutes he started eating Nora properly but as he was trying to be quick, he didn’t tease her and just worked on her steadily, continually pushing her towards her orgasm. He noticed that Joris and Emily had finished but he takes sufficient pride in his pussy eating skills that he didn’t try to hurry things along (too much) and kept working on Nora until she came. Mike thinks she might have actually squirted – just a little bit, but enough that he felt a small flood of juices as she came, that from taste he knew wasn’t pee. Nora certainly seemed to have enjoyed the attention and asked him if he wanted to fuck her – he thanked her for the offer and told her he’d already cum a number of times but if she’d let him he’d love to be inside her at the next party. Just as the people there knew about Jen’s fetish, they also know about Mike’s (or the girls do anyway) so she wasn’t too surprised and she wandered off with Joris to straighten herself up, leaving Mike to move in on his real target – Emily.

Mike and Emily greeted each other and he gave her a big kiss to let her taste Nora’s juices from his face. Emily was still lying naked on the bed and Mike slid a hand up her thigh and stroked her wet pussy. He asked how much of the moisture was due to her and how much was cum she had milked from guys. Em told him she’d only fucked three guys and that three people had eaten her so it must be mostly her juices. Mike volunteered to be the fourth person to eat her and she told him that she was feeling a bit tender (Jen had apparently made her cum twice) and asked if he could wait. Mike tried to give his puppy dog look and told Emily she couldn’t deny him access to her wonderful nectar so she told him if she didn’t feel up to letting him eat her by the end of the party that they could meet up the next day and she would have a fresh batch waiting for him. This cheered Mike up immensely and he walked downstairs with Emily (with her remaining naked) to get another drink. Mike fondled Vicky while he chatted to Emily and she ended up helping out by sucking on one of Vicky’s nipples and letting beer dribble out of her mouth over Vicky’s breasts. Mike convinced Emily to let him insert the neck of his beer bottle into her pussy – not to actually fuck her with it, just to flavour it and after finishing the beer, he convinced Vicky to sit up on the counter and let him use the bottle on her. Emily continued to help out and alternated with Mike, either stroking Vicky’s clit or pumping the bottle in and out. They had no trouble getting Vicky off and she didn’t seem to mind at all that a number of people were watching (and had quite a good view as her legs were spread wide to allow both Mike and Emily access). Both Mike and Emily had a few licks at Vicky’s post-orgasmic pussy and Mike asked Em if she was ready to let him eat her yet but she said they would have to take a rain check and she would pencil him in for the next day.

Mike finished off the evening by playing with Caroline again – it wasn’t so much that he actually wanted to fuck, he just wanted to feel a nice warm and wet pussy around his cock. Caroline was feeling quite tired, but still wanted to pay Mike back for her earlier orgasm so let him spoon with her. He suggested that they could make her the target for the night and he could be the first to eat and fuck her before everyone else having a go but she said she really didn’t have the energy left for that. Sadly neither Mike nor anyone else suggested anyone else as the target so once again the party went without any of the girls having everyone make them cum (if I’d been there I would have happily volunteered – or at the very least suggested that Jen should be made to cum by all the girls present). Irrespective of this, Mike enjoyed his time in Caroline and told her he still wanted to cum in her at the next party but that he would make sure to eat her beforehand as an added incentive. Caroline allowed him a few licks at her pussy before she got dressed and she knelt and gave his cock a thorough sucking to clean off her juices. Mike gratefully received this, but then bent her over, pulled her panties aside and pushed back into her cunt, telling her that he wanted her juices on his cock so Jen could suck them off later on. Caroline was surprised that Jen (or Mike) would still be up for doing things after the party and he invited her back to the hotel, promising that he and Jen wold spend as long eating and playing with her as she wanted. Caroline said it sounded nice, but had to decline as she was too tired. She did push back against Mike a number of times though and he semi-fucked her once more and threatened to make her cum as ‘punishment’ for refusing him (he didn’t though).

As things wound down Mike managed to have a final quick fondle of Hannah and even got his cock inside her. He and Jen then left with little Sara and headed back to the hotel while trading stories of who they had managed to pair off with (and how) during the party. Jen was very pleased as she had managed to play with every girl present (to some extent or the other). Sara had done things with most of the girls and had also had a number of the guys (each of them had fucked her). They went straight up to the hotel room and stripped off. Mike was in two minds about asking Sara to let him shower her down as he liked the idea that she was covered in various girls’ pussy juices, but also liked the idea of removing and boy-cum from her pussy. Jen ended up making the decision and said that she wanted to shower with Sara – for reasons that Sara was well aware of. Jen promised reparations and the two girls showered together and took turns eating each other while being peed on. This was slightly different than usual as neither Jen nor Sara waited until they were cumming before they peed, but Jen really enjoyed it anyway.

Mike spent a while kitty kissing and licking Sara – starting off very gently but working up to all out eating. As Sara got more aroused she called in her debt from Jen for the shower and they changed position so Mike was on his back, Sara sitting over his face leaning forwards and Jen lying on top of Mike lapping at Sara’s ass. Jen commented that Mike felt quite hard and ground her pussy against his cock. Mike said it wasn’t his fault as he loved the way Sara’s lips felt in his mouth (and Jen humping against him helped). Jen took hold of his cock and slid it into her pussy, then said she would try and make him cum. As she rimmed and speared Sara, Jen humped and ground against Mike – her own mewing sounds becoming more evident as the session progressed. Mike certainly enjoyed the sensation and says he could have cum in Jen if he’d allowed himself to do so, but wanted to save whatever cum he had left for the following day so he held back. Sara didn’t hold back though and with the double stimulation she came reasonably quickly. She remained over Mike’s face for a while, letting him kitty kiss her. Jen’s mewing became more insistent and Sara climbed off of Mike’s face and moved around behind her – Jen told Sara she didn’t have to do anything but Sara loves giving anal play as much as receiving it and eagerly lapped at Jen’s ass. Jen kissed Mike as she came and then rolled off of him, leaving his cock standing erect and shining with her juices.

Even though she’d just cum, Sara let Mike spoon with her as they fell asleep – although they actually chatted for quite a while as they slowly moved against each other. Mike asked Sara if she minded him going to see Emily the next day (technically it was later that day by this point) and Sara told him to go ahead. She had actually hooked up with Em a few more times and was considering getting back together with her. Both Mike and Jen warned Sara to be careful (Emily had cheated on Sara twice and they’d had a bad break up) but Sara explained it would be different this time as she wasn’t intending on ‘dating’ Emily in the same way as before. Sara was now quite entwined with Clare and Giles, so Emily would be someone she ‘dated’ but not exclusively. Mike asked if Sara wanted Em to join in the threesome with Clare and Giles and Sara said she didn’t mind if that happened occasionally but she wanted to keep them relatively separate and that Em was happy with that. Mike expressed his jealously that Giles would still get to eat Emily frequently and asked how Clare felt about introducing another girl into the relationship – Sara hadn’t really discussed this with them, but this was part of the reason she wanted to keep her relationship with Emily separate. They decided that as Jen had already had a turn with Emily at the party and Sara was okay with it that Mike could invite Em round to the hotel while Sara was there – he would play with Emily and Sara would stay with Jen.

On the Sunday morning, Jen was the one to eat Sara awake and Mike texted Emily to ask if she was still willing to let him have a private session with her (and letting her know that Sara and Jen would be present). Once Sara and Jen had finished, Sara let Mike spoon with her again and they ordered room service. Jen answered the door while wearing a dressing down (but left it untied so half of her front was exposed). It was a girl who had brought the food up and Jen decided to see if she would say anything (Jen would have been more than happy to play with the girl if she had expressed any interest, but other than a couple of glances at Jen’s exposed body there was no comment made). Mike used some of the food on Sara and both he and Jen ended up eating a fair portion of their breakfast off or our of Sara (using her breasts, stomach, pussy and ass). Emily texted back during breakfast and said she could come along whenever Mike wanted so he told her he was ready for her as soon as she could arrive. In the meantime, Sara and Jen went into the shower to clean Sara off and made use of the location in a similar way to the previous nigh - the only difference being that as they now had more time and energy they did things ‘properly’ taking turns eating each other to orgasm and with the person cumming peeing as they orgasmed.

Mike also showered to freshen up and while they waited for Emily to arrive, Sara asked Jen why Mike was the only guy who she allowed to fuck her given she obviously enjoyed having a cock inside her (based on her orgasm the night before). Jen thought that Sara had understood this and said that she identified as gay and didn’t like the idea of doing things with guys, but that she didn’t look at Mike as a guy, just someone she loved. Sara said she sort of understood as she used to think of herself as gay (we were part of the group that helped convince her she was bi) and that she did get the difference between doing things just for pleasure and doing things with someone you actually care about or love. While Sara will fuck guys, she is still ‘mostly’ gay and says she feels more comfortable doing things with women, but for the guys she really cares about (including Mike and Giles), it feels more like being with a woman (meaning she feels more comfortable). Mike only felt slightly insulted by having two women saying they thought of him as a girl, but Jen pointed out that as he likes eating pussy so much he could probably get by if he had a sex change (and was a lesbian).

When Emily arrived, she hugged and shared a long kiss with each of them (Jen says that the kiss with Sara seemed to be quite passionate, but she was feeling quite protective of Sara and didn’t want to see Emily hurt her again). Sara was quickly stripped and Mike asked her if she wanted to do anything in particular in return for letting him play with her. She told him she didn’t mind what they did, but it would be nice to fuck as well as have him eat her (she had said a few times that she sometimes it is a frustrating having everyone always want to eat her – that to me definitely counts as a first world problem). Mike said he’d be happy to fuck her and would spend as long as she wanted inside her – but that he hoped to spend a fair time eating her first. Emily sighed and told him to go ahead, but then kissed him and told him he could always eat her. Mike reminded her she hadn’t said that the previous night and when she complained she had been tired he backed her up against the window, knelt and lapped at her pussy.

Emily said the glass was hold on her back so Mike turned her around and pressed her breasts up against the window, then for good measure, slid his cock into her and briefly fucked her. This didn’t last for long though as he really wanted her pussy so they moved over to the bed where he got Jen to arranged a few pillows and he lay Emily down. Jen didn’t see the point in wasting an opportunity so she helped out by kissing Emily, letting Emily suck on her breasts, playing with Em’s breasts and then sitting over Emily’s face to be licked. Sara also kissed and played with Emily and also got Em to finger her. When Sara had a turn sitting over Emily’s face, Em commented that she could smell strawberry and Sara blushed when Jen explained how we had been eating strawberries out of her cunt for breakfast, Mike added that they had also been licking yoghurt and syrup off of Sara’s ass and Emily commented on how much of an ass-junkie Sara had always been. Sara told them all that they were always mean to her, but the chastising lost its effect somewhat when she whimpered as Emily spread Sara’s cheeks and flicked her tongue over Sara’s ass. Mike gave Emily a little of the same treatment, but his real focus was her pussy and he spent about an hour eating her. Emily came for the first time after about 20 minutes and Mike then kitty kissed her for a while before eating her again. Jen and Sara fooled around on the bed next to them, humping, fingering and kissing for a while, occasionally directing their attention to Emily or offering Mike another pussy to lick. Emily came for the second time about 30 minutes after her first orgasm and this time it seemed to be stronger. Mike went back to kitty kissing her for another 10 minutes before pulling away and admiring the state of Emily’s pussy. The whole area was flushed pink and wet with her juices and Mike’s saliva. She allowed him to take a picture to show me and then let him feed her some of her own juices from his fingers. Emily will quite readily taste her own juices (while kissing someone who has just eaten her or sucking a guy she’d just fucked) but Jen in particular is still amazed that Emily can ever get anything done as Jen says if she had Emily’s pussy, she would spend most of the day fingering herself and licking the juices from her own fingers.

Mike thanked Emily once more and directed her attention to his cock. He told her if she was up for cumming again that he was more than ready to fuck her. Emily said she wanted to see him inside Sara first and as Jen pushed Sara’s legs open Emily asked if they had any long socks with them (she knows this is one of Mike’s and to some extent Jen’s, fetishes). Jen produced pairs of white, black and blue socks and asked Emily which she would prefer. Mike wanted the blue ones but Emily thought the white ones made Sara look cuter and to add to the effect, Sara’s hair was quickly tied into pigtails. The changes only heightened Mike’s willingness to bury his cock in Sara’s pussy and following Emily’s directions, he fucked her with him on top, spooned with her and then let Sara ride him. Jen and Emily played with Sara, frigging and fondling her with a bit of ass play as well. Emily challenged Mike to fuck Sara without cumming in her and he said that this wasn’t an issue, although the session may well help with the volume of cum he’d be able to pump into Emily afterwards. Emily instructed Mike and Sara to switch back to spooning and Emily lapped at Sara’s clit while Jen played with Sara’s nipples and kissed her. As Sara’s orgasm built, she told them how amazing it felt and in return Mike told her how glad he was that she had allowed him inside her all those years ago (Mike was the one who took Sara’s heterosexual virginity). He asked if she remembered their first time and how he hadn’t been allowed to cum in her as Emily had wanted to lick her to orgasm while he was in her. Sara replied by saying of course she could remember – it was the first time she’d had a cock inside her – and then added that she remembered him making a fair mess in her when he fucked her for the second time and came in her.

Mike was quite tempted to just cum in Sara, but also wanted to keep his word to Emily and fuck her so he held back even as Sara came. He pressed as deep into her as he could get and felt Emily’s licking ease off as Sara’s orgasm ended. Mike kissed Sara and told her she felt as soft as ever and he wished he could cum multiple times so he could have filled her as well. Sara told him he’d done a good enough job of fucking her even without him cumming but admitted that it might have been nice to feel his cum in her. Emily reminded them that he had already promised his cum to her and Mike assured her that he was now doubly primed and would fuck her until she came and pump as much cum as he could deep into her. Emily liked that idea and asked Sara to move so they could get started. Sara shimmied over and curled up with Jen and Emily backed on to Mike’s cock. Jen and Sara asked if Emily wanted any additional stimulation but Em said she was happy to just let Mike fuck her this time. Mike asked if she had any preferences for positions and she told him to surprise her so they carried on spooning for a while with Mike caressing her breasts and clit. Mike asked Emily why she had got Sara to dress up and Emily asked if Mike thought Sara looked cute like that. Naturally he did (Mike is a sucker for cute) and Emily said she loved seeing Sara looking as sweet and innocent as she was when they first met. Both Mike and Jen agreed that the look suited Sara and Mike told Emily that he thought she could wear ‘cute’ well too. Emily said she didn’t want to stop to put anything on but Sara said that she would help out and slipped the long blue socks onto Emily’s legs while she was still spooning with Mike.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

January 2015 Sex Party – Part 2

Oscar and Sara met Vicky, Mika and Jen in town and in further preparation for the party, they had invited Clare and Giles along so Oscar would know a few other people. They had a discreet conversation in a cafĂ© and Sara explained to Oscar how she frequently joined in with Clare and Giles and how Clare had come to love being played with by girls (to be fair it was mostly by Sara). Even though Oscar had been partially indoctrinated into our little world, he still found it a bit strange being told he could fuck Clare while Giles was sitting next to her (and likewise that Sara intended to let Giles play with her). Vicky didn’t push things and mention anything about fucking Giles, but she made some comments about playing with Clare – possibly at the same time as Sara did, and Oscar certainly liked the sound of that. As we have ‘trained’ Clare to some extent (in as far as pushing her to cum more times than she could before), Jen asked Clare if she had some time before the party to give Oscar a preview of what he could be getting. Clare made a comment about having expected things to be a bit quieter as I wasn’t there but Mike pointed out that it was Jen and him who were the ones who used to push me to do things, and my current nature was probably just a product of their work.

Jen pushed again and Clare gave in (not wishing to boast, but we have broken her in quite well). Oscar was excited to see another girl-girl session with a new girl (Clare) and after lunch, we headed back to Clare’s room, all piled in and Jen set about playing with Clare. Clare isn’t as much of an exhibitionist as I am and felt a bit self-conscious with the rest of the group just watching them so Sara dragged (it didn’t take much) Vicky over to the bed and they both helped Jen out in toying with Clare. Mike, Giles and Oscar sat and watched as all the girls stripped off and Clare took turns with each of Jen, Vicky and Sara sitting over her face while the others played with Clare’s pussy and breasts. Oscar chatted with Giles and asked if Sara joined Clare and him often and Giles confirmed she did. The girls kept playing with each other for a while, but when Jen said she was going to try and hold back for the party, the others decided in turn that they would do the same (Sara was the last one to decide on this, somewhat reluctantly from what Mike said – although even when Clare told Sara that she’d happily make her cum if she wanted, Sara stuck to her decision and said she’d wait as well.

Jen suggested to Clare to ask Oscar to have a little play with her – so she did. Jen and Sara moved out of the way with Jen standing by Mike so he could gently fondle her and Sara sitting on Giles’ lap to let him caress her. Vicky remained with Clare and encouraged Oscar to finger Clare’s pussy, fondle her breasts and then slide his cock into Clare (both her pussy and mouth). Vicky sucked Oscar’s cock clean after he’d been inside Clare but he was only allowed a brief play with her before Vicky told him he’d had enough and would have to wait until the party to fuck her properly. They chatted a while longer as people got dressed and Mike stole a few licks from Clare and Sara’s cunts (which made it significantly harder for them to put their clothes on) before people arranged to meet up for some food before the party and headed their separate ways for the afternoon.

Back at the hotel, Mike and Jen had a nap, but of course they stripped off before getting into bed. Jen allowed Mike to indulge himself and kitty kiss her and in return for ‘letting’ him do this to her, he also had to spend some time worshipping her breasts. Mike was naturally quite hard by the time they got round to actually sleeping so he was able to slip into Jen and spoon with her while they dozed. He had gone soft by the time he woke up but made up for this by kitty kissing Jen awake. Once awake, she let him carry on while she listed all the girls she intended to play with at the party. Mike pretty much seconded her list and told her he would happily take each one of them after Jen had finished with them (not hiding the fact that it meant she would have licked any surplus cum out of them so they would be ‘fresh’ for him to eat). Jen squeezed his head between her thighs but Mike responded by eating her properly and Jen released him. Mike and Jen showered together, got dressed and headed out to meet up for an early dinner with Clare, Giles, Sara, Oscar and Vicky. As usual before the parties, they had a light meal, stopped off for a drink and then headed off to the house.

They arrived reasonably early and only the people who lived in the house were there already. This didn’t stop them though and Vicky led Clare upstairs, beaconing Oscar to follow them (which he eagerly did). Sara and Jen popped up a few minutes later to see how things were going and came back to report that Clare was kneeling on the bed sucking Oscar while Vicky was kneeling behind Clare, lapping at her pussy. Sara had briefly butted in (pun intended) and made use of Clare’s position to steal a few licks of her ass, but she allowed Vicky to go back to toying with Clare’s pussy afterwards. As Sara was the only girl downstairs (who would do things with guys), she was getting attention from Mike, Giles and Brett. Sara allowed Mike to go down on her while she alternated between sucking Giles and Brett. Corey turned up in the middle of this, along with Kiyomi and Miyako (who had made up after a falling out). Mike asked Sara if she minded him leaving and she told him to go ahead as she knows about his Japanese fetish – although to be fair, most of the guys and many of the girls seem to be attracted to our little Japanese girls. Corey was more than happy to take his place with Sara – even though by the time he got to her, Brett had already moved from Sara’s mouth to her pussy (fucking her instead of eating her as Mike had been doing) but Sara eagerly took Corey in her mouth and started sucking him.

Mike took the opportunity and led both the Japanese girls upstairs. Jen thought it was only fair that she should get to join in with them as she hadn’t seen any action yet and while Mike wanted to have two oriental pussies to himself, he couldn’t deny Jen’s request. Mike started off playing with Kiyomi while Jen took Miyako – as they gradually undressed, Mike and Jen switched partners a few times and occasionally asked Kiyomi and Miyako to kiss and fondle each other. They did as requested while pretending to be embarrassed but weren’t given long to play with each other at any one time as both Mike and Jen wanted to have them. It was only when all four of them were naked and had been 69ing and fucking that Kiyomi and Miyako were pushed back together again and encouraged to eat and finger each other. They didn’t hesitate and got stuck in to a 69, even allowing Mike to move round and slide into each of them in turn. Mike would have loved to watch them make each other cum (and then fuck them), but they already had an audience and he knew that the Japanese girls would be in high demand so he and Jen went back to playing with them. Mike ate Miyako to orgasm, briefly kitty kissed her and then slid into her. He asked her if she could cum again and she gave him a little ‘hai’ so he started to fuck her. Meanwhile, Jen and Kiyomi were getting along well with Jen on top of Kiyomi in a 69, humping against her face while licking around and in Kiyomi’s little pussy. The two of them finished off before Mike got Miyako even close to cumming again and Jen wandered off to chat with Melissa and get a drink.

As Mike fucked Miyako, he teased her about how everyone was watching them and could see his cock violating her pussy. She blushed at this and said she was embarrassed, but we think she quite enjoys showing herself off (not as much as I do). Other people certainly enjoyed watching them and Mike saw Paul toying with Caroline and later in the session caught sight of Sara and told Miyako that he thought Sara might want a turn with her once they had finished. As Miyako was on top, Mike half expected one of the other guys to suggest a DP session (Mike would have agreed just for the image of both Miyako’s holes being fucked). He got to keep her to himself though and as she ground against him more feverishly, they kissed and he asked if he could empty his cum into her. She gave him another little ‘hai’ and said something else in Japanese that was beyond his understanding. Mike quietly whispered to her how much he wanted to feel her cum around him and she half-moaned, half-hummed into his ear as her orgasm built. As she started to cum he stopped holding back and felt his own orgasm quickly build and erupt into her. He told her he was cumming and she kept saying ‘iie’ (Japanese for ‘no’, which can mean ‘yes’). They kissed deeply with tongues pressing into each other’s mouths and rolled over so Mike was on top. He used a few long strokes and told her he wanted her to keep his cum deep inside her. When he asked if she had cum again she nodded and kept saying ‘hai’ in a breathless voice and Mike was quite pleased with his work.

When Mike pulled out of Miyako and sat up, she closed her legs and reached out to get her clothes. Mike decided to test our theory of her secretly enjoying exhibiting herself (because let’s face it, everyone at the party must have at least a little bit of exhibitionist tendencies). He told her that everyone thought she looked beautiful and that she shouldn’t cover herself up and gently tugged on the top she had in her hand. She allowed him to take it away from her and he gently pushed her back down onto the bed and caressed her breasts. Mike spread her arms to expose her top and asked for someone to spread he legs. Miyako let out a weak ‘iie’ but Mike whispered to her that everyone wanted to see her beautiful cunt and that it was a pity to hide it away. A few of the guys started caressing her and Mike whispered to her again, telling her to enjoy having everyone see her amazing body. As hands and fingers made their way to her breasts and pussy, Mike moved back and watched as Neil, Paul and Craig joined her on the bed and toyed with her. Mike was a little surprised that none of them seemed at all bothered by his cum leaking from her pussy (despite the frequent girl-girl action at the parties, there is little to no guy-guy action, although Corey has come out as bi).

Mike left Miyako to the other guys and went to get a drink, picking up Caroline on the way. He figured that as Paul had already been fondling her that she might be ready to play and he was right. She was a little surprised that he wanted to do things with her so soon after cumming, but she also knows that he loves eating pussy so as soon as Mike had rehydrated, she sat up on the counter in the kitchen, spread her legs and let him finger her while they kissed and he sucked on her breasts. Mike briefly ate her up on the counter but they moved into the living room and onto a sofa to do this properly. Caroline sat with her ass at the edge of the cushion and her feet up either side of her while Mike knelt on the floor and ate her. He took his time and got her fairly close to cumming, then backed off and chatted to her while stroking and fingering her. Caroline didn’t seem to mind the teasing, nor did she object when Mike let both Vicky and then Jen have brief turns at eating her – on the condition neither of them made Caroline cum. This treat was reserved for Mike and as he’d done most of the work it seemed fair. He asked Caroline if she was ready to cum and she told him she’d been ready for the last two times he’d got her close. Mike lowered his mouth to her pussy and swirled his tongue around and inside her as well as over her clit. This time he didn’t break contact until well after she came (having switched to kitty kissing her as her orgasm faded). Caroline thanked him and said she had needed that orgasm, then asked what he wanted in return. Mike told her she could repay him another time and she pouted at him and said it was only fair she repay him. In response he told her that she could fuck Oscar as he was new and the more women he got to play with, the more likely he was to come back. Caroline still wanted at least a little play with Mike’s cock so he sat back on the sofa and let her mount him. They semi-fucked for a few minutes and Mike told her he could easily cum in her but he wanted to save his next orgasm until later in the party. Caroline made a comment about it sucking to be a guy and not being able to cum many times and he reminded her that she only used to cum a couple of times when she first started coming to the parties.

Once Caroline had pulled herself off Mike’s cock, he led her over to Oscar and introduced them, told Oscar she liked being eaten and then fucked and left them to it. Mike then went to find Jen and discovered that she’d already had a session with Simone and was now chatting with Hannah, trying to get her into bed. While Hannah does things with girls at the parties, she usually (but not always) takes a little convincing to get things started. It was much easier with Mike there as well and Hannah kissed Jen while Mike stood behind her and fondled her breasts and pussy while rubbing his cock against her ass, through her skirt. Jen took over playing with Hannah’s breasts and she twisted her head round to kiss Mike. He freed his cock, lifted her skirt and slid his cock between her legs so he could rub back and forth. Jen knelt down and pushed her head under Hannah’s skirt. At first she mostly licked the head of Mike’s cock but she then pushed her head forwards and licked around Hannah’s mons. Mike pulled back so he wasn’t thrusting his cock the whole way through Hannah’s legs. Allowing Jen to make contact with Hannah’s pussy and start to eat her properly. Hannah moaned that she wanted him as well and Mike bargained with her, saying that she was really Jen’s conquest but he’d help out a bit longer if she wanted, in return for her finishing off with just Jen.

Hannah agreed to this (although it was quite clear that she was now more than ready to fuck Jen) and they moved onto the bed. Mike lay behind Hannah and slid into her while Jen lapped at Hannah’s clit. Jen quickly moved around and pressed her pussy to Hannah’s face who started licking and fingering Jen without any further encouragement. Mike told Hannah how incredibly hot she was, how he loved watching her eat Jen’s pussy and how he could happily cum in her but that Jen would probably kill him if he polluted her with his cum (Jen wouldn’t have minded, but she did want Hannah to herself as part of her aim to convert all women into lesbians). As Mike pulled out and felt Jen immediately push her head between Hannah’s legs to eat her properly, he considered asking Hannah if he could fuck her ass but as he could see she was properly stuck into Jen he restrained himself and just told her he wanted a taste of her pussy later on when Jen had finished with her.

By this point Mike was ready to fuck properly and went to find someone else who was in a similar state. He happened on Simone as she came out of the bathroom and as he hadn’t done things with her too many times, propositioned her. She told him she had just peed so he might want to wait a bit but Mike assured her that he didn’t mind as long as she was okay with it and he would make sure she was nice and wet before he entered her. Simone told him she didn’t mind at all and she liked being naughty (once again – pretty much a given for anyone at the party) and she let him press her up against the wall, kneel and lift her skirt so he could kiss her pussy. Mike asked Simone to remove her top and he looked up to watch as she slid it over her head and undid her bra to reveal her breasts. As a reward he pushed her legs apart and licked deeper between her lips. She held his head against her pussy and said it felt good and Mike stood up, lifted her and carried her into one of the bedrooms. Neil was already fucking Kiyomi on the bed but there was enough space so Mike lay Simone down, spread her legs and buried his tongue in her pussy again. As she was responding so well, he swirled it around her ass a few times, causing her to shudder, but not push him away. Unusually for Mike, he crawled back up Simone’s body and asked her if she could cum twice for him. She told him she was happy to give it a try and he said he’d eat her, then fuck her. Simone told him he could fuck her even if she couldn’t cum again and Mike thanked her (although he doesn’t like cumming in someone who isn’t cumming – or at the very least, hasn’t just cum).

Before Mike moved back down between Simone’s legs, Mike asked what she liked and she said he seemed to be doing a good job on his own and to just keep doing it. Mike said he wanted to hear her ask him to eat her so she quietly told him to eat her snatch. When he pressed his cock against her and said he liked hearing her talk dirty, she whispered in his ear again and said she wanted him to lick her little cunny. Mike rubbed his cock against her pussy and asked if she could be dirtier – she asked him to lick her twat and he pushed into her and said she was getting better and she finally told him to tongue her cunt and suck on her clit. Mike pumped back and forth in her a few times, kissed her and told her that her wish was his command. He moved back down to her pussy, briefly stopping to suck on her nipples and pushed his face into her cunt. Simone moaned and cooed as he worked on her, clearly appreciating and enjoying what he was doing. Mike experimented a fair bit, sucking on her lips, sliding his tongue into her, fingering her while lapping at her clit and occasionally paying attention to her ass, rimming and spearing her. As Simone’s orgasm built, she caressed her breasts, cupping and kneading them and gently pulling on her nipples. Mike says that she wasn’t really loud when she came but that she sounded very expressive and he loved it.

Mike ate Simone through her orgasm and kitty kissed her for a few minutes with the hope of preparing her to be fucked. Once she realised he wasn’t eating her, she relaxed and enjoyed the gentle attention and complimented him on the technique. Mike thinks it was less than five minutes after Simone came that she told him he could fuck her (although he kind of gets lost while eating pussy so he admits it could have been longer). He asked if she thought she could cum again and she told him she definitely wanted to, it would just depend on whether he could copy what he’d done with his mouth while using his cock. Mike crawled up her body once more and easily slid into her. Simone said he felt really hard and they started moving against each other. Mike went to kiss her and she tried to wipe her juices from his face so he teased her and said he thought she was meant to be a naughty girl and it would be a pity to waste her juices as she tasted so good. Simone wrinkled her nose at him, but kissed him anyway and made a show of licking her juices from his chin where she hadn’t wiped. Simone wrapped her legs around him and pushed on his ass, telling him to get deep inside her. Mike happily obliged, using long strokes most of the time but occasionally switching to rapid thrusts. As they fucked, Mike asked how many other women Simone had fucked that night. At first she acted coy but then told him she’d also played with Vicky and a couple of other guys. Mike was pleased to discover that he was the first one to make her cum (or at that point, try to cum) twice that night. As they humped against each other they exchanged whispered dirty talk with Mike telling Simone he loved the way her little cunt looked and tasted and how he thought it was cute when she squirmed and whimpered when he licked at her ass.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

January 2015 Sex Party – Part 1

It was Mike and Jen’s turn to head down to York for the sex party – (I had considered asking to go in Jen’s place as I generally want sex more than she does, but thought it would be selfish to ask as she would probably say yes and I wanted her to have the chance to enjoy herself). As a bonus (for Mike in particular), Oscar and Vicky were going to be in York as Vicky was meeting with collaborators and she was quite sure that she had convinced Oscar to attend the party.

Mike’s work colleague Ineta knew where he was going (and why) and had agreed to keep me company for at least part of the weekend. In addition, my colleague Andy also knew that Mike was going to be away and had agreed to pay me a visit (by this point Andy knew that Mike knew about him, but was still a bit unsure of actually doing things while Mike was around). This was a little disappointing as I had hoped to convince Andy to participate ‘properly’ and the thought of having a second guy on call who could join in to DP or spit roast me on demand was very appealing.

Mike and Jen left early on the Friday just after lunch so arrived before dinnertime. They met up with Vicky and Oscar and had arranged to go out for dinner. Oscar knew that both Mike and Jen intended to fuck Vicky that night and while he had been promised a chance to watch Jen and Vicky playing, he thought that was all he was going to get (until the party of course). Mike had arranged a present for Oscar though and when they arrived at the restaurant, Sara was there to meet them. Mike introduced Sara to Oscar (he knew of her from things Vicky had told him about the parties) and Mike informed Oscar that in return for the loan of Vicky, he could have Sara for the night. (This was all said in a light-hearted way, not in the ‘Vicky and Sara are our property to do with what we want’ way it sounds like here.) Sara’s demands were quite simple – she would happily spend the night with Oscar providing she got to have a go with Vicky first. This worked out well as it meant Oscar would get the chance to watch Vicky with another girl and while they all chatted away over dinner, there was apparently a strong undertone of wanting to hurry up and finish so they could get back to the hotel room.

On the way to the hotel, Oscar asked Mike for more details about the party and said he was a bit nervous about fucking in front of so many people. Mike didn’t tell him anything Vicky already hadn’t and reassured him that it was entirely his choice (well, along with whoever he was playing with) as to what they did and where. Mike explained that at our first party, we were fairly reserved but by this point we didn’t mind being completely naked and – in my case at least – the more people I had watching me the more I enjoyed it. Oscar knew that Vicky had been the ‘target’ of one of the group fucks – where we get everyone to fuck the person in turn – and was quite keen to see something like that happen to her again, at least as far as getting every girl at the party to gang up on Vicky anyway.

Back in Oscar and Vicky’s hotel room, Jen didn’t waste any time and pulled off Vicky’s top to get to her ample breasts. Sara helped out and she and Jen pushed Vicky down onto the bed and lay either side of her, sucking on Vicky’s nipples. Their hands pushed Vicky’s skirt up and fondled her. They asked Oscar to remove Vicky’s tights and panties (which he did) and Vicky had her legs pulled open with her pussy being stroked by two sets of fingers. Sara broke away first and stripped and while Jen removed her clothes, Sara helped Vicky remove her skirt so the three of them were naked. Sara was the first to get a turn at Vicky’s pussy, but that suited Jen as she loves playing with Vicky’s breasts. Jen soon mounted Vicky’s face and Mike encouraged Oscar to move up behind Sara and fondle her (although reminded Oscar that he had all night to fuck her). Sara worked her usual magic on Vicky’s pussy but didn’t let her cum so Jen could have a turn. When Sara moved out of the way, Jen bent forwards and 69ed with Vicky – Sara spread Jen’s ass cheeks to let Oscar see as Vicky’s tongue lapped at Jen’s pussy (Oscar knows not to touch Jen) and Sara then took him in her mouth and sucked on his cock before lying on her back and asking him to fuck her. He did as requested while repeatedly looking over at Jen and Vicky who were still buried in each other’s pussies. Mike was quite surprised that Vicky hadn’t cum yet, given how close Sara had got her, but later discovered that Jen was mostly just kitty kissing her and licking her just enough to keep her nicely aroused, but not trying to make her cum. Sara let Oscar enjoy being in her cunt for a while and then asked Jen if she wanted to finish Vicky off ‘properly’ for Oscar to see. They changed position so Jen was on her back, Vicky sitting over Jen’s face bent forwards away from her and Sara on top of Jen with her tongue swirling around Vicky’s ass. Mike and Oscar watched as Vicky was doubled teamed to orgasm and once the three girls separated, Jen told Oscar that Sara loved having her ass licked and if Oscar were to indulge her that she might be very appreciative and appropriately keen to do things that he liked. Sara blushed when Jen said this and started telling Oscar he didn’t have to do it to her, but when Vicky knelt behind Sara and lapped around her ass, causing Sara to let out a few moans, Jen told her there wasn’t any point in denying the things she liked.

Oscar told Mike and Jen to take care of Vicky and in return they told him to take good care of little Sara. He was spending the night at her place so grabbed a few things to take with him and set off. Mike dared Sara to go naked under her coat but it was too cold out for that – as a compromise, she wore her tights and a t-shirt under her coat, but stuffed her skirt and underwear in Oscar’s bag. The two of them set off and Mike told Vicky he wanted a chance to eat her. She said she wanted his cock in her, but had expected him to eat her first so settled back on the bed and made herself comfortable. Jen kept herself occupied by playing with Vicky’s breasts again and in turn letting Vicky play with hers. Jen hadn’t cum yet and Mike occasionally reached over to fondle her pussy, but Vicky’s fingers spent more time between Jen’s legs. As Jen got close, she hugged Vicky and pulled herself hard up against her body. Having her hand squashed between their bodies made it a bit more awkward for Vicky to frig Jen but she managed and Mike heard Jen mew away between kissing Vicky. He lapped at Vicky a bit faster and for good measure occasionally dragged his tongue over her ass and soon felt Vicky shudder as she came. He kissed Vicky for a few minutes longer, then moved up her body and lay on her, slipping his cock into her pussy and kissed both her and Jen. Vicky said she wasn’t ready to fuck and Mike told her he knew, but wanted to enjoy the warmth of her pussy around him.

The three of them chatted as Mike gently moved in Vicky. They discussed what they thought Oscar would be getting up to with Sara and Vicky wondered if he would actually eat her ass (we’ve only just got him trained to go down on Vicky properly). Mike said he’d pick up the slack if needed (he much prefers eating Sara’s pussy, but is happy to indulge her in order to keep on her good side and be allowed to eat and fuck her). Mike then teased Vicky about how much she had enjoyed having Sara rim her and asked if he’d done as good a job. Vicky blushed but said that Sara was clearly more experienced (and enthusiastic) so Mike crawled back down between her legs and speared her a few times. He then got Vicky to roll over onto her stomach and pressed his cock up against her ass, lay on top of her and asked if she wanted any more attention there. Vicky reached down and spread her pussy, then whispered that she would prefer his cock ‘there’. Mike couldn’t see what she was doing and pretended he didn’t understand so asked her to tell him where she wanted him – she replied and said she wanted his cock in her pussy and for him to fuck her so he moved the head down, rubbed up and down the length of her slit and then pressed into her. In this position, it was only natural for Jen to move so she was sitting in front of Vicky and she pushed her pussy against Vicky’s face. Vicky immediately started eating Jen as Mike steadily fucked her. They kept this up for a while and Mike then reached around to play with Vicky’s clit. Vicky broke away from Jen’s pussy and asked Mike to fuck her harder so he started thrusting into her with more force. She asked to go on top and have him really fuck her and Mike agreed so Vicky apologised to Jen and said she would finish things off afterwards, but really wanted to feel him hammer her.

Mike lay on his back and held his cock in place for Vicky to mount him. She slid the whole length into her and then leaned forwards to whisper ‘fuck me hard’ in his ear. Mike eagerly obliged, took hold of her ass cheeks and started pumping in and while pushing her down to meet his thrusts. Vicky kept telling him ‘harder’ until he was hammering away at full speed inside her, their bodies slapping against each other with each stroke. Mike felt Jen’s hand on Vicky’s ass and he pulled Vicky’s cheeks apart to allow Jen to stroke her fingers over Vicky’s ass (he didn’t know if Jen intended to push a finger into her ass or not but Jen just rubbed around the area). Vicky lasted quite a while like this, but she couldn’t hold back forever and panted at Mike that she was getting close. They kissed passionately and he told her he wanted her to cum for him – Vicky lifted her face away from his, looked him in the eyes and said ‘anytime’. Mike kept thrusting into her and Vicky came, gave him a little smile and then kissed him again. Mike pumped into her until he came – which took hardly any time as he’d been holding back for quite a while and when he stopped moving, they rolled over and Vicky wrapped her legs around him.

Mike and Vicky were both covered in sweat and after gently moving in her for a couple of minutes, Mike pulled out and his cum immediately leaked from Vicky’s pussy. As if she’d been waiting for this, Jen smeared the cum over her fingers and rubbed it over Vicky’s breasts – repeating this time after time before lowering her mouth to them and kissing and licking each breast all over. Jen climbed over Vicky and pressed their bodies together. They kissed and Jen humped against Vicky’s thigh – Vicky asked Jen if she wanted to finish off what they’d been doing earlier and Jen told Vicky to go ahead. She climbed up over Vicky’s face, pressed herself against Vicky’s mouth and humped back and forth. Vicky held on to Jen’s legs and lapped at her and Mike sat over Vicky’s stomach, reached around to Jen’s nipples and gently squeezed them to help things along. Jen’s mewing steadily increased as she got more aroused and Mike pinched her nips a few times, causing her to shudder and mew louder. He let Vicky be the one to actually make Jen cum though and Mike contented himself with rubbing his cock against Vicky’s breasts.

They three of them lay and chatted for a while with Jen spooning behind Vicky and reaching around to play with Vicky’s nipples. Jen tweaked one of Vicky’s nips a bit too firmly (Jen enjoys a bit of pain, Vicky doesn’t – or at least not to anywhere near the same extent – and Vicky reached back to slap Jen’s ass. Mike pointed out that this would only encourage Jen and told Vicky that she could always ‘punish’ Jen if she wanted to. Vicky said she was game for that and helped Mike wrestle Jen onto her back – Mike sat over Jen’s back and Vicky sat on Jen’s legs, then started to slap Jen’s ass. At first she only gave Jen fairly gently slaps but Jen told her to be harder so Vicky slapped Jen until her ass was glowing pink. Mike suggested they turn Jen over and once Mike and Jen dismounted, Jen rolled over and spread her legs, then told Vicky to do her worst (Jen could only say that as she trusts Vicky – she’s never say it to Mel). Both Mike and Vicky took turns slapping Jen’s pussy and Mike then spread Jen’s pussy lips while Vicky knelt between Jen’s legs and flicked Jen’s clit. With each flick, Jen flinched but told them to keep going and Vicky commented on how wet Jen’s pussy was getting. Vicky wanted to see if she could get Jen off and after pulling back the skin to completely expose Jen’s clit, she positioned her hand and rapidly flicked Jen’s clit. Jen let out yelp after yelp and Mike had to sit over her chest and hold her legs firmly to keep her in position for Vicky. Jen didn’t make her usual mewing sounds and kept yelping, but also said it felt wonderful so Vicky continued until Jen repeatedly bucked her hips and let out a series of orgasmic sounds. Vicky stopped too soon and Jen told her to keep going so Vicky resumed her flicking until Jen stopped cumming and rested her body back into the bed – still flicking with each flick and letting out little yelps. Mike released his grip of Jen’s legs and got Vicky to move so he could examine Jen’s pussy. He very gently kitty kissed Jen – at first she flinched but as Mike continued she relaxed more and let his tongue sooth her. Vicky was sent down to get some ice from the bar and even agreed to go just wearing one of the hotel’s dressing gowns (sadly she didn’t make much use of her state of attire and just returned 5 minutes later with a cup of ice that she used to further soothe Jen’s pussy and clit).

While Vicky isn’t in to pain, she did allow Mike and Jen to use some of the ice on her – Jen rubbed the cubes over Vicky’s clit and pussy lips and even pushed a bit up into her before sucking it out. Mike meanwhile worked on Vicky’s nipples, circling each one in turn with ice and occasionally licking the cold meltwater from her breasts. Jen fed the last bits of each ice cube to Vicky and called Mike to come admire Vicky’s pussy. The ice had tightened up her skin and Vicky let them take a few pictures before Jen fingered Vicky, working three fingers into her and then frigging her clit. The depths of Vicky’s cunt were as warm and slick as always and as Jen worked her fingers in and out, her pussy lips began to warm up and take on a more aroused colour. Mike teased Vicky and said that she should be should ask to be the target at the party again but she said even though Oscar said he liked the idea of seeing that, she wasn’t sure he was really ready to watch her chain fucked by a group of guys. Mike and Jen each sucked on one of Vicky’s nipples as Jen carried on frigging and fucking her. Vicky told them she had missed them and held their heads against her breasts as her orgasm built and pulsed through her pussy. They then shared a three way kiss (these aren’t really that practical – more just for fun) and Mike spooned inside Vicky as they chatted some more and eventually dozed off.

Oscar’s night also went fairly well – almost as soon as they had got back to Sara’s place and she had pulled her coat off, Oscar pulled off her t-shirt and tights and started fondling her. Sara fished his cock out and gave it another suck, then lay back on the bed, spread he legs and asked what he wanted to do. He rubbed his cock against her pussy until it was coated in her juices and then pushed into her. Sara let him slide in and out of her for a while and then they switched position so she could ride him. I had told her that Oscar could last a fair while so she wasn’t surprised that he took his time and they went back to him on top for a while and then switched to doggy style. Oscar caressed Sara’s ass as they fucked and he asked her why she liked being licked there so much. Sara said she didn’t know but that it just felt incredible (she actually does know but just wasn’t going to tell someone she’d just met). He pumped away in her while frigging her clit and once Sara had cum he checked again that she was okay with him cumming in her and then emptied himself into her pussy. As his cum dribbled out of her pussy, she smeared it around the area and told him that it did indeed feel as silky as she had been told (by me). Sara gently stroked Oscar’s cock as he went soft and let him finger her pussy and ass. Give he is one of our friends, she had been expecting him to eat her (pussy or ass) and probably fuck her again but he was done for the night and didn’t press her to do any more.

On the Saturday morning, Sara asked Oscar to go down on her, which he did. As he lapped at her pussy she asked him to try rimming her and then said she’d let him fuck her again if he did a good job. Oscar liked the sound of this and licked around and over Sara’s ass as she squirmed around on the bed. From her reports, he did a fairly good job, but wasn’t as committed to it as he could have been and Sara had to also frig herself in order to get off (Oscar’s tongue apparently did a fair bit of the work, she just needed a little clitoral stimulation to help push herself over the edge to orgasm). As promised, she let him fuck her (after a little recovery time) and this time she rode him for most of the session, letting him fondle her breasts while she reached behind her to fondle his balls. Just before he came, she asked if he wanted to save his cum for the party or cum in her. This question interrupted his building orgasm and he asked what people normally did. Sara told him that we usually try to refrain from sex during the day before the party (although I generally have t least a morning orgasm) but that it was up to him and she would happily take his cum if he wanted to pump it into her. Sara had kept riding him while they had this discussion and he said he wanted to cum in her, but then decided he would wait until later. Sara told him she was impressed with his self-control and rode him a little while longer (just a bit more gently), then led him to the bathroom to shower with him. She had an ulterior motive here and got him to use the shower jet on her ass (she says this isn’t as good as being licked, but still feels nice).

Jen, Mike and Vicky had a gentle morning session. They ordered breakfast and Mike then ate Jen as she ate Vicky (without either of the girls getting to cum). Mike then had a go at Vicky’s pussy while she lapped at Jen and Mike had a brief turn fucking Vicky before letting her finish things off with Jen in a 69. I’d like to say that this was all meticulously timed to coincide with the arrival of breakfast but Mike would have happily carried on fucking Vicky for longer and only pulled out and allowed Jen access to Vicky’s pussy when they heard the knock on the door. Mike donned a robe and answered, inviting the guy to wheel the food in. Jen (who was on top), hammed things up a bit and ate Vicky faster, then raised her head and looked at the guy as she slid a couple of fingers into Vicky’s pussy and slowly fingered her). Jen then went a step further and sat up over Vicky’s face, pulled Vicky’s legs apart and told the guy he could have her if he wanted. The guy looked at Mike, who just shrugged and told him to go ahead if he wanted and stepped into the bathroom. Jen said the guy kept watching them so she spread Vicky’s pussy and fingered her some more but he kept looking at the still open door and said he really needed to get back to work. Jen wasn’t really disappointed about this and happily went back to eating Vicky (almost forgetting to call Mike to say the guy had gone). Mike started on breakfast while watching the two girls and slowly stroked his cock as he enjoyed the display. Once they had finished and Vicky saw him sitting at the end of the bed with his cock in his hand she told him he could always finish off in her, but Mike said he intended to save his cum for the party. Vicky didn’t know at this point that Oscar had decided the same thing and said she was sure he was fucking Sara (which he technically had done – but she meant that she thought he would also cum in her).

Vicky occasionally surprises us (although we are well aware she was quite sexual anyway even before we further corrupted her). She took some of the honey from the breakfast tray and drizzled it over Mike’s cock, then knelt and licked repeatedly. She smeared more honey on him and sucked him clean a couple more times. She then put a larger dollop on his cock and knelt up, wrapped her breasts around his cock and rubbed up and down. Honey obviously isn’t the best lubricant, but as she wasn’t trying to actually make him cum this didn’t matter too much. When Vicky pulled away, both Mike’s cock and her breasts were covered with the sticky mess and Mike told her that he wanted a chance to get his own back. Jen told him not to be too greedy but he pointed out that she’d already had her fun with Vicky so it was only fair. He put a pair of boxer shorts on to prevent making a mess of the bed and got Vicky to lie down with a towel under her pussy. Mike started off with some honey and then used yoghurt, making a bit sticky mess and smearing it all around her pussy and thighs before burying his face in her cunt and eating her until she came. By the time Mike finished, his face and cheeks were covered so the two of them had to go straight into the shower. Jen decided that as they were so dirty, she should help to clean them off and joined them – which was a bit of a squeeze, but they managed to both crouch down enough to let Jen add her own liquid to the mix (for those of you who are new readers, she peed on them) and both Mike and Vicky had a turn licking Jen while she was still peeing.