Thursday, 14 January 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 8

He started off simply enough by kissing and fingering her but this progressed to him going down on her. While he was doing most of the work, Susan and I still helped out and fondled them both, getting Steve to the point where he really wanted to fuck Lisa. I made him promise to save his cum for me and as compensation agreed to let him take my ass (he had asked Lisa if he could fuck her ass but she decided to only let Mike do that). As I wanted his cum in my cunt I told him he’d have to use a condom while in my ass but that he could then go bareback to finish off in me. He quite liked the idea of having both me and Lisa and Susan promised him that he could have a turn inside her if he got hard again after cumming in me.

As Steve fucked Lisa, Susan ‘helped out’ by using a couple of fingers in my ass and lubing me up. In turn I helped out with a vibe on Lisa’s clit and managed to make her cum with Steve inside her but still before he got too carried away and came. He wanted to get into my ass straight away but I got him to have a little break and calm down so that he could enjoy being in me for longer before he had to pull out and use my other hole (he saw the logic in this argument). Susan took care of kitty kissing Lisa while Steve fucked my ass and she got Lisa to edge her way under me so she could lick my pussy with the aim of getting me off again. I’d reached the point where I’d cum so many times that it became harder to feel my orgasm approaching as everything felt quite sensitive, but I certainly knew when I came and announced it loudly and repeatedly. I was actually quite impressed that Steve didn’t cum in my ass as I thrust back against his cock and Lisa’s mouth quite hard (and if he had done I probably wouldn’t have blamed him) but as my orgasm faded he told me he was getting close. I told him to pull out (of my ass) and use me to cum but Susan wanted a bit more than that and told Lisa to not just kitty kiss me (which she was already doing as we’ve trained her quite well) but to eat me to another orgasm. I moaned that I couldn’t cum again just yet as I felt that I really needed a break but wasn’t allowed that luxury. Lisa sucked on my clit (as best she could) while Steve fucked me, Susan fondled my breasts and to top it all I had a vibe pushed in to my ass. I heard Susan tell Steve a number of times to try and hold back until I came again and that he could then fuck me as hard as he wanted, but I wasn’t really paying attention as all of the stimulation felt incredibly intense. I said I still wasn’t sure I could cum again but Susan told me they would keep going until I did so it was up to me how long it took. I buried my mind in some of the more extreme fantasies I have and tried to ignore what I was actually feeling or whether my body was getting close to cumming and this worked. I came multiple times in my fantasy but only once in real life and as I slumped down I felt Steve hammer away inside me and then announce he was cumming.

When he pulled out I flopped on to my side and just lay there. Susan said they could see his cum leaking from my cunt but I was too spent to enjoy the feeling. Susan and Lisa gently cleaned off Steve’s cock with their tongues. I honestly didn’t even realise that I still had the vibe in my ass until Susan pulled it out of me and I was then rolled over on to my back, had my legs spread and told that Steve was going to take some pictures of me. I couldn’t be bothered to argue and he took a number of shots, mostly of me but a few with Lisa and Susan sitting over my face or lying on top of me. I get the feeling that neither of their faces featured in the photos but mine might have (I wasn’t allowed to see though). They offered Steve a chance to fuck me again but he didn’t think he could cum. I did manage to get him hard enough (using my mouth and breasts) that he could slide into Susan. Lisa helped me to get at least a little revenge and between us we sucked on Susan’s clit, telling Steve that if he did want to cum again that this might help get him at least partway there. Despite my promise of ensuring she came every time I did, she was quite a way behind me in the cum-count so she took the licking quite well and humped up and down on Steve’s cock telling him she wanted at least a little bit of his cum in her. We had no trouble getting Susan off but Steve took a bit more work – it wasn’t too difficult though and with my breasts to play with, Susan still riding him and Lisa fondling and kissing his balls we got the second orgasm out of him. Technically the cum should have been given to me, but I felt that Susan had done such a good job in lining up guys to play with that she deserved it. She did get me to eat her out afterwards and then dribble the mix of cum and saliva down over my breasts so I at least got his cum second hand and by that point, it was good enough for me.

When we went to get dressed I pointed out that Susan had taken my clothes and she said that as I’d ripped my top off couldn’t wear it anyway. She asked Steve if he had a big t-shirt or top I could borrow and he produced a suitably long ice-hockey jersey. At first he didn’t believe I was going to just wear that but I slipped it on over my otherwise naked body (naked except for the long socks anyway) and I let him fondle of me under the top as we said goodbye. I actually got fewer looks dressed like this than I had in my schoolgirl outfit and we met up with a few people for coffee and to relay the details of how the afternoon had gone. When we calculated the orgasm tally we realised that Lisa had helped me beat her record from the previous weekend. I told her that it wasn’t a competition but if she ever wanted to try and increase her personal best (she’d cum 21 times in a day) that we would be more than happy to see just how far she could go. She decided to wait a while before trying again as it had taken a lot out of her and she’d felt tender for days afterwards.

I also found out that while I’d been busy Jen had also been enjoying herself. She had taken the chance to have a session with Abrahii and Mel had joined in. We returned to the house and I was allowed a little time to rest but as I did so Mel broadcast a video of me, panning the camera over my naked body and taking requests from the people watching as to what parts of me to show. I stupidly said that if there were any girls watching that I’d let them see anything they wanted and as I had two girls in the audience I had to gently fondle myself, suck on my nipples, stroke my pussy and then masturbate for them. Mel helped out a bit by going down on me and in return I had to eat her a bit but I had to finish things off myself and slowly toyed with myself until I came to a gentle orgasm. I made a show of repeatedly sucking my fingers clean (which my female viewers liked) and I saw that a couple of the male viewers really enjoyed the show too as at least three of them came. I felt a bit concerned afterwards as I’d let Mel show a lot of my face (and whole body shots) which I try to avoid, but it was too late to worry and we were beginning to think about dinner, which I knew would almost certainly involve some delivery guys.

Abrahii and Susan continued to beat my expectations in their arrangements for the weekend and we ended up ordering pizza, curry and Chinese. As we waited for the food I was let in on the secret that all of the food was coming from places where the delivery guys that knew Susan quiet well (and even knew Abrahii reasonably well) so it was likely that we’d get some action from each of the guys. There was no messing about and as each order of food turned up, Susan and I answered the door in various states of undress (we had cute underwear on for the pizza, sexy underwear for the Chinese and nothing for the curry). Each time, the food was deposited in the kitchen and we took the guy upstairs to Susan’s room and both fucked him (they only came once each but we both got to ride them and have them help out make us both cum). We actually had an Indian guy deliver the curry and a Chinese guy deliver the Chinese but sadly not an Italian for the pizza. Abrahii joined us with the third (Indian) guy, who she had fucked before as part of her ‘India-Pakistan relations drive’ and I graciously allowed him to cum in her instead of in me (we had to use condoms with the delivery guys so I wasn’t missing out on any cum). The only downside of our playing with the guys was that neither Susan nor I got to eat anything until the Indian guy left. We quickly ate the things that had been left for us (there was at least quite a good selection) while the others started to get ready to head out and then quickly freshened up.

Susan got dressed but I knew better and waited to find out what I would be allowed to wear. I wasn’t too surprised when I was given a t-shirt (plain white), a belt and a bra (one of my ones that leaves a fair portion of my nipples exposed). Jen suggested I should wear the long socks I’d had on earlier and I quite liked knowing that they were already stained with some cum-streaks. For some reason Richard seemed to like the look more than he usually would and I was subjected to an extended fondling by him and then passed over to Nicholas. In the latter case the fondling progressed to me sucking him and then him bending me over the sofa and sliding in to me from behind. He was told not to cum in me and to save it for later so after he’d enjoyed the feeling of my pussy for a couple of minutes I sucked him clean and let him rub his cock over my face (he really liked doing that) and I promised him I would act as his cum-dump later on.

We headed out to a bar to start the evening off and in a similar fashion to what had been done to Lisa the previous week I was partially shielded by a number of members of the gang while I was fingered to orgasm. Things were slightly different in that Lisa was the one who was tasked with fingering me and instead of some nearby guys just having an idea of what was going on, they were told in advance what was about to happen and Lisa pushed my t-shirt dress right up my thighs so the guys got to see pretty much everything as she fingered me. To be fair, I might have encouraged her to do this and kept daring her to show them more until I was sitting with my legs spread as she played with me. To her credit though, she was the one who got me to finish off my beer and then used the bottle to fuck me with. I had to give the bottle a blow-job a few times (Lisa went back to using her fingers as I did this)

I wasn’t at all surprised when Mel offered me to the guys and said they could take me out back and fuck me. While it was dark outside, it was still reasonably early and none of them were up for that, but one said I could suck him off if I wanted (which I thought was quite generous of him). His friends didn’t believe that I’d actually do it but I led him lead me into the gents’ toilets and we entered one of the cubicles. When I do things like this, I prefer to do them properly so I let him have a fondle of my ass and pussy and as he did this I unfastened my belt and hung it over the door hook. I pushed one of his hands up under my top and eagerly took the hint and started to play with my breasts any my t-shirt was soon pulled up around my neck so I removed it as well and hung it up. I now just had my bra, socks and boots on and the guy sucked on my nipples for a bit as I reached into his trousers and played with his cock. His friends looked over the top of the cubicle and cheered about the fact I was naked (or nearly so) and we let them watch as he fingered me. He told them to go away so I could get him off and once they were gone we quickly slipped a condom over his cock and I knelt to suck him. It didn’t take too long to make him cum (although we were briefly interrupted midway by his friends looking over the top at us again). Oddly enough none of the other guys even wanted to kiss me after I’d had the cock in my mouth (even though it had been in a condom) but two more of them had a brief fondle of my breasts and ass and one of those two also rubbed my pussy a bit before I slipped my t-shirt back on and joined the gang. Susan was disappointed that I hadn’t been fucked but accepted the fact that the guys had all been pussies so it wasn’t my fault.

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