Friday, 29 January 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 11

Julia was the next to appear and asked me (over the microphone) if I liked being watched. I said yes and she asked me to elaborate so I told everyone I liked people watching me being stimulated, me having my cunt being played with and most of all me cumming. Julia asked me if I wanted to be fucked and I said I did and almost immediately felt someone press a cock against my pussy. Susan was still lying on top of me so I couldn’t see the person at that point. She climbed off though and I watched as a random guy pushed in to me and started pumping away while kneading my breasts. It felt nice but was too soon after cumming for me to feel much more so I just humped back against him and told him to enjoy my cunt and that I wanted him to use me and cum. He did as instructed and after cumming, pulled out and left me with my legs spread and pussy exposed to the crowd again. This only lasted for a moment though as another guy appeared and said it was his turn. Julia came with him and put a generous dollop of lube in my pussy before he pushed in to me and I let him fuck me. I was so wet that I couldn’t feel a great deal but still enjoyed the situation. I wanted to cum again for my audience though so played with my clit but didn’t manage to cum before the guy did. Fortunately Mel had already arranged my next guy but this time I was told to turn over and he started off by taking me from behind. Susan asked if I wanted my ass fucked and I told her yes so she added some lube and I felt the guy’s cock slide in to my ass. Fortunately he wasn’t too rough (and I was sufficiently lubed) so it felt quite good and this was helped by Susan reached down to my pussy and playing with it. I was surprised to see Ashraf appear on stage and the guy was told to turn me round so I was lying across the bed – once we had changed position Ashraf pulled his cock out and offered it to my mouth so I took him and sucked and stroked his cock. The guy came in my ass (in a condom) and Ashraf came in my mouth (although didn’t produce much cum) and I was close to cumming but still not quite there.

Susan poured more beer over me and handed the bottle to me, telling me to finish what I’d started earlier. I’d enjoyed having other people play with me but the thought of masturbating myself to orgasm in front of a crowd was a real turn on (it’s not egotism, I’m just an exhibitionist) and I took the bottle and pushed the neck deep into my cunt. Susan and Julia stroked and sucked on my nipples while I fucked and frigged myself and Susan then told me she would take care of my clit and that I should finger my ass again. I could hear what she was saying through the PA, along with my moans and panting. Jules asked what I could feel and I tried to describe how each part of my body felt as they caressed it or I probed it. I told them I was going to cum and literally begged them to keep going – and then had to tell them what I wanted them to do to me, along with where and how I wanted to be touched. I had two fingers buried in my ass and was pumping the bottle in and out and it felt like I was pushing it deeper than I usually would. I said over and over that I was going to cum and I swore and used the dirtiest language I could, telling Julia that I wanted to eat her and that I’d take whoever wanted me. I imagined acting out one of my favourite fantasies that was pretty much this, but involved having every person in the room use me and all the guys cumming in and over me. As I came I looked up a little to look at the audience watching me and while not everyone was watching (having people cum on stage isn’t too unusual for this club), there were enough to satisfy me and I pushed hard and let my orgasm pulse through me.

This definitely felt better than the previous one but still wasn’t earth-shattering and I managed to keep cumming for what felt like a fair amount of time. I collapsed back on the bed and the bottle slipped from my hand (I’d nearly dropped it a number of times as it was covered in lube) but fortunately it didn’t break. I relaxed with my cunt on display once more and basked in my pleasure. My relaxation was short lived though and as surprised as I’d been to see Ashraf, I was even more surprised when Jen appeared on stage. It quickly became obvious what was about to happen when she smeared lube over her hand and rubbed it up and down my pussy. She said that it was time to show them what I could really do and I whined that I couldn’t cum again so soon (which was picked up by the microphone) but the crowd had also figured out that she was about to fist me and a few people were chanting ‘fist, fist, fist’. I pushed the microphone away a bit and told her I’d only let her do it if she dropped her skirt. I was prepared to negotiate on this as I didn’t expect her to agree, but she just reached down and undid the zip, letting it slide down her legs. I asked how drunk she was and she said ‘fairly’ so I told her she could proceed as long as she was careful. Jen moved to the side of me and ran her fingers up and down my slit a few more times and said that it didn’t matter if I’d agreed, she intended to let them all see her dominate me and then pushed four fingers into me.

I easily took them (as I’ve said, I’d used more of the bottle than usual and I was well lubricated) and I felt Jen fold her thumb in and push it into me as well. As she worked more of her hand into me I teased her about her being half naked in front of a hundred people and told her how they would be going home tonight and cumming while thinking about her legs, her ass and her cunt. Jen just replied by saying that it was more likely they’d be thinking about me masturbating or being fucked and fisted. She stroked my clit and I told her I still didn’t think I’d cum again but Jen is persistent (and knows what I like). I told her if I was letting the crowd see me do this (which Jen corrected to ‘having this done to me’) that they should at least get to see her naked. I wasn’t surprised when she refused to remove her top as even after years of Mike, Sue, Lis, Lucy and me telling her that her breasts look amazing and her being far less self-conscious about their size, she still doesn’t like too many people seeing them. I had already decided on my bait though and told her it would be a shame to get her top wet and that I’d rather spray her skin than her clothes. I could see her wavering almost immediately so I continued and told her if she stripped that I would empty everything in my bladder over her as I came and if she wanted I would then eat her and let her piss over me with everyone watching.

Jen withdrew her hand from my cunt, leaving me feeling very empty and I imagined that I had a gaping hole facing the crowd (I know it doesn’t quite work like that). She went to grab her top but didn’t want to cover it in lube so I sat up and helped out, pulling her top up and over her head before tossing it towards her skirt. Jen kicked them both out of the line of fire and pushed her hand back into me and as she continued I teased her more about how she would definitely be in many people’s minds as they came. She just kept moving her hand back and forth inside me, twisting it slightly as she did so and rapidly frigging me with her other hand. Jen knows my fantasies well and described everyone lining up to fuck me, how my cunt and mouth would take cock after cock, emptying load after load into me and I told her that it was working and if she carried on that she would get another orgasm out of me. It felt like it took ages for my orgasm to build but it wasn’t actually that long and I shouted that I was getting close (nobody had moved the microphone back). Between pants I told Jen that I was about to cum and as she moved around the bed a bit I twisted my body a little to aim at her. I told her to frig me harder and as my orgasm started I did as promised and pushed, letting out a stream of piss that arced out and splashed onto Jen’s body. I moved my hips up and down, aiming the jet as best I could (which isn’t easy while being distracted by an orgasm). Jen looked quite happy with my efforts and by the time I finished cumming, her whole front was soaked and my pee was dripping from her face, breasts and pussy.

Jen hadn’t quite finished yet though and pulled her hand from my cunt, wiped it over my stomach and breasts and then buried her face in my pussy (this is why you should always make sure that the lube you use is edible). Jen pushed her tongue into me and licked around the inside of my pussy as far as she could reach and then rubbed her face around my cunt. I was sure that in her current state that she’d be willing to go further and I told her to either switch places with me or to let me kneel under her to eat her and she could empty her bladder over me. Jen hesitated and I told her she might not get a chance to do that in front of so many people again but I kind of forgot that the point of it for her was the pee, not how many people it was in front of. Jen said I could repay her later on and that she would drink a lot more to prepare for it, but pulled away from me and said that her part of the show was done. To her credit, she just picked her clothes up and walked off the stage to where the others were before she got dressed again.

The guy who’d wheeled the bed out for me came and said that I’d done enough. I certainly doubted that I could have done any more at that point but I was still disappointed my show was over but as I gingerly climbed off the bed and gathered up my clothes I saw the clock and realised I’d been on stage for the best part of an hour. I carefully made my way down the stairs and met up with our group. A number of random people complimented me and my display and a few asked me if I wanted to fuck. Usually I would have been happy to let them use me but I definitely needed a break and told them maybe later (actually meaning that, but I’m sure they thought I was just brushing them off). We returned to one of the side rooms and I told Jen that I was really impressed that she had gone naked on stage. She deliberately drank some water and then told me she was looking forward to the rematch but Susan told her it would have to wait as I had somewhere else to be. I asked what she meant but she wouldn’t tell me and just said that I would need to be ready to leave in a little while and that I should clean up a bit. I was somewhat of a mess with a mix of beer, lube and pee over various parts of my body so I headed off to the toilets and did the best I could to wash myself down. Jen helped out a bit and after using up a good portion of the paper towels I felt a bit fresher. I retrieved my bra from Lisa and tightened by belt around what was left of my t-shirt – enough to hold the bits in place and mostly cover my breasts but not enough to make it look like I was anywhere near decently dressed. I made Abrahii promise to take care of Jen (both in the making sure she was okay and the having fun sense), kissed a few people goodbye and headed out with Susan to find a taxi.

She still wouldn’t tell me where we were going but when we arrived I recognised the place. I eagerly asked if we were visiting Pasha again but Susan said no and led me up to the third floor and knocked on a door. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t recognise the guy at first and it was only when Susan said that as they had made me cum, it was only fair I do the same for them that I realised it was one of the guys who had played with me on the stairs much earlier that day. Susan gently pushed me into the room and told the guy that he could fuck me as long as she could watch. He thought this was a little strange but I told Susan that there was no way she could just watch and if she was staying then she was going to be naked too. The guy liked the sound of this a lot more and Susan told me to undress her (which I did) and she then stripped me naked. I wondered how tight (or specifically how loose) I would feel after my fisting, but the guy didn’t comment as he fingered me and kissed my breasts. Susan knelt and put a condom on his cock and started to suck him but he was quickly guided into my pussy and started fucking me. I coaxed Susan up onto the bed and went down on her, telling her that she was way behind me so needed to cum multiple times. I actually only managed to get one orgasm out of her before the guy came in me and Susan let him explore my pussy and play with my breasts for a little while before saying it was time for our next house call.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 10

Things went in a slightly different direction as while I’d been busy playing with myself, Abrahii had already lined up my next session. It was an older woman (probably in her 50’s, but I’m not that good at guessing ages) and she told me she’d happily take the bottle and lifted her dress to indicate she was serious. I’m not actually that used to doing things with women who are older than me (although I’ve done a number of older guys – even discounting Mike) and I felt a little nervous as I reached towards her panties. She pushed my hand against her crotch and said she wanted me to fuck and eat her so I snaked a couple of fingers under her panties and stroked back and forth across her pussy. She certainly felt quite wet and I slid two and then three fingers into her. She got me to pull her panties off and carefully folded them into her purse before spreading her legs and asking me to continue. I fingered her and massaged her breasts through her top with my other hand and a guy (who turned out to be her husband) helped out by unbuttoning her dress and freeing one of her breasts for me to suck on. We moved on to me using the bottle in her (and I got a lot more into her pussy than I’d managed to fit in mine). Unfortunately I wasn’t in a good position to see her cunt swallowing the bottle but Jen said that it looked hot and that she was thinking about fisting the woman. Once again, Abrahii pushed things forward and while dangling a dental dam she told the woman I loved going down on girls (the woman loved the fact that Abrahii referred to her as a ‘girl’).

The offer was accepted and she sat down on a bench. I knelt in front of her and had a few licks but her husband got me to stand up and bend forwards so he could carry on fondling me (he’d mostly been stroking my breasts up until that point). I’m told that Abrahii was the one who fished his cock out and even sucked him before indicating that he could use me at the same time. The first I knew of this was when I felt him press against my pussy and Abrahii spread my cheeks and lips to help him get into me. The downside of this position was that it was a really bad angle to eat the woman so she ended up changing position and half lying down on the bench with me standing beside her so her husband was standing beside her head (or upper body). In this position I could easily get my head right between her legs and lick her properly. As I was using the dental dam I couldn’t finger her at the same time but she seemed to enjoy the licking well enough. Both she and her husband reached around under me and fondled my breasts and I felt hands roaming over my back and ass as well. I got the woman off but her husband was still going strong in me so I concentrated on humping back against him (I didn’t have the energy to contract my pussy around him but I also assumed I was a fair bit tighter than his wife anyway). He fucked me for a fair while and at one point his wife told him to hurry up or I might get bored but I told them I was enjoying it and that it was nice to have a guy take his time inside me. She asked if I wanted to cum again and I told her I wouldn’t object if she wanted to help out and she reached under me to fondle my breasts more and also played with my clit. With a bit of adjustment we found a position that allowed me to suck on her nipples (one at a time) and as I got closer to cumming I moaned and then almost shouted at her husband to fuck me harder and faster. He certainly did his bit and the woman seemed quite experienced with her fingers and I came yet again. The husband still wasn’t finished though and I just slumped in the woman’s lap as he pumped away inside me for another few minutes. I felt a little tender by the time he came but I allowed him to finish off and when he pulled out I removed his condom, stroked his cum around his cock and then massaged his wife’s breasts and pussy with my cum-covered hands.

Jen escorted me to the bathroom so I could wash my hands and unlike in the bar where my fucking in the toilets was rather frowned upon, nobody seemed to be upset by the fact that a girl was sitting up on the counter between the sinks with another girl eating her (a couple of girls and a guy were actually watching. Jen went to pee while I washed my hands and left the cubicle door open so she could watch the girls (and let people watch her pee). She didn’t quite masturbate as she peed, but certainly toyed with her clit and when she had finished she asked the girl being eaten if anyone could join in. She said she didn’t care (and was obviously enjoying herself) but instead of helping out with her, Jen ran her hand across the back of the girl who was doing the eating. The girl looked round, saw Jen and me and went back to eating the other girl – Jen took this as a sign of acceptance and slid her hand down over the girl’s ass and back up under her skirt. I’m not used to Jen being the one driving things forward but I was happy to assist and I slipped a hand under the girl’s skirt as well and we both caressed her ass through her panties. Jen was the first to work her fingers under the leg-band but not to be outdone I pulled the panties down a little so we could both get to the girl’s pussy and between us we fingered and frigged her. I told Jen we should ask if any of the other people watching wanted to help out but Jen said no and that she would explain later. The girl on the counter came sometime around this point and Jen asked her if she could finish things off with the girl we were fingering. The girl who’d just cum didn’t seem to care and as she climbed down Jen asked the girl f she wanted to be fingered or eaten. She opted for being eaten and quickly slid her panties off and took position on the counter. Jen produced a dental dam and quickly got stuck in while I let the girl suck my fingers clean of her juices. I decided it was a pity to waste the position Jen was in so I washed my hands and knelt behind her to lick her (Mike, Jen and I rarely get to do things with each other while we’re away as we usually take advantage of the access to other people). Jen got the girl off before I made her cum but her pussy seemed quite wet by the time I finished and while I would have liked to make her cum, I knew she was now horny enough that she’d have to get someone to finish what I’d started.

When we got back to the others, they accepted my excuse of being a bit tender still so I was allowed a bit of a break. The time wasn’t wasted though as Julia happily took care of Jen and I saw Ashraf being toyed with by both Mel and Nicholas and managed to convince James to try to fuck Mel (she is usually the one doing things to other people). Mel actually went along with this but following the fuck I was told I had to eat her clean as all of the guys’ cum was meant for me that day. I dutifully did this and she didn’t taste too bad so instead of just licking her I went for it properly and ate her until she came. Mel told me I was being naughty and hadn’t been told to do that, but didn’t seem to0 upset by the unexpected orgasm (and it’s not as if she couldn’t have told me to stop, I’m reasonably good, but it wasn’t like I made her cum instantly).

I danced with a few of the group for a while and while dancing with Lisa I was aware that she was leading me towards the stage. Unfortunately there was only a normal band playing that night (so no sex shows) but I let her think I didn’t see what was happening and let her get us right to the stage. Lisa told me that as I liked putting on a show that I should do it properly and got me to sit up on the steps at the side of the stage so she could easily finger me in view of everyone dancing (or everyone close to the stage anyway). Mel joined her and I had the scraps of my t-shirt pushed back over my shoulders and Mel told me to remove my bra so I was effectively naked. I made Lisa tuck my bra into her skirt as I didn’t want to lose it and allowed both her and Mel to finger me. Mel went down on me for a bit and I wasn’t too surprised when she emptied a beer bottle over my breasts (not a full one) and told me to put on a show and fuck myself. That was pretty much a dream for me and even though I was still a little tender from before I accepted the challenge. To be fair, both Mel and Lisa spat on my pussy a few times to help add some lube and just a little way in to my show Mel appeared with a tube of actual lube which made things go even better.

I worked the bottle back in to my pussy and pumped away while Mel’s, Lisa’s and then also Susan’s hands stroked and caressed my body. I was acutely aware that a number of people were watching me and tried to spread my legs to let them see as much as possible. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be for me to actually cum as I was getting tired but I could feel something stirring in my pussy and was quite certain I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity and would manage. That was what I thought until I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up to see one of the staff standing beside me. There clearly wasn’t any point in trying to hide what I was doing but I stopped fucking myself with the bottle and waited to see if he was going to tell me to stop or to leave the club,not so much for my exhibitionism, the club was full of people like that – more for doing things (almost) on the stage. I was floored by what he actually said though as he asked if I wanted the bed out on stage to do things properly (he actually had to ask twice as we were very close to the speakers). Apparently my eyes lit up when I realised what was being offered and I told him yes repeatedly. I slipped the bottle from my pussy as I sat and waited, then watched as ‘the bed’ (more like a trolled with a padded top) was wheeled out. I’d seen this be used on the stage before when the Rockbitch tribute band had been playing and knew that occasionally people from the audience had been allowed to ‘perform’ on stage (although I hadn’t actually seen this). I knew that I’d definitely cum now as I would be visible to everyone in the main area of the club and as far as I could recall, I’d never been watched by that many people before.

The guy looked over at me and nodded towards the trolley. I slowly got up and walked on to the stage (it was off to one side as the band were still present but I could see pretty much all of the room). I felt a bit nervous and somewhat self-conscious but also incredibly aroused and vowed to make the most of it so slipped my boots, socks and t-shirt off so I was actually naked (not messing around with any of this ‘effectively’ naked stuff anymore). I climbed up on the ‘bed’ and sat facing the audience, spread my legs and started to stroke myself. I lifted my breasts up and licked at the nipples and slowly progressed to fingering myself. I lay back and reached around under one leg so I could finger myself while using the other hand to frig my clit and then dropped my fingers to my ass and pushed them in. I was blissfully pumping fingers into both my holes when Susan appeared at my side and asked if I wanted any help – I told her that I’d happily let anyone fuck me and she disappeared for a moment and then pushed my hands away and buried her tongue in my cunt. I felt it was unfair for it to just be me getting pleasure so told her to sit over me so I could eat her as well and she clambered up onto the bed so we could 69. I pushed my face into her cunt and licked her hard and fast and she did the same to me – I switched between concentrating on the fact that we were the centre of attention and just losing myself in the sensations we were giving each other. Susan hadn't cum as many times as me that day so I got her off first but held her in place and kitty kissed her quite forcefully as she kept eating me. I had a feeling that my orgasm was likely to be strong and braced myself for it but just before I came I saw a microphone being pushed towards my head. I panted a few no’s to indicate they should take it away but this had no effect (other than me hearing my ‘no’ over the PA). I was too close to hold back and didn’t really care if people heard me cum (given they were watching me) so went with it and moaned loudly as I came, telling Susan to eat me, finger me, fuck me and make me cum. I buried my mouth in her cunt again and slurped at it as noisily as I could (trying to make realistic sex sounds and not just porn-like moans). I had a pretty good orgasm – not quite as strong as I’d anticipated, but still good and Susan eased off and kitty kissed me as I lay there panting.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 9

On the way to the next bar we ducked into an alleyway and Abrahii slit my top down the back with a scalpel blade (there are uses to knowing people who study medicine). The cut went from the top of the t-shirt right down to the top of my ass and I asked if there was any hope that the shirt would be wearable by the end of the night. Abrahii just asked what I thought and I pointed out that it was a good thing that my jacket was long enough to keep me covered. My ‘new’ outfit certainly got some attention, especially when Mel used the cut in the back to reach in to the shirt and caress my breasts while we were chatting to some guys. I was told to turn around so I was facing away from them and Mel invited them to copy what she had done. Two of them (one after the other) did so and both discovered the fact that my bra let them get to most of my nipples. With a few of the gang crowded around me to provide cover, I was told to let the belt out a few notches so instead of being around my waist it hung quite loosely off one hip and with this done (and Mel’s further encouragement) one guy slipped a hand down to my crotch and told his friends that I was indeed naked down there. A couple of them took turns fingering me until Lisa piped up and said they should stop being wimps and finish the job. The guy who was fondling me at the time asked if I really wanted him to make me cum and I told him yes and pressed his hand harder against my pussy. As his fingers stroked my clit I ground back against his crotch and could feel him getting hard. I had to control my expression as even though I had friends standing around me, I couldn’t let anyone else know what was going on –nevertheless I still moaned a bit so the guy frigging me knew I was enjoying myself (and it was loud enough that it didn’t make much difference).

At one point I was worried he was going to stop so I pressed his hand against my crotch harder (my hands were outside my shirt but his were still inside touching me directly). He took the hint and kept going until I came, at which point Abrahii handed hiind m a condom and said he deserved payment for making me cum. I was a bit out of breath from my standing orgasm (or the combination of standing and concentrating on maintaining my composure as I came). The guy asked if she was being serious so I took him by the hand and led him towards the toilets. His friends let out a cheer but I didn’t stop and just pulled him into the ladies toilets, into a cubicle and told him to push the door shut behind us. I turned around, sat on the toilet, quickly freed his cock, rolled the condom on and took him in my mouth. I was determined to do things properly this time and as I sucked him I started to pull my t-shirt off and indicated he should help. I intended to leave the belt on but when I stood up it just got in the way so I just let it slide down my legs and hung it up on the coat hook. The guy lifted one of my legs up and I helped to guide him in to me and we fucked up against the wall of the cubicle. I then bent forwards, resting against the toilet and let him fuck me from behind and after a while of this, got him to sit on the toilet so I could mount and ride him.

Someone else came in while we were doing this but I whispered to just keep going. We did one better and actually changed position so I was still riding him, but facing away from him so he could fondle my breasts and play with my clit. We weren’t making a lot of noise, but I wasn’t trying to be silent either so I assumed that whoever was with us knew what was happening. Another person came in and I lost count of how many people came and went but figured we’d better hurry just in case so I went back to standing and leaning forwards so the guy could fuck me from behind. I made it clear that I wanted to cum again and he frigged me nicely as we fucked. As soon as I came I grabbed his hand and sucked on his fingers as I pushed back against him and then let him concentrate on finishing off. He pumped away in me hard and I felt him push deeper but it didn’t take long and he stopped. I freed myself from his cock and then gently sucked on it before pulling the condom off. I was a little mean and did this so all of the cum would pour out and over his cock but I rubbed it in to his cock and balls (making a nice mess) before telling him to help me get dressed. I let him slip my t-shirt over my head and stepped in to my belt, then got the guy to open the door and he made a quick exit past a few women. I didn’t say anything as I washed my hands until one of them asked if I’d really just fucked someone in the toilet. I told her that he was quite good and I’d really needed to cum but apologised if I’d stopped her from being able to pee. One of the other women called me a slut but I told her I didn’t see why I shouldn’t enjoy myself. We did leave fairly quickly once I got back to the others as I thought someone might have reported what I’d done, but we got out safely.

I was told that our next stop was the hardcore club and that I’d be expected to make the most of the opportunity. We had to queue for a bit and Abrahii made use of the opportunity to further modify my shirt/dress by cutting down the front (I held it away from my body as she did this) and then down the sides. She threatened to slice my bra off but I told her I’d just remove it if instructed as it was a nice one I didn’t want damaged. The others thought I should leave it on as it was now quite visible through the various cuts. Lisa seemed to take great delight in exposing my breasts to the guys in line behind us but I fought back and we ended up kissing as I told her I was going to make sure she came as soon as we got into the club. I didn’t quite manage to keep my word as we ended up going straight to the bar and while pretty much anything goes in this particular club, people don’t actually fuck at the bar. That’s not to say that I didn’t fondle Lisa a bit and as we waited I got one hand into her panties and the other up her top onto her bra. She didn’t take this lying down (so to speak) and said that I seemed somewhat overdressed before trying to tear my top further (so the cuts went the whole way down). Unfortunately the material was too strong at the seams so I promised her she could take care of it in just a moment. I pushed her panties down further and played with her more but we got the front before I could make her cum. This is one place where showing cleavage really doesn’t help get served but Julia knew the barman (intimately) so we headed off with our drinks quite quickly and located a suitable side room to use as our base.

Lisa remembered what I’d promised and finished what she had started, extending the cuts the whole way down to the bottom of my t-shirt. If I’d tied the belt tight around my waist again it would have probably kept the top part of the top roughly in place, but that wasn’t really the aim of the night so I removed the belt completely and this made it quite easy for the individual parts of the t-shirt to flap around as I moved, exposing varying amounts of my body. I kept my word as well and forcefully kissed Lisa while grinding up against her. She tried to distract me by playing with my pussy but I pushed her against the wall, knelt and lifted her skirt and buried my mouth in her little cunt. Lisa knew that she had lost and didn’t try to stop me when I got her to lift a leg over my shoulder to give me better access. I swirled my tongue around her clit and into her pussy while stroking a thumb back and forth across her ass. Lisa seemed to give in, wrapped her hands in my hair and apparently looked like she was really enjoying herself (I obviously couldn’t see, but I’ve got a fair amount of experience with her so I know what she likes). I didn’t release her until I’d made her cum and then kitty kissed her for a short while, at which point I stood up and kissed her square on the lips and said she tasted as good as ever. She told me that she would get her revenge and I told her to bring it but that I wanted to dance a bit first.

Specifically I wanted to dance with Abrahii as she is an amazing dancer and is able to make almost anyone who dances with her look good (she doesn’t quite lead, but certainly guides). Abrahii also enjoys that particular club and while she doesn’t often show her body off too much on the dancefloor (with some notable exceptions) she is more than happy to help others display themselves. Jen was already out dancing with Julia and Mel and it looked like there was a fair bit of fondling happening but Julia was the only one of the three that I could actually see anything happening to. Abrahii’s hands went straight under my clothes (what was left of them anyway) so I caressed her in a similar way (although she had panties on). She asked if I was enjoying the weekend she had arranged for me and I told her I loved it and that I would have to make her my personal planner. We kissed quite a bit as we danced and she even let me get to her breasts, but in return she spent a lot more time playing with my nipples and for a couple of minutes she danced behind me while reaching around to play with my pussy.

There seemed to be a good crowd in that night and we weren’t the only ones who were in states of undress or who were playing with each other. On returning to the others Nicholas asked if I’d let him fuck me and I told him to just name his position. He left it to me so I freed his cock and took him in my mouth, realising how much nicer it felt without a condom in the way. I gave his cock a good (and wet) suck, then planted myself on it and humped him. He freed my breasts from my bra so he could fondle them properly and Susan knelt in front of us to lick both and then James did the same. As good as this felt, Ethan wanted to be able to move more so we finished off with me bent forwards across a table. From the way he was moving it was clear that he was likely to cum before I did so I wasn’t too surprised when he thrust hard in to me and stopped moving. When he pulled out I felt a little cum trickle out of me and I was just about to turn and congratulate him on having enough cum left for me to feel it when Susan knelt behind me and ate me from behind. Mel told me that as I’d been fucked I had to cum and I didn’t object to this so just lay there and enjoyed Susan’s tongue. I felt something being poured over my ass but Susan kept eating me and even speared my ass with her tongue. She rubbed the liquid up and down my legs and played with my clit, teasing me until I was pushing back against her. Fortunately she didn’t tease for much longer and flicked her tongue back and forth across my clit until I came.

I wasn’t released just yet though and felt a pair of hands grip my hips and a cock rubbing against my pussy. It thrust in to me hard and I’d like to say I realised it was a stranger by the feel, but I had to crane my neck around to see a bearded biker guy. He fucked me much harder than Nicholas had and with each thrust I was pushed slightly forwards across the table only to be pulled back to meet the next one. I loved being used like that and could feel my hard nipples rubbing back and forth against the table as my body moved. The guy pulled out and told me to turn over and almost immediately started to fuck me again. He massaged my breasts as he did this and then took hold of my top and yanked it apart along one of the cuts. I was quite surprised it didn’t tear completely but the neck held. He seemed satisfied enough with this as I was still more exposed than I’d been beforehand. Abrahii told me to try to cum for him so I reached down to my clit and swirled my fingers around it. While I wasn’t the centre of attention (a few other people in the room were fooling around to differing extents), I knew I had a number of people watching me, some from the gang and some strangers and I wanted to cum for them all (or rather I wanted them all to watch me cum). I was too far behind the guy to catch up with him but he lasted long enough to help get me a fair way towards cumming again and when he pulled out I just kept frigging and masturbating myself. Susan asked if I wanted a hand but I told her I wanted to finish things myself. As I got closer to cumming I had a slight change of heart and got someone to pass me my beer, downed what was left and used the bottle in my cunt while frigging my clit. By the time I came the bottle was nicely warmed up (I know this as Mel made me suck it clean) and I told them I’d happily use it on any of them who wanted it.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 8

He started off simply enough by kissing and fingering her but this progressed to him going down on her. While he was doing most of the work, Susan and I still helped out and fondled them both, getting Steve to the point where he really wanted to fuck Lisa. I made him promise to save his cum for me and as compensation agreed to let him take my ass (he had asked Lisa if he could fuck her ass but she decided to only let Mike do that). As I wanted his cum in my cunt I told him he’d have to use a condom while in my ass but that he could then go bareback to finish off in me. He quite liked the idea of having both me and Lisa and Susan promised him that he could have a turn inside her if he got hard again after cumming in me.

As Steve fucked Lisa, Susan ‘helped out’ by using a couple of fingers in my ass and lubing me up. In turn I helped out with a vibe on Lisa’s clit and managed to make her cum with Steve inside her but still before he got too carried away and came. He wanted to get into my ass straight away but I got him to have a little break and calm down so that he could enjoy being in me for longer before he had to pull out and use my other hole (he saw the logic in this argument). Susan took care of kitty kissing Lisa while Steve fucked my ass and she got Lisa to edge her way under me so she could lick my pussy with the aim of getting me off again. I’d reached the point where I’d cum so many times that it became harder to feel my orgasm approaching as everything felt quite sensitive, but I certainly knew when I came and announced it loudly and repeatedly. I was actually quite impressed that Steve didn’t cum in my ass as I thrust back against his cock and Lisa’s mouth quite hard (and if he had done I probably wouldn’t have blamed him) but as my orgasm faded he told me he was getting close. I told him to pull out (of my ass) and use me to cum but Susan wanted a bit more than that and told Lisa to not just kitty kiss me (which she was already doing as we’ve trained her quite well) but to eat me to another orgasm. I moaned that I couldn’t cum again just yet as I felt that I really needed a break but wasn’t allowed that luxury. Lisa sucked on my clit (as best she could) while Steve fucked me, Susan fondled my breasts and to top it all I had a vibe pushed in to my ass. I heard Susan tell Steve a number of times to try and hold back until I came again and that he could then fuck me as hard as he wanted, but I wasn’t really paying attention as all of the stimulation felt incredibly intense. I said I still wasn’t sure I could cum again but Susan told me they would keep going until I did so it was up to me how long it took. I buried my mind in some of the more extreme fantasies I have and tried to ignore what I was actually feeling or whether my body was getting close to cumming and this worked. I came multiple times in my fantasy but only once in real life and as I slumped down I felt Steve hammer away inside me and then announce he was cumming.

When he pulled out I flopped on to my side and just lay there. Susan said they could see his cum leaking from my cunt but I was too spent to enjoy the feeling. Susan and Lisa gently cleaned off Steve’s cock with their tongues. I honestly didn’t even realise that I still had the vibe in my ass until Susan pulled it out of me and I was then rolled over on to my back, had my legs spread and told that Steve was going to take some pictures of me. I couldn’t be bothered to argue and he took a number of shots, mostly of me but a few with Lisa and Susan sitting over my face or lying on top of me. I get the feeling that neither of their faces featured in the photos but mine might have (I wasn’t allowed to see though). They offered Steve a chance to fuck me again but he didn’t think he could cum. I did manage to get him hard enough (using my mouth and breasts) that he could slide into Susan. Lisa helped me to get at least a little revenge and between us we sucked on Susan’s clit, telling Steve that if he did want to cum again that this might help get him at least partway there. Despite my promise of ensuring she came every time I did, she was quite a way behind me in the cum-count so she took the licking quite well and humped up and down on Steve’s cock telling him she wanted at least a little bit of his cum in her. We had no trouble getting Susan off but Steve took a bit more work – it wasn’t too difficult though and with my breasts to play with, Susan still riding him and Lisa fondling and kissing his balls we got the second orgasm out of him. Technically the cum should have been given to me, but I felt that Susan had done such a good job in lining up guys to play with that she deserved it. She did get me to eat her out afterwards and then dribble the mix of cum and saliva down over my breasts so I at least got his cum second hand and by that point, it was good enough for me.

When we went to get dressed I pointed out that Susan had taken my clothes and she said that as I’d ripped my top off couldn’t wear it anyway. She asked Steve if he had a big t-shirt or top I could borrow and he produced a suitably long ice-hockey jersey. At first he didn’t believe I was going to just wear that but I slipped it on over my otherwise naked body (naked except for the long socks anyway) and I let him fondle of me under the top as we said goodbye. I actually got fewer looks dressed like this than I had in my schoolgirl outfit and we met up with a few people for coffee and to relay the details of how the afternoon had gone. When we calculated the orgasm tally we realised that Lisa had helped me beat her record from the previous weekend. I told her that it wasn’t a competition but if she ever wanted to try and increase her personal best (she’d cum 21 times in a day) that we would be more than happy to see just how far she could go. She decided to wait a while before trying again as it had taken a lot out of her and she’d felt tender for days afterwards.

I also found out that while I’d been busy Jen had also been enjoying herself. She had taken the chance to have a session with Abrahii and Mel had joined in. We returned to the house and I was allowed a little time to rest but as I did so Mel broadcast a video of me, panning the camera over my naked body and taking requests from the people watching as to what parts of me to show. I stupidly said that if there were any girls watching that I’d let them see anything they wanted and as I had two girls in the audience I had to gently fondle myself, suck on my nipples, stroke my pussy and then masturbate for them. Mel helped out a bit by going down on me and in return I had to eat her a bit but I had to finish things off myself and slowly toyed with myself until I came to a gentle orgasm. I made a show of repeatedly sucking my fingers clean (which my female viewers liked) and I saw that a couple of the male viewers really enjoyed the show too as at least three of them came. I felt a bit concerned afterwards as I’d let Mel show a lot of my face (and whole body shots) which I try to avoid, but it was too late to worry and we were beginning to think about dinner, which I knew would almost certainly involve some delivery guys.

Abrahii and Susan continued to beat my expectations in their arrangements for the weekend and we ended up ordering pizza, curry and Chinese. As we waited for the food I was let in on the secret that all of the food was coming from places where the delivery guys that knew Susan quiet well (and even knew Abrahii reasonably well) so it was likely that we’d get some action from each of the guys. There was no messing about and as each order of food turned up, Susan and I answered the door in various states of undress (we had cute underwear on for the pizza, sexy underwear for the Chinese and nothing for the curry). Each time, the food was deposited in the kitchen and we took the guy upstairs to Susan’s room and both fucked him (they only came once each but we both got to ride them and have them help out make us both cum). We actually had an Indian guy deliver the curry and a Chinese guy deliver the Chinese but sadly not an Italian for the pizza. Abrahii joined us with the third (Indian) guy, who she had fucked before as part of her ‘India-Pakistan relations drive’ and I graciously allowed him to cum in her instead of in me (we had to use condoms with the delivery guys so I wasn’t missing out on any cum). The only downside of our playing with the guys was that neither Susan nor I got to eat anything until the Indian guy left. We quickly ate the things that had been left for us (there was at least quite a good selection) while the others started to get ready to head out and then quickly freshened up.

Susan got dressed but I knew better and waited to find out what I would be allowed to wear. I wasn’t too surprised when I was given a t-shirt (plain white), a belt and a bra (one of my ones that leaves a fair portion of my nipples exposed). Jen suggested I should wear the long socks I’d had on earlier and I quite liked knowing that they were already stained with some cum-streaks. For some reason Richard seemed to like the look more than he usually would and I was subjected to an extended fondling by him and then passed over to Nicholas. In the latter case the fondling progressed to me sucking him and then him bending me over the sofa and sliding in to me from behind. He was told not to cum in me and to save it for later so after he’d enjoyed the feeling of my pussy for a couple of minutes I sucked him clean and let him rub his cock over my face (he really liked doing that) and I promised him I would act as his cum-dump later on.

We headed out to a bar to start the evening off and in a similar fashion to what had been done to Lisa the previous week I was partially shielded by a number of members of the gang while I was fingered to orgasm. Things were slightly different in that Lisa was the one who was tasked with fingering me and instead of some nearby guys just having an idea of what was going on, they were told in advance what was about to happen and Lisa pushed my t-shirt dress right up my thighs so the guys got to see pretty much everything as she fingered me. To be fair, I might have encouraged her to do this and kept daring her to show them more until I was sitting with my legs spread as she played with me. To her credit though, she was the one who got me to finish off my beer and then used the bottle to fuck me with. I had to give the bottle a blow-job a few times (Lisa went back to using her fingers as I did this)

I wasn’t at all surprised when Mel offered me to the guys and said they could take me out back and fuck me. While it was dark outside, it was still reasonably early and none of them were up for that, but one said I could suck him off if I wanted (which I thought was quite generous of him). His friends didn’t believe that I’d actually do it but I led him lead me into the gents’ toilets and we entered one of the cubicles. When I do things like this, I prefer to do them properly so I let him have a fondle of my ass and pussy and as he did this I unfastened my belt and hung it over the door hook. I pushed one of his hands up under my top and eagerly took the hint and started to play with my breasts any my t-shirt was soon pulled up around my neck so I removed it as well and hung it up. I now just had my bra, socks and boots on and the guy sucked on my nipples for a bit as I reached into his trousers and played with his cock. His friends looked over the top of the cubicle and cheered about the fact I was naked (or nearly so) and we let them watch as he fingered me. He told them to go away so I could get him off and once they were gone we quickly slipped a condom over his cock and I knelt to suck him. It didn’t take too long to make him cum (although we were briefly interrupted midway by his friends looking over the top at us again). Oddly enough none of the other guys even wanted to kiss me after I’d had the cock in my mouth (even though it had been in a condom) but two more of them had a brief fondle of my breasts and ass and one of those two also rubbed my pussy a bit before I slipped my t-shirt back on and joined the gang. Susan was disappointed that I hadn’t been fucked but accepted the fact that the guys had all been pussies so it wasn’t my fault.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 7

It was definitely my turn now and Susan asked Jorge if he’d done as she’d asked and not cum for a couple of days. He said he had and she told me that he sometimes came quite a bit when he had held back and asked if I wanted his cum in me or over me. I liked the sound of both but opted to have him fill me as I figured I could always smear the cum over my body afterwards. Susan lay on the bed and got me to lie over her in a 69, then got Jorge to fuck me. I didn’t hold back and attacked Susan’s pussy with my mouth and she did the same to me (although slightly tempered by the fact that she had to contend with Jorge’s cock also fucking me). Lisa lay on the bed watching us and I told her to display herself a bit more and was pleased to see that she spread her legs and slowly stroked her pussy while caressing her breasts. Jorge said he couldn’t believe what was happening and I told him that this was his reward for saving his cum for me and if he delivered a good load that he might get Lisa and Susan back together another time. I looked up to give Lisa a smile and stuck my tongue out at her but she just shrugged and said she didn’t mind.

As Jorge fucked me harder I got Lisa to scooch closer and push her pussy up close to Susan’s so I could move between them and lick them both. At first I just kitty kissed Lisa but then ate her properly and once Susan came I reversed my role and switched between kitty kissing Susan and eating Lisa. Jorge said he was getting close and I told him to give me as much as he could. I wasn’t far from cumming but he came first so I got him to remain inside me while Susan finished me off. I could tell that my pussy felt quite wet and some of his cum leaked out around his cock but he remained inside me while I gave Lisa her second orgasm. He warned me that it felt like he’d cum quite a bit (to which I just said ‘good’) and I decided to try and have some fun with his cum. As he pulled out I got Susan to hold my pussy shut and I carefully rolled off of her and took over the job of keeping the cum inside me. Lisa was still panting from her orgasm but I got her to lie on the floor with her ass up in the air against the bed. Susan spread Lisa’s lips and I stood over her (almost standing on her in the process) and let the cum trickle out of my cunt into Lisa’s. Well, I say ‘into’ but a lot of it dripped around her pussy, but some went in and Susan obligingly worked some of the rest in using her fingers. Susan switched places with Lisa and we repeated the cum-sharing – slightly more successfully this time with a good blob dripping into Susan’s pussy.

Susan got up and pushed her fingers into me, then into Lisa’s pussy and then buried her face between my legs and licked out some more of the cum. I was instructed to do the same to Lisa and Lisa to Susan, after which we shared a three way kiss, messily sharing the cum and our saliva and allowing it to drip down our faces and onto our breasts. Needless to say Jorge loved the sight of this and after a couple of minutes we moved on from kissing to 69ing, taking turns so Lisa, Susan and I each 69ed with each other. This was mostly to tease Jorge before we turned on him and with the three of us sucking, licking and kissing his cock and balls we managed to get him hard again. He wasn’t sure he could cum so soon, but was willing to try and as she had made the effort to join us we let Lisa be the one to take him. As there were now two of us (or three counting Jorge), we teased Lisa in every way we could, ass, clit, nipples, kissing, licking, stroking… and had no trouble getting two further orgasms out of her. For his part Jorge performed quite well and fucked her throughout all the teasing and despite his reservations managed to cum again (inside Lisa). Susan, Lisa and I had another round of 69s but he hadn’t cum anywhere near as much this time so we barely got anything out of Lisa and we might have done more if Susan hadn’t pointed out we needed to head off.

We all got dressed and I pointed out that my pussy and thighs still felt quite sticky with Jorge’s cum (which he liked) and once we were out on the street we told Lisa that Jorge wasn’t actually the last person we were seeing as we’d run late earlier. Susan told Lisa to come along with us and she pointed out she’d just cum three times, but that didn’t get her much sympathy given our counts for the day so she decided to join us. He was in another set of student halls and as Susan knocked, Lisa undid the top three buttons on my blouse. I told her I’d unzip her skirt if she continued and when she popped a fourth button I followed through on my threat. Lisa held her skirt up with one hand and tried to unzip my skirt and as I tugged at her one I felt mine slide down my legs. It was about this point that the guy answered the door and I turned around to say hi before pulling on Lisa’s skirt again and warning her that it might rip if she didn’t let go. She relented and I quickly pulled it down. I was already naked from the waist down as I wasn’t wearing panties and didn’t think Lisa should be any more covered than I was so I grabbed the front and back of her panties and pulled them down. I got them to mid-thigh height before she managed to stop me and I pointed out that the longer she struggled, the longer she would be standing semi-naked in the hallway. This logic didn’t work at first but Susan joined in to help me and she held Lisa’s arms while I slid the panties down her legs and then tossed them into the guy’s room along with her and my skirts.

Seeing as we had her restrained, it made sense to finish what we’d started and with Susan’s help, I managed to remove Lisa’s top. We pointed out that it made sense for her to remain quiet or other people might come out to see what the noise was and she told me she hated me but when Susan knelt and pushed her face between Lisa’s legs the expression on Lisa’s face was quite a way from hate. I moved around behind Susan and pulled on her top which she allowed me to remove and I was just working on her bra when two guys came in to the corridor. Lisa immediately tried to cover her breasts but ignored this and asked Susan if she was willing to put on a show. She answered me by pushing her face back between Lisa’s legs and I tossed Susan’s bra into the guy’s room and told him we be all his in a few minutes but wanted to have a little fun to prepare. The two new guys were getting closer (and had clearly seen us) so I kissed Lisa and asked her if we could see just how brave she had got. She looked a little nervous and asked what I wanted to do but I just told her to play along and that she could stop if she wanted.

The two guys asked us what we were doing and I went with a variation of the truth and told them that Susan (who was still eating Lisa) had brought us along to fuck her friend (indicating the guy we’d come to see who’s name I still didn’t know) and that she’d told us he was so good in bed that we were competing to see which of us got to fuck him first. I told Lisa she’d had a long enough turn and that it was time for me to have a chance and that she needed to eat me. I stood against the wall and as Lisa knelt down to get started I tore my blouse open, popping off a number of the buttons and then let it slide down my arms. I would have torn my bra off too but it was a nice one so I just undid it and tossed it into the guy’s room along with the rest of our things so I was just wearing the long socks. Even though we weren’t really competing, I wanted to show off a bit more anyway and asked the two guys if one of them could help out and hold my leg up. I lifted my right leg and one of them took it and under my direction pushed it up higher to give Lisa more access to my pussy. This had the added benefit of exposing me much more, especially when Lisa fingered me when the guys could see pretty much everything. I lifted each of my nipples to my mouth and licked around them and was tempted to let Lisa make me cum (anything for an audience) but decided not to be too greedy (plus while I wasn’t sure of the exact count at that point I knew I was getting close to my 20th orgasm of the day, which is a lot even for me).

I got Lisa to back off and I briefly fingered myself and sucked my fingers clean before telling Susan it was her turn. While she isn’t an exhibitionist, she didn’t shy away from letting me play with her and after stripping her of her skirt (which I was a little surprised she hadn’t removed herself given what was happening) I hungrily ate her up against the wall where I’d been standing. I made as good a show of what I was doing as I could, letting the guys see me alternate between using long licks between Susan’s lips and burying my face in her pussy. I was acutely aware of the risk of what we were doing and that we might be discovered by other (less enthusiastic) people at any point but that just added to the excitement and I stood up, kissed Susan and whispered in her ear ‘wanna fuck?’. She might not have been quite as keen as I was but is enough of a nympho that she didn’t turn the proposition down and allowed me to pull her down on to the floor and get into a 69 with me. Lisa was standing in the guy’s doorway at this point and I considered asking her to join us but thought better of trying to encourage her to do things if she wasn’t comfortable. Susan and I each had a turn on top and sat up to let the guys watch us being eaten while we fingered and frigged the other person. I announced I was going to cum (not too loudly, but enough for my immediate audience to easily hear) and humped back and forth against Susan’s face until my orgasm hit me.

As soon as my orgasm ended I buried my face between Susan’s legs again and licked her hard. I heard her say that I didn’t need to reciprocate but she didn’t try to pull away so I just kept going until I heard her moan (which she used my pussy to muffle). As enjoyable as the brief session had been I was a little disappointed as when I’d asked Susan to fuck I had been envisioning us putting on a longer display involving scissoring, masturbating (ourselves and each other) and possibly more. Of course what I’d really hoped for was for the two guys to proposition us and beg to fuck us there and then but despite conventional knowledge being that many guys would jump at a chance like that, very few are actually brave enough to do so when confronted with such a situation. As I’d cum (and mostly calmed down again) I decided that it was probably a good idea to get in to the guys room before we were caught by someone who might report us so I got up, helped Lisa up and said that now it was time for the main event. We said goodbye to the two guys and headed in to Susan’s friends bedroom – at which point she introduced us to him and I found out he was called Steve.

Needless to say, he was already hard and he didn’t turn our advances down. As the three of us were already naked (bar socks in my case), he didn’t object when we freed his cock and had a three-way with it (with us all licking and sucking it). I made sure he knew that I was the one who was meant to get his cum, but that he was free to finger, lick or fuck all of us and that we’d do pretty much anything he wanted. Even though he’d already seen us play with each other he wanted a bit more of this so we obliged him and ended up daisy chaining for a bit, followed by Lisa and me sharing a double ended dildo (that I would have used with Susan in the corridor if I’d known she had it). I’d only intended for this to be a part of the show but Lisa decided to get revenge for me having stripped her and put her on display so she knelt beside us and helped out, pumping the dildo between us, frigging us and using a vibe on out clits to make us cum again. Naturally this didn’t go unrewarded and we decreed that it was Lisa’s turn to cum but I felt that we had been doing too much of the work ourselves instead of letting the guys pleasure us so Steve was given the task of servicing Lisa.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 6

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Pasha reached around my body to fondle my breasts and I told him how I liked my nipples being played with (having them circled and then pinched and twisted – but very gently). Susan kept licking us and I told them I could quite easily cum and Susan said if I thought I could cum twice that she would make me. Without thinking about it I said ‘not after what we’ve already done’ and Pasha asked what I meant so I told him that Susan had already eaten me earlier when she had removed my clothes. He said it was a pity as he would have liked to feel me cum around him more than once and I told him I could always come back another time. Susan pulled away and told me to turn around – I was a bit disappointed as her tongue had felt good on my clit, but also wanted to fuck him properly so I lifted myself off of his cock, turned 180 degrees and planted myself back on it and once he was inside me I pushed down hard. He pumped in to me as I rode him and as he fondled my breasts I stroked his chest. Susan reached around between us and toyed with my clit but I then felt her push her face between my ass cheeks and her tongue probe my ass. She told me to slow down and let Pasha fuck me and this allowed her to rim and spear me properly. Pasha picked up the pace and fucked me harder and said I looked like I was really enjoying myself. I tried to let every bit of pleasure show on my face – not in a porn-star way, just a natural expression of what I was feeling and gasped that I wasn’t going to last much longer. Pasha said that was good as he wanted to cum and I asked him if he could just hang on a little bit until my orgasm was about to his and then moaned at him to fuck me and fill me with his cum. Even though I’d cum so many times already that day, having my cunt, clit, ass and nipples all stimulated at once worked really well and I moaned even louder than Susan had. Pasha pumped in to me and I told him again to cum in me and he did. I felt him thrust into me a few times hard and he then pulled me down against his cock and held me in place. I did the best I could to squeeze my pussy around his cock but didn’t really have the strength or concentration to do this so mostly just let him take control and felt him slowly slide back and forth just a little.

I panted to him that it had felt wonderful and thanked him for the orgasm (and cum). I didn’t ignore Susan and thanked her as well and she said that I could thank her properly in just a minute. I told her I’d help make her cum any way she wanted to (I trust Susan) and she said that sounded nice, but first we had to clean Pasha up. He apparently likes having his cock licked after he’s cum (not the head though) so Susan and I knelt and licked up and down the length of the shaft and around his balls. We kissed around his cock (which he really liked) and after a couple of minutes he let his kiss around the head of his cock – after we’d promised to be gentle. I then took his cock between my breasts again and massaged it for a while before Susan said it was her turn. We asked how she wanted to cum and she said she wanted Pasha to fuck her, but as I’d already milked him of his cum she’d have to make do with having us eat her. I told Pasha that he could just watch if he wanted but Susan said she wanted two tongues on her. I didn’t know if Pasha had licked her ass before or not but volunteered to take it anyway and Pasha said he at least wanted to see me licking her there before he joined in. This was easy enough to demonstrate and Susan stood beside the bed, leant forwards and I buried my tongue first in her cunt and then in her ass. Pasha spread Susan’s cheeks to watch what I was doing and then asked how Susan wanted to proceed.

We used the traditional position (traditional for this sort of thing anyway) with Susan over his face, facing towards the headboard, Pasha eating her cunt and me lying on top of him eating her ass. As if competing with my earlier performance, she moaned loudly and told us exactly what she could feel. My tongue brushed against Pasha’s a number of times but I was more interested in the fact that I could feel his cock pressed against his stomach and he still felt quite hard. I knew that to be fair I should have told Susan but in my defence I didn’t know if he was actually ready to be inside someone again so soon after cumming so I just humped back and forth against him. I felt him push back so I lifted my body slightly and reached down to guide him in to me and then pushed down on to him. I kept a hand between my legs to stroke my clit and slowly rode his cock but we ended up moving sufficiently that Susan figured out what was going on and told me off. I apologised and said she could fuck him but she told me to keep going (both in terms of fucking him and eating her ass) and that she would deal with my punishment later. I wasn’t too worried about any punishment as Susan’s idea of this is similar to Jen’s (mostly involving people cumming again) so I did as she said and fucked Pasha as I ate her. Susan came loudly, telling me to push my tongue into her ass and Pasha to eat her cunt hard. Susan remained over his face for a minute or so (getting us to continue to eat her, but more gently) and then climbed off to say it was now time for me to learn what happens when I get greedy.

Pasha was moving in me faster and Susan told him to give me another good fucking. He played with my breasts as I rode him and Susan then told me to lean forwards and give me her ass. I did as I was told and she pushed a vibe into me and turned it on at a fairly high power. She tried to get another vibe onto my clit but couldn’t (due to the position we were in) so made do with just using her fingers to frig me while pumping the vibe in and out of my ass. Susan called me a slut, a whore and multiple other names as she asked if I liked what was being done to me. It felt a bit too intense but I told her I loved it and she told Pasha that she was going to make me cum multiple times more that afternoon as well (just leaving out the fact that there would be other guys involved as well). I came before Pasha did but Susan kept playing with me and said she wouldn’t stop until Pasha came in me again. By this point it definitely felt too intense to be pleasurable, but I’ve endured worse (much worse) so I leant forwards and talked dirty to Pasha, telling him how I wanted to feel his cock fil me with cum again and how I would milk him dry as I humped up and down on his cock. The talk (and my breasts) helped speed him along and he told Susan he couldn’t hold back any more and he squeezed my ass as he came in me.

He got me to stop moving almost as soon as he came and Susan eased off as well so I lay on top of him and concentrated on the feeling of his cock twitching in me. The vibe was still buzzing away in my ass and while Susan wasn’t moving it anymore, she stopped it from sliding out a few times. When I pulled myself up and off of Pasha’s cock I watched as it slapped down against his stomach and I crawled down the bed to gently kiss and lick it, then rub it over my face and neck. Susan told me I hadn’t finished yet and that I now had to masturbate (and cum) for them. I said that I wouldn’t be able to cum again for a while but wasn’t allowed to decline the order. Pasha did point out that I’d just cum twice (little did he know) but Susan told him she was already angry with him for not fucking her once and that if he objected she wouldn’t come back for a month. He apologised to me and said that he didn’t want to go for that long without a chance to fuck Susan and I told him I understood completely as she is so eminently fuckable. As Susan knows a number of the ways I masturbate she specified that I had to lie on my back with my knees drawn up to my chest and use one hand to play with my pussy and the other to reach around under my legs to tease my ass. I told her I wanted to do pussy and clit and as a compromise she ‘allowed’ me to use the vibe in my ass so I could keep my fingers clean for my pussy. As expected, I couldn’t feel much happening for a while but Susan remedied this by getting me to lie up on Pasha’s desk which was by the window with my pussy facing outwards. Susan and Pasha toyed with my breasts and she told me how everyone in the building opposite could see me fucking myself. This worked quite well and it wasn’t long before I told them I’d cum fairly soon and I was even allowed to suck on Pasha’s cock as my orgasm built and I came.

I was slightly afraid that Susan would get me to cum again but she allowed me to relax and just let Pasha examine my body as she slipped her dress on. I was presented with a new set of clothes to wear and recognised one of my regular schoolgirl outfits (which I think I’m getting a bit old for, but I think that was the point). I wore a shelf bra that left my nipples exposed and a thin plain white blouse that left my nips partially visible (especially when Susan stroked and teased them), a red tartan skirt and black, mid-thigh hold-ups, leaving a few inches of skin showing below the hem of the skirt. Pasha liked the look and Susan made him kneel before me and ask me to slightly lift my skirt. She offered him the chance to fuck me again but he said he couldn’t do it again so soon and was given the chance to lick me. He took this and buried his face between my legs (under the skirt) for a couple of minutes but not for long enough to make me cum. Susan promised she would see him soon and that I’d be back at some point and I was led out of the room, carrying my coat.

While I don’t mind dressing like that to go out at night, it looks a little obvious in the daytime but I was told to walk to our next appointment with my coat off. I had one further surprise as we bumped in to Lisa and I found out it wasn’t by chance and that she was joining us for the last guy. She told me that she wanted Mike to see that she was doing as she’d been told and enjoying herself and I assured her that Mike would want to fuck her all the more when he found out. The guy turned out to be relatively small (in height) and a slim build but he seemed nice enough and certainly appreciated the fact that Susan had brought two additional girls along to play with. She told me that she wanted his cock first but that she would make sure to save his cum for me. To get things started, Lisa and I were told to make out on the bed while Susan sat with Jorge and let him fondle her. I tool things slowly with Susan and between kissed I quietly warned her that I’d been cum on and in a number of times already so my pussy might be a bit of a mess. Lisa hissed in my ear and pointed out that she’d been fucked by multiple guys the week before, quickly moved down between my legs and buried her face in my pussy. I felt her tongue invade me and I pushed her to me and said it wasn’t fair if I couldn’t do the same to her. She rolled off the bed, pulled her skirt down and told me to go ahead, then straddled my face and pushed her panties against my mouth.

I licked her through them, then pulled the crotch to the side and ate her properly and then tried to tear them off of her (without success). Lisa stood up again and slid her panties off but I joined her and quickly pulled her top and bra off so she was the first one to be naked, then pushed her on to her front on the bed and knelt behind her to eat her. I told Jorge to get inside her and Susan reminded me that she wanted first go with his cock so I assured her it would only be for a moment. Susan relented and helped to free Jorge’s cock then joined me to watch as he rubbed against Lisa’s pussy and slipped in to her (Susan and I helped by holding her lips apart). After a few strokes I got him to offer me his cock and I sucked it clean, then he fucked Lisa a little more and Susan sucked him clean. Susan, Jorge and I all had a lick of Susan’s pussy before Susan bent forwards over the bed and told Jorge to fuck her. I watched as he did this and I played with Lisa some more but made sure to remind Jorge that I wanted his cum inside me. Susan seemed to really be enjoying herself and reached back to play with her clit. She moaned about how she had wanted a cock inside her (possibly trying to make me feel guilty about fucking Pasha twice) and came impressively quickly. I hadn’t finished with Lisa yet so Susan took advantage of the situation and sat in front of Lisa to be kitty kissed while I fingered and ate Lisa. Jorge loved watching this and said he wanted to be inside me. This made things a bit tricky as Lisa was too near the edge of the bed for me to lift my ass high enough for Jorge to get in me and support myself at the same time. We gave it a try though and he moved in me a bit but then pulled out to allow me to concentrate on making Lisa cum and just slowly stroked himself as he watched us.