Thursday, 7 April 2016

2nd Photoshoot – Part 1

On the first weekend in November 2015 (just after my Halloween fuck with Andy), Lisa came up to visit us as she ‘couldn’t stand not seeing Mike’ (it had only been three weeks). Mike had taken pre-emptive steps this time and paid particular attention to Jen and me for the previous week, caressing, eating, fucking and generally pleasuring us more than usual. I had assured him I wasn’t jealous of Lisa, but wasn’t going to refuse the extra attention and it was nice getting some more romantic time with him and Jen (it wasn’t just sex).

Mike met Lisa at the train station and they had a big hello kiss. He went to slide his hands into her coat and she told him to be careful, causing him to ask if she had been brave enough to do as he’d suggested and just wear her coat for the journey up. They moved towards the wall so Mike could open a couple of buttons and get his hands onto her body to confirm she was indeed naked under the coat. They kissed some more and Mike caressed her ass and slid his fingers between her cheeks and brushed them against her pussy. He told Lisa she would be rewarded for being so brave and she confessed to not having been dressed like that for the whole journey. She had started off dressed and popped into the bathroom about 30 minutes before the train arrived to strip, returning to her seat wearing just her coat. As Mike moved a hand around to her front and slid a couple of fingers up into her pussy Lisa told him that she thinks at least one of the people sitting opposite her noticed something was different. Mike smeared Lisa’s juices over her clit with his thumb and told her she should have spread her legs a bit or sat with a foot up on the seat and displayed herself to give them all something to masturbate to. Lisa told Mike that she might do that the next time and Mike warned her that he might bribe Abrahii to take her to the train station and ensure she had nothing else on before she set off. Mike had continued to gently stroke Lisa’s clit throughout the conversation and had undone a few more buttons so only the top one on Lisa’s coat was fastened. Her breathing was coming faster and when Mike asked if she thought she could cum she hugged him tightly and said yes.

That was the signal for him to stop and he pulled away and helped fasten her coat. Lisa whined that it wasn’t fair, but knew she wasn’t likely to change Mike’s mind. He told her they should stop off for a drink before heading home but promised she would indeed be rewarded and that both Jen and I were also looking forward to seeing her again. They went to a bar near the station that has a large central open area with a number of floors around the area. Naturally they made sure to stand at the edge on one of the upper floors, allowing anyone who looked the ability to see up Lisa’s coat to her naked (and quite damp) pussy. Lisa played along, knowing that games like this get Mike quite aroused and would probably lead to them having a really good session when they got home. She even let him unfasten a couple of buttons at the bottom of her coat so the front opened a bit, but she didn’t let him go higher than the one below her crotch (even then the coat was open enough that she said she could feel the air on her pussy and that she felt very exposed). Mike tood advantage of the noise in the bar and openly told her to imagine how everyone below was looking up at her, how they would remember the image and go home to fuck or masturbate to the thought of her. Lisa isn’t quite as turned on by the thought of this as I am, but she continued to play along and encouraged Mike. He then told her about one of my fantasies (which I think I’ve written about before) where I’m on a table at the bottom of the open area being fucked by a stream of people (both guys and girls) while every balcony above me is filled with people watching me and masturbating. As I cum over and over, with guys cumming in me and girls creaming over my face, the audience keep cumming, showing me with a mixture of boy-cum and pussy juice (in my fantasy women can easily squirt as they cum).

Mike then stood with his back to the railing and hugged Lisa, sliding his hands into her coat and caressing her ass. They kissed and as Mike nibbled on Lisa’s ear he dared her to undo another button. As Mike was (mostly) shielding her fron view, she did this, which just prompted Mike to say ‘and another one’. Lisa said it was risky but Mike nuzzled her neck and reminded her that she’d cum 40-odd times just a few weeks ago and he thought she was braver than that. Lisa relented and Mike slipped his arms completely around her, which pushed the font of her coat open even more (it was no undone to just below her breasts). She pressed up tight against him and Mike pushed his fingers between her ass cheeks to her pussy. She ground her cunt against his crotch with small movements until she felt the bulge of his erection and Mike hissed in her ear that this was the naughty girl he’d been looking for. He probed and stroked her pussy as they kissed and told her he loved the idea of her cumming there and then, but wanted to savour the taste of her pussy. Lisa asked if they could leave and go home (or anywhere where they could do things). As much as Mike was tempted to go straight away, he kept a hold of Lisa for another 5 minutes or so, kissing her, stroking her pussy and ass and describing all the things he wanted to do to her. He got her sufficiently aroused that she was almost begging him to either rlet her cum or take her home and fuck her so he challenged her and said if she would step back away fron him without doing up her coat and ask to go home that he would take her. Lisa looked at him and said he was mean, but took a couple of steps back and asked him to take her home to bed. The sides of her coat quickly fell to cover her body, but she was briefly exposed, although too horny to care (a couple of guys standing near them noticed and told Mike to enjoy himself with her). Lisa’s challenge wasn’t completed yet though as he dared her to go down the stairs (which were packed with people) without doing her coat up. She was allowed to hold it shut around the waist, but it was sufficiently busy that her coat caught a couple of times and was pulled open. Lisa persevered though and even when they got outside she didn’t ask if she could fasten it properly.

As they walked to find a taxi Mike told her he was very impressed and that she would be rewarded. He also commented on how smooth her pussy felt and Lisa told him that Abrahii had taken care of it just a little while before she had set off earlier that day. Mike reached into her coat again and caressed her mons before dipping his fingers between her now wet and puffy lips and he commented that Abrahii had done an excellent job and that she (Lisa) should thank her ‘properly’ when she got back to Uni. In the taxi Mike reached into Lisa’s coat again and caressed her pussy, saying it felt incredibly smooth and he asked how Abrahii had done such a good job (ice cube, shave cream, hot water and a good razor). Lisa asked Mike how he wanted her to reward Abrahii and as his fingers slipped between Lisa’s lips and smeared her juices over her clit he told her that he was sure she could think of a way. He repeatedly circled his finger around her clit and Lisa asked him if he wanted her to go down on Abrahii and eat her, Mike said yes but asked for more details so Lisa described how she would strip Abrahii, spread her legs, lick around her cunt, suck on her clit and make her cum.

Lisa realised that the taxi had stopped and that the driver was looking back at them. She looked down and realised that her coat was open a reasonable way and that Mike had worked her legs apart while stroking her clit. She was once again sufficiently aroused that she didn’t bother trying to stop him or cover herself up Mike kept gently frigging her while he asked the driver how much they owed. He asked Lisa to get the money from his wallet and asked the driver to turn the light on so she could see what she was doing. Lisa shot him a look but he just pressed a little harder on her clit and said that the driver had probably heard what she was going to do to Abrahii. Lisa blushed a bit and whimpered but concentrated on getting the money sorted while Mike used his free hand to undo the last couple of buttons on her coat and push it completely open. He asked the driver if they could stay for a couple of minutes and the driver told him to take as long as he wanted. Lisa put Mike’s wallet back in his coat and let Mike pull her legs further apart. He asked her to play with her breasts, which she did and he then asked her to play with her pussy.

Lisa slid a hand down across her stomach and slipped a couple of fingers between her lips. She asked him how he was getting her to do this and he told her that she was now just being honest with her body and allowing herself to do things that felt good. As Lisa stroked her pussy and frigged her clit Mike leant in and whispered to her that if it was me in her place, he would offer me to the cab driver and let him fuck me. Lisa asked Mike not to do that and he told her not to worry and that he wasn’t intending to as he wanted to be the only one to do things to her that night. That was what Lisa had wanted to hear and she kissed Mike and then held his head against her as he bent and sucked on one of her nipples. He let her get close to cumming before taking her hand and getting her to suck her fingers clean. Mike got out and went round to open Lisa’s door, fetched her bag and led her into the house with her coat still completely open (it was dark enough that he wasn’t too worried about the neighbours seeing anything).

Jen and I were sitting downstairs and obviously commented on Lisa’s exposed state (and her obvious state of arousal). Mike slipped Lisa’s coat off and told us that he was going to fuck her multiple times that night. He told Lisa that there was fresh wood stockpiled for the fire and that she could choose whether they went up to his room or spent the night on the rug (with some duvets). Lisa said she liked the idea of sleeping in front of the fire and Mike warned her that she might not get much sleep, but I warned him in return that Lisa needed to look fresh for the following day. Mike asked Lisa if she was still happy to take part in the photoshoot. Lisa nervously said yes and I assured her that it would be fun and was sure she’s end up enjoying herself. Mike lit and stoked the fire and Lisa sat on the rug to chat with us as he did this and once he had fetched down the duvets, Jen and I went upstairs and left the two of them. That was the plan anyway but Lisa followed us up to have quick peek in at MJ and comment on how much she seemed to be growing.

When Lisa got back downstairs, Mike had poured a glass of wine for each of them and they sat in front of the fire, chatted and drank. Even before they moved on to playing properly, Lisa ended up on her back so Mike could properly examine how god a job Abrahii had done on Lisa’s pussy. Jen and I didn’t get to feel it until the Saturday morning, but Mike insists that the skin felt incredibly soft and smooth (even more so that when he shaves us – and he’s quite good at it). Despite Lisa begging him, he wouldn’t do anything more than gently kiss her pussy until they had both finished their wine and even then he took his time and slowly took her closer to orgasm. He was torn as he wanted to taste her first orgasm of the night, but Lisa really wanted him to be inside her when she came, and he wanted to make her happy. Ideally Lisa wanted him to fuck her to orgasm and for them to both cum at the same time, but she appreciated that he wanted to go down on her more (without tasting his cum), so they settled on Mike fucking her for a while, her riding him so she could cum, him remaining in her for a while as they kissed and Mike then kitty kissing her to taste her post-orgasm juices.

As Lisa expected, the kitty kissing turned in to Mike eating her again. He kissed around her thighs and ran his tongue over her ass as well as concentrating on her pussy. Lisa told him she had something in her bag that he might like and fetched a pair of thigh-high white socks. Mike told her that he loved them and as soon as she had them on he slid his cock back inside her and they gently fucked while he reached back to caress her legs. Lisa wrapped her legs around him and said she wanted to feel him cum in her but Mike said she hadn’t cum anywhere near enough yet. Lisa complained that he was a tease but allowed him to reach around her leg to her clit and stroke her as they fucked. Mike told her that he had considered saving his cum for the photoshoot so he could either fill us or cover us and the people on the shoot could either get good creampie or cumshot photos. Lisa whined that she wanted him to cum in her that night and he promised her that he would, then started stroking her clit a bit faster and added ‘just not yet’. He fucked and frigged her to a second orgasm and then kept gently moving inside her. He asked Lisa if she knew what was going to happen next and she told him he was going to eat her again – in response to which he told her she was catching on, kissed her and moved down between her legs.

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