Saturday, 19 March 2016

Halloween 2014 – Part 1

I’ve written enough about Lis and Lucy’s visits so the first section will just be a brief report before the main entry about Halloween… The last weekend in October Lis and Lucy visited us again with Mike getting to fuck Lis multiple times to try and get her pregnant. It wasn’t the optimal time for her to conceive (late by a few days) but they made a concerted effort (once on the Friday night, three times on the Saturday and twice on the Sunday) and as a reward Mike was allowed to fuck Lucy one time on the Sunday afternoon. While Lucy was even further from her optimal time to conceive, she wasn’t really in her safe period either so as a compromise (and because it was unlikely Mike had much cum left anyway) he was allowed to fuck her without using any protection (but wasn’t allowed to cum in her. He agreed to these terms (although he would agree to almost anything to get inside Lucy) and we gave them the choice of being left alone to do things or letting us watch them. They both said they didn’t mind either way (it’s not as if we haven’t all seen each other cum multiple times before).

We’d been out to lunch (so had clothes on) and Mike slowly undressed Lucy while kissing and caressing her body. He still wasn’t allowed to go down on her, but she let him spend a while kissing around her inner thighs and spread her pussy so he could admire it. As Mike and Lucy fucked, Jen pointed out that Mike had already cum in Lis that day so there was a chance that a little more cum might leak out of Mike’s cock and get Lucy pregnant. Lucy said she didn’t care as she intended for him to give her a baby as well. Lis said this wasn’t fair as she was meant to be the one getting pregnant so Mike promised her that as much as he loved the idea of impregnating Lucy, he would be sure to hold back and give Lis the first baby. Jen teased Mike about not being able to resist cumming while he was in Lucy and he did speed up quite a bit, using long steady strokes while lying on top of her, but swore he could make her cum without him cumming. Lucy moaned quite a bit (in a good way) and said it felt different from before so they continued in that position and she started panting that she was going to cum. The fact that he was managing this without any direct clitoral stimulation made Mike very happy so he just continued with the same steady pace while he and Lucy kissed and he told her how good her pussy felt around his cock. She wrapped her legs around him and Mike reached back with one hand to caress them (or one of them) and he told Lucy how much he wanted to feel her cum for him. She kissed him quite passionately, told him his cock felt wonderful inside her and then came. She moaned a bit but mostly just kissed Mike and he kept moving in her until she broke the kiss and relaxed back on to the bed.

Mike slowed his movements and Lucy asked him if he had cum. He asked if it would be a problem if he had and she said she didn’t really mind but he sped up his movements again and told her he hadn’t cum yet and if she had the energy that he intended to fuck her to another orgasm. She said she needed a break first and Mike slowly withdrew his cock, slid his fingers along Lucy’s pussy and tasted her juices. He asked if he could play with her thighs again and she allowed him to kiss around the area (just not her pussy). Lucy then asked to look at his cock (which was still hard) so he suggested they get in to a 69 position and she crawled over him. Lucy told Mike that he could kiss around her mons as well and Mike got straight to work. Lucy meanwhile gently explored his cock with one hand and kissed along the shaft a few times, tasting her own juices from him. After a few more minutes of this she said that she was ready for him to try and give her a second orgasm (she’d already had a few that day from Jen and me) so Mike crawled out from under her. Lucy remained kneeling and he moved up behind her but before he slid in to her pussy he complimented her ass and said he wanted to give her the attention she deserved. I translated and told her he wanted to rim her and Lucy relented and said he could if it was only briefly so Mike moved back a bit, bent forwards, spread her cheeks and swirled his tongue around her ass. Lucy whimpered as he did this and Jen couldn’t resist making fun of her, commenting on how the prim and proper Lucy was on all fours in front of her friends with a guy eating her ass. Lucy didn’t appear that embarrassed and just told Jen to shut up and that this was all our fault. She let Mike play with her for longer than ‘briefly’ would usually mean and certainly seemed to be enjoying herself and it was even Mike who ended it by saying he wanted to be back inside her.

He took her from behind, reaching around to fondle her breasts and clit as he fucked her. Lucy didn’t hide the fact she was enjoying herself and Mike gave her the choice of position she wanted to cum in. Lis recommended that she ride him and have him fuck her hard and fast (Lucy likes being fingered like this sometimes) and she said she didn’t care as long as she came (at which point Mike promised her she would cum) and they switched round so he was on his back with her on top of him. Mike said the only think that could make the position better would be for her to put on long socks and she offered to comply but he told her not to worry and that he would ‘make do’ with being ridden by Pavlina (Lucy’s porn-star lookalike). He was given a bit of an additional bonus though – Jen and I had been playing with Lis while we watched (seeing as Mike had almost monopolised her all weekend) and while I had a particularly intimate moment with Lis, Jen went and sat over Mike’s face. He happily lapped away at her pussy while Jen and Lucy kissed and Jen toyed with Lucy’s clit. Jen didn’t stay there too long as it was Mike’s turn to play with Lucy and once she returned to Lis and me, Mike pulled Lucy down to kiss him (and so she could taste Jen’s juices) and they started to fuck hard and fast. As Lucy’s orgasm built and she moaned more, he pointed out that she was on the way to being fucked to a second orgasm by a guy, without her clit being touched (although in that position there is a fair bit of clitoral stimulation from their bodies slapping together). Lucy said that it was the same as Jen and she didn’t consider Mike as a guy, but just as someone she loved and trusted. Mike was a bit surprised about the ‘love’ part as while we know Lucy loves Jen (and Lis and I love each other) – in the real sense of the word – we thought that Lucy just thought of Mike and me as really good friends (with benefits). Mike told her that he could always prove to her that he was a guy and fill her cunt with cum but Lucy just told him to go ahead if he wanted and reiterated that she didn’t care as she was going to let him do it sometime anyway. He told her that she was just trying to prove he couldn’t fuck her without cumming and as Lucy repeatedly pushed back against his cock (which was hammering into her by this point) she kept telling him to fuck her as hard as he could.

He kept up the pace until she came and fucked her through her orgasm. They were both covered in a sheen of sweat and they kissed deeply as Lucy slowly slid up and down on his cock, thanked him and said it had felt wonderful. She asked if he’d cum yet and Mike said he hadn’t and that he had managed to resist her feminine charms. Lucy told him he was a good boy (in only a slightly patronising way), pulled herself off of his cock and crawled down between his legs. Mike moved to sit up but was told to stay where he was and Lucy took his cock in her mouth. Lis whispered to me that she had passed on the tuition on cock sucking that we had given her and while she was inexperienced, Lucy certainly gave it an enthusiastic try. It can sometimes take a while for Mike to cum from a blowjob so I wasn’t initially sure if Lucy would manage it, but I guess she’d already ‘warmed him up’ a fair bit with the fuck. He gave her warning that he was getting close to cumming and she looked up at him but kept sucking. He gave a final warning and then moaned. Lucy slowed her movements almost immediately but kept her mouth wrapped around his cock. Mike says she used her tongue to lick around the glans and kept up a good suction as he came. She then withdrew his cock from her mouth, crawled over to where Lis was and planted her mouth on Lis’ pussy. It didn’t take much to figure out that she was giving Mike’s cum to Lis and when she pulled away Lis lay back with her ass on Jen’s lap so her pussy was raised. Naturally Jen made use of this position and toyed with Lis’ clit and I moved around beside Jen to help out. In the meantime, Lucy returned to Mike and asked how she had done. He told her that the results should speak for themselves but that he’d been very tempted to cum in her pussy. She told him that she really wouldn’t have minded, but she was glad he had held back so Lis could get the cum and then added that it felt like he’d cum more than she had expected (Mike isn’t convinced he came that much).

Always one to push things a step further, he asked if she would put the long socks on for him now as a reward (ignoring the fact that doing things with her in the first place was a reward) and she said yes. He went to fetch them but returned not just with socks but with one of the Pavlina outfits. Lucy sighed but put it on and made out with him (Jen and I were still playing with Lis anyway). Lucy allowed Mike to kiss her pussy through her panties and Mike spent a while nuzzling her down there and begged her a couple of times to let him go down on her properly. Lucy told him he would still have to wait to be allowed to do that so he nuzzled her through her panties a while longer and then asked to see her beautiful pussy again. She pulled the crotch to the side and Mike nuzzled the skin at the top of her thigh. Lis came sometime around this point and Mike crawled up on to Lucy and said that as her wife had just cum that she should get to cum again. Lucy teased him about not being hard enough to fuck her and he told her if she would allow him back inside her that he’d find a way. Lucy agreed, allowed Mike to peel her panties off and then kissed him as he rubbed against her. I half watched to see how he would manage (although was a bit distracted as Lis was playing with my pussy) and it only took a few minutes until Mike managed to get back into Lucy. I was quite impressed as he’d cum three times that day, but he had Lucy dressed as Pavlina underneath him and if anything was going to get him hard again it would be that (or being allowed to eat her).

He slowly fucked her and reminded her that he’d just cum so some might leak out but Lucy just pulled him closer and said she really didn’t care. They were briefly interrupted by Jen again, but this time Jen sat over Lucy’s face to be eaten. Mike got Jen to turn around so Lucy could eat her while Mike speared her ass (Jen really liked this) and to repay them Jen said she would help make Lucy cum. Mike would have quite liked to give Lucy her third orgasm of the session all by himself, but we know that Lucy really belongs to Jen (and even though he was hard enough to be inside her, he wasn’t ready for another ‘real’ fuck. The quickly switched position so Mike was spooning behind Lucy and she and Jen were 69ing on their side. Jen mostly concentrated on licking Lucy’s clit, but Mike’s cock got a bit of attention from her tongue. As Mike wasn’t trying to cum, he reached around to caress Jen’s ass and helped to hold Jen’s lips open to make it easier for Lucy to lick her. The two of them had no trouble making Lucy cum and Mike was even allowed to remain inside her for a while afterwards, just gently sliding in and out.

We arranged the next visit to coincide with Lis’ most fertile days and Mike promised to save up his cum for a few days beforehand. Lis apologised to me in advance for any inconvenience (meaning lack of sex) while he was doing this but I assured her that I would get both Mike and Jen to eat me and that just because he wasn’t allowed to cum it wouldn’t mean he wouldn’t be fucking me. Lucy got in on this and said that she would help tease him before he got his first fuck with Lis to ensure he was ready to give her a good load. Mike said he had an even better idea but wouldn’t tell us what it was (he told Jen and I later on but I’ll leave it for the entry relating to the next visit).

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