Friday, 5 February 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 12

I asked if we were visiting all three of the guys from the stairs and Susan confirmed this. Our next call was just a couple of doors down so Susan said we should just carry our clothes and we walked along the corridor naked, knocked and posed for the guy when he answered. As soon as we were inside Susan told him that we’d already seen his friend (which he knew about) but that I hadn’t cum so he was expected to perform a lot better. To be fair, we did more for him as well and he didn’t even start to fuck me until Susan and I had played with each other and we’d both sucked him. Instead of just being fucked on the bed, this time Susan told him that I loved showing off and that he should fuck me up against the window. I quite liked the sound of that and we put a couple of pillows on the desk to make kneeling there more comfortable. I checked that the window was locked shut (to avoid it opening and me falling to my death – which might have been an appropriate end for me but not one I wanted to encourage) and I then knelt in front of the window and let the guy slide into me from behind. I was pressed forwards against the glass, which felt very cold, particularly on my nipples, but Susan helped distract me by playing with my clit (she was also massaging the guy’s balls, but I didn’t know that at the time). As we fucked, Susan asked the guy if he minded the fact that he was sharing me with his friends and he said that it was a bit strange, but he didn’t really care as it meant he got to fuck me. Susan said that was great news and told me that we could get all the guys in to fuck me at the same time. She made it partway through describing how they could take my cunt, ass and mouth at the same time. The guy didn’t seem quite as keen on this and even though Susan complimented him on the size of his cock and that he shouldn’t be embarrassed he still wasn’t up for it. I wasn’t too bothered as I’d already cum far more times (and had more people see me) than I’d expected, but thought it would have been nice to finish off with a proper foursome. Of course it would have ideally been with people that we knew were clean and I could have got multiple loads of cum simultaneously, but…

I pictured the scene with the three guys fucking me and thought back to being on stage at the club (which even now – over a year later – is still one of the highlights of my life). The guy slid a hand between my body and the window to massage one of my breasts and as he sped up Susan told him that he had to make sure I came. He reached around with his other hand and took over frigging my clit. I thought this was a bit presumptuous (as if he would know how to pleasure me better than Susan did) but to his credit he swirled his fingers around my clit and slowed his movements until I said I was getting closer. I had both hands up on the window with my body pressed up against it and could see people walking past. We were on the fourth floor, so a fair way up but I wondered if anyone had seen me and started scanning some of the windows opposite in the (forlorn) hope that there was a telescope or pair of binoculars trained on me. I ratcheted up the volume as I got closer and told the guy to fuck me, pump into me harder and fill my cunt with his cock. He seemed happy enough to do this and I was pressed even harder up against the glass. My stomach and the breast he wasn’t holding felt quite cold but I was close enough to cumming to not care and moaned loudly as I came, breathing heavily over the glass and watching the window steam up. The guy wasn’t too far behind me with his orgasm and I turned my head further round to kiss him as he came.

He pulled out and I peeled myself off of the glass (leaving an outline of my body in moisture) and stroked his cock. I told Susan that I’d make her cum so he got to see some more girl-girl action but Susan said she would kitty kiss me to get me ready for the next guy. I wasn’t at all sure about this but turned around and sat on the desk with my back to the wall, presenting myself to her. Susan bent forwards and licked me but was thankfully quite gentle. The guy went to caress Susan’s ass but I pointed out he should wash his hands first (he’d already removed the condom) and once he’d done this he went back to her pussy and ass and stroked her. I got him to take the opportunity to explore Susan’s pussy, spread her lips, examine her clit, rub across her asshole and generally familiarise himself. For comparison I climbed down from the desk and bent forwards to let him compare me to Susan and felt his fingers slide to my pussy. I would have quite liked to be kitty kissed a bit more but as the guy hadn’t been vetted I wasn’t going to ask him to go down on me. At our encouragement he examined us closely and I felt my pussy being pulled open, my clit being stroked and his fingers inside me again. I moved and knelt behind Susan to let him watch me finger and lick her but it was time to head to the third guy’s room so we said our goodbyes, he had a final fondle of our pussies, asses and breasts and we headed back out into the corridor.

We had to go up a floor so didn’t make this journey naked, although I only had my torn t-shirt on and Susan had just slipped her coat on, with the rest of our clothes in or draped or over her bag. We passed a couple of guys who noticed our state of undress so we briefly posed and gave them a better view and as we left I slid a hand up the back of Susan’s leg and lifted her coat so they could watch her ass as we continued upstairs (my t-shirt wasn’t doing much to cover me so they could see my ass anyway). We also possibly caused a couple to split up (or at least dented the guy’s chances of getting laid that night) as he stared at us as they walked past. We heard his girlfriend asking him why he was looking at us and she called us sluts (saying this to him, not to us).

On arriving at stair guy #3’s room he asked if we’d really just let his friends fuck us (they had both already texted him to say they had). I would have thought the question was somewhat redundant as he’d already been allowed to finger me and we were both somewhat sparsely dressed, but we told him that I’d fucked them both and if he wanted, we’d do him too. We didn’t give him much of a chance to answer as we stripped off as we had this brief conversation and I knelt on the floor in front of him and unzipped his jeans. He was a little bigger than his friends (not massively so) and I told Susan that she should let him fuck her as well as me. She was more than up for this but we started off by both licking and sucking him before Susan mounted him and I licked them both. As we’d made it so far through the day with me getting most of the cum (even the stuff caught by condoms), I felt we should finish that way so he was instructed to help make Susan cum but to hold back himself and once Susan’s orgasm was out of the way I lay on my bed and let him spoon up behind me while Susan licked my clit. He didn’t last too long and came in be before I did, but he’d satisfied the goal of getting another cock inside me so we treated him to an extended show with Susan and I licking and fingering each other and because I wanted to get another orgasm out of her, I rimmed her ass as well (the guy was amazed that we let him see this). Once we’d both cum, Susan and I lay naked and asked the guy if he’d be prepared to double or triple team us with his friends. He wasn’t sure (which wasn’t a no), but Susan had been hoping he might be really up for it and could then talk his friends into doing it so she could construct her own group-sex on demand setup. (Yes, she can generally get Richard and James to DP or spit roast her on demand, but variety is a good thing).

We dressed and headed back out to the hallway, took the back stairs down and exited onto another floor. I asked if we were done and Susan said we had one more stop. I started to complain but she said she thought I’d enjoyed Pasha earlier on and he was still up and ‘willing’ to help get me off again if I wanted. I liked the idea of that and told her I could probably manage to cum once more if I had to so we knocked on the door, was greeted by a cheerful Pasha and headed in for a nightcap fuck. We started off in a quite similar way to our previous session with him, I sucked him, he briefly fucked Susan and he fucked me. This time though he said he wanted to cum over my breasts and Susan told him he could do this as long as he fucked me to orgasm first. He said he could manage that and I lay on my back with him holding my legs up, using long strokes in and out of me while playing with my clit. I allowed myself to relax and just enjoy the sensation and told Susan I didn’t even need her to help out (although I did end up licking her for a bit – but this was mostly for Pasha’s visual  enjoyment).

At one point he stopped and rested inside me, flexing his cock (Mike does this occasionally – mostly when he remains inside me after we’ve spooned) which felt quite nice but Susan said we should really get back to the others so he should hurry up. As Pasha fucked me he asked who ‘the others’ were and Susan told him how I would be handed over to a couple of her girlfriends who would take care of me for the night. Naturally Pasha wanted some details so I told him that I fully expected to have to make them cum and then described how I would eat them both awake in the morning (assuming I woke up at all). He said that he wouldn’t mind cumming in me and I said he was more than welcome to use my cunt to finish off but he decided to stick to his plan and use my breasts to make him cum. He did speed up his thrusts but then kept a steady pace and Susan told me to concentrate on the cock sliding in and out of my cunt. I did as instructed and with a little additional clitoral stimulation I could feel an orgasm building. I gently moaned as the pleasure increased and while it didn’t take too long, Pasha didn’t try to hurry things either so I got to enjoy a more gradual build-up than many of the sessions I’d had that day. I don’t know if it was just because my body wasn’t up to having a really strong  orgasm but when I came it felt quite sharp and not as pleasurable as I’d hoped. I didn’t tell Pasha that as I thought he’d done a really good job and it wasn’t his fault that I’d let myself be abused so much that day. Fortunately neither he nor Susan seemed to be able to tell from my expression (although Susan did say that it looked like a strong orgasm, which I agreed with).

To keep up my end of the bargain I knelt and took Pasha’s cock in my mouth, gave it a good suck (with some help from Susan) and then wrapped my breasts around it and fucked him with them. Susan placed her head on top of my breasts, positioned so she could lick or suck the head of his cock as it appeared through my cleavage and Pasha said this felt amazing, but he wanted to finish off with just my breasts so he could see as he came over me. I was quite happy to let him do that and as a pre-emptive measure said that I assumed he might not cum too much as I’d drained him earlier. I pressed my breasts harder around his cock and rubbed up and down, letting some saliva dribble out of my mouth to add some extra lubrication and after a couple of minutes he said he was going to cum. I let my breasts go and used a hand to rub his cock over my face and neck, saying I just wanted another feel before he came and then resumed the tit-fuck, just as energetically as before. I watched his face as his orgasm approached and loved the fact that he was enjoying this so much. He said he was cumming and I felt the warm liquid squirt up over my neck and chest, then run down between my breasts. I kept humping his cock, smearing the cum over my body and when he finished I took his cock in my hand again and used it to rub the cum over my face and neck.

Susan and I cleaned off his cock with our mouths and I suggested to Pasha that we should gang upon Susan to make her cum again. She accepted the challenge and as Pasha wasn’t hard enough to fuck her, we just used our fingers to get things started. I retrieved a vibe from Susan’s bag to help move things along and Pasha noticed that we had a number of different toys in there (although nowhere near as many as she’d had earlier in the day). One of the toys was a double ended dildo (a short one) and he asked why we had it. Susan said it was just so she could use it on me but we let him talk us into demonstrating and I joined Susan up on the bed, slid the dildo into her and mounted the other end. It was definitely meant for scissoring as we had to remain quite close together to keep it inside both of us so we pressed our pussies together and humped up and down. Susan suggested that Pasha use the vibe to make us both cum, which he was up for but wanted to lick us both at the same time first. I assumed that Susan would cum before me so set out our standard rules that once he started to try to make us cum, that he would keep stimulating both of us until we’d both cum. He didn’t mind doing this and as expected, Susan came before I did and I held back for as long as I could before surrendering and allowing myself to cum. Susan swore quite a bit during this period but just gave me a ‘well played’ when she had caught her breath

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