Monday, 18 April 2016

2nd Photoshoot – Part 2

Lisa said she wanted to play with him as well so they moved round and 69ed. Between sucks she told him that she had been practicing on Richard and Mike said he could feel the difference. He asked her to tell him more about the things she had been doing with the group and she described how she would usually just play with Abrahii and Susan or Amber (Amber barely counts as she is Lisa’s girlfriend) but that sometimes she would do things with the group present. Sometimes she would kneel and eat or suck someone and one of the guys might kneel behind her and fuck her, other times she would lie back and let Susan take care of her while the others sat around and chatted. Mike already knew all of this but he wanted to know if Lisa was really enjoying herself and whether she felt more comfortable allowing these things to happen (she was and did). He told her she’d done an excellent job at the train station, in the bar and in the taxi and how he wanted to see her really enjoy herself while having the photos taken. Lisa said she was still a bit nervous of that but Mike promised her that we’d do everything we could to pleasure her and just wanted her to relax, feel as much as possible and try to let it show in her expressions. They then settled in to finishing their 69 session and Mike had to concentrate quite hard to not cum as Lisa sucked and licked his cock very enthusiastically. Naturally Mike ‘won’ by getting Lisa to cum first (although some might say that meant that Lisa won).
Mike then spooned with Lisa while she recovered and he caressed her breasts and legs as they moved against each other. At one point he pulled out of her pussy and pressed his cock up against her ass, saying he wanted to fuck it and empty his cum deep inside her. Lisa said he could if he wanted but Mike was just teasing her and told her he really wanted his cum deep inside her beautiful cunt, filling her womb. Lisa reminded him that he had promised her a baby as well (she knows about his ‘helping out’ Lis and Lucy with getting Lis pregnant (and that Lucy wants a baby at a future date). Mike told Lisa that he couldn’t wait until she had graduated and that if she wanted, she could come off the pill a few weeks before the actual ceremony and that he would fuck her that night as the first attempt to fertilise her. He pulled her tighter against him and said that all of that was in the future, but right now, he just wanted to fill her hot little cunt with his cum and feel her cum around him once more.

They fucked in a few positions but finished with Lisa on top and Mike pumping hard into her while running a finger around her ass. It took Lisa a while to cum but Mike managed to hold back and told her that the longer she rode him the more cum he would end up pumping into her. Lisa said she wanted him to stay inside her after he came and Mike promised he would. Lisa told him as she felt her orgasm building and they worked together to cum pretty much at the same time (Lisa had maybe a single wave of her orgasm before Mike shot the first squirt of cum into her). He pumped into her as deep as he could with each stroke, him telling her he was cumming in her and her telling him to give her more. Mike managed to keep moving the whole way through both their orgasms and slowly moved inside her for a little while afterwards. They could both feel how wet Lisa felt (and assumed this was mostly due to Mike’s contribution). Lisa remained on top of Mike with his cock still inside her hey kissed a while longer. Mike continued to circle his finger around Lisa’s ass and gently probed it a few times (not deeply) and in return Lisa flexed herself around Mike’s cock to help keep him hard. Mike told Lisa he liked her new socks (which she had obviously bought for him) and that he hoped she would like the clothes we’d bought for the photoshoot. Lisa tried to get Mike to tell her what we had planned but he just asked her to trust him. They switched to a spooning position before Mike lost his erection and even when his cock softened he managed to stay inside her for a while but slipped out before they fell asleep.

On the Saturday morning MJ woke up before Jen or I did so I didn’t get my morning session before getting out of bed (neither did Jen, but she isn’t quite as much of a nympho as I am). This was exacerbated by the fact that when I went downstairs, Lisa was on top of Mike riding him. I reminded him to save his cum and he pointed out that he could fuck all of us without cumming and that he just wanted to start off Lisa’s day the way it would continue. I told them about my plight (not having cum yet) and Mike asked Lisa if she minded me joining them. Lisa said that she could probably share me so I planted myself over Mike’s face and leant forwards to give Lisa a kiss (and then fondle her breasts, pussy and ass). Lisa came before I did but remained on Mike’s cock until I’d cum and stood up. Mike quickly pulled Lisa down to kiss him and taste my juices from his face. By the time Jen appeared with MJ, Mike and Lisa had separated and Lisa went to have a cuddle of MJ while Mike and I prepared breakfast. Mike then took MJ and suggested that Lisa greet Jen properly. Jen told Lisa she didn’t have to do anything, but didn’t resist as Lisa spread Jen’s legs and ate her. This was more than enough to get Mike hard again (he’d only gone semi-soft anyway) and I let him slide into me while we watched and listened to Jen mewing her way through her orgasm. Mike then told us how soft Lisa’s pussy felt so Jen and I each had a little play with her.

We took turns showering and got dressed before heading out into town. We had considered asking Ineta to look after MJ for a while so Jen could join us in the photoshoot but decided against it. Instead we just met up with her and she and Jen went off with MJ to wander round town for a while. Mike, Lisa and I headed to the studio and got there about 15 minutes before the start of the class. As the students slowly arrived I could feel my pussy starting to tingle and imagined having the whole place packed with hundreds of cameras pointing at me as I fucked and came. By the time everyone arrived, there were only eleven people there (and the photographer), but that is what we’d realistically been expecting and more than enough for me to enjoy showing myself off to. We were asked to get ready and I remained where I was to slowly strip off my clothes. Once I was naked I helped Lisa with her clothes and only when we were both naked did I bother asking Mike to get our clothes out of the bag. I remained naked while I helped Lisa get dressed into her schoolgirl uniform but before I slipped her panties on I stuck my tongue into her pussy and had a few licks (drawing a few murmurs from the assembled students). I smoothed each item of clothing down as I helped Lisa into them and caressed her a fair bit, but still only spent a couple of minutes dressing her. I then put on my ‘teacher’ outfit and we made our way over to the stage and said we were ready.

We started off posing fully clothed, then bending over, lifting our skirts, kissing each other and gradually showing more as the session progressed. Lisa spent a while sucking on my breasts and her fingers made their way between my legs and into my panties (I held my skirt up so everyone could see and photograph this). Lisa was soon on her back with her panties off and I knelt on all fours to eat her. Mike pulled my panties down just far enough to expose half of my pussy and flipped my skirt up (one of our favourite pictures is of a blonde girl that looks a bit like my friend Claire in this position) and I could literally feel my pussy getting wetter as I heard the cameras going. I reached back and rubbed a finger up and down my pussy, then pulled my panties down to expose myself properly. Lisa and I started humping and grinding against each other, then moved on to fingering and licking and we had our first orgasms.

As I knew I could recover faster than Lisa (and cum more times – although she seems to be catching up in that regard) I lay back and spread myself to let the students get some close up shots. Mike joined in at this point and I was presented with his cock so I took him in my mouth and sucked him. Letting them all take photos that clearly identified me was a decision we hadn’t taken lightly, but as I wrote a while ago, we had decided to be a bit more open about our sex life and there was a part of me that loved the idea of everyone I knew knowing just how much I loved cumming. Not having to hide anything (and possibly opening up opportunities) really appealed and while I was somewhat scared of some of the people I liked not talking to me, I also wanted them to know who I really was.

I didn’t have too long to think about that as Mike (dressed as the headmaster) got Lisa to crawl over me in a 69 and I spread her lips to help him slide into her. I licked them both as he slowly fucked her and at the same time felt Lisa spreading, fingering and licking me for the benefit of the people taking photos at that end of the action. Mike referred to me as ‘Miss Winters’ for the session and Lisa and I called him ‘Sir’. I could feel an orgasm building as the cameras captured intimate shots of me and panted to Lisa that I wanted her to make me cum. Mike pulled out of Lisa to allow people to shoot my face as I came. For some of this I licked at Lisa and the rest I pulled back slightly to allow my pleasure to show (but keeping Lisa’s cunt close enough that it could be in the shot if the people wanted). Mike then quickly returned to Lisa and fucked her while I licked her clit and once she’d cum he pulled out and concentrated on calming down a bit.

Lisa and I kissed (face to face), entwining our tongues and caressing each other’s bodies. We were asked to pose in various position – spreading ourselves, sliding fingers in to our and each other’s pussies, sitting with knees up and feet apart, kneeling on all fours, kissing, sucking nipples, licking each other… I told everyone present that I wanted to cum for them again and Mike said he could either fuck me or Lisa could use some toys on me. The group was split as to what they wanted to see but we started off with Lisa using a vibe on and in me, then sharing a double ended dildo and finally putting on our strap on and fucking me. Lisa started off on top but we soon switched round so I was riding her and could grind my clit against Lisa’s body (technically it was against the harness). I rode up and down on the vibe hard and fast until I came and then lay forwards to kiss Lisa, pressing hard against her and feeling the vibrations course through my pussy. This gave everyone a good view of my ass and someone asked if Mike could slide into it for some shots. I told them I was game for that, but didn’t want to do ass to mouth (it’s a bit different licking an ass to sucking a cock that’s been deep inside) so we changed position with me mounting Mike and Lisa sliding the strap-on into my ass. As I’d only just cum I still felt quite sensitive and whimpered quite a bit but I heard lots of clicking and knew there would be lots of DP shots.

I was given a break while the photographer gave some more hints to his students and I took the opportunity to change into my own schoolgirl outfit. As Lisa had already lost half of hers, I didn’t bother putting on panties or doing up my blouse. Lisa and I were asked to pose again, both separately and together (without too much actual touching, just beside each other, or intertwined but not really doing things to each other). We then had to sit with our knees drawn up in front of us so our pussies were peeking out from between our legs (Mike asked if he could get some copies of these shots as we love this position). I suggested the similar position where we lay down and pretended to sleep with our legs drawn up and this went down well. The class was drawing to a close and we knew we still had the cumshot to do, but Lisa and I were first asked to scissor for a bit (which we happily did) and Mike briefly fucked us both and he had a quick turn eating us (Lisa first, then me). It certainly felt like he was quite hungry for us and in my case he kept eating me until I came again (he did offer this to Lisa but she declined) and only when I was released did we get to kneel in front of him and take his cock in our mouths. We made sure to put on a good show, licking, sucking and kissing around the head and shaft. I briefly fucked him between by breasts but we found it quite difficult to do this in a way that was good for photographing (without making it too posed) and as we were almost out of time we went back to concentrating on his cock and making him cum.

The class were given the choice of where he should cum and while a couple wanted him to cum in our mouths so we could kiss and swap the cum, the majority wanted the more photogenic facials. We mostly used our tongues on the head of his cock and I could feel it twitching in my hand as Mike’s orgasm built. He gave a warning before he came so people could get into their desired positions to capture his orgasm (and the results of it) and about 10 seconds later he pulled back a bit and I saw his cum shooting towards my face. Mike moved his cock back and forth so alternate squirts (roughly) landed on me or Lisa. Once he finished cumming, we gently took his cock between our mouths again and sucked it as the cum ran down our faces and dripped onto our bodies. We messily licked the cum off of each other’s faces and swapped it between our mouths, letting more drip down our chins and onto our breasts and I then whispered something to Lisa, licked a bit more cum from her face and breasts, let her lie on her back, pulled her ass up in the air, spread her pussy and let the cum dribble out of my mouth, down my tongue and into her spread cunt. As I had my tongue sticking out, it only seemed reasonable to fuck her with it so I bobbed my head up and down, pushing my tongue between her lips with each ‘bob’.

We posed for a final set with us both standing, blouses undone, hiking our skirts up and reaching across to finger each other, then sliding our skirts down and finally taking turns to kneel and lick each other. We were thanked for being so willing to play along and expose ourselves and in return I thanked everyone for helping me enjoy myself so much. A number of the students said they would happily let us have copies of their photos and would send them to the photographer to forward to us. We wiped our faces clean with our blouses and changed back into our normal clothes before heading off to meet up with Jen and Ineta and showed her the pictures that Mike had taken while Lisa and I had been exhibiting ourselves. Now Ineta knows that we are quite adventurous, and is aware that I’m an exhibitionist but she was quite surprised (and maybe a little shocked) that we’d been willing to do so much in front of a group of strangers – and even let them take photos of us. I told her that it had been incredibly arousing and thrilling and even Lisa chimed in and said that she had enjoyed herself. Ineta wasn’t as surprised when I told her I was still horny enough to fuck her and she agreed to come home with us.

That wasn’t quite what I’d had in mind though so before we set off I dragged her into a changing room to help me out, getting her to kneel and lick me before doing the same to her. Although I could have quite easily cum, I held back and I didn’t try too hard to get Ineta off (just nicely wet). When we joined the others, I handed Ineta’s panties to Jen and said that now we were all in the same position and we went straight back to the house (well, Ineta and I did, Mike, Jen, Lisa and MJ stopped off to get some food for dinner). By the time the others arrived Ineta and I were in the middle of fucking and I invited everyone to join us (apart from MJ – obviously). As Jen hadn’t had any action, she stripped off and jumped in while Mike and Lisa took care of the baby. Ineta and Jen both got to cum twice while I decided not to be too greedy and just let them make me cum once. We invited Ineta to join us for dinner (and after dinner fun) but she already had plans for the evening. Before she left Mike had a quick turn inside her and he got her to go down on Lisa. Unsurprisingly he didn’t cum in her (he mostly saves his cum for Lisa when she is around) but he managed to fuck Ineta to a third orgasm and told her that we hoped she hadn’t been planning on fucking that night. She pretended to be insulted and said that she could easily cum again if she wanted so we told her she was always welcome to come round once her other engagement had finished and we’d test how many more times she could cum.

She didn’t actually return (she was apparently out late drinking with friends), but that gave Mike the chance for another night with Lisa (after Jen and I had taken turns with her) and he fucked her in front of the fire once more. On the Sunday morning Jen and I managed to have a nice gentle fuck before MJ woke up and Mike appeared to retrieve her so Jen and I could cuddle some more while he and Lisa got breakfast ready. When we were called downstairs it was to the sight of Lisa sitting feeding MJ and a cooked breakfast sitting on the table for the rest of us. We had a relaxed morning and tried to convince Lisa to join me in putting on a sex show. Lisa gave in much more readily than we had expected so we headed off to the sex shop to tell Alistair the good news and arrange a date (Lisa’s ulterior motive was that she would have to visit again to put the show on). Lisa, Jen and I went into the shop, leaving Mike to look after MJ and Alistair was very pleased to be able to advertise the fact that a real student would be involved. I asked if there was anything in particular he’d like us to do and he said we could probably just improvise something, but that he would ask the people attending if they wanted to see anything special. As we chatted I caressed both Lisa and Jen and indicated to Jen that if she were to sit up on the counter that we might find a way to pleasure her.

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