Saturday, 9 January 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 7

It was definitely my turn now and Susan asked Jorge if he’d done as she’d asked and not cum for a couple of days. He said he had and she told me that he sometimes came quite a bit when he had held back and asked if I wanted his cum in me or over me. I liked the sound of both but opted to have him fill me as I figured I could always smear the cum over my body afterwards. Susan lay on the bed and got me to lie over her in a 69, then got Jorge to fuck me. I didn’t hold back and attacked Susan’s pussy with my mouth and she did the same to me (although slightly tempered by the fact that she had to contend with Jorge’s cock also fucking me). Lisa lay on the bed watching us and I told her to display herself a bit more and was pleased to see that she spread her legs and slowly stroked her pussy while caressing her breasts. Jorge said he couldn’t believe what was happening and I told him that this was his reward for saving his cum for me and if he delivered a good load that he might get Lisa and Susan back together another time. I looked up to give Lisa a smile and stuck my tongue out at her but she just shrugged and said she didn’t mind.

As Jorge fucked me harder I got Lisa to scooch closer and push her pussy up close to Susan’s so I could move between them and lick them both. At first I just kitty kissed Lisa but then ate her properly and once Susan came I reversed my role and switched between kitty kissing Susan and eating Lisa. Jorge said he was getting close and I told him to give me as much as he could. I wasn’t far from cumming but he came first so I got him to remain inside me while Susan finished me off. I could tell that my pussy felt quite wet and some of his cum leaked out around his cock but he remained inside me while I gave Lisa her second orgasm. He warned me that it felt like he’d cum quite a bit (to which I just said ‘good’) and I decided to try and have some fun with his cum. As he pulled out I got Susan to hold my pussy shut and I carefully rolled off of her and took over the job of keeping the cum inside me. Lisa was still panting from her orgasm but I got her to lie on the floor with her ass up in the air against the bed. Susan spread Lisa’s lips and I stood over her (almost standing on her in the process) and let the cum trickle out of my cunt into Lisa’s. Well, I say ‘into’ but a lot of it dripped around her pussy, but some went in and Susan obligingly worked some of the rest in using her fingers. Susan switched places with Lisa and we repeated the cum-sharing – slightly more successfully this time with a good blob dripping into Susan’s pussy.

Susan got up and pushed her fingers into me, then into Lisa’s pussy and then buried her face between my legs and licked out some more of the cum. I was instructed to do the same to Lisa and Lisa to Susan, after which we shared a three way kiss, messily sharing the cum and our saliva and allowing it to drip down our faces and onto our breasts. Needless to say Jorge loved the sight of this and after a couple of minutes we moved on from kissing to 69ing, taking turns so Lisa, Susan and I each 69ed with each other. This was mostly to tease Jorge before we turned on him and with the three of us sucking, licking and kissing his cock and balls we managed to get him hard again. He wasn’t sure he could cum so soon, but was willing to try and as she had made the effort to join us we let Lisa be the one to take him. As there were now two of us (or three counting Jorge), we teased Lisa in every way we could, ass, clit, nipples, kissing, licking, stroking… and had no trouble getting two further orgasms out of her. For his part Jorge performed quite well and fucked her throughout all the teasing and despite his reservations managed to cum again (inside Lisa). Susan, Lisa and I had another round of 69s but he hadn’t cum anywhere near as much this time so we barely got anything out of Lisa and we might have done more if Susan hadn’t pointed out we needed to head off.

We all got dressed and I pointed out that my pussy and thighs still felt quite sticky with Jorge’s cum (which he liked) and once we were out on the street we told Lisa that Jorge wasn’t actually the last person we were seeing as we’d run late earlier. Susan told Lisa to come along with us and she pointed out she’d just cum three times, but that didn’t get her much sympathy given our counts for the day so she decided to join us. He was in another set of student halls and as Susan knocked, Lisa undid the top three buttons on my blouse. I told her I’d unzip her skirt if she continued and when she popped a fourth button I followed through on my threat. Lisa held her skirt up with one hand and tried to unzip my skirt and as I tugged at her one I felt mine slide down my legs. It was about this point that the guy answered the door and I turned around to say hi before pulling on Lisa’s skirt again and warning her that it might rip if she didn’t let go. She relented and I quickly pulled it down. I was already naked from the waist down as I wasn’t wearing panties and didn’t think Lisa should be any more covered than I was so I grabbed the front and back of her panties and pulled them down. I got them to mid-thigh height before she managed to stop me and I pointed out that the longer she struggled, the longer she would be standing semi-naked in the hallway. This logic didn’t work at first but Susan joined in to help me and she held Lisa’s arms while I slid the panties down her legs and then tossed them into the guy’s room along with her and my skirts.

Seeing as we had her restrained, it made sense to finish what we’d started and with Susan’s help, I managed to remove Lisa’s top. We pointed out that it made sense for her to remain quiet or other people might come out to see what the noise was and she told me she hated me but when Susan knelt and pushed her face between Lisa’s legs the expression on Lisa’s face was quite a way from hate. I moved around behind Susan and pulled on her top which she allowed me to remove and I was just working on her bra when two guys came in to the corridor. Lisa immediately tried to cover her breasts but ignored this and asked Susan if she was willing to put on a show. She answered me by pushing her face back between Lisa’s legs and I tossed Susan’s bra into the guy’s room and told him we be all his in a few minutes but wanted to have a little fun to prepare. The two new guys were getting closer (and had clearly seen us) so I kissed Lisa and asked her if we could see just how brave she had got. She looked a little nervous and asked what I wanted to do but I just told her to play along and that she could stop if she wanted.

The two guys asked us what we were doing and I went with a variation of the truth and told them that Susan (who was still eating Lisa) had brought us along to fuck her friend (indicating the guy we’d come to see who’s name I still didn’t know) and that she’d told us he was so good in bed that we were competing to see which of us got to fuck him first. I told Lisa she’d had a long enough turn and that it was time for me to have a chance and that she needed to eat me. I stood against the wall and as Lisa knelt down to get started I tore my blouse open, popping off a number of the buttons and then let it slide down my arms. I would have torn my bra off too but it was a nice one so I just undid it and tossed it into the guy’s room along with the rest of our things so I was just wearing the long socks. Even though we weren’t really competing, I wanted to show off a bit more anyway and asked the two guys if one of them could help out and hold my leg up. I lifted my right leg and one of them took it and under my direction pushed it up higher to give Lisa more access to my pussy. This had the added benefit of exposing me much more, especially when Lisa fingered me when the guys could see pretty much everything. I lifted each of my nipples to my mouth and licked around them and was tempted to let Lisa make me cum (anything for an audience) but decided not to be too greedy (plus while I wasn’t sure of the exact count at that point I knew I was getting close to my 20th orgasm of the day, which is a lot even for me).

I got Lisa to back off and I briefly fingered myself and sucked my fingers clean before telling Susan it was her turn. While she isn’t an exhibitionist, she didn’t shy away from letting me play with her and after stripping her of her skirt (which I was a little surprised she hadn’t removed herself given what was happening) I hungrily ate her up against the wall where I’d been standing. I made as good a show of what I was doing as I could, letting the guys see me alternate between using long licks between Susan’s lips and burying my face in her pussy. I was acutely aware of the risk of what we were doing and that we might be discovered by other (less enthusiastic) people at any point but that just added to the excitement and I stood up, kissed Susan and whispered in her ear ‘wanna fuck?’. She might not have been quite as keen as I was but is enough of a nympho that she didn’t turn the proposition down and allowed me to pull her down on to the floor and get into a 69 with me. Lisa was standing in the guy’s doorway at this point and I considered asking her to join us but thought better of trying to encourage her to do things if she wasn’t comfortable. Susan and I each had a turn on top and sat up to let the guys watch us being eaten while we fingered and frigged the other person. I announced I was going to cum (not too loudly, but enough for my immediate audience to easily hear) and humped back and forth against Susan’s face until my orgasm hit me.

As soon as my orgasm ended I buried my face between Susan’s legs again and licked her hard. I heard her say that I didn’t need to reciprocate but she didn’t try to pull away so I just kept going until I heard her moan (which she used my pussy to muffle). As enjoyable as the brief session had been I was a little disappointed as when I’d asked Susan to fuck I had been envisioning us putting on a longer display involving scissoring, masturbating (ourselves and each other) and possibly more. Of course what I’d really hoped for was for the two guys to proposition us and beg to fuck us there and then but despite conventional knowledge being that many guys would jump at a chance like that, very few are actually brave enough to do so when confronted with such a situation. As I’d cum (and mostly calmed down again) I decided that it was probably a good idea to get in to the guys room before we were caught by someone who might report us so I got up, helped Lisa up and said that now it was time for the main event. We said goodbye to the two guys and headed in to Susan’s friends bedroom – at which point she introduced us to him and I found out he was called Steve.

Needless to say, he was already hard and he didn’t turn our advances down. As the three of us were already naked (bar socks in my case), he didn’t object when we freed his cock and had a three-way with it (with us all licking and sucking it). I made sure he knew that I was the one who was meant to get his cum, but that he was free to finger, lick or fuck all of us and that we’d do pretty much anything he wanted. Even though he’d already seen us play with each other he wanted a bit more of this so we obliged him and ended up daisy chaining for a bit, followed by Lisa and me sharing a double ended dildo (that I would have used with Susan in the corridor if I’d known she had it). I’d only intended for this to be a part of the show but Lisa decided to get revenge for me having stripped her and put her on display so she knelt beside us and helped out, pumping the dildo between us, frigging us and using a vibe on out clits to make us cum again. Naturally this didn’t go unrewarded and we decreed that it was Lisa’s turn to cum but I felt that we had been doing too much of the work ourselves instead of letting the guys pleasure us so Steve was given the task of servicing Lisa.

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