Monday, 29 February 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 15

I covered myself as best I could with the flimsy underwear and thanked the guy. I was expecting to head straight downstairs to Lisa’s room but Amber asked the guy if he had any condoms. He said he did and Amber immediately offered me to him, saying that as he’d made me cum, I should repay him in kind. The guy asked if she was serious and Amber asked me if I wanted to fuck. I could have quite honestly said no as I’d cum more than enough times in one day (I don’t have the stamina I used to –and even back in ‘the day’ it would have counted as a pretty epic day). However, that wouldn’t have been playing the game – and I would never have heard the end of it from either Susan or Julia (and probably Lisa, even though I’d more than doubled her cum count from the previous weekend) so I told the guy sure and knelt in front of him to caress his crotch while going on about how much I wanted his cock buried in my cunt.

He quickly led us to his room and even asked if Amber would be joining us (I wouldn’t have minded but she said she would just watch and make sure I was safe). The guy assured us that he wasn’t going to try anything odd – and he didn’t, but that was mostly because as soon as he got the condom on I sucked, stroked, humped and fucked him to the point that he didn’t get to do much at all (other than fondle me). He didn’t seem to mind this at all and eagerly allowed me to do whatever I wanted. I tried grinding against him and it felt nice but I couldn’t coax another orgasm out. He wanted to take me doggy style for a bit, which I let him but he was more than happy to go back to me riding him to finish off and as his orgasm approached I repeatedly told him to fuck my hot cunt and fill me with his cum. He thrust in to me hard and fast as he came and kept moving for a short while afterwards (just not as energetically) and when I pulled myself off of his cock it looked like there was a fair bit of cum in the condom.

Amber hadn’t quite finished yet and whispered something to the guy, then disappeared for a minute, only to return with a banana (I don’t know if it was the same one as before). Amber pulled a woolly hat over my head and down across most of my face, then told me to fuck myself so the guy could get some pictures of me. I figured that as my face was obscured that it couldn’t hurt (and I knew that people had taken pictures and presumably videos of me in the club when I’d been completely exposed) so I went along with it. I fucked myself with the banana, rubbed it over my breasts, sucked it clean and repeated a number of times. Amber told me to show him how I really enjoyed myself so I demonstrated with the banana in my cunt and a couple of fingers in my ass and she said I needed to cum for him. I wanted to point out that this would push me past the magic 42 number but couldn’t think of a way of phrasing it without the guy figuring out what I meant. Ambre spat on my cunt a few times, saying that she was helping out by adding lube and she then pulled up the hat a little while saying that the guy should get to see the expression on my face as I came. My eyes were still mostly covered so I assumed that I was still relatively anonymous (and I was close enough to cumming that I didn’t really care) so I didn’t say anything and just carried on until I came. It was a stronger orgasm than I’d been expecting (I didn’t think my body had the energy left to give me anything too strong) and I swore quite a bit, pumped the banana into my cunt and frigged my clit.

As I lay there the guy took a few more photos - mostly of my fruit filled pussy, but also some of my breasts. I wondered how he’d feel if he knew how many people had helped make me cum, had fucked me, had cum over me and how Amber and Lisa had peed over me just a short while earlier. I thought it would have been fun to let him know about the peeing and try to embarrass Amber, but figured she (and probably Lisa) would only find a way to punish me in return. I thanked the guy for the fuck and the orgasms, got dressed (letting him have a final fondle of my body) and headed out the door with Amber. We passed a single guy and a group of four guys on the way downstairs and I got a number of comments from the group. Amber told me to flash them so I pulled the bra up to free my breasts and decided I may as well do it properly and pulled the g-string aside to stroke my pussy. Short of actually asking them to fuck me I don’t think I could have given them a clearer invitation and was half expecting Amber to offer me to them, but it turned out that she was tired too, although when the guys had gone on their way and I mentioned it to her she said that she could always go and get them and let them all have me at once. Even in my exhausted and somewhat tender state this still appealed to me somewhat but I knew well enough to stay quiet and we got back to Lisa’s room.

Lisa asked why we’d taken so long and was surprised when she found out the details of what I’d been up to (she had been expecting Amber to just get me to cum once). Lisa knelt and examined my pussy, commenting on how it looked quite pink. The three of us curled up in Lisa’s bed (not an easy task in a student bed) and I spooned against Lisa, thanked her for her part in the day and told her that I thought she would fit in well in our little family unit. I slid my hand down Lisa’s stomach and pushed a couple of fingers between her legs to gently tease her clit. She turned round and asked if I wanted more so I told her that I wouldn’t mind being kitty kissed but didn’t need to cum again. Lisa said she could take care of that and turned around to crawl over me in a 69. As she lowered her pussy to my face I decided to give her the best licking I could and buried my tongue between her lips. I wasn’t being forceful, just trying to give her pleasure and I noticed that as the session progressed, what had started as her kitty kissing me was developing in to her eating me properly. As it had been a gradual transition it felt quite good so I didn’t say anything and we just continued until we both came (I came first and Lisa eased off, reverting to kitty kissing).

When Lisa climbed off of me Amber pouted a bit and said that it wasn’t fair that only Lisa was a part of our family. Now I like Amber, but I don’t know her well enough to feel too much for her (and I’m fully aware that I fell for Jen on the first night I met her). I told her that if she was going to join us that she would have to get used to Jen and me doing things with her as well as Mike wanting to fuck (or eat) her occasionally. Amber said she could live with that and Lisa told me that I should show Amber I was serious. I edged towards Amber and kissed her, letting her taste Lisa’s juices from my face. We caressed each other’s bodies and Amber half rolled on to me, pushing her leg between mine and nestling her pussy against my thigh. I warned her I didn’t have much energy left but was told that I had to take care of Amber’s needs so resigned myself to another session and used the last of my reserves to hump and grind against her. Amber decided she wanted to scissor and we humped against each other’s cunts. As we did this I pointed out that she was probably getting the remnants of the multiple loads of cum that had been pumped into me but she was confident that most of the cum would have leaked out of its own accord or been eaten out of me already (and while she prefers girls, Amber isn’t adverse to boy-cum (or boys). We got in to a good rhythm and Lisa sat beside us watching our cunts slap and rub together. She reached over a couple of times and frigged us to help things along a bit, but mostly left it up to us to pleasure each other. Amber started to cum and I held on to her thighs and ground against her pussy until she sighed and lay back on the bed.

Lisa quickly nudged her and told her I still needed to cum so Amber crawled around and planted her mouth on my cunt. Her tongue swirled around and flicked back and forth across my clit with a fair bit of pressure. I moaned quite loudly and said I wasn’t going to last long, then gripped the bedcovers as my orgasm built. Amber wrapped her arms around my thighs and held herself in place as I came and I moaned louder still as my orgasm grew in strength and the intensity of her licking became greater. I told her I’d cum but she remained locked in place and Lisa told me I’d have to put up with another orgasm. I panted that I couldn’t cum again and then that I couldn’t take it but between Lisa pressing on my stomach to keep me still and Amber holding me, I couldn’t escape. Amber continued the forceful licking and once I realised that complaining wasn’t going to get me anywhere I escaped into one of my fantasies and allowed another orgasm to build. It took a good few minutes but the licking started to feel more pleasurable (although still very intense) and as my orgasm built my breathing settled down and I wrapped my fingers in Amber’s hair and humped against her mouth and face. My orgasm was more intense than the previous one, but not as strong (or deep – possibly some girls might know what I mean) and it didn’t last as long. Amber pulled away and I asked her to kitty kiss me and then added ‘very gently’, which she did for a minute or so. I felt much better when she pulled away the second time and thanked her then allowed her to kiss me.

We curled up with Lisa spooning against Amber’s back and me against Lisa’s back. I reached over to stroke Amber’s side and said that she’d probably fit in quite well too and that I hoped the two of them would give Jen similar treatment sometime. Amber said she liked the sound of that and I told her that she had better be careful or she might get ‘treated’ to an orgasmic day similar to Lisa’s and mine. Amber seriously doubted she could cum anywhere near as many times as we had so I just whispered to Lisa (loudly enough for Amber to easily hear) that this sounded like a challenge and that it would be up to Lisa to get at least 21 orgasms out of Amber in a single day.

I slept quite well and don’t remember dreaming of anything. I was woken up by Lisa going to the bathroom and by the time she returned I already had my face buried between Amber’s legs,  licking her awake as I’d promised. I spent quite a while teasing Amber and by the time she came, she was panting and begging. Lisa had gently played with herself a bit while watching us so it didn’t take anywhere near as long for her to cum. I was then sent to the kitchen to get coffee for us all in nothing more than a tight t-shirt that was only just long enough to cover my ass. I don’t know if was Lisa’s plan or just by chance, but the t-shirt rode up as I walked and by the time I’d made it to her door my ass was already semi-visible. There was nobody in the hall so I didn’t bother pulling it down and by the time I reached the kitchen the hem was up to my stomach. As I waited for the kettle to boil I counted over the session from the previous day and looked forwards to my special breakfast (Abrahii had told me I would be being used to eat from, although I was expecting this anyway as Lisa had done it the week before). I made the coffee and had just dipped a finger into it in order to wipe a trail along my pussy (Jen loves the taste of coffee and enjoys me tasting of it – and I love the warmth on my lips) when I heard someone coming. I quickly pulled my t-shirt down to cover my pussy and ass (as much as it could anyway) and nodded hi to the guy that walked in. Due to my lack of bra and the thought’s I’d just been having, my  nipples were clearly visible and I couldn’t resist from bending over much more than was needed to put the coffee back into Lisa’s cupboard.

In a way I was a little surprised that I was still horny, but I had just eaten Amber and Lisa and experience has taught me that (in general), the more I fuck and cum, the more I want to do more. If I hadn’t known that ‘breakfast’ was waiting for me at the house I would have quite happily tried to get the guy to play with me (or fuck me) but decided to just tease him and asked if he would open the door for me (I was carrying three cups of coffee). The t-shirt started to ride up as soon as I moved and I soon felt the air on my ass with the hem halfway up it. I asked if he could open the other door for me (in to the hall that Lisa lived on) and he went ahead. I swayed my hips as I walked to help push the t-shirt up and by the time I caught up with the guy my pussy was visible and my ass was completely exposed. I thanked him and walked down the corridor, swaying my ass as I did so and then looked back and gave him a little smile.

Back in Lisa’s room I finally had the chance to smear a few drops of coffee along my lips and Lisa licked me clean. Amber asked why I did that and in response I wiped some coffee onto Lisa’s pussy and let Amber give her a lick and so she would understand the pleasure of the warmth I then wiped a bit of the coffee onto Amber’s pussy and I licked her clean. Amber liked both the taste (from Lisa’s pussy) and the sensation (of the warmth on her pussy) but we didn’t do any more as they had to get me ready for breakfast. This involved both of them giving me a thorough scrub down in the shower to fully remove the residue of the previous day and them then taking turns teasing me while the other one got dressed. Naturally I wasn’t allowed to cum and for the walk over to the house I was given a pair of panties to wear with a remote controlled egg inside them. I wasn’t allowed to put anything else on other than a mid-thigh length jacket (and shoes) and we stopped a few times during the walk for Amber or Lisa to reposition the egg against my clit. Usually when they did this (whenever we found a sufficiently secluded spot) they held the egg against my clit until my orgasm started to build – and then we set off walking again. A couple of times Lisa slipped her fingers into my panties and toyed with my slit, commenting on how wet I was and then feeding me my juices.

By the time we got to the house my panties (technically they were Lisa’s panties) were quite damp and while we waited for the door to be answered I had to pull them down and masturbate with the egg. Abrahii answered the door and greeted us, then told me it looked like I was well on the way. As soon as we got indoors Susan knelt and had a few licks of my pussy, saying that I certainly tasted ready, but that as we were still waiting for the others I would have to just wait until my fun started. I moaned that I wanted to cum and was told that as I was such a little slut that I could fuck Susan, but that I wasn’t allowed to cum. As frustrating as this was, it wasn’t too unexpected so I did as I was told and toyed with Susan in the living room while we all chatted. I started off by stroking and fingering her, briefly went down on her (during which time Richard made use of my cunt and fucked me, but he didn’t cum either) and finished her off using the egg that I’d worn for the walk over. Susan and I kissed for the last few minutes of our session and her fingers pushed between my lips and toyed with my pussy. Once Susan had cum I had to lie back on the sofa and use the egg on myself, but was warned that if I came I would be teased for the rest of my visit and not allowed to cum again.

Julia and Mel turned up while I was still masturbating and Mel took over for a while, during which time Julia sat over my face and I had to eat her. Mel encouraged Richard to take Julia’s place once she had cum (so I could suck him) and when Nicolas arrived, he took Richard’s place. Neither of the guys were allowed to cum, but they weren’t taken as close to orgasm as I was so it probably wasn’t quite as frustrating for them. Jen licked me and kept me close to cumming while they prepared breakfast and I was finally transferred to the table and told that it was time to enjoy myself again.

They basically gave me the same treatment that Lisa had got the previous week. By body was used to eat breakfast off of (or smear over) – starting with warm food. I was fucked with a sausage – and then with two sausages. I had scrambled egg and beans smeared over my breasts and cunt to be licked clean. A number of (uncooked) cherry tomatoes were pushed up inside me and then sucked out (Abrahii, Jen, Susan and Ashraf then ate these) and I had warm bacon rubbed back and forth across my neck. I still wasn’t allowed to cum and I made the mistake of complaining about this. I was towelled down to remove (some of) the cooked breakfast and as yoghurt was slowly spooned onto my pussy, Jen ate me clean. I came very quickly as Jen’s tongue explored the depths of my cunt and swirled around my clit. This was just the beginning though as Susan took over from Jen and ate me to another orgasm, Mel went next and used a banana to fuck me (not to orgasm) and then Richard replaced the banana with his cock and as he fucked me, various other people caressed and frigged me until I came again.

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