Sunday, 24 January 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 10

Things went in a slightly different direction as while I’d been busy playing with myself, Abrahii had already lined up my next session. It was an older woman (probably in her 50’s, but I’m not that good at guessing ages) and she told me she’d happily take the bottle and lifted her dress to indicate she was serious. I’m not actually that used to doing things with women who are older than me (although I’ve done a number of older guys – even discounting Mike) and I felt a little nervous as I reached towards her panties. She pushed my hand against her crotch and said she wanted me to fuck and eat her so I snaked a couple of fingers under her panties and stroked back and forth across her pussy. She certainly felt quite wet and I slid two and then three fingers into her. She got me to pull her panties off and carefully folded them into her purse before spreading her legs and asking me to continue. I fingered her and massaged her breasts through her top with my other hand and a guy (who turned out to be her husband) helped out by unbuttoning her dress and freeing one of her breasts for me to suck on. We moved on to me using the bottle in her (and I got a lot more into her pussy than I’d managed to fit in mine). Unfortunately I wasn’t in a good position to see her cunt swallowing the bottle but Jen said that it looked hot and that she was thinking about fisting the woman. Once again, Abrahii pushed things forward and while dangling a dental dam she told the woman I loved going down on girls (the woman loved the fact that Abrahii referred to her as a ‘girl’).

The offer was accepted and she sat down on a bench. I knelt in front of her and had a few licks but her husband got me to stand up and bend forwards so he could carry on fondling me (he’d mostly been stroking my breasts up until that point). I’m told that Abrahii was the one who fished his cock out and even sucked him before indicating that he could use me at the same time. The first I knew of this was when I felt him press against my pussy and Abrahii spread my cheeks and lips to help him get into me. The downside of this position was that it was a really bad angle to eat the woman so she ended up changing position and half lying down on the bench with me standing beside her so her husband was standing beside her head (or upper body). In this position I could easily get my head right between her legs and lick her properly. As I was using the dental dam I couldn’t finger her at the same time but she seemed to enjoy the licking well enough. Both she and her husband reached around under me and fondled my breasts and I felt hands roaming over my back and ass as well. I got the woman off but her husband was still going strong in me so I concentrated on humping back against him (I didn’t have the energy to contract my pussy around him but I also assumed I was a fair bit tighter than his wife anyway). He fucked me for a fair while and at one point his wife told him to hurry up or I might get bored but I told them I was enjoying it and that it was nice to have a guy take his time inside me. She asked if I wanted to cum again and I told her I wouldn’t object if she wanted to help out and she reached under me to fondle my breasts more and also played with my clit. With a bit of adjustment we found a position that allowed me to suck on her nipples (one at a time) and as I got closer to cumming I moaned and then almost shouted at her husband to fuck me harder and faster. He certainly did his bit and the woman seemed quite experienced with her fingers and I came yet again. The husband still wasn’t finished though and I just slumped in the woman’s lap as he pumped away inside me for another few minutes. I felt a little tender by the time he came but I allowed him to finish off and when he pulled out I removed his condom, stroked his cum around his cock and then massaged his wife’s breasts and pussy with my cum-covered hands.

Jen escorted me to the bathroom so I could wash my hands and unlike in the bar where my fucking in the toilets was rather frowned upon, nobody seemed to be upset by the fact that a girl was sitting up on the counter between the sinks with another girl eating her (a couple of girls and a guy were actually watching. Jen went to pee while I washed my hands and left the cubicle door open so she could watch the girls (and let people watch her pee). She didn’t quite masturbate as she peed, but certainly toyed with her clit and when she had finished she asked the girl being eaten if anyone could join in. She said she didn’t care (and was obviously enjoying herself) but instead of helping out with her, Jen ran her hand across the back of the girl who was doing the eating. The girl looked round, saw Jen and me and went back to eating the other girl – Jen took this as a sign of acceptance and slid her hand down over the girl’s ass and back up under her skirt. I’m not used to Jen being the one driving things forward but I was happy to assist and I slipped a hand under the girl’s skirt as well and we both caressed her ass through her panties. Jen was the first to work her fingers under the leg-band but not to be outdone I pulled the panties down a little so we could both get to the girl’s pussy and between us we fingered and frigged her. I told Jen we should ask if any of the other people watching wanted to help out but Jen said no and that she would explain later. The girl on the counter came sometime around this point and Jen asked her if she could finish things off with the girl we were fingering. The girl who’d just cum didn’t seem to care and as she climbed down Jen asked the girl f she wanted to be fingered or eaten. She opted for being eaten and quickly slid her panties off and took position on the counter. Jen produced a dental dam and quickly got stuck in while I let the girl suck my fingers clean of her juices. I decided it was a pity to waste the position Jen was in so I washed my hands and knelt behind her to lick her (Mike, Jen and I rarely get to do things with each other while we’re away as we usually take advantage of the access to other people). Jen got the girl off before I made her cum but her pussy seemed quite wet by the time I finished and while I would have liked to make her cum, I knew she was now horny enough that she’d have to get someone to finish what I’d started.

When we got back to the others, they accepted my excuse of being a bit tender still so I was allowed a bit of a break. The time wasn’t wasted though as Julia happily took care of Jen and I saw Ashraf being toyed with by both Mel and Nicholas and managed to convince James to try to fuck Mel (she is usually the one doing things to other people). Mel actually went along with this but following the fuck I was told I had to eat her clean as all of the guys’ cum was meant for me that day. I dutifully did this and she didn’t taste too bad so instead of just licking her I went for it properly and ate her until she came. Mel told me I was being naughty and hadn’t been told to do that, but didn’t seem to0 upset by the unexpected orgasm (and it’s not as if she couldn’t have told me to stop, I’m reasonably good, but it wasn’t like I made her cum instantly).

I danced with a few of the group for a while and while dancing with Lisa I was aware that she was leading me towards the stage. Unfortunately there was only a normal band playing that night (so no sex shows) but I let her think I didn’t see what was happening and let her get us right to the stage. Lisa told me that as I liked putting on a show that I should do it properly and got me to sit up on the steps at the side of the stage so she could easily finger me in view of everyone dancing (or everyone close to the stage anyway). Mel joined her and I had the scraps of my t-shirt pushed back over my shoulders and Mel told me to remove my bra so I was effectively naked. I made Lisa tuck my bra into her skirt as I didn’t want to lose it and allowed both her and Mel to finger me. Mel went down on me for a bit and I wasn’t too surprised when she emptied a beer bottle over my breasts (not a full one) and told me to put on a show and fuck myself. That was pretty much a dream for me and even though I was still a little tender from before I accepted the challenge. To be fair, both Mel and Lisa spat on my pussy a few times to help add some lube and just a little way in to my show Mel appeared with a tube of actual lube which made things go even better.

I worked the bottle back in to my pussy and pumped away while Mel’s, Lisa’s and then also Susan’s hands stroked and caressed my body. I was acutely aware that a number of people were watching me and tried to spread my legs to let them see as much as possible. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be for me to actually cum as I was getting tired but I could feel something stirring in my pussy and was quite certain I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity and would manage. That was what I thought until I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up to see one of the staff standing beside me. There clearly wasn’t any point in trying to hide what I was doing but I stopped fucking myself with the bottle and waited to see if he was going to tell me to stop or to leave the club,not so much for my exhibitionism, the club was full of people like that – more for doing things (almost) on the stage. I was floored by what he actually said though as he asked if I wanted the bed out on stage to do things properly (he actually had to ask twice as we were very close to the speakers). Apparently my eyes lit up when I realised what was being offered and I told him yes repeatedly. I slipped the bottle from my pussy as I sat and waited, then watched as ‘the bed’ (more like a trolled with a padded top) was wheeled out. I’d seen this be used on the stage before when the Rockbitch tribute band had been playing and knew that occasionally people from the audience had been allowed to ‘perform’ on stage (although I hadn’t actually seen this). I knew that I’d definitely cum now as I would be visible to everyone in the main area of the club and as far as I could recall, I’d never been watched by that many people before.

The guy looked over at me and nodded towards the trolley. I slowly got up and walked on to the stage (it was off to one side as the band were still present but I could see pretty much all of the room). I felt a bit nervous and somewhat self-conscious but also incredibly aroused and vowed to make the most of it so slipped my boots, socks and t-shirt off so I was actually naked (not messing around with any of this ‘effectively’ naked stuff anymore). I climbed up on the ‘bed’ and sat facing the audience, spread my legs and started to stroke myself. I lifted my breasts up and licked at the nipples and slowly progressed to fingering myself. I lay back and reached around under one leg so I could finger myself while using the other hand to frig my clit and then dropped my fingers to my ass and pushed them in. I was blissfully pumping fingers into both my holes when Susan appeared at my side and asked if I wanted any help – I told her that I’d happily let anyone fuck me and she disappeared for a moment and then pushed my hands away and buried her tongue in my cunt. I felt it was unfair for it to just be me getting pleasure so told her to sit over me so I could eat her as well and she clambered up onto the bed so we could 69. I pushed my face into her cunt and licked her hard and fast and she did the same to me – I switched between concentrating on the fact that we were the centre of attention and just losing myself in the sensations we were giving each other. Susan hadn't cum as many times as me that day so I got her off first but held her in place and kitty kissed her quite forcefully as she kept eating me. I had a feeling that my orgasm was likely to be strong and braced myself for it but just before I came I saw a microphone being pushed towards my head. I panted a few no’s to indicate they should take it away but this had no effect (other than me hearing my ‘no’ over the PA). I was too close to hold back and didn’t really care if people heard me cum (given they were watching me) so went with it and moaned loudly as I came, telling Susan to eat me, finger me, fuck me and make me cum. I buried my mouth in her cunt again and slurped at it as noisily as I could (trying to make realistic sex sounds and not just porn-like moans). I had a pretty good orgasm – not quite as strong as I’d anticipated, but still good and Susan eased off and kitty kissed me as I lay there panting.

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