Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 9

On the way to the next bar we ducked into an alleyway and Abrahii slit my top down the back with a scalpel blade (there are uses to knowing people who study medicine). The cut went from the top of the t-shirt right down to the top of my ass and I asked if there was any hope that the shirt would be wearable by the end of the night. Abrahii just asked what I thought and I pointed out that it was a good thing that my jacket was long enough to keep me covered. My ‘new’ outfit certainly got some attention, especially when Mel used the cut in the back to reach in to the shirt and caress my breasts while we were chatting to some guys. I was told to turn around so I was facing away from them and Mel invited them to copy what she had done. Two of them (one after the other) did so and both discovered the fact that my bra let them get to most of my nipples. With a few of the gang crowded around me to provide cover, I was told to let the belt out a few notches so instead of being around my waist it hung quite loosely off one hip and with this done (and Mel’s further encouragement) one guy slipped a hand down to my crotch and told his friends that I was indeed naked down there. A couple of them took turns fingering me until Lisa piped up and said they should stop being wimps and finish the job. The guy who was fondling me at the time asked if I really wanted him to make me cum and I told him yes and pressed his hand harder against my pussy. As his fingers stroked my clit I ground back against his crotch and could feel him getting hard. I had to control my expression as even though I had friends standing around me, I couldn’t let anyone else know what was going on –nevertheless I still moaned a bit so the guy frigging me knew I was enjoying myself (and it was loud enough that it didn’t make much difference).

At one point I was worried he was going to stop so I pressed his hand against my crotch harder (my hands were outside my shirt but his were still inside touching me directly). He took the hint and kept going until I came, at which point Abrahii handed hiind m a condom and said he deserved payment for making me cum. I was a bit out of breath from my standing orgasm (or the combination of standing and concentrating on maintaining my composure as I came). The guy asked if she was being serious so I took him by the hand and led him towards the toilets. His friends let out a cheer but I didn’t stop and just pulled him into the ladies toilets, into a cubicle and told him to push the door shut behind us. I turned around, sat on the toilet, quickly freed his cock, rolled the condom on and took him in my mouth. I was determined to do things properly this time and as I sucked him I started to pull my t-shirt off and indicated he should help. I intended to leave the belt on but when I stood up it just got in the way so I just let it slide down my legs and hung it up on the coat hook. The guy lifted one of my legs up and I helped to guide him in to me and we fucked up against the wall of the cubicle. I then bent forwards, resting against the toilet and let him fuck me from behind and after a while of this, got him to sit on the toilet so I could mount and ride him.

Someone else came in while we were doing this but I whispered to just keep going. We did one better and actually changed position so I was still riding him, but facing away from him so he could fondle my breasts and play with my clit. We weren’t making a lot of noise, but I wasn’t trying to be silent either so I assumed that whoever was with us knew what was happening. Another person came in and I lost count of how many people came and went but figured we’d better hurry just in case so I went back to standing and leaning forwards so the guy could fuck me from behind. I made it clear that I wanted to cum again and he frigged me nicely as we fucked. As soon as I came I grabbed his hand and sucked on his fingers as I pushed back against him and then let him concentrate on finishing off. He pumped away in me hard and I felt him push deeper but it didn’t take long and he stopped. I freed myself from his cock and then gently sucked on it before pulling the condom off. I was a little mean and did this so all of the cum would pour out and over his cock but I rubbed it in to his cock and balls (making a nice mess) before telling him to help me get dressed. I let him slip my t-shirt over my head and stepped in to my belt, then got the guy to open the door and he made a quick exit past a few women. I didn’t say anything as I washed my hands until one of them asked if I’d really just fucked someone in the toilet. I told her that he was quite good and I’d really needed to cum but apologised if I’d stopped her from being able to pee. One of the other women called me a slut but I told her I didn’t see why I shouldn’t enjoy myself. We did leave fairly quickly once I got back to the others as I thought someone might have reported what I’d done, but we got out safely.

I was told that our next stop was the hardcore club and that I’d be expected to make the most of the opportunity. We had to queue for a bit and Abrahii made use of the opportunity to further modify my shirt/dress by cutting down the front (I held it away from my body as she did this) and then down the sides. She threatened to slice my bra off but I told her I’d just remove it if instructed as it was a nice one I didn’t want damaged. The others thought I should leave it on as it was now quite visible through the various cuts. Lisa seemed to take great delight in exposing my breasts to the guys in line behind us but I fought back and we ended up kissing as I told her I was going to make sure she came as soon as we got into the club. I didn’t quite manage to keep my word as we ended up going straight to the bar and while pretty much anything goes in this particular club, people don’t actually fuck at the bar. That’s not to say that I didn’t fondle Lisa a bit and as we waited I got one hand into her panties and the other up her top onto her bra. She didn’t take this lying down (so to speak) and said that I seemed somewhat overdressed before trying to tear my top further (so the cuts went the whole way down). Unfortunately the material was too strong at the seams so I promised her she could take care of it in just a moment. I pushed her panties down further and played with her more but we got the front before I could make her cum. This is one place where showing cleavage really doesn’t help get served but Julia knew the barman (intimately) so we headed off with our drinks quite quickly and located a suitable side room to use as our base.

Lisa remembered what I’d promised and finished what she had started, extending the cuts the whole way down to the bottom of my t-shirt. If I’d tied the belt tight around my waist again it would have probably kept the top part of the top roughly in place, but that wasn’t really the aim of the night so I removed the belt completely and this made it quite easy for the individual parts of the t-shirt to flap around as I moved, exposing varying amounts of my body. I kept my word as well and forcefully kissed Lisa while grinding up against her. She tried to distract me by playing with my pussy but I pushed her against the wall, knelt and lifted her skirt and buried my mouth in her little cunt. Lisa knew that she had lost and didn’t try to stop me when I got her to lift a leg over my shoulder to give me better access. I swirled my tongue around her clit and into her pussy while stroking a thumb back and forth across her ass. Lisa seemed to give in, wrapped her hands in my hair and apparently looked like she was really enjoying herself (I obviously couldn’t see, but I’ve got a fair amount of experience with her so I know what she likes). I didn’t release her until I’d made her cum and then kitty kissed her for a short while, at which point I stood up and kissed her square on the lips and said she tasted as good as ever. She told me that she would get her revenge and I told her to bring it but that I wanted to dance a bit first.

Specifically I wanted to dance with Abrahii as she is an amazing dancer and is able to make almost anyone who dances with her look good (she doesn’t quite lead, but certainly guides). Abrahii also enjoys that particular club and while she doesn’t often show her body off too much on the dancefloor (with some notable exceptions) she is more than happy to help others display themselves. Jen was already out dancing with Julia and Mel and it looked like there was a fair bit of fondling happening but Julia was the only one of the three that I could actually see anything happening to. Abrahii’s hands went straight under my clothes (what was left of them anyway) so I caressed her in a similar way (although she had panties on). She asked if I was enjoying the weekend she had arranged for me and I told her I loved it and that I would have to make her my personal planner. We kissed quite a bit as we danced and she even let me get to her breasts, but in return she spent a lot more time playing with my nipples and for a couple of minutes she danced behind me while reaching around to play with my pussy.

There seemed to be a good crowd in that night and we weren’t the only ones who were in states of undress or who were playing with each other. On returning to the others Nicholas asked if I’d let him fuck me and I told him to just name his position. He left it to me so I freed his cock and took him in my mouth, realising how much nicer it felt without a condom in the way. I gave his cock a good (and wet) suck, then planted myself on it and humped him. He freed my breasts from my bra so he could fondle them properly and Susan knelt in front of us to lick both and then James did the same. As good as this felt, Ethan wanted to be able to move more so we finished off with me bent forwards across a table. From the way he was moving it was clear that he was likely to cum before I did so I wasn’t too surprised when he thrust hard in to me and stopped moving. When he pulled out I felt a little cum trickle out of me and I was just about to turn and congratulate him on having enough cum left for me to feel it when Susan knelt behind me and ate me from behind. Mel told me that as I’d been fucked I had to cum and I didn’t object to this so just lay there and enjoyed Susan’s tongue. I felt something being poured over my ass but Susan kept eating me and even speared my ass with her tongue. She rubbed the liquid up and down my legs and played with my clit, teasing me until I was pushing back against her. Fortunately she didn’t tease for much longer and flicked her tongue back and forth across my clit until I came.

I wasn’t released just yet though and felt a pair of hands grip my hips and a cock rubbing against my pussy. It thrust in to me hard and I’d like to say I realised it was a stranger by the feel, but I had to crane my neck around to see a bearded biker guy. He fucked me much harder than Nicholas had and with each thrust I was pushed slightly forwards across the table only to be pulled back to meet the next one. I loved being used like that and could feel my hard nipples rubbing back and forth against the table as my body moved. The guy pulled out and told me to turn over and almost immediately started to fuck me again. He massaged my breasts as he did this and then took hold of my top and yanked it apart along one of the cuts. I was quite surprised it didn’t tear completely but the neck held. He seemed satisfied enough with this as I was still more exposed than I’d been beforehand. Abrahii told me to try to cum for him so I reached down to my clit and swirled my fingers around it. While I wasn’t the centre of attention (a few other people in the room were fooling around to differing extents), I knew I had a number of people watching me, some from the gang and some strangers and I wanted to cum for them all (or rather I wanted them all to watch me cum). I was too far behind the guy to catch up with him but he lasted long enough to help get me a fair way towards cumming again and when he pulled out I just kept frigging and masturbating myself. Susan asked if I wanted a hand but I told her I wanted to finish things myself. As I got closer to cumming I had a slight change of heart and got someone to pass me my beer, downed what was left and used the bottle in my cunt while frigging my clit. By the time I came the bottle was nicely warmed up (I know this as Mel made me suck it clean) and I told them I’d happily use it on any of them who wanted it.

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  1. Andi - I haven't been able to catch you for the past few months being out of the country on business but boy was it nice to come back to all these posts! I have a lot of catching up to do but I'm sure I won't mind ;-)