Saturday, 12 March 2016

Copying Lisa – Part 17

All I was allowed to wear for the journey home was a pair of stockings and a coat that just covered the top of the stockings. We got a taxi to the station and Jen said it would have been better if we’d been flying (both in terms of time and seeing me go through security almost naked). We had a fairly direct train though so even though we had a fair way to travel we wouldn’t be home too late. The lack of clothing meant I was fairly cold while waiting for the train so Jen promised to warm me up on the journey. Fortunately the train wasn’t too busy so we got a couple of seats far enough away from other people that we could fool around a little, but we weren’t in a private enough area to go all out.

About an hour into the journey Jen got a call from Abrahii and I saw her looking around. She led me by the hand into another carriage and after locating a guy sitting by himself she handed him the phone. He looked somewhat confused and after a number of uh-huh’s, mmm’s and really’s he asked Jen if she (indicating the phone) was serious. Jen just said ‘completely’ and undid the top buttons on my coat until she could push the front open enough to reveal one of my breasts. He said ‘yes’ to the phone and handed it back to Jen who also said ‘yes’ and then gave it back to him. The guy asked me if I’d really do what I was told so I nodded. Jen pushed me down onto the seat opposite him and after looking around she told me to undo the remaining buttons and reveal myself. I didn’t see any point in delaying things so I spread my legs at the same time and the guy said ‘she already has’ and then told me to play with myself. I went straight to work, licking my nipples, fingering my pussy and toying with my clit. I had to stop and cover myself once when Jen warned me that someone was coming but they just walked past and as soon as they left the carriage I went back to playing with myself. The guy told me I had to make myself cum so I did (Jen had teased me a fair bit before the phone call so I was ready again). As soon as I’d finished cumming he told me I had to fuck him and I asked if he was saying that or if he was being told to say it. He said that the girl on the phone had told him to say it so I asked Jen if she had a condom (she always does), stood up, took the guy by the hand and led him into the bathroom. Fortunately (as we were on a relatively new train) there was plenty of space and the bathroom was nice and clean.

I slipped my coat off, placing it on the hook so I was standing in just my shoes and stockings. The guy eagerly fondled my breasts and as he sucked on my nipples I pushed his hand down to my crotch. He fingered me quite forcefully but did at least ease off a bit when I told him he was being too rough. I told him I wanted his cock in my mouth and then in my cunt and he let me drop to my knees to free it, put the condom on and then envelop a fair portion of it in my mouth. I gave him an enthusiastic and wet suck before standing and turning to support myself against the support rail on the wall. I wiggled my ass at him and told him to fuck my cunt as much as he wanted and he wasted no time in sliding in to me. He reached around to play with my swaying breasts and I told him to frig my clit as well. He did as I asked and each time the train swayed or jolted he used my body to keep his balance. I kept encouraging him by telling him how wonderful his cock felt inside me and how I needed to cum around it – effectively challenging him to make me cum without telling him I wanted him to wait for me. This seemed to be working and he did at least warn me when he was getting close so I was able to ask him to slow down just a bit and frig my clit faster. He was considerate enough to do this and I slowly slid back and forth against him as my orgasm built until I was close enough that I knew I’d be able to cum no matter what. I pushed back harder and told him to finish off and enjoy himself. He immediately started pounding away inside me and I reached down to press his fingers harder against my clit. I started to cum and wanted to moan out loud (really loud), but knew that this probably wasn’t wise so while I was still vocal enough for the guy to hear, I kept the volume low enough to not alert anyone outside the bathroom of what was going on. He kept pumping away inside me and telling me how good it felt until he came at which point he pulled out and I turned around to pull the condom from his cock, rub the cum around his cock and balls and then wash my hands (the one real benefit of doing things in a bathroom).

The guy pulled his trousers up and I slipped my coat back on. We unlocked and opened the door and the guy stepped out but Jen immediately came in to the bathroom, pushing me back in with her. She locked the door and said that it wasn’t fair that I was getting all the fun so I slid my coat off (and hung it up – the bathroom may have been clean but I didn’t want it to fall on the floor) and told her that I was hers to command. She lifted her skirt and told me to get to work so I crouched down and pushed my mouth into her pussy. I had to comment on how wet she felt – it was almost like when she had been pregnant with her juices actually dripping from her cunt. Jen was (obviously) well aware of just how wet she was and humped back and forth against my face. I cupper her ass with one hand and worked a thumb into her pussy and then fucked her with this while licking her. Jen told me to be ready but didn’t give me time to respond before I felt (and tasted) a tiny squirt of pee (Jen has very good bladder control – ever after giving birth). I broke contact with her to ask ‘really – here?’ and she said ‘just a little, get back to work’. I did as instructed and went back to eating her with the taste of her juices quickly returning. Jen rubbed herself against my face once more and then settled back to let me concentrate on her clit. I felt her juices accumulating on my chin a few times and let them gather until they dripped down onto my breasts and used my other hand to smear the drops around. I had no trouble getting Jen off and was given another small squirt of pee as she came, some of which I kept in my mouth and then passed back to her as we kissed.

Jen said I stank of her juices and I told her there wasn’t anything I’d rather smell of so she reached down to her pussy and gather up more of her cum to rub over my body. She repeated this a few times and finished off by letting out a little more pee and smearing this over my face and chest. I was more than sufficiently marked by this point and we stopped off to have a brief chat with the guy I’d fucked so I could lean close to him, describe what Jen and I had done (minus the pee) and let him smell her scent covering me. I would have let him slide his hand back between my legs but I wasn’t sure if he had washed them after removing the condom so I just caressed his thigh and slid my hand over his crotch a number of times until I felt him getting hard again. I’m fairly sure I could have got another fuck out of him but we left him with an erection (and my thanks) and returned to our seats. I slept for a fair bit of the rest of the journey but this didn’t stop Jen from having more fun with me as she ended up chatting to a guy who joined the train while I was asleep and then told him I was naked under my coat as a dare. The guy didn’t believe her so she ended up unbuttoning the bottom half of my coat and gently spreading my legs to show him. I was sound enough asleep that Jen was able to first stroke me and then actually finger me without waking me. She offer the guy a chance to play with me and he said no at first but Jen continued to tempt him until he relented and she undid a few more buttons to let him get to my breasts. He was apparently very gentle (probably just scared that I’d wake up) but he did eventually slide his hand down between my legs and stroke my pussy.

When I woke up, the guy was still there but I was (semi) buttoned up and Jen didn’t tell me until afterwards that he had seen and played with me. I told her I was surprised that she hadn’t tried to make me cum in my sleep or woken me and got me to masturbate for him or take him to the bathroom and fuck him but she said I looked as if I needed the rest. The train was a bit busier for the last part of the journey so Jen and I just sat and chatted and we were met at the station by Mike and MJ. He had already received a brief report of the weekend from Abrahii but wanted the full details from us. Jen fed MJ while Mike showered with me (he doesn’t mind doing things with other guys’ cum on or in me butwanted to enjoy hearing all the details ‘properly’. By the time we got out of the shower Jen was willing to let go of MJ long enough for me to cuddle her and Mike promised Jen he’d either spoon with her or go down on her once he had finished with me.

I didn’t manage to describe the events of the whole weekend in the one session, but gave him the highlights and went into detail on what it had been like to be fucked and cum up on the stage in the hardcore club. Mike was very impressed with my cum count (for the weekend, but especially for the Saturday) and even though Ineta had kept him busy he ate me to two orgasms and fucked me to a third one (using fingers as well while fucking me). He even kept his promise and went down on Jen (giving me a proper chance to cuddle MJ) and spooned her to sleep. Although he wasn’t able to cum in her that night, she did get the morning fuck out of him (and I got eaten by Jen afterwards so I didn’t mind).

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