Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 14

 Mel pointed out that someone should cum in my mouth to complete the triple (which isn’t the same definition that we use as it has to be the same person cumming in mouth, cunt and ass all in the space of a day). Lisa and Amber said they wanted to head home and as I was staying with them I opted to take James as I knew he usually cums quite quickly. It wasn’t like he came straight away (and he’s generally a lot better at holding back then he used to be), but as he knew I was in a hurry he just went with it and enjoyed me sucking him until I felt a little cum squirt into my mouth. I let everyone see that I’d got a result, swallowed and then kissed Richard (James’ boyfriend for any new readers).

Lisa, Amber and I set off for Lisa’s place and after just a couple of minutes I was told to open my coat so Lisa could try to tear my t-shirt off. She couldn’t tear the material around the neck so just pulled on the existing tears to extend them. It didn’t make much difference at first but she did pull off one flap of material completely, leaving about a third of my front (and my left breast) completely exposed. I wasn’t allowed to do my coat up (but could hold the front shut – both for warmth and some cover) and we stopped off at a chip shop for chips and a drink. The place was very brightly lit and with chips in one hand and a drink in the other I obviously couldn’t hold my coat shut. A couple of guys noticed my near nudity and while I would have usually loved letting them see, I was too tired to care (I still enjoyed having them look at me, I just wasn’t getting off on it). Lisa pushed things a bit further and the three of us sat up on stools at the window (facing out) with me still not allowed to fasten my coat. In this position the coat fell open a bit more and Lisa pulled on one of my legs to get me to spread them a bit. Some of the guys went outside and looked in at me and under instruction from Lisa I had to take chips one at a time, slide them between my pussy lips (not really inside me, just up the length of my pussy) and then eat them. To mix things up I had to wipe some of the chips across my nipples (even the one that wasn’t completely exposed wasn’t exactly hard to get to) and I wondered if the guys had any inkling of the fact that I was adding ‘salt’ to the chips in the form of the various guys’ cum that was in my cunt and on my body.

The one downside of being on display like that was that we didn’t think it was that safe to then walk home (as the guys were waiting outside for us to leave) so we called a cab to take us the rest of the way. Lisa and Amber had been informed of my display in the taxi on the way to the house and while I wasn’t made to cum again, I did have to sit between them with my coat open and legs spread. I was actually quite surprised that Lisa didn’t offer me to the driver, or at the very least get me to masturbate for him but we arrived with no more than me displaying myself and Lisa telling me that things weren’t over yet.

When we arrived at Lisa’s building we didn’t go straight in and went for a little wander. Lisa told me more details of Jen’s pee session (which were new to me as I hadn’t had the full description from Jen at this point) and she kept pointing out how much I’d drunk that night (it wasn’t all alcohol – I’m too old for that now) and how I must need to pee. Lisa reached into my coat and stroked my pussy, then pressed on my bladder and told me to let go. She did at least agree to let me remove my shoes first and Amber held them as Lisa pushed me up against the wall and pressed harder against my bladder. I asked if she wanted to watch me wet myself and she said that after everything I’d done that day it seemed fitting that I should embarrass myself (and at that point she didn’t even know half of the things I’d done). While I don’t get the pleasure from watersports than Jen does, I’m more than used to them so spread my legs slightly and let a steady stream of pee run out of my pussy and (mostly) down my legs. I pushed harder a couple of times and the jet sprayed out onto Lisa’s legs – the first time she moved a bit but from then on seemed to ignore it. I sighed and relaxed as my bladder emptied (I had needed to pee quite a bit) and once I finished, Lisa rubbed a couple of her fingers back and forth across my pussy and then pushed them into my mouth for me to suck clean.

My legs were soaked and as I didn’t want to walk back without shoes on I needed to dry my feet. Lisa suggested I remove what was left of my t-shirt but as a counter-proposal I got her to let me use her panties as well (and to be honest I was surprised she still had panties on after the hardcore club). We walked back to her building and at the bottom, midway point and top of each flight of stairs I had to sit with my legs spread (and coat completely open) and finger myself. I had no intention of losing to Lisa so I even did this when someone else was around and would have done it again when a couple were near us but Lisa told me not to as they were people she knew.

When we got to her room she said that they needed to clean me up properly before we went to bed and I was stripped off. Lisa had a brief whispered conversation with Amber and they both disrobed before Lisa grabbed some towels and Amber and Lisa wrapped themselves in the towels. I wasn’t too surprised (or bothered) when I had to walk to the bathroom naked –although I did point out the inconsistency in Lisa being worried about people she knew seeing me playing with myself on the stairs and then having me walk down her own corridor naked. The three of us went in to the same shower cubicle and I was hosed down with the spray used on my pussy quite a bit. I told Lisa that she should have brought her pulse shower head (we bought her one but she left it at home) and extolled the virtues of it. Lisa told me I didn’t need to worry about cumming as that wasn’t what I was there for, but at that point Abrahii moved closer and slid a finger into my ass. I jumped a little in surprise and then settled down as she slowly moved her finger in and out while Lisa played with my pussy. I kissed Amber and reached for her cunt, then turned to Lisa and did the same to her (I tried to keep fondling Amber at the same time, but wasn’t being coordinated enough to manage so just played with one of them at a time). Lisa got me to kneel and lick her and I was then instructed to turn and take care of Amber. I gave her a good licking and was fully prepared to make her cum was interrupted by Lisa telling Amber ‘now’. Lisa pushed my head against Amber’s crotch as I felt the pee squirt from her pussy. Once again I refused to be beaten and kept licking Amber, carrying on as she peed over me until she moaned and humped against my face as she came. I wasn’t at all surprised when Lisa pulled me back to her cunt and pretty much repeated the same thing, with the slight difference of pulling back a little to pee over my head before pushing her cunt back against my face.

I stood up and went to kiss Lisa but she got me to shower myself clean before she would kiss me. As we dried off I pointed out that I knew she was just trying to assert herself and that I would get my revenge the next time she visited. I was sent ahead to unlock the door to Lisa’s room but was given a towel to wear as there were people in the hallway (although by that point of the day I really didn’t care). Lisa and Amber soon joined me and I was told to lie on the bed, masturbate and recount as many of the things done to me that day as I could. I was allowed to consult my notes (on my phone) so I could remember them all I described each fuck and cum as best I could. It was no secret that I had loved cumming up on stage and Lisa got me to describe my fantasy of having everyone in the club fuck me. She and Amber took turns eating me as I went over this and I came for them. I was asked if I was sure I had included all of my orgasms for the day and Amber double checked the total to come up with 41. As I was with students, there was no way that I wasn’t going to be pushed to hit 42 and Lisa suggested a number of ways I could reach the answer to life, the universe and everything. Amber suggested me propositioning one of Lisa’s neighbours but Lisa wasn’t too keen on that idea. Another idea was for me to sit in the hallway or on the stairs and masturbate myself, either covering up or not whenever anyone came. The idea they settled on was for me to cum in the kitchen, but with the caveat that we would go up a couple of flights and Amber would go with me (as people were less likely to recognise her than Lisa).

Amber promised Lisa that we wouldn’t return until I’d cum again but Lisa wasn’t quite finished yet and while Amber was allowed to dress decently, I was given a g-string, long socks and one of Lisa’s bras, which was clearly too small for me and barely contained my breasts. I wasn’t overly enamoured with the look, but Lisa seemed happy with her work and we were sent on our way. On the way upstairs Amber asked if I minded being treated like this and made to cum so I briefly explained how I used to be the plaything for everyone whenever I visited Jen and she would do the same when she visited Mike and me. I asked Amber if she was feeling sorry for me and intended to let me off but she said if Lisa wanted me to cum again that she would make sure I came.

There was nobody in the kitchen so I was instructed to sit up on the table, pull the flimsy crotch of my panties aside and finger myself. Amber actually helped out a bit, using two and then three fingers in me (while getting me to tell her what it was like to be fisted). She worked her way up to four fingers but wasn’t brave enough to use her whole hand (and as her hand is a bit bigger than Jen’s I was quite thankful). I had to suck her fingers and she then wiped the remaining juices over my breasts, pushing the bra cup completely off one of my breasts (with the other side barely hanging on) and she then reached in to her panties and fingered herself so she could feed me her juices. Between sucking her fingers I asked her if she wanted me to eat her awake the next morning and was in the middle of describing how I would gently spread her legs and slowly lick her until she was dripping wet but still asleep, when the door opened.

Amber jumped more than I did (and she wasn’t even doing anything – either to herself or me). I was in full view of the guy and knew that there was no point in trying to cover myself up as he had already seen pretty much all of me, but I did stop playing with myself and slowly withdrew my fingers. He made the obvious comment ‘what are you doing’ so I told the truth (sort of) and said I had been feeling horny and needed to cum so was masturbating (as if it wasn’t obvious). I said that I would stop and get out but couldn’t resist gently stroking my fingers up and down my pussy and adding ‘unless you want me to carry on’. Amber played along a lot more readily than I had expected and told the guy he could watch and even help if he wanted. He closed the door and told me to carry on so I did and Amber didn’t have to encourage him too much before he was standing beside me and fondling my breasts (by this point my bra was pushed completely off of my breasts). I pulled one of his hands down to my crotch to get him to finger me and then asked Amber to find something suitable in the fridge. She returned with a carrot and a banana, which I got her to wash, and then suggested to the guy that he fuck me with them to help get me off. He particularly enjoyed using the banana in me and said he’d seen videos of people doing that but had never done it to a real girl (I assume he meant ‘any’ girl). He continued to fuck me with the banana and looked quite closely at my cunt as he did so while I frigged my clit. I teased him and asked if he liked what he saw (he did) and if he wanted me to cum for him (again, he did). I exaggerated a bit as I came, moaning and squirming around on the table a fair bit more than my orgasm really warranted, but he seemed to enjoy it and once my orgasm faded I sucked the banana clean.

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