Monday, 7 March 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 16

Ashraf and James took turns fucking and licking me (they both like Richard’s cum), Ashraf came in my pussy and James came over my face. Unusually, James was the one who then went down on me to make me cum again (but he quite likes Ashraf’s cum as well as he is now no longer as jealous of Ashraf). Nicolas desperately wanted to take my ass but Abrahii said that as I had two loads of cum in me (or at least the partial loads that hadn’t leaked out), it was time for my yoghurt. My ass was lifted up and I had a couple of cushions pushed under it to make it easier for the group to hold my legs up and keep my pussy facing the ceiling. My lips were spread and I watched as yoghurt was spooned in to my cunt. I could feel the cold liquid settling down deeper into me and once I was full I was told to masturbate. I started off fairly gently just concentrating on my clit, but after a few bits of yoghurt had already squirted out and been smeared around my pussy I gave in and plunged two fingers into my cunt. They did a relatively good job of replacing the yoghurt as bits leaked out of me and I was given an bonus treat when Ashraf lowered his mouth to my ass and ate it. I don’t mean he just licked over it or rimmed me, but he really speared me and it felt like his tongue pushed right in (as far as a human tongue can anyway). Mel seemed to think I would be embarrassed by this and asked me if I liked it but I didn’t care and readily admitted that it felt amazing and added that he could eat my ass like that any time he wanted. When he pulled away I told him I was close and asked him to do it just a bit more. Jen said she would take over if he didn’t want to, but Ashraf returned his tongue to my ass and coupled with my fingers on my clit I came again for the group.

Before too much more yoghurt could leak out I had to stand up (holding my pussy shut) and then crouch over a plate and let the remaining yoghurt drip out. Once most of it had left, Jen was given the task of eating me out as best she could. By the time she finished my pussy was tingling again but she was told not to make me cum as that would be Nicholas’ job. He got his earlier wish and I was bent forward over the table (so I was lying in the various remains of our play). Someone (I didn’t look – presumably Nicolas) lubed up my ass with his fingers and I felt his cock slide in to me. The plate I had let the yoghurt drip out onto was pushed in front of my face and I was told to eat my breakfast while Nicolas fucked my ass. I assumed that this was meant to demean me as I would be eating a mix of the yoghurt, boy-cum and my own juices – but I was hardly going to let anything like that bother me and rubbed my face in the yoghurt cum mix, licking as much of it up as I could. Nicolas slowly fucked my ass and I felt a few hands kneading it and reaching under me to play with my clit. When I cleaned the plate, Mel bent over in front of me, lifted her skirt and told me to eat her. I couldn’t reach her pussy from the position I was in so was moved down to the floor (lying on my back on some sheets) and Mel planted herself over my face. Nicolas easily slipped back in to my ass and multiple hands held my legs up and apart. I felt more food being smeared over my front and by breasts and pussy had particular attention paid to them. I tried to let them know that I was getting close to cumming again but Mel kept her pussy pressed too hard against my face so I ended up reaching down to my clit and rubbing it. My hand was quickly pushed out of the way, but people got the idea and I felt someone rapidly frig me. I had wanted to cum again but hadn’t planned for how things would turn out in that they kept frigging me. Nicolas came a bit before I did and when he pulled out I felt something cold push into my ass (I correctly guessed it was a carrot from the shape) and fingers started invading my pussy. The frigging didn’t stop when I came and the sensation became incredibly intense (too much so to be pleasurable). I knew the only chance I had to make it stop would be to get Mel off so concentrated on her clit. This wasn’t easy as she kept forcefully humping back and forth across my face but I managed it and thankfully when she stood up, the people frigging me eased off.

I was told that it was now Jen’s turn to cum and watched as her dress was unfastened and slid down around her legs. I pleased that I needed a minute to recover and was allowed to have a drink and catch my breath. Jen tied her hair back to keep it clean but was told that this was pointless. I could see Lisa and Amber stroking Jen’s ass and pussy and she let out a little mew of pleasure. Susan told me my rest was over and Jen was guided to stand over me. Some cream was poured over her ass and I watched it run down her legs and felt some drip onto my face. Chocolate and strawberry sauce was squirted onto Jen’s breasts and then more cream poured over them. They used much more than they had on her ass and it ran down over her stomach and dripped on to me as Jen lowered herself on to my face. Her hands went to my breasts and massaged them but only briefly as she then leant forwards and rubbed her body against mine. I felt Jen’s mouth make contact with my pussy and I moaned into her cunt, but Jen was kind and was very gentle with me (I later found out that she had been one of the people rapidly frigging me after I’d cum just before and she was making up for this). We rolled on to our sides and 69ed with each other as various foods were smeared over our bodies. I felt something freezing being smeared over my pussy and as Jen started to lick it Lisa appeared and smeared a large blob of ice cream over Jen’s pussy and told me to eat her clean. I couldn’t really have got any messier by that point so I just got stuck in and swirled my tongue around and over Jen’s cunt. It didn’t take too long before I could taste her again (which was a bit of a surprise as there were so many competing flavours) but I like her taste so was quite content.

Jen came before I did and she was more than happy to let me kitty kiss her. Jen didn’t hurry to get me off and just steadily took me closer to cumming. It wasn’t that she was going really slowly or teasing me (she can make it last much longer when she does that), it just seemed to go on for a while with my desire continually building before my orgasm broke and I moaned out loud. I had to be careful not to do too much, but felt that Jen should be rewarded for her work so I peed ever so slightly as I came (which Jen tasted and then licked me a bit harder). I was subjected to some kitty kissing from Jen before I was released and we both had to stand and let everyone see the mess we’d made of each other (Lisa sent some pics to Mike). We then had to towel each other off so we could make our way to the bathroom and shower without leaving a trail of goo on the floor. We washed each other thoroughly and Jen threatened to use the shower to make me cum again but decided to give me a break.

Despite just having ‘eaten’ breakfast, we went out for some actual food. Susan flashed couple of male students and I managed to put my pussy on display to an older guy who looked like he was out for lunch with his wife. I started off being fairly subtle but once I knew I had his attention (and approval) I displayed myself more openly, spreading my legs, pulling my skirt up and briefly stroking my pussy (I had to be somewhat careful as there were other people around, but as nobody at our table cared I had a bit of cover). He seemed to enjoy the view (he kept looking over at me but also hid the fact he was doing so from his wife) and when I saw him get up and head towards the bathroom I quickly followed and caught up to him. I asked if he had enjoyed the view and told him to see if the gent’s was empty. He looked in and said it was so I grabbed his hand, led him in and then pushed his hand under my skirt. We entered one of the cubicles (there were only two) and I pulled my top up to expose my brand told him he could play with my breasts as well. I reached down to his trousers and found a nice bulge there as he fondled me and decided to go a bit further than I had intended by unzipping his trousers and pulling his cock out. I felt his fingers slide in to my cunt and I leant close to him and whispered how I wanted him to take his wife home, finger her, eat her and fuck her as many times as he could. He said he thought I was going to do something with him and I told him I didn’t fuck married guys (although I was already doing much more than I usually would). I gave his cock a good stroke and asked if he had a condom – he said he didn’t and I told him it was a pity or I might have given him a quick suck and maybe even let him slide into me briefly. I hadn’t been quite as careful as usual as he said that there was a machine in the bathroom and that he could always buy a pack. I really hadn’t intended to do that much with him but I felt I should make good on my offer and after getting him to promise that he would make sure his wife came as many times as she could withstand, I relented and let him buy a pack.

He quickly slipped a condom on and I sat on the toilet to suck him, then stood and leant against the wall to let him slide in to me and fuck me. I was almost at the point of giving in and letting him cum in me (in the condom) but he as aware that he’d been gone long enough and his wife might be wondering where he was so he pulled out and went to remove the condom. I stopped him and gave him a final (very brief) suck and as he fastened his trousers I told him not to cheat on his wife and to give her at least five orgasms. As a parting shot I added that he could always think of me as he fucked her and that I would happily eat, finger and hump her for him in his fantasy. He left the bathroom first and after washing my hands I stood gently stroking my pussy and then went back to join the gang. Naturally I reported on what had happened and a few people looked over towards him (but as his wife had her back to us she didn’t notice). I gave him a final flash of my pussy and slipped a couple of fingers into myself then sucked them clean before holding up my hand to indicate 5 and then an O to remind him she had to cum 5 times. I obviously have no idea what happened between them but I’d like to think that she spent the afternoon wondering why she was being pleasured so much.

We returned to the house so Jen and I could pack up our things and prepare for the journey home. I hadn’t been allowed to cum on the walk home and was fully expecting at least one more orgasm before I left but was given an unexpected treat. I was told that Jorge was going to visit to give me a parting shot of cum. Seeing as he’d cum so much in me the previous day I was looking forward to this, but was also aware that he probably wouldn’t be able to produce quite as much. Being the greedy person I am, I asked if there was any chance of a goodbye isit from Pasha as well but was told that he was off training. While we waited for Jorge to turn up I started gently fondling Jen and she asked if I could help milk her as she hadn’t expressed yet that morning and it would be too long to wait before we got home to MJ. I was more than happy to do this and half lay on the sofa with Jen, suckling on one of her breasts. Abrahii took advantage of the position we were in and slipped Jen’s skirt up, at first fondling her and then going down on her. Lisa joined in on Jen’s other breast and we soon had Jen mewing away as her orgasm built. Her pleasure was interrupted by Jorge turning up and I could have easily left her in the capable hands (and tongues) of Lisa and Abrahii but had a better idea…

I told Jen that she should show off a bit more and led her out into the hall in her semi-naked state (her top had been removed but she still had her skirt on). I introduced her to Jorge while caressing her breasts the whole time and told him that Jen really needed to cum and asked if he minded watching me pleasure her before we fucked. Let’s just say he was fine with this and we headed upstairs to Susan and Abrahii’s room, with my hand sliding under Jen’s skirt to let Jorge see me finger her. I made it clear that she was gay and wasn’t going to do anything with him, but that he would get to see everything and I’d expect a good load of cum from him as payment. Jen lay on the bed and we let Jorge watch us 69 for a few minutes but I finished Jen off with my fingers on her pussy and clit as I finished sucking the milk from her breasts. Jen had a fairly strong orgasm, mewing her way through it as usual but also  telling me to bite on her nips. The regular breast feeding had left her nipples in a somewhat tender state so I only bit lightly on them (but still harder than I’d ever want done to me). Jen’s pussy was visibly wet with her juices and as she lay there in the afterglow of her orgasm she even let me spread her cunt and give Jorge a close up look as the juices leaked out of her. We commented on how it looked like cum leaking from her and I asked Jen if Jorge could have a taste. Jen didn’t mind as long as I was the intermediary so I licked up some of her juices and kissed Jorge. He told her she tasted good and I lay beside Jen and let him have a lick of my pussy so he could compare and contrast. Before he commented I reminded him that I was the one about to fuck him and he replied appropriately by saying I tasted better (I didn’t mind the lie as I know Jen usually tastes better than me – just one of the reasons I love her so much).

I sucked Jorge’s cock and gave him a brief tit-fuck, using some of Jen’s juices as lubrication. I got Jen to wipe more of her juices over my pussy before Jorge slipped in to me and we fucked properly. I couldn’t wait to feel him unleash another huge load into me and told him how his cum would probably be leaking out of me for most of my journey home. He liked that idea and said he give me as much as he could but Jen thought it would be better to let him cum over my body so I could make the journey with my upper body caked in cum. I don’t think Jorge really cared where he came and I just wished that I had two of him (or that he could produce two decent loads of cum) but went along with Jen’s idea. This meant we had to change tack slightly and I ended up riding him so I could hump and grind my clit against his body. Jorge reached up to play with my breasts and around to fondle my ass as I rode him and I tried to mix things up to keep him close to cumming while getting myself off (just grinding against the guy doesn’t tend to do too much for them). I could have easily cum by frigging my clit but drew things out to try to encourage a bigger loads from Jorge’s balls. I didn’t exaggerate things too much but tried to put on a good show for him and took him fairly close to cumming a couple of times (not too close though as I didn’t want him to blow his load before I was ready). When I couldn’t hold back any more I let myself cum (still just by grinding my clit against his body) and after humping him through my orgasm I wiped my hand on Jen’s pussy again, smeared what was left of her juices over my breasts and got Jorge to tit-fuck me once more. We started off with me lying on my back and him sitting over my chest but before he came we changed position so he was sitting on the edge of the bed and I helf knelt in front of him. I licked the head of his cock a number of times but then concentrated on rubbing his between my breasts until he came. A couple of jets of cum squirted up and onto my neck and chin but most of it was trapped between my breasts, coating them (and his cock). When he finished cumming I rubbed his cock over my neck and then got him to lie back. I promised him I’d be gentle and I lowered myself on to his cock and gently moved up and down, ideally trying to milk more cum from him but at the very least getting the remains of his cum wiped around the inner walls of my cunt.

I gently kissed and sucked his cock clean and then stood to wipe the results of our session over the whole front of my body, from my face down to my thighs (and I couldn’t resist rubbing a little in to my cunt). Jorge said I was even hornier than Susan and I told him if he promised to save a decent load of cum for my next visit that he’d get another threesome with Susan and me. I let him have a final fondle of my breasts (although his hands wandered over other parts of my body as well) and I rubbed his now limp cock against my pussy one last time. As he dressed I fondled Jen (who had stayed to watch) and Jen and I remained naked as we all went back downstairs and showed Jorge to the door. It wasn’t quite time for us to head off so we chatted a while and when Jen went back upstairs to get dressed I was told that I could be of use one last time.  I had to ride Richard while Mel reached around and fondled my clit and surprisingly she managed to make me cum fairly easily. I was then bent over the side of the sofa and James took me from behind, depositing another load of cum into me and by the time Jen reappeared I was riding Ashraf, but this time I was facing away from him and had James kneeling between my legs licking Ashraf’s shaft and my clit. I said that we didn’t have much time left so Ashraf could just finish off in me but was told I had to cum before I’d be allowed to leave. James did a very good job of licking my clit (which I commented on and was told by Susan that she had been training him) and they managed to get the final orgasm out of me.


  1. You and Mike should jokin Ashraf, Richard and James and crew sometime for a no holds bar game of truth or dare. Could be a great adventure. Always find its a great way to find out what people really think and want to do.

    1. We've done things similar to that - there isn't much we're not willing to try (although Mike isn't too keen on the guy on guy action and Jen won't let any guy other than Mike do things to her). I'm pretty much anybody's if they'll help me cum :)