Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 13

We couldn’t be bothered walking home so just called a taxi. It took a little while to arrive, during which time we chatted with Pasha and Susan told him how Jen had fisted me earlier that night (in response to which he said that I didn’t feel at all loose so he scored quite a few brownie points). Almost as soon as we got in the taxi, Susan told the driver that if he wanted, he could have me as a tip but the guy said he was married and didn’t cheat. This turned out not to be entirely true as while he didn’t lay a finger (or any other part of his body) on either one of us, he was happy to watch in the mirror as Susan opened my coat, pushed the shreds of my shirt aside, spread my legs and knelt to eat me. There was something incredibly erotic with me just being able to see the reflection of his eyes in the mirror so I played along and held my legs as far apart as I could and then massaged my breasts and sucked on my nipples. At first I thought Susan was just going to tease me and put me on display but soon realised that she was going for the kill. I moaned out loud and told her how good her tongue felt as she licked me. I felt a finger slide into my ass a little way and relaxed to enjoy the orgasm as much as possible, while trying to maintain eye contact (via the mirror) with the driver. As soon as I came Susan pulled away and sat up beside me. I told her that she could have at least kitty kissed me for a couple of minutes but she said I could carry on and stroke myself if I wanted more. I did as suggested but fingers can’t be as soft as a tongue just after an orgasm so it was more for continuing the show than my own enjoyment (not that I don’t enjoy putting on a show).

Susan offered me to the driver again but I told her if he was married that we couldn’t do anything with him and she agreed and apologised. He dropped us off back at the house and we went in to find that things had already calmed down quite a bit. I could instantly tell that Jen had been enjoying herself from the expression on her face (plus she was naked). I collapsed on the sofa beside her and asked what had happened but Jen didn’t get a chance to answer immediately as Mel interrupted and said that Jen had been a wonderful toilet for everyone. A number of people added details (not in order), but from what I heard (and Jen’s proper description later on) I found out that she had been teased repeatedly by the group for having had me pee all over her on stage. Jen had been unrepentant and said it had felt wonderful and would do it again in a heartbeat (not so much the on stage part, just the being peed over). Naturally this was taken as an invite and on the way home Mel got Julia to press Jen up against the wall, lift her (Julia’s) skirt and pee a little over Jen’s legs, Mel pressed things more and while in the front garden she got Jen to lift her own skirt, Mel fingered her and got Jen to pee a bit then suck Mel’s fingers clean.

It was too cold outside to play properly (especially if getting wet was a part of the games) so they headed in and Jen was told she would get what she wanted. Abrahii went first and she stripped off while the others peeled Jen’s clothes from her body. Jen was almost carried up to the bathroom and before she was pushed into the shower Mel knelt and said she wanted to get the ‘before’ taste and buried her mouth in Jen’s cunt. Mel gave Jen a thorough licking, presumably to get her aroused enough that she would let them play with her (as if Jen would have backed out from something like this) and once Jen was at the point of happily mewing (meaning she was well on the way to cumming), she was pushed into the shower. Abrahii joined her immediately, told Jen to kneel and to eat her. Jen did this as enthusiastically as Mel had done with her. As Jen licked, she felt a few squirts of pee splash out over her tongue and looked up at Abrahii but didn’t break contact. Abrahii asked if Jen liked that and Jen nodded so Abrahii let more pee out and when she stopped Jen told her to save some for her orgasm as it would feel much better. Everyone in the group knows (and has seen) Jen pee as she cums so none of this was really new to them and Abrahii said she would save what she had left as long as Jen got a move on. For her part, Jen sucked on Abrahii’s clit until she was moaning and as promised, when she announced she was cumming she let go of the rest of her pee. Jen kept her mouth glued to Abrahii’s cunt, licking and sucking her, feeling the pee fill her mouth and run out over her face and down her body. Jen didn’t directly swallow any at this point but gave Abrahii a good licking afterwards and didn’t spit out any of the liquid.

Jen wasn’t given a chance to rest as Lisa almost immediately replaced Abrahii in the shower. Jen is almost as experienced with Lisa as she is with Abrahii so easily got her off and Lisa saved everything for her orgasm. Jen did swallow some of this but the majority still ran out over her face and body. This was repeated with Amber with the only real differences being the amount of pee she emitted during the licking and cumming stages and following this, it was Julia’s turn. Jen started off by eating her but then also fingered her quite forcefully as she peed, causing the golden liquid to spray all over the place and further soak Jen’s body and face as well as Julia’s legs. Jen finished Julia off using her mouth and eagerly licked up and down Julia’s thighs before finishing off by rubbing her face in Julia’s cunt.

Mel finished things off and instructed Jen to sit so she could stand over her. Jen looked up as Mel spread her lips and the stream of pee squirted from Mel’s cunt onto Jen’s head. Jen doesn’t usually like the way Mel tastes too much (nor do I), but she wasn’t going to be content with letting Mel be in charge and just pee on her so she turned around (remaining mostly between Mel’s legs and in the stream of pee) and then launched her mouth at Mel’s cunt. Mel didn’t stop peeing and tried to push Jen away but to no avail. Jen wrapped her hands around Mel’s waist and held on tight. Uncharacteristically, Mel gave in quite easily and allowed Jen to continue. Mel stopped peeing a fair way before Jen made her cum and Jen says that she began to taste Mel’s natural flavour but carried on anyway. She ate Mel the whole way through her orgasm and was even going to kitty kiss her but Mel finally pulled away (or rather pushed Jen away) and said it was time for Jen to show off. Jen says she was ready to do pretty much anything they asked and could feel her pussy tingling and dripping (not just with everyone’s pee but with her own juices – she says she hadn’t felt that wet since the hyper-horny phase of her pregnancy).

She was already fingering herself and pinching her nipples (her breasts aren’t anywhere near large enough for her to be able to suck on them) and she moaned that she just wanted to cum and didn’t care who saw her. She was told that she would have to let them see her pee, to which she flippantly replied that they wouldn't be able to stop her from doing that. She sat down, spread her legs and played with herself, occasionally smearing her juices up over her breasts and then sucking her fingers clean. The others debated whether she should be allowed (or made) to finish herself off or whether someone should ‘help’ her. It was also mooted that the guys could all pee over her as she came, but this was vetoed by Abrahii (who was looking out for Jen) as Mike is the only guy Jen wants to let do things to her (in line with the fact that she doesn’t see him as a guy, just someone she loves so she can still be ‘a lesbian’).

It was decided that as Jen had done such a good job with everyone that she should be given some pleasure in return. Julia was nominated by Mel to do this (although to be fair, Abrahii would have probably done it too) and Jen was told to stand and let Jules eat her. They briefly changed position for Jen to turn and face the wall while Julia fingered her from behind but Jen kept all of her pee for her orgasm and it wasn’t until they were back to the original position with Julia kneeling between Jen’s legs and eating her cunt that Jen allowed herself to cum. She mewed her way through the build-up of her orgasm, pulling on her nipples and telling Julia she was sorry but wasn’t going to hold back (Julia didn’t really mind anyway). Jen swore quite a bit in the final stages of the build-up (which is quite unusual for her) and she repeatedly announced that it (her orgasm) was coming. As she came she pushed as hard as she could and looked down to see her pee covering Julia’s face and running down her body. Jen felt her orgasm throb through her pussy and nipples and kept peeing as hard as she could until she was empty. Jen was very impressed that Julia didn’t pull away at all and just kept licking and eating her, then even switched to kitty kissing. Jen then let herself slide down the wall and pulled Julia to her to share a kiss and thank her. Abrahii turned the shower on and said that they needed to get cleaned up but at first Jen just kept kissing Julia. After a few more prods, the two of them stood up and helped rinse each other off then made way for the other girls (two at a time) to clean off their legs from the remains of their sessions with Jen.

It wasn’t much after this that Susan and I arrived (and I heard about the above fun). Jen’s pussy still looked fairly wet so I had a few licks of it and told Jen she tasted wonderful (all I could taste were her juices). As I kissed my way up her body I suckled on one of her nipples and asked if she had expressed yet. She said she hadn’t (which is partly why her nips had been so sensitive in the shower) so I returned my mouth to her breast and started to suckle properly. Both Mike and I have drank Jen’s milk a number of times but not too frequently as it is meant for MJ and not us. As MJ clearly couldn’t benefit from the milk currently in Jen’s breasts I considered it fair game and Jen clearly did too as I felt her body heave under me and her hand go to the back of my head to hold me in place as she moaned due to the let-down reflex. I called Lisa over to help out and she joined us on the sofa and lowered her head to Jen’s other breast. Jen moaned again but held Lisa in place and mostly by use of my eyes and hands, I got Lisa to help out and spread Jen’s legs so we could stroke her. I could taste Jen’s milk and kept suckling at her breast as we stroked and fingered her but Abrahii crawled between Jen’s legs and asked if she could take over ‘down there’. I murmured and nodded then withdrew my fingers and watched as Abrahii went down on Jen. Jen mewed quite a bit as the three of us sucked on her body and she pressed Lisa and I harder against her breasts as her mewing increased. Jen mewed and moaned her way through her orgasm and allowed us to continue to gently suck her. When we pulled away, Jen’s pussy still looked quite wet and her nipples were pink, erect and wet, both with our saliva and beads of her milk (a couple oozed out when we withdrew our mouths).

Someone had been caressing and fingering me during this and I looked back to find out it was Mel. Nicolas asked if he could fuck Lisa, who just directed him to me. I was impressed he was up for it again so told him to go ahead and felt him slide into me. I remained half kneeling with my upper body on the sofa and let him use me but should have known I wouldn’t get away with just that and once he came in me I was told that I needed to cum. I asked if I should do it myself or if anyone else wanted to help out and Ashraf stepped forwards and volunteered. I still had to take care of frigging myself while he fucked me but he had an ulterior motive and as we fucked he fucked my ass with his thumb and I then felt lube being squirted on to the area. I told him to be gentle as I’d had more ass play than usual that day already and when he pulled out of my cunt he gently pressed his cock against my ass and let me help guide how deep he went in. He fucked me with slow(ish) strokes and told me he was going to give me another load of cum. I teased him about having probably already taken everything he had but that I’d let him try. I could now play with both my pussy and clit and gently moved my body back and forth on the sofa, rubbing my nipples against the material. I thought back to my display on stage and imagined what it would have been like if everyone had been allowed to fuck me (yes, having had a dream come true, I still wanted to fantasise about getting more). Ashraf warned me he was getting close and I asked him to hold on just a little longer until I came. I let him know when I was close and he came a bit before I did but he remained in my ass until I came so it was fine.

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