Thursday, 21 April 2016

2nd Photoshoot – Part 3

Jen asked if Alistair was going to lock the door first and was told no but climbed up anyway and allowed Lisa and I to stroke, finger and lick her pussy while lifting her top to expose her breasts and gently tweak her nipples. We got Jen to lie down so Lisa could stand on one side of her and me on the other side – I went behind the counter with Alistair (who wasn’t allowed to play with Jen, but he knows the rules). On the plus side, he was allowed to rub up against me and I pressed back, feeling the bulge grow in his trousers as we humped against each other. His fingers soon found their way under my skirt and into my top and I told him he was more than welcome to fuck me and could even leave the door unlocked if he wanted. He liked the first part of this idea but wasn’t willing to be caught by customers (which is somewhat hypocritical as he’s more than happy to let us be caught playing with ourselves in the shop). I volunteered to lock the door but this was mostly an excuse to let my skirt slide to the ground and then walk across to the door naked from the waist down. By the time I got back to the counter, Alistair had slipped a condom on and I knelt to take him in my mouth. After sucking him for a minute or so I stood up and faced away from him, rubbing my ass up against his cock. He reached around and spread my lips so he could slide into me and reached up under my top again to fondle my breasts.

As we fucked, he worked my top up over my breasts and I ended up telling him to just pull it off – which he did, quickly followed by my bra. I got Jen to spread her legs wider so I could lick her (although the position was somewhat awkward). Alistair asked if he was only allowed to fuck my pussy and I told him he could take my ass if he really wanted, but if he did that, then he wouldn’t be able to slide into Lisa as well. Lisa looked up at me when I said this (she had been kissing Jen) and I told her if she was willing to fuck in front of a group of people (and if previous shows were anything to go by, be fucked *by* the group of people) then she should be fine with Alistair being inside her. I also pointed out that she was hardly being sweet and innocent as Jen’s hand was obviously doing something to her on the other side of the counter. Lisa let out a resigned sigh and I told Alistair to make his choice. He told me he’d be right back and walked around to the front of the counter, stood behind Lisa, flipped her skirt up and rubbed the head of his cock around her pussy. I leant forwards over Jen’s body, held on to Lisa’s chin and kissed her. Alistair announced that he was in her (Lisa probably knew this already!) and I told her to enjoy having my pussy juice pumped into her cunt. Alistair started fucking her properly and reached up under her top so I helped to pull it up to expose her bra and then pulled her bra up so he could get to her breasts properly.

I reminded Alistair that I he was meant to be fucking me but assured Lisa that we would find a way to make her cum before we finished up. At first she said it was fine, but as Alistair fucked her, toyed with her nips and frigged her clit she changed her tune so by the time he pulled out she whined a bit and agreed that we could finish her off once I’d cum. Alistair returned to me and I was going to give him a brief suck first but Lisa said as she’d had my juices in her that she wanted hers in me. I held on to the counter and bent forwards, presenting my ass to Alistair and told him to make me cum before he came. I didn’t make him do all the work though and I took care of playing with my clit to allow him to use both hands to fondle my breasts (he likes large breasts). He went relatively slowly at first to allow me to catch up with him – this didn’t take too long as I’d been gently fingering myself during his mini-session with Lisa. Jen had grown impatient and wanted to cum, turned to face Lisa and asked her to eat her properly. Lisa quickly buried her face in Jen’s pussy and briefly paused to comment on how wet Jen was, but Jen pulled Lisa’s head back into place and said she needed to cum. I told Alistair I was getting closer and he started to speed up. Jen came before I did but kept Lisa in place to kitty kiss her. I started to cum and moaned loudly, telling Alistair how good his cock felt inside me and to fucke door  me harder. He did as instructed and was soon pumping away in me with long, hard strokes, saying he was close. I told him to give me all of his cum and felt him slam into me a few more times, then remain buried in me while pulling tightly on my hips to keep us together. I flexed my cunt around his cock a number of times and we remained tied together for a minute or so.

Alistair pulled out of me before he went soft and as he cleaned himself up I asked if he still had my special sybian attachment put aside. He told me where to look and I retrieved it, attached it to the sybian in the middle of the shop and led Lisa over to the machine. I made her slip her skirt off so it wouldn’t get in the way (and so we could all watch properly) and Lisa gingerly lowered herself onto the pad on the sybian. She let out an ‘oh fuck’ as soon as I turned it on and I crouched behind her to help guide her hips back and forth as she humped against the vibrating pad. Lisa quickly started moaning and panting and I encouraged her to let go and enjoy herself. I told Jen she could unlock the door and Lisa jumped a little but I held her in place and pointed out that I was completely naked (other than shoes and socks) and if she hurried up she’d probably cum before anyone came in anyway. Lisa asked if she had a choice, in response to which I just nibbled on her earlobe and whispered ‘nope’. I told her to cum as hard as she could and rubbed my breasts against her back while reaching around to play with her nipples. She panted and swore as she came and I told her to keep going, holding her down against the sybian for a while until she let out a cry and pushed herself up hard to break contact.

Lisa shakily climbed off the sybian, at which point I turned it off, had a few licks of her juices (from the pad) and then decided not to waste the opportunity, planted myself on the machine and turned it back on. As the wonderful vibrations coursed through my body I told everyone that I thought I was addicted to the machine and how much I wished I had my own one. As the pleasure quickly built I tried to say how I’d actually want a number of them so I could also have one at work and sit on it all day in the lab (although I’d never get any work done if that was the case). I pressed my clit against the textured part of the pad and humped back and forth, feeling the ‘finger’ moving inside my pussy and the bump buzzing against my ass. I had a strong orgasm and wished that at least one random customer had turned up to witness it but had to make do with just Lisa, Alistair and Jen. I turned the sybin down to minimum power and sat enjoying the afterglow, then asked Alistair if he’d be willing to take one along to the sex show and that I’d happily ride it in front of everyone, possibly letting them fuck my mouth as I did so. He told me that I could do the shows a bit more frequently and earn a sybian of my own in no time. I’ve never taken any money for exhibiting myself (or for sex) and have even turned down the offer to keep the various toys we’ve used in the shows. This was the first time my stance on this wavered and the thought of actually having my own sybian was incredibly tempting. Added to that, the icing on the cake would be that in order to ‘pay’ for it, I’d get to have multiple groups of guys watching me cum (and as mentioned previously, probably also fucking me).

I realised that I was in a dangerous place (not physically, just that I might be about to agree to cross a line that I shouldn’t) and lifted myself off of the sybian. My pussy was still tingling and I asked Jen if she wanted a go – at first she said no, but she’s experienced it before so it wasn’t too difficult to get her to agree to just have ‘a little go’. Lisa slipped her clothes back on as I helped Jen remove her skirt (she can do it herself, I just like kneeling in front of her and slowly sliding it down her beautiful legs). I commented on how wet her pussy still looked and buried my tongue between her lips, getting a wonderful burst of her flavour. Jen sat down and turned the sybian on and I got Lisa to kneel on the other side of the machine so we could each take one of Jen’s nipples and play with it. As we did this Lisa asked what we’d do if someone came in and I just said ‘the usual – carry on until we’ve finished’. Nobody came into the shop though and Jen came without interruption, leaving a sticky mess of juices on the sybian. Not wanting to waste these, I lifted the pad off and wiped it over my breasts, thighs and pussy, then offered it to Lisa to have a few licks.

I pointed out that both Jen and I had now cum twice so it was up to Lisa to catch up and asked Alistair if he could manage a second fuck. Unfortunately he wasn’t ready, but that didn’t stop us – Alistair and I lifted Lisa up onto the counter and Jen helped hold Lisa’s legs apart while I went down on her. She complained that she couldn’t cum against so quickly, and I was aware that I was competing with the after-effects of the sybian (ladies, if you haven’t tried it, you really need to – and I’m not even being sponsored by them – although I’d happily accept one as payment for extolling it’s virtues). Fortunately I know what Lisa likes quite well and I started out slowly, licking around her pussy, then around her inner lips and then up inside her, paying an increasing amount of attention to her clit as I did so. Lisa was sitting facing the door so when someone walked in, she saw the guy immediately. I’d heard the door open and just moved my legs slightly further apart to give a better view of my pussy and ass from behind but kept licking Lisa. Alistair welcomed his customer and told him not to mind us, but I briefly pulled away from Lisa and told the guy he could pay as much attention as he wanted before returning to Lisa’s cunt. I doubled my efforts and could feel her squirming around so I knew I had her and that she wasn’t likely to pull away or try and stop me so I reached back with one hand to play with my own pussy, hoping the customer was getting a good view.

I got Lisa to lean back a bit to make it easier to lick her and asked for a chair or stool. Alistair fetched one and I got him to put it beside me so I could use it to put a foot on, spreading my legs much wider and allowing me to expose my pussy. I felt Alistair’s hand cares my ass but it was Jen who did things properly and moved over to stand beside me and stroke me properly. I felt her hands running over my ass, between my legs, her fingers enter my cunt and finger me and then rubbing my juices over my ass. She spread my cheeks and told the guy he ccuould take a closer look if he wanted and as I felt his breath on my skin I wiggled my ass back and forth. Jen guessed what I wanted and told the guy he didn’t have to just look and could touch me. He didn’t do so straight away but I felt Jen spread my cheeks again and encourage him more until I felt fingers gingerly running over my skin. When they touched my pussy I pushed back against them and felt them enter me and once he realised I really didn’t mind, he explored the inside of my pussy, pushing in quite deep and twisting his fingers around. As he did this I tried to transfer the pleasure I was getting to Lisa. This worked better (or faster) than I had expected and she grabbed my head and held me against her pussy as she came (not that I would have pulled away as it’s mean to do that once someone has actually started to cum). By this point the guy behind me had a good rhythm going and once Lisa’s orgasm finished I switched to kitty kissing her until she said she’d had enough and pulled away.

I could now talk to my mystery guy properly and told him what he was doing felt good and that I’d like to repay him. He asked how and I told him he could fuck me if he wanted. He asked if I was being serious and then asked where so I told him he could do it right where we were. He asked if I was joking and said that we couldn’t fuck in the middle of a shop and I pointed out that I’d just eaten someone to orgasm and was standing (practically) naked with him fingering me. He changed his objection to being that *he* couldn’t do that in the middle of a shop, with people watching, so I asked Alistair if I could borrow his office. Alistair said yes and I stood up and turned to face the guy. He was a fair bit older than I’d expected – not ancient, but probably well in to his 60’s or maybe early 70’s (I’m not that good at estimating age, but Jen agrees that he was probably somewhere around this age). I offered myself to him again and said we could go somewhere more private – he asked what the catch was and I said there wasn’t one, I was just horny and if we could help each other enjoy ourselves then I didn’t see why we shouldn’t.

He still seemed a bit unsure, but let me lead him to Alistair’s office, with me grabbing a pack of condoms on the way there. I told the guy he’d have to pay for the condoms, but could keep the rest of the pack and he said that was fine. He was certainly one of the older guys I’ve been with and I was interested to see how well he would perform (and was old enough that I wondered if I’d be able to get him hard enough to fuck). He told me it had been a while since he’d had sex and I told him I’d do what I could to satisfy him as I reached down to his crotch and stroked him. He got hard much faster than I’d expected and his cock felt like it was a respectable size. He cupped my breasts and fondled them before asking if he could kiss them. I told him to go ahead and he lowered his mouth to my nipples and gently sucked on them, switching back and forth between them. This didn’t do much for me (my nips aren’t that sensitive), but he looked like he was enjoying himself and even more so when he semi-buried his face between my breasts. I continued to caress the bulge in his trousers and tried to fish his cock out but couldn’t manage it while he was playing with my breasts so I told him I wanted to see his cock and play with it properly.

He stood up and let me unzip his trousers. I then got him to sit down and fished his cock out, rolled a condom onto it and immediately took him in my mouth. He gasped when I did this and said that I wasn’t shy (which I would have thought was obvious given I’d let him finger me before I’d even looked at him). His cock didn’t seem quite as large as it had felt through his trousers, but I didn’t care (and it was now clear that my worries about him getting hard were completely unfounded). I judged the length, wrapped my hand around the shaft and bobbed my head up and down, licking, sucking and slurping on his cock. He told me it felt great and I replied by telling him that I hoped my pussy would feel even better. After a couple of minutes sucking I stood up, faced away from him and told him to guide his cock into me. I used the desk to steady myself as I squatted over his waist and once the head slid between my lips I pressed back and worked the whole shaft into my pussy so I could sit on his lap. We couldn’t move too well in this position (the chair wasn’t really strong enough), but he said he liked it and reached around to fondle my breasts and then down to play with my clit. I told him that he certainly seemed to know what he was doing and that it felt good and he said he hadn’t had sex for a fair few years. I promised to try and make up for that and squeezed my cunt around his cock, then gently rocked back and forth against him.

We had to abandon the chair and I moved to one of my favourite positions, leaning forward (using the desk to support myself) with him in me from behind. I was surprised at how energetically he fucked me – he wasn’t really hammering away, but moved a lot faster and harder than I had expected. The real bonus though was the amount of time he lasted for – I didn’t time it but he kept going for long enough that I easily came (I played with my clit to help out) and then some. If I hadn’t cum twice beforehand I could have probably got a second orgasm in quite easily before he came, but it felt quite nice having him pumping in and out of my post-orgasmic, sensitive pussy. A couple of times I half stood up so he could reach around to fondle my breasts again but I always returned to the leaning forward position to let him continue fucking me and encouraged him, saying how wonderful his cock felt in me, how I loved having such a long fuck and how I wanted to feel him pumping his cum into my little pussy. He told me I had a cute ass so I told him if he was well behaved that he might get to fuck it the next time. I felt him press a thumb against it and I pushed back – he took the invitation and pushed a little way into me and told me that I was incredible. I humped back against his cock and we managed to get in sync so we were pumping hard against each other at a relatively good speed. He told me he was getting close so I told him over and over to pump his cum into me and to fuck me as hard as he wanted. He kept up the steady pace so it was easy to keep pace with him until he came, at which point he moaned and told me he was cumming, thrust into me a number more times and then slowed his movements (but kept going for a little while).

He pulled out before he went soft and I turned to stroke his cock, then took the head in my mouth and used my tongue to squish the cum around in the condom. For someone who hadn’t had sex for years, he hadn’t produced much cum, but I assumed he would have masturbated during that time (and I’m aware cum isn’t saved indefinitely – although I wish it could be as that could lead to some spectacular cumshots). I rolled the condom off of the guy’s cock and disposed of it (and washed my hands) and walked him out to the front of the shop. He remembered to pay for his condoms as I got dressed and we said our goodbyes. Alistair was slightly put out that the guy didn’t buy whatever he’d come in for, but as we’d agreed to do another show, he’d got something out of us so he didn’t seem to upset.

The three of us met up with Mike and relayed the events in the shop to him. He said that it was typical that I’d had to cum more than Jen or Lisa, but he was pleased we’d all enjoyed ourselves. We stayed out for lunch and then returned home so Lisa could pick up her things. Naturally they had a goodbye fuck before she left and after freshening up she was challenged to make the whole journey without anything on under her coat. Lisa agreed on the condition that we’d bail her out if she got arrested and was told to just be careful as to what she let people see – although encouraged to let people see a fair bit if she thought they might be interested. Unfortunately the train home was packed, so after getting a goodbye fondle at the station she had to spend the journey completely surrounded and spend the first part of the trip very conscious that her pussy was wet and her nipples were hard. We didn’t help matters by calling her when we got home and describing all the things we wanted to do to her the next time we saw each other. Naturally, Lisa could only respond with ‘clean’ answers, but we still managed to have a fairly detailed two way conversation that she helped guide. As a final bonus for her, we had arranged for Abrahii, and Amber to meet her back at Uni. They met her at the station and confirmed that she was indeed still naked under her coat, fondled her a bit, took her for a drink and then took her back to Amber’s place for a goodnight fuck.

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