Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 6

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Pasha reached around my body to fondle my breasts and I told him how I liked my nipples being played with (having them circled and then pinched and twisted – but very gently). Susan kept licking us and I told them I could quite easily cum and Susan said if I thought I could cum twice that she would make me. Without thinking about it I said ‘not after what we’ve already done’ and Pasha asked what I meant so I told him that Susan had already eaten me earlier when she had removed my clothes. He said it was a pity as he would have liked to feel me cum around him more than once and I told him I could always come back another time. Susan pulled away and told me to turn around – I was a bit disappointed as her tongue had felt good on my clit, but also wanted to fuck him properly so I lifted myself off of his cock, turned 180 degrees and planted myself back on it and once he was inside me I pushed down hard. He pumped in to me as I rode him and as he fondled my breasts I stroked his chest. Susan reached around between us and toyed with my clit but I then felt her push her face between my ass cheeks and her tongue probe my ass. She told me to slow down and let Pasha fuck me and this allowed her to rim and spear me properly. Pasha picked up the pace and fucked me harder and said I looked like I was really enjoying myself. I tried to let every bit of pleasure show on my face – not in a porn-star way, just a natural expression of what I was feeling and gasped that I wasn’t going to last much longer. Pasha said that was good as he wanted to cum and I asked him if he could just hang on a little bit until my orgasm was about to his and then moaned at him to fuck me and fill me with his cum. Even though I’d cum so many times already that day, having my cunt, clit, ass and nipples all stimulated at once worked really well and I moaned even louder than Susan had. Pasha pumped in to me and I told him again to cum in me and he did. I felt him thrust into me a few times hard and he then pulled me down against his cock and held me in place. I did the best I could to squeeze my pussy around his cock but didn’t really have the strength or concentration to do this so mostly just let him take control and felt him slowly slide back and forth just a little.

I panted to him that it had felt wonderful and thanked him for the orgasm (and cum). I didn’t ignore Susan and thanked her as well and she said that I could thank her properly in just a minute. I told her I’d help make her cum any way she wanted to (I trust Susan) and she said that sounded nice, but first we had to clean Pasha up. He apparently likes having his cock licked after he’s cum (not the head though) so Susan and I knelt and licked up and down the length of the shaft and around his balls. We kissed around his cock (which he really liked) and after a couple of minutes he let his kiss around the head of his cock – after we’d promised to be gentle. I then took his cock between my breasts again and massaged it for a while before Susan said it was her turn. We asked how she wanted to cum and she said she wanted Pasha to fuck her, but as I’d already milked him of his cum she’d have to make do with having us eat her. I told Pasha that he could just watch if he wanted but Susan said she wanted two tongues on her. I didn’t know if Pasha had licked her ass before or not but volunteered to take it anyway and Pasha said he at least wanted to see me licking her there before he joined in. This was easy enough to demonstrate and Susan stood beside the bed, leant forwards and I buried my tongue first in her cunt and then in her ass. Pasha spread Susan’s cheeks to watch what I was doing and then asked how Susan wanted to proceed.

We used the traditional position (traditional for this sort of thing anyway) with Susan over his face, facing towards the headboard, Pasha eating her cunt and me lying on top of him eating her ass. As if competing with my earlier performance, she moaned loudly and told us exactly what she could feel. My tongue brushed against Pasha’s a number of times but I was more interested in the fact that I could feel his cock pressed against his stomach and he still felt quite hard. I knew that to be fair I should have told Susan but in my defence I didn’t know if he was actually ready to be inside someone again so soon after cumming so I just humped back and forth against him. I felt him push back so I lifted my body slightly and reached down to guide him in to me and then pushed down on to him. I kept a hand between my legs to stroke my clit and slowly rode his cock but we ended up moving sufficiently that Susan figured out what was going on and told me off. I apologised and said she could fuck him but she told me to keep going (both in terms of fucking him and eating her ass) and that she would deal with my punishment later. I wasn’t too worried about any punishment as Susan’s idea of this is similar to Jen’s (mostly involving people cumming again) so I did as she said and fucked Pasha as I ate her. Susan came loudly, telling me to push my tongue into her ass and Pasha to eat her cunt hard. Susan remained over his face for a minute or so (getting us to continue to eat her, but more gently) and then climbed off to say it was now time for me to learn what happens when I get greedy.

Pasha was moving in me faster and Susan told him to give me another good fucking. He played with my breasts as I rode him and Susan then told me to lean forwards and give me her ass. I did as I was told and she pushed a vibe into me and turned it on at a fairly high power. She tried to get another vibe onto my clit but couldn’t (due to the position we were in) so made do with just using her fingers to frig me while pumping the vibe in and out of my ass. Susan called me a slut, a whore and multiple other names as she asked if I liked what was being done to me. It felt a bit too intense but I told her I loved it and she told Pasha that she was going to make me cum multiple times more that afternoon as well (just leaving out the fact that there would be other guys involved as well). I came before Pasha did but Susan kept playing with me and said she wouldn’t stop until Pasha came in me again. By this point it definitely felt too intense to be pleasurable, but I’ve endured worse (much worse) so I leant forwards and talked dirty to Pasha, telling him how I wanted to feel his cock fil me with cum again and how I would milk him dry as I humped up and down on his cock. The talk (and my breasts) helped speed him along and he told Susan he couldn’t hold back any more and he squeezed my ass as he came in me.

He got me to stop moving almost as soon as he came and Susan eased off as well so I lay on top of him and concentrated on the feeling of his cock twitching in me. The vibe was still buzzing away in my ass and while Susan wasn’t moving it anymore, she stopped it from sliding out a few times. When I pulled myself up and off of Pasha’s cock I watched as it slapped down against his stomach and I crawled down the bed to gently kiss and lick it, then rub it over my face and neck. Susan told me I hadn’t finished yet and that I now had to masturbate (and cum) for them. I said that I wouldn’t be able to cum again for a while but wasn’t allowed to decline the order. Pasha did point out that I’d just cum twice (little did he know) but Susan told him she was already angry with him for not fucking her once and that if he objected she wouldn’t come back for a month. He apologised to me and said that he didn’t want to go for that long without a chance to fuck Susan and I told him I understood completely as she is so eminently fuckable. As Susan knows a number of the ways I masturbate she specified that I had to lie on my back with my knees drawn up to my chest and use one hand to play with my pussy and the other to reach around under my legs to tease my ass. I told her I wanted to do pussy and clit and as a compromise she ‘allowed’ me to use the vibe in my ass so I could keep my fingers clean for my pussy. As expected, I couldn’t feel much happening for a while but Susan remedied this by getting me to lie up on Pasha’s desk which was by the window with my pussy facing outwards. Susan and Pasha toyed with my breasts and she told me how everyone in the building opposite could see me fucking myself. This worked quite well and it wasn’t long before I told them I’d cum fairly soon and I was even allowed to suck on Pasha’s cock as my orgasm built and I came.

I was slightly afraid that Susan would get me to cum again but she allowed me to relax and just let Pasha examine my body as she slipped her dress on. I was presented with a new set of clothes to wear and recognised one of my regular schoolgirl outfits (which I think I’m getting a bit old for, but I think that was the point). I wore a shelf bra that left my nipples exposed and a thin plain white blouse that left my nips partially visible (especially when Susan stroked and teased them), a red tartan skirt and black, mid-thigh hold-ups, leaving a few inches of skin showing below the hem of the skirt. Pasha liked the look and Susan made him kneel before me and ask me to slightly lift my skirt. She offered him the chance to fuck me again but he said he couldn’t do it again so soon and was given the chance to lick me. He took this and buried his face between my legs (under the skirt) for a couple of minutes but not for long enough to make me cum. Susan promised she would see him soon and that I’d be back at some point and I was led out of the room, carrying my coat.

While I don’t mind dressing like that to go out at night, it looks a little obvious in the daytime but I was told to walk to our next appointment with my coat off. I had one further surprise as we bumped in to Lisa and I found out it wasn’t by chance and that she was joining us for the last guy. She told me that she wanted Mike to see that she was doing as she’d been told and enjoying herself and I assured her that Mike would want to fuck her all the more when he found out. The guy turned out to be relatively small (in height) and a slim build but he seemed nice enough and certainly appreciated the fact that Susan had brought two additional girls along to play with. She told me that she wanted his cock first but that she would make sure to save his cum for me. To get things started, Lisa and I were told to make out on the bed while Susan sat with Jorge and let him fondle her. I tool things slowly with Susan and between kissed I quietly warned her that I’d been cum on and in a number of times already so my pussy might be a bit of a mess. Lisa hissed in my ear and pointed out that she’d been fucked by multiple guys the week before, quickly moved down between my legs and buried her face in my pussy. I felt her tongue invade me and I pushed her to me and said it wasn’t fair if I couldn’t do the same to her. She rolled off the bed, pulled her skirt down and told me to go ahead, then straddled my face and pushed her panties against my mouth.

I licked her through them, then pulled the crotch to the side and ate her properly and then tried to tear them off of her (without success). Lisa stood up again and slid her panties off but I joined her and quickly pulled her top and bra off so she was the first one to be naked, then pushed her on to her front on the bed and knelt behind her to eat her. I told Jorge to get inside her and Susan reminded me that she wanted first go with his cock so I assured her it would only be for a moment. Susan relented and helped to free Jorge’s cock then joined me to watch as he rubbed against Lisa’s pussy and slipped in to her (Susan and I helped by holding her lips apart). After a few strokes I got him to offer me his cock and I sucked it clean, then he fucked Lisa a little more and Susan sucked him clean. Susan, Jorge and I all had a lick of Susan’s pussy before Susan bent forwards over the bed and told Jorge to fuck her. I watched as he did this and I played with Lisa some more but made sure to remind Jorge that I wanted his cum inside me. Susan seemed to really be enjoying herself and reached back to play with her clit. She moaned about how she had wanted a cock inside her (possibly trying to make me feel guilty about fucking Pasha twice) and came impressively quickly. I hadn’t finished with Lisa yet so Susan took advantage of the situation and sat in front of Lisa to be kitty kissed while I fingered and ate Lisa. Jorge loved watching this and said he wanted to be inside me. This made things a bit tricky as Lisa was too near the edge of the bed for me to lift my ass high enough for Jorge to get in me and support myself at the same time. We gave it a try though and he moved in me a bit but then pulled out to allow me to concentrate on making Lisa cum and just slowly stroked himself as he watched us.

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