Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Lis and Lucy Nov 2014 Visit – Part 1

Lis and Lucy arrived early on the Friday evening (having taken half days from work) for the continuing quest for Mike to get Lis pregnant. This would be the first time they would be fucking while Lis was in her properly fertile period and she had high hopes that Mike would give her an early Christmas present. As promised, Mike hadn’t cum for a couple of days and had teased himself a fair bit by semi-fucking both Jen and I a number of times a day. Each time he ensured that we got to cum – either by fucking us to orgasm of finishing us off by going down on us, but he had always held back.

Lis was very appreciative of this and even though we had planned on heading out for a drink before going home for the fucking to start, we actually went straight from the station back to the house (but still had to pay the babysitter). Lis had dressed appropriately to get Mike as horny as possible and he slipped her dress off to reveal cute white underwear with little pink bows and long white socks (we could obviously see the socks while she had her dress on). I pointed out that she could have turned up unwashed and in the most hideous clothes she had and that Mike would still be desperate to fuck her but Lis said she wanted to enjoy the experience as much as possible and it helped her feel sexy. As Lis is my secondary girlfriend (after Jen of course) I felt duty bound to tell her that she was always sexy and helped Mike to caress her. This progressed to Mike kneeling and kissing around her panties and then saying that he wanted to see Lis go down on me ‘to help him get in the mood’.

I was more than game and sat on the sofa, spread my legs and invited Lis in. She knelt on a pillow and started licking me while Mike knelt behind her, pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and lapped at her pussy. He described how wet she was and how wonderful she tasted and then rubbed the head of his cock along her pussy and easily slid into her. Lis moaned into my pussy and pushed back against him and they slowly fucked as Lis licked me. I didn’t want to be greedy (well, I *wanted* to be greedy, but thought I should share) so after a couple of minutes I moved away and let Jen take my place. Lis switched between us without a word and when Mike asked if Lucy would join in, she took Jen’s place without complaint. Mike and Lis carried on slowly fucking as the three of us changed position and Mike said that it seemed right for everyone to be involved in trying to impregnate her (even though he obviously he had the main role in this). Jen and I sat either side of Lucy the first time she was being licked and caressed her, removed her top and bra and then toyed with her breasts. She took the hint and helped to undress me and then Jen when we had our next turns with Lis eating us. Mike pulled out of Lis a few times and went down on her (still from behind and still keeping her panties on and just pulling the crotch to the side). Lis didn’t try to hide her enjoyment and as she got closer to cumming she told Mike that she wanted him in her and to fill her with his cum. Mike buried his cock inside her again and leant forwards over her body to whisper in her ear that it would spoil things if he came too soon. Lis whined that she wanted his cum inside her and he pointed out that if he came in her at the beginning, then most of it might leak out or be eaten out of her. Lis is quite used to the fact that Mike likes eating a girl to orgasm before fucking her (or at least before he cums in her) so didn’t argue, but she hadn’t quite realised what our plan for the evening was yet…

Mike waited until it was Lucy’s turn to receive Lis’ attention before trying to make Lis cum. Lis was sufficiently aroused and stimulated that he had no trouble getting her close to cumming but he didn’t finish her off straight away and just kept her close to orgasm as Lucy’s orgasm built. He timed it quite well and made (or let) Lis cum just after Lucy started to cum and in Mike’s mind it was his tongue snaking up through Lis’ pussy and body, stimulating Lucy. Seeing his little lesbian (Lis) and his fantasy porn-star (Lucy) cum at the same time was almost too much for Mike but he restrained himself enough to kitty kiss Lis for a minute or so, then get her to lie on her back so he could slide in to her and gently fuck her sensitive pussy while kissing her and tasting Lucy’s juices from Lis’ face. Lis wrapped her legs around Mike and asked if he was going to fuck her properly now but he told her that she was more likely to get pregnant if she was cumming (we know that’s probably not true) and as he wanted everyone to be involved, that everyone should make her cum. Lis moaned at him (not in a sexual way) and said she just wanted his cum, but knew better than to argue and said that we should ‘get on with it’.

We spent the next hour with the five of us in almost every combination possible (apart from Mike still not being allowed to eat Lucy). Lis gave me an orgasm, Jen and Lucy made each other cum, Mike took turns inside me, Lucy and Jen as each of us girls ate, fingered and frigged Lis to orgasm and he then fucked her to another orgasm. Even though he wasn’t allowed to eat her pussy, he convinced Lucy to let him have another go at her ass and with her sitting over Lis’ face, he rimmed and speared her, helping Lis eat Lucy to another orgasm. Mike was inside Lis as they did this but even with this stimulation (getting his tongue that close to Lucy’s pussy was an incredible turn on for him) he managed to hold back. Lucy was impressed that his tongue didn’t ‘accidentally stray’ down to her pussy.

Lis said she needed a bit of a rest by this point. We told her we we hadn’t finished with her yet but gave her a few minutes to get a drink and recover. I used the opportunity to suck Lis’ juices from Mike’s cock (using the excuse that I was keeping him hard – although it was unlikely he was going to lose his erection before he came). For the next part, Mike sat on the sofa with Lis sitting on his cock so Lucy, Jen and I could take turns licking both Mike and Lis at the same time. Lis correctly assumed that we were going to keep going until she came but also seemed to think that it was time for Mike to cum. He pointed out that in this position, his cum would just run out of her (around his cock) so she reluctantly agreed that he should wait until he came (which he was going to do anyway). After about 10 minutes of being licked and fucked, we got another orgasm out of Lis and briefly kitty kissed her before Mike lifted her from his cock, threw her onto the sofa and buried his face back between her legs. Lis yelped that she couldn’t cum again so soon – to which Mike just said ‘challenge accepted’ and went back to work. I felt I should help keep her still so I planted myself over her face and told her I wanted to cum again. Feeling Lis squirming around underneath me and moaning into my pussy was incredibly arousing, although not really required as I hadn’t cum anywhere near enough times to satisfy me give the session we’d been having. I came before Lis did but she didn’t slow down or ease off and ate me just as ferociously as Mike was eating her. Only when she came and he switched to kitty kissing her did he licking become more gentle and she ended up roughly matching the pace he was using on her.

Lis was covered in sweat by this point and needed another drink. She actually begged Mike to cum in her and he told her that she had performed admirably and deserved the promised reward (sort of ignoring the fact that he would be getting ‘rewarded’ as well). He gave Lis the choice of whether she wanted to do things just with him or to continue with the ‘group session’. Lis said that she quite liked the idea of everyone being involved and after getting Mike to promise that he would actually cum in her this time, she allowed Lucy, me and Jen to take turns kitty kissing her while Mike once again slid into each one of us in turn to get a mix of our juices on his cock. We went a step further and took turns humping Lis’ face so there was a good mix of our juices there (adding some from Lis’ pussy as well) and to enhance the effect, Mike wiped juices from each of us and smeared the over Lis’ breasts and neck. To draw things out just a moment longer, Mike pushed a couple of fingers into Jen’s pussy and twisted them around to thoroughly cover them with her juices, then put them into Lis to transfer the juice. He then did the same with me and finally with Lucy before asking Lis if she was ready. Lis just replied by telling him to fuck her and give her his cum.

Mike pushed a pillow under Lis’ ass, spread her legs and positioned his cock against her pussy. He caressed her legs (she still had the long white socks on) and pushed forwards, easily sliding into her. They slowly fucked and kissed, with Mike tasting the mix of our juices from Lis’ face and Jen, Lucy and I stroked Lis’ body, thighs, ass, breasts and clit (depending on how firmly Mike was pressed up against her). We took turns kissing Lis and Mike and he occasionally reached out to finger one of us, either taking our juices for himself or feeding them to Lis. A couple of times he quietly spoke to her, telling how that he was about to give her a baby and how he wanted her to take care of it but that ‘Uncle Mike’ would always be there to help out. I felt a little twang at hearing this as even though I had agreed to the situation, I kind of wanted to be the next one he got pregnant (it was still too soon after the birth of MJ though and we wanted time to enjoy her being a baby before having another one ourselves). They had sex for about 20 minutes with Mike using long steady strokes, pushing deep into Lis and her pushing back. As her orgasm started to build she wrapped her legs around Mike and told him he’d better not stop but he kissed her and told her that it was time and he could cum whenever she could. They kissed passionately and Lis pushed back against Mike’s thrusts. Between kisses we could hear her telling him to cum and each time he just responded with ‘when you do’. Lis’ moaning became more insistent and she let out a series of sound as she came. Mike continued to pump into her and pressed his body against hers as he told her he was cumming. Lis wrapped both her arms and legs around him and held him firmly in place (although he could still pump into her) and the rest of us just watched as they kissed deeply again.

When they relaxed, Mike said that he might have held back a bit too long. Lis asked what he meant and if he’d cum and he assured her that he had cum – and added that it felt like quite a lot, it was just that his balls ached from the extended session. Jen pointed out that if cumming made it more likely to get pregnant that Lis would now be having octuplets. Lis didn’t get what Jen meant at first and then couldn’t believe the number but after we checked, she had indeed cum eight times in the space of a little over two hours. Mike carefully pulled out of Lis and she wanted to lie with her pussy raised (to let gravity help out) and Mike being Mike, took this to the next level. He took her legs and carefully turned her around so he could sit on the sofa with her body between his legs, her pussy pointing to the sky and her head on the floor (her shoulders were taking her weight and we gave her a pillow). We spread her lips and examined her pussy – Mike complimented her on how smooth she was and that commented on the fact that she’d got rid of the little patch of pubic hair she often keeps. She and Lucy had thoroughly shaved each other that morning before work (Lucy agreed to let Mike examine her later on). Mike kissed around Lis’ thighs and across her pussy, telling her that he appreciated the effort she’d gone to and that he hoped he’d helped out in the desired way. Lis told him that she intended to get a number more contributions from him over the weekend, to which Mike agreed, but said that there probably wouldn’t be another one that night as his balls really hurt.

He kept kissing around her pussy and told Lis that if cumming during sex could help her get pregnant, to just imagine what cumming in that position could do and that it would help work his cum down deep into her cervix. Lis said she was too tired to argue (and wasn’t going to try to stand up and risk losing any of his cum) so allowed him to slowly lick and kiss her. I think she was quite surprised that he got her to cum again and even said that it was quite a deep and long orgasm (although she said the fact that she was thinking about his cum seeping into her pussy and swimming towards her eggs might have helped out with that).

I got to take Lis to bed with me that night (seeing as Mike wasn’t likely to cum again) and Mike went with Jen and Lucy into Jen’s bed. Even with the discomfort, he managed to spoon with Lucy and remain in her for quite a while. Mike didn’t cum, but with a little added assistance from Jen, Lucy did. Lis and I snuggled up in Mike’s bed and chatted – she fell asleep fairly quickly (despite years of fucking us, it was admittedly still quite an intense session for her). As I lay watching her sleep I slid a hand down to my pussy and thought it would be nice to cum quietly with her beside me so I slowly masturbated, imagining what it would have been like if Lis and I had done things like this while we were undergrads. I had no trouble reaching orgasm again, but by the time I actually came, a number of our other friends had made their way into the fantasy in my mind so while Lis was still a part of it, I really owed my orgasm to four of my male and three of my female friends. I curled up against Lis to fall asleep and managed to nestle my pussy against her leg, I whispered to her that I would be eating her in the morning, whether or not she had Mike’s cum in her, but she was sound asleep so I didn’t get a response.

On the Saturday morning, Mike ate Jen awake and let Lucy take over (using the fact that she was crouched between Jen’s legs as an invitation to slide into Lucy). Jen told him that she wanted to give Lucy her first orgasm of the day and Mike said this was fine, but kept fucking and frigging her. Only when Lucy told him that she was getting close did he ease off (although still remained inside her) and he waited until Jen had cum before pulling out and letting Lucy move over Jen to 69 with her (with Lucy kitty kissing Jen and Jen playing ‘properly’ with Lucy). It only took Jen a short while to get Lucy off but they fondled each other for quite a while afterwards so Mike wandered in to see what Lis and I were up to (you can probably guess) and after telling Lis that he’d already been inside her wife he said he’d let us finish and get breakfast ready. The timing worked out quite well as MJ woke up so Mike took her downstairs with him and looked after her.

Once we’d all surfaced and joined the two of them, we ate breakfast together and Mike then took Lis upstairs for her morning sperm injection. He went down on her before they fucked and Lis offered to dress up for him but he told her there was no need. He did threaten to tease her and make her cum lots of times again but she said she couldn’t cope with cumming that many times each time he came in her (and she reminded him how uncomfortable it had been for him) so they just fucked. After cumming in her he remained buried inside her (to keep his cum in) and he told her that he couldn’t wait to hear how she would describe the conception story to mini-Lis when he or she got older. Lis said that she thought it might be better to not tell the entire truth – even if by that point mini-Lis knew that Mike was his/her father.
Lis and Lucy Nov 2014 Visit – Part 2

After sufficient time had passed for Lis to absorb as much of Mike’s cum as possible, I got to shower with her and Lucy told Mike she wanted him to wash her down. He happily did this and was pleased that she was as through with taking care of him as he was with her. The weather wasn’t wonderful so we didn’t go out anywhere in the morning and Mike was treated to gentle sessions with Lis, Lucy, Jen and me. We all rode his cock and all apart from Lucy let him got down on us. He had us in most combinations, with one of us on his cock and another over his face or with two of us licking/sucking his cock. Mike is used to being the one doing the teasing and it was quite difficult for him to surrender to us and let us take control but he appreciated that the idea was to help prepare him to give Lis another decent load of cum, and to be fair, given he was getting to slide his tongue into three pussies, he didn’t care too much what else we did. When it came time for him to finish off in Lis, she insisted on putting on the long socks for him and when he asked for Lucy to join them, she readily agreed. Lucy didn’t even mind when he suggested that she put on similar socks (borrowed from Jen) and when he promised to avoid her pussy Lucy also agreed to let him double team her with Lis. They finished off with Lis on her back eating Lucy, Mike rimming Lucy’s ass, Lis wrapping her legs around Mike and him fucking Lis. He really wanted the three of them to cum together, but that is an incredibly difficult thing to do so he satisfied himself with helping to make Lucy cum and then finishing off in Lis while Lucy kissed them both.

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