Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Halloween 2014 – Part 2

And now on to the actual Halloween part of the entry…

On the Friday of Halloween, our lab group (and a number of others) decided to come to work in fancy dress to raise money for charity. I immediately started thinking of ways to use this to enjoy myself. I ended up finding a fox onesie and deciding to wear it, but with nothing underneath it. Fortunately both Jen and Mike are still willing to help out in suggesting ways that I can enjoy myself and Mike suggested that instead of just wearing the onesie that I could get a ‘proper’ fox tail and wear it.

Now by ‘proper’, he didn’t mean a real one, but one that would be attached to me via a butt plug. One of my regular readers has suggested I use a butt plug before (a number of years ago) and while I have no problem with anal, it’s just something I’d never got around to trying. We hit a slight hiccup when we discovered how much the good tails cost so we decided to start out getting me just a plug to see if I could wear it for a day. A little over a week before Halloween I went to our usual sex shop on the way in to work and got advice from the friendly store manager. Given the things I’ve done in the shop before, he wasn’t too surprised when I told him I didn’t need a bag and wanted to wear my purchase straight away. He was even helpful enough to assist me in inserting it and as I stood with my skirt held up, getting used to the feeling I commented on how it seemed a pity to have something in my ass but for my pussy to be empty. Alistair knows me well enough to get what I was suggesting and locked the door to the shop, got me to lean against the counter and started to fuck me.

My skirt kept sliding down and getting in the way so I slipped it off and as I know Alistair quite likes my breasts I thought I may as well do things properly and stripped completely (apart from my shoes and socks). I knelt and gave his cock a brief suck before we resumed fucking and we then took a brief break to let him play with my nipples before starting the final part of the session. For this I leant against the counter and he once again took me from behind, but could now easily fondle my breasts and clit as we fucked. He purposely bumped against the butt-plug so it moved a little inside me and I told him it felt amazing. I ended up cumming before he did (but he’s considerate enough that way) and even though he stopped frigging my clit, the fucking, nipple play and ass stimulation meant that I was on the way to cumming again by the time he came. If it hadn’t been for the fact I had things to get done in work I would have happily stayed and either let him play with me more or made use of some of the toys in the shop (quite probably I would have ridden the sybian naked and if any early morning customers had appeared I would have given them a demonstration of the machine’s capabilities).

The whole point was to keep the butt-plug in so after getting dressed I wore it to work and while it felt rather odd, I’ve worn things in my pussy numerous times so I got used to it quite quickly. I had to be careful not to squirm around too much when sitting down as it felt quite nice (not nice enough to cum with, but I didn’t want it to be too obvious that I was enjoying myself). We ordered my proper fox tail that night and got it the day before Halloween, meaning Jen ended up spending that evening making a few adjustments to my onesie to accommodate it. It actually looked quite good (and felt nice when Mike or Jen ‘stroked’ my tail, but the real benefit didn’t become apparent until the following day.

I wasn’t sure how hot the onesie would end up being if I wore it all day and debated taking some real clothes with me in case I had to take it off but was challenged to take the risk. I was allowed to wear one of my peek-a-boo bras to hold my breasts up (but leave my nips exposed to rub against the inside of the onesie) and the only other item of clothing I was allowed (other than my shoes) was a cut-off t-shirt. This was ‘cut-off’ extremely high (above my breasts) and had the effect of making it look like I had a top on under the onesie (as long as I kept the onesie fastened up below the point the t-shirt was cut-off. As additional torment, when Mike went down on me in our morning session he stopped before I came and said he would finish me off later. He did make use of the crotch flap in the onesie to eat me again before I left, but he once again stopped before I came and said that Jen would finish things off. I’d already realised they were just trying to drive me crazy so when Jen had her turn I wasn’t too surprised (although I was frustrated) when she wouldn’t let me cum either and all I got was a smear of tingle gel across and inside my pussy. I also had to promise her I wouldn’t stop off and masturbate before I got to work.

I decided to get the bus and as it was quite crowded people were continually bumping into and brushing past my tail. Each time they did this it moved the butt-plug around inside me and coupled with my already aroused state I could feel my pussy juicing up and my nips rubbing against the onesie. I calmed down a bit on the walk from the bus to my lab so managed to greet everyone normally but then discovered another issue. It was quite difficult to sit down with the tail in and I couldn’t remove it as Jen had made a hole in the onesie. It was only a small hole but I wasn’t confident that it was small enough that someone wouldn’t notice it (plus I figured that someone might ask what had happened to my tail). As such, I spent a fair amount of the morning standing and walking around places.

I also hadn’t accounted for just how much fascination with my tail there would be – and once a couple of people had stroked it and commented on how soft it felt it seemed like almost everyone wanted a go. While they (presumably) had no idea of what I could feel, every time someone stroked, pull or twisted the tail, I felt the butt-plug move slightly inside me. I know that my nips got hard a good number of times but fortunately the onesie was furry enough to hide this fact. I played along a couple of times and commented on how good it felt to have my tail stroked and one guy who particularly liked the feel petted it for a good while as we chatted.

I couldn’t take it anymore and ended up telling my secret to my work fuckbuddy Andy. We’d had a secret affair (Mike and Jen knew about it) that I’ve written about already but had just stopped as he had started dating someone. We’d spent months fucking at work so he knew I liked sex, but wasn’t aware of all of the details of my sex life. He did know that I usually went without panties so he wasn’t too surprised when I quietly told him I was naked under the onesie. He was also intrigued about the tail and butt-plug so I offered to show him and we headed up to the disused lab that we had been using when we worked on the paper we collaborated on (we actually did write a paper together and get it published, it’s just that every other session was a different kind of collaboration). On the way up the stairs Andy pulled on my tail a number of times and moved it in a circle – this felt really nice and once we were in ‘our’ lab and locked the door I let him unzip the front of the onesie to reveal my breasts. He slowly pulled the zip lower down and pulled the front of the onesie away from my body to look down and see my naked pussy. He told me I was incorrigible (he often told me that, usually when I asked to fuck on one of the sessions we were actually meant to be working on the paper – although he almost never refused the offer). I slid a hand into my onesie and let my fingers slide between my lips. I felt incredibly wet and withdrew my fingers to show Andy, then sucked them clean. I told him I needed to cum and asked if he would watch me masturbate (he’d seen me do this before and knew I loved having an audience). I unfastened the crotch flap to fully reveal my pussy and tried to sit up on a bench but my tail got in the way. I tried to lie on my side but it wasn’t that comfortable and then kneeled up but then the crotch flap kept falling forwards and covering my pussy (and it isn’t much fun being an exhibitionist if your bits can’t be seen).

I’d been naked in that room a number of times before and wanted to cum enough that I didn’t mind taking the risk so slipped the top of my onesie off and got Andy to help slide it off over my tail while I kept a hold of the base of the tail to keep it inside me, then quickly removed the mini t-shirt. Now that he had a proper view, Andy caressed my ass and gently spread my cheeks to look closely. As his hands dipped between my cheeks I took one of his hands and pulled it forwards onto my pussy. His fingers probed between my lips and he told me that I really did feel wet. I’ve trained him well enough that he automatically toyed with my clit and before I totally lost control I told him I would give him a good show. I climbed back up on to the bench, knelt on all fours and reached back to spread my cunt. My fingers easily slid between my lips and I fingered and frigged myself. I could feel the uneven surface of the wood of the bench pressing against my nipples and I swayed my upper body back and forth, dragging my nips back and forth. This also made my ass sway and Andy said it looked incredibly sexy. I told him that he could always help out and swirl my tail around again if he wanted and there was only a brief pause before I felt his hands on my ass and then the butt-plug slowly pivoting inside me.

As this would be my first orgasm of the day (and I also assumed that I wouldn’t get my second orgasm until I got home), I wasn’t trying to cum too quickly and just enjoying myself while my orgasm gradually built. I looked back at Andy and saw that he had pulled his cock out and was using one hand to stroke it. I told him that this was quite dangerous as I might end up pouncing on him and his girlfriend probably wouldn’t like that. He told me he hadn’t slept with her for a few days (they had started having sex, but not regularly) and that he wouldn’t mind if I jumped him. I don’t like doing things with people who are in relationships unless their partners know and agree (and I know I’ve broken that rule a few times) but by this point I was feeling desperately aroused and told him he could use me and break in the tail properly if he wanted. Andy said he didn’t have a condom with him and I told him to look in the usual place (we’d left a box hidden in the lab for ‘emergency’ use during the time we were regularly fucking). He quickly retrieved one and slipped it on and I asked if he was sure, then let him pull me down from the bench, lift my tail up and slide into me.

Oh fuck, it felt good. He started moving quite quickly (apparently I’d got him quite excited as well) so I asked him to take it slowly and enjoy it. He slowed his movements and played some more with my tail while I stroked my clit. My pussy made wet squelchy sounds as we fucked and I went back to moving my upper body from side to side to drag my nipples across the bench. As I got closer to cumming I gave Andy the choice of speeding up if he wanted or carrying on as he was, letting me cum and using me as he saw fit. He sped up a bit, but not to the same speed as at the beginning. Each time he pushed in to me, his body knocked the tail so I felt it in my ass. I came quite hard and would have loved to moan out loud, but we knew there were people in rooms not too far from us so I kept the noise to a series of whimpers and pants. Andy said he was close but I told him to take as long as he wanted. He told me I was as naughty as ever and slowed down a bit and then kept telling me that my cunt felt really hot and wet (he knows I like dirty talk). I tried my best to contract around his cock and he said he could feel it so I did it more until he said again that he was about to cum. I told him to go ahead and he pushed into me with harder strokes for a few times, briefly stopped and then did a number of slow gentle strokes to try and prolong his orgasm.

There was an impressive amount of cum in the condom. I told him if he’d been tested that he could have just cum in me and he informed me that he had followed my advice and both he and his girlfriend had been tested before having sex for the first time. As much as I would have loved to have his cum inside me I realised that it wouldn’t have been that practical as it would have leaked out and soaked the crotch of my onesie (especially with the amount he’d cum). I didn’t want to waste his efforts though and after giving his cock a quick suck to clean off my juices (it was quite slippery), I helped to remove the condom while keeping most of the cum in it. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it clean, then stood in front of him and emptied the cum from the condom over my neck, let it run down between my breasts and across my stomach and then  massaged it over my body, covering my breasts, pussy, neck and ass. Andy’s response to this display was a simple ‘fuuuccckk’ and as I rubbed his cum up into my pussy I told him if he’d be tested sooner then he could have been cumming in or over me for months.

We did both feel a bit guilty about the fact he had cheated on his girlfriend but I justified this (to myself) by saying that I’d had him first. In order to make up for this I got him to promise to give her a good session that night. I wasn’t entirely well behaved for the rest of the day though as I teased him a number of times and at one point I even unfastened one side of the crotch flap and got him to slide a couple of fingers into the onesie and onto my pussy. He (very quietly) said that I felt just as wet as earlier on and we ended up revisiting our special lab. In order to prime him to give his girlfriend a good session, I took him in my mouth and gave him an enthusiastic and wet suck, but couldn’t resist having him inside me again. I kept my onesie on that time and just undid the crotch flap, bent over the desk and he took me from behind, just as he’d done earlier. I was very tempted to let him fuck me properly and loved the idea of the journey home with torrents of his cum leaking from my cunt and running down my legs. As I knew he wasn’t likely to cum that much again (and as the whole point was to prepare him for his girlfriend), we both decided he shouldn’t cum though and I was just meant to tease him and get him horny for later on. I was pleasantly surprised when he said that I could cum though (I’d been expecting to either have to masturbate or to wait until I got home for Mike or Jen to take care of me). I asked if he was sure he could hold back while I came around him (I wasn’t trying to be big-headed, I just know that many guys find it arousing when a girl cums) and he promised to restrain himself. He used small but rapid movements and pumped the tail in and out of me while I played with my clit and I came quite quickly.

Andy didn’t stay inside me for long after I’d cum and I told him I’d suck him clean if he wanted, but that I liked the idea of my juices either being sucked off by his girlfriend or him fucking her and mixing them up into her cunt. I know he likes the idea of girl on girl action (and I’d described my sessions with Jen to him a number of times to help get him off) so I told him how he could imagine that I was fucking his girlfriend and grinding my cunt against hers. He really liked this idea and promised to report back. As we straightened ourselves out I told him to give her a good licking before they fucked. He’d always had to use a dental dam with me, but his cunnilingus had improved so I was sure she would like it. He told me that she wasn’t shaved and he wasn’t that keen on a mouthful of hair but I told him it would be worth it and that in future he could suggest to her that she get just the lips shaved or waxed and as payment he would go down on her as often as she wanted. Now Andy isn’t as obsessed with eating pussy as Mike is (very few people are) so he said he’d rather see me eating her and I told him if he ever convinced her to ‘experiment’ that I’d be more than happy to introduce her to lesbianism and that I was sure that Jen would be willing to help out.

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