Friday, 29 January 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 11

Julia was the next to appear and asked me (over the microphone) if I liked being watched. I said yes and she asked me to elaborate so I told everyone I liked people watching me being stimulated, me having my cunt being played with and most of all me cumming. Julia asked me if I wanted to be fucked and I said I did and almost immediately felt someone press a cock against my pussy. Susan was still lying on top of me so I couldn’t see the person at that point. She climbed off though and I watched as a random guy pushed in to me and started pumping away while kneading my breasts. It felt nice but was too soon after cumming for me to feel much more so I just humped back against him and told him to enjoy my cunt and that I wanted him to use me and cum. He did as instructed and after cumming, pulled out and left me with my legs spread and pussy exposed to the crowd again. This only lasted for a moment though as another guy appeared and said it was his turn. Julia came with him and put a generous dollop of lube in my pussy before he pushed in to me and I let him fuck me. I was so wet that I couldn’t feel a great deal but still enjoyed the situation. I wanted to cum again for my audience though so played with my clit but didn’t manage to cum before the guy did. Fortunately Mel had already arranged my next guy but this time I was told to turn over and he started off by taking me from behind. Susan asked if I wanted my ass fucked and I told her yes so she added some lube and I felt the guy’s cock slide in to my ass. Fortunately he wasn’t too rough (and I was sufficiently lubed) so it felt quite good and this was helped by Susan reached down to my pussy and playing with it. I was surprised to see Ashraf appear on stage and the guy was told to turn me round so I was lying across the bed – once we had changed position Ashraf pulled his cock out and offered it to my mouth so I took him and sucked and stroked his cock. The guy came in my ass (in a condom) and Ashraf came in my mouth (although didn’t produce much cum) and I was close to cumming but still not quite there.

Susan poured more beer over me and handed the bottle to me, telling me to finish what I’d started earlier. I’d enjoyed having other people play with me but the thought of masturbating myself to orgasm in front of a crowd was a real turn on (it’s not egotism, I’m just an exhibitionist) and I took the bottle and pushed the neck deep into my cunt. Susan and Julia stroked and sucked on my nipples while I fucked and frigged myself and Susan then told me she would take care of my clit and that I should finger my ass again. I could hear what she was saying through the PA, along with my moans and panting. Jules asked what I could feel and I tried to describe how each part of my body felt as they caressed it or I probed it. I told them I was going to cum and literally begged them to keep going – and then had to tell them what I wanted them to do to me, along with where and how I wanted to be touched. I had two fingers buried in my ass and was pumping the bottle in and out and it felt like I was pushing it deeper than I usually would. I said over and over that I was going to cum and I swore and used the dirtiest language I could, telling Julia that I wanted to eat her and that I’d take whoever wanted me. I imagined acting out one of my favourite fantasies that was pretty much this, but involved having every person in the room use me and all the guys cumming in and over me. As I came I looked up a little to look at the audience watching me and while not everyone was watching (having people cum on stage isn’t too unusual for this club), there were enough to satisfy me and I pushed hard and let my orgasm pulse through me.

This definitely felt better than the previous one but still wasn’t earth-shattering and I managed to keep cumming for what felt like a fair amount of time. I collapsed back on the bed and the bottle slipped from my hand (I’d nearly dropped it a number of times as it was covered in lube) but fortunately it didn’t break. I relaxed with my cunt on display once more and basked in my pleasure. My relaxation was short lived though and as surprised as I’d been to see Ashraf, I was even more surprised when Jen appeared on stage. It quickly became obvious what was about to happen when she smeared lube over her hand and rubbed it up and down my pussy. She said that it was time to show them what I could really do and I whined that I couldn’t cum again so soon (which was picked up by the microphone) but the crowd had also figured out that she was about to fist me and a few people were chanting ‘fist, fist, fist’. I pushed the microphone away a bit and told her I’d only let her do it if she dropped her skirt. I was prepared to negotiate on this as I didn’t expect her to agree, but she just reached down and undid the zip, letting it slide down her legs. I asked how drunk she was and she said ‘fairly’ so I told her she could proceed as long as she was careful. Jen moved to the side of me and ran her fingers up and down my slit a few more times and said that it didn’t matter if I’d agreed, she intended to let them all see her dominate me and then pushed four fingers into me.

I easily took them (as I’ve said, I’d used more of the bottle than usual and I was well lubricated) and I felt Jen fold her thumb in and push it into me as well. As she worked more of her hand into me I teased her about her being half naked in front of a hundred people and told her how they would be going home tonight and cumming while thinking about her legs, her ass and her cunt. Jen just replied by saying that it was more likely they’d be thinking about me masturbating or being fucked and fisted. She stroked my clit and I told her I still didn’t think I’d cum again but Jen is persistent (and knows what I like). I told her if I was letting the crowd see me do this (which Jen corrected to ‘having this done to me’) that they should at least get to see her naked. I wasn’t surprised when she refused to remove her top as even after years of Mike, Sue, Lis, Lucy and me telling her that her breasts look amazing and her being far less self-conscious about their size, she still doesn’t like too many people seeing them. I had already decided on my bait though and told her it would be a shame to get her top wet and that I’d rather spray her skin than her clothes. I could see her wavering almost immediately so I continued and told her if she stripped that I would empty everything in my bladder over her as I came and if she wanted I would then eat her and let her piss over me with everyone watching.

Jen withdrew her hand from my cunt, leaving me feeling very empty and I imagined that I had a gaping hole facing the crowd (I know it doesn’t quite work like that). She went to grab her top but didn’t want to cover it in lube so I sat up and helped out, pulling her top up and over her head before tossing it towards her skirt. Jen kicked them both out of the line of fire and pushed her hand back into me and as she continued I teased her more about how she would definitely be in many people’s minds as they came. She just kept moving her hand back and forth inside me, twisting it slightly as she did so and rapidly frigging me with her other hand. Jen knows my fantasies well and described everyone lining up to fuck me, how my cunt and mouth would take cock after cock, emptying load after load into me and I told her that it was working and if she carried on that she would get another orgasm out of me. It felt like it took ages for my orgasm to build but it wasn’t actually that long and I shouted that I was getting close (nobody had moved the microphone back). Between pants I told Jen that I was about to cum and as she moved around the bed a bit I twisted my body a little to aim at her. I told her to frig me harder and as my orgasm started I did as promised and pushed, letting out a stream of piss that arced out and splashed onto Jen’s body. I moved my hips up and down, aiming the jet as best I could (which isn’t easy while being distracted by an orgasm). Jen looked quite happy with my efforts and by the time I finished cumming, her whole front was soaked and my pee was dripping from her face, breasts and pussy.

Jen hadn’t quite finished yet though and pulled her hand from my cunt, wiped it over my stomach and breasts and then buried her face in my pussy (this is why you should always make sure that the lube you use is edible). Jen pushed her tongue into me and licked around the inside of my pussy as far as she could reach and then rubbed her face around my cunt. I was sure that in her current state that she’d be willing to go further and I told her to either switch places with me or to let me kneel under her to eat her and she could empty her bladder over me. Jen hesitated and I told her she might not get a chance to do that in front of so many people again but I kind of forgot that the point of it for her was the pee, not how many people it was in front of. Jen said I could repay her later on and that she would drink a lot more to prepare for it, but pulled away from me and said that her part of the show was done. To her credit, she just picked her clothes up and walked off the stage to where the others were before she got dressed again.

The guy who’d wheeled the bed out for me came and said that I’d done enough. I certainly doubted that I could have done any more at that point but I was still disappointed my show was over but as I gingerly climbed off the bed and gathered up my clothes I saw the clock and realised I’d been on stage for the best part of an hour. I carefully made my way down the stairs and met up with our group. A number of random people complimented me and my display and a few asked me if I wanted to fuck. Usually I would have been happy to let them use me but I definitely needed a break and told them maybe later (actually meaning that, but I’m sure they thought I was just brushing them off). We returned to one of the side rooms and I told Jen that I was really impressed that she had gone naked on stage. She deliberately drank some water and then told me she was looking forward to the rematch but Susan told her it would have to wait as I had somewhere else to be. I asked what she meant but she wouldn’t tell me and just said that I would need to be ready to leave in a little while and that I should clean up a bit. I was somewhat of a mess with a mix of beer, lube and pee over various parts of my body so I headed off to the toilets and did the best I could to wash myself down. Jen helped out a bit and after using up a good portion of the paper towels I felt a bit fresher. I retrieved my bra from Lisa and tightened by belt around what was left of my t-shirt – enough to hold the bits in place and mostly cover my breasts but not enough to make it look like I was anywhere near decently dressed. I made Abrahii promise to take care of Jen (both in the making sure she was okay and the having fun sense), kissed a few people goodbye and headed out with Susan to find a taxi.

She still wouldn’t tell me where we were going but when we arrived I recognised the place. I eagerly asked if we were visiting Pasha again but Susan said no and led me up to the third floor and knocked on a door. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t recognise the guy at first and it was only when Susan said that as they had made me cum, it was only fair I do the same for them that I realised it was one of the guys who had played with me on the stairs much earlier that day. Susan gently pushed me into the room and told the guy that he could fuck me as long as she could watch. He thought this was a little strange but I told Susan that there was no way she could just watch and if she was staying then she was going to be naked too. The guy liked the sound of this a lot more and Susan told me to undress her (which I did) and she then stripped me naked. I wondered how tight (or specifically how loose) I would feel after my fisting, but the guy didn’t comment as he fingered me and kissed my breasts. Susan knelt and put a condom on his cock and started to suck him but he was quickly guided into my pussy and started fucking me. I coaxed Susan up onto the bed and went down on her, telling her that she was way behind me so needed to cum multiple times. I actually only managed to get one orgasm out of her before the guy came in me and Susan let him explore my pussy and play with my breasts for a little while before saying it was time for our next house call.

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