Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Vicky’s Return – Part 4

I decided not to be quite as greedy and told the guys that if they could promise to hold out that they could spit-roast Vicky first. Vicky said she’d like to give it a quick try but would wait until they could fuck her properly before having a ‘real’ go (meaning she didn’t intend to cum). I found this a bit odd as if I’d been in her position I’d have happily accepted the opportunity to cum around their cocks, even if they weren’t going to cum in me. I didn’t really care though and told Vicky it was her choice and she knelt on the rug, let Oscar slide into her cunt and took Mike in her mouth. Mike moved back a little so she could get the right length of his cock in as she rocked back and forth without choking and I watched as Vicky enjoyed the sensation of two cocks being inside her. I half expected her to change her mind and ‘let’ them make her cum, but she showed remarkable restraint and pulled back from Mike after a minute and asked them to switch round. She let them use her for another couple of minutes with Mike in her cunt and Oscar in her mouth before pulling away and saying it was now my turn to enjoy them.

I eagerly took her place and we started off with Mike in my pussy and Oscar in my mouth. They both fucked me eagerly (a little too eagerly in Oscar’s case as he pushed in a bit too far, but he pulled back when I gagged). Vicky helped out and played with my clit, which made me realise that I should have done that for her and we would have made her cum whether she’d wanted to or not. It was too late to worry about that now though and I was in no doubt that Mike and Jen would ensure Vicky was sufficiently satisfied later on that night anyway so stopped worrying about it and just enjoyed the sensations. Mike said that now Vicky was helping that they should make me cum at least once with his cock in my cunt and once with Oscar buried there. I murmured an ‘uuh-huh’ as a sign on agreement (not that my opinion would have mattered much) and pushed back against him to get him deeper into me. Vicky used her other hand to fondle my breasts and I wanted to reach over and play with her pussy, but needed both hands on the ground to hold me up. As my orgasm built I imagined both Mike and Oscar cumming in me, their cum pumping out in jets, filling my body and meeting in the centre (Mike’s anime may have influenced this image). I humped back hard against Mike and sucked furiously on Oscar as my orgasm pulsed through me. It felt incredible (as in better than usual) and Vicky kept frigging me gently as my orgasm faded which seemed to help make it last longer.

I pulled away from Oscar to tell them how good it had felt and Mike pulled out of me (at which I whimpered a little cry) and I was left kneeling on all fours on the rug, catching my breath. Mike went upstairs but reappeared almost immediately with a couple of toys and I told them I didn’t think I’d need any help cumming again as I’d have the added help of knowing Oscar was going to actually be cumming in me. Mike said that it couldn’t hurt to use them and if they were going to try and make me cum then they should go all out. I rolled onto my side and described how strong the previous orgasm had been, but that just led to them saying that the next one had to be stronger and I told them that they were more than welcome to try and if they could make me cum hard enough to pass out that I’d be a very happy girl (providing as long as I got to feel enough of the orgasm first anyway). Vicky kindly helped out by 69ing and kitty kissing with me to help me prepare for the proper spit-roast. I offered to make her cum but Jen said Vicky’s next orgasm was hers so I just teased her. Oscar slipped back inside me so Vicky could lick him at the same time as me and just before Vicky and I broke apart, Mike slid into Vicky to get his cock coated with her juices (for me to suck off later). I got Oscar to slide into Vicky one last time so he could fuck her juices into me in advance of his cum and I then took up the same position I’d been in earlier and told the guys I was ready for them.

Oscar slid into my waiting pussy and I had to tell Mike to stop licking Vicky and kneel in front of me. I took him in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and flicked it repeatedly across the underside. He said it felt good and I contracted myself around Oscar’s cock as I started rocking back and forth in time with Oscar’s thrusts. Vicky knelt beside me again and toyed with my clit but this time she also applied some tingle gel to my clit and nipples. I could see the anal vibe lying there and just waited for Mike to tell her to add some of the gel to it and once she’d done this she handed it to Oscar who turned it on and pressed it against my ass. I relaxed and it slid into me easily (it’s quite slim) and once again settled down to enjoy the multiple stimulatory sensations. Vicky didn’t use too much pressure on my clit and we fucked for quite a while like this. I could feel y orgasm slowly building but it didn’t feel frustrating as I didn’t want what we were doing to end. Mike said that the way I was sucking him felt really good and I briefly broke contact with him to ask Vicky if she minded if I took a load of his cum. Vicky said she had wanted to fuck him once more that night but he promised her he would manage to do so and this satisfied her.

I know how to read Mike fairly well in terms of arousal but still not so much with Oscar so told him to let me know when he was getting close. As I no longer had to hold back with Mike I sucked faster on the head of his cock (and some of the shaft, but he likes having the head licked and sucked)
as I pushed back harder against Oscar. I felt him pushing on the end of the anal vibe, moving it around slowly inside me and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Vicky commented on the fact that I felt very wet and that her fingers were coated with my juices. I could feel my saliva running down my chin as I sucked Mike and tried to tell her that I was wet as it felt so good, but didn’t want to break contact with Mike’s cock so just hummed around it to agree with her. Oscar said he was getting close and I flicked my tongue rapidly on the underside of the head of Mike’s cock to try and speed him up. In my mind I still had the fantasy of them both cumming as I came and filling my body with their cum and as I concentrated on it I could feel my own orgasm building a bit too quickly but decided to stop holding back and just enjoy it again. It was nowhere near as strong this time but that allowed me to concentrate on pleasing the guys as I came so it wasn’t too long after I’d cum that Mike announced he was about to cum and I felt his cum pulse into my mouth. Oscar followed suit a minute or so later and pushed deep into me. I contracted myself around him and pictured his cum pumping into my pussy while pushing back hard against Oscar and gently sucking on Mike.

Mike pulled out first, allowing me to let out a long ‘aaahhhh’ and when Oscar pulled out I remained kneeling but put my knees together and remained in that position while his cum slowly dribbled out of my pussy and ran down my thighs. As expected, he hadn’t produced that much cum so I wasn’t soaked but he’d still made enough that when I finally stood up, another few drops leaked out and ran down my legs. I massaged this over my thighs, pussy and mons and thanked the guys for their cum. Vicky commented once more on how much I seemed to have enjoyed myself and asked Oscar if he was willing to repeat that with her. He said that he would (just obviously not straight away) and Vicky told him he was the best boyfriend ever.

Mike got me to sit facing the sofa with my legs spread and slowly finger myself. Oscar was briefly surprised that I still wanted to play but then remembered that I can cum almost endlessly (as far as practicality and time allow anyway - unless people are making a concerted effort, in which case I can be beaten). Mike suggested I use some toys to put on a show but Jen went one better and said we should use some of the beer bottles. Mike quickly rinsed a couple of these out (you don’t want yeast in certain places) and smeared some tingle gel on to them. He handed one to me and one to Vicky and Jen complained about being left out. While Mike prepared another bottle, Jen headed upstairs and put MJ down to sleep then returned and immediately took the offered bottle and slid it in to herself. The three of us sat fucking ourselves until Jen reminded Vicky that she had reserved Vicky’s next orgasm so Jen took over moving the bottle in Vicky and also frigged Vicky’s clit. I eased off slightly with my bottle play as I watched them and enjoyed how much Jen seemed to be enjoying playing with Vicky. For once Jen wasn’t distracted by Vicky’s breasts and just concentrated on her cunt and clit. I didn’t want Jen to miss out so I pulled the bottle from my own cunt and ran it up and down Jen’s lips. Jen pushed back and the neck slipped in to her and Oscar now had the choice of watching Jen’s little cunt being bottle fucked or the same being done to Vicky but with the occasional addition of Jen’s tongue.

Vicky was obviously enjoying herself and I wanted Jen to feel just as good so I used my juices to lubricate a finger and circled it around Jen’s ass. I didn’t really probe her with it, but pressed against her ass a number of times and got a few whimpers from Jen as I did this.                Jen was happily mewing away by the time Vicky came and she kitty kissed Vicky while I used the bottle to fuck her and my fingers to frig her to her own orgasm. I made a show of sucking the bottle clean of her juices and then reached over to do the same with the bottle that had been used in Vicky. Jen and Vicky kissed for a while and I crawled over to kneel between Oscar’s legs and gently fondled his cock. He didn’t seem quite ready to get properly hard again but he wasn’t completely limp and I told him I was looking forward to having him fuck me again that night.

I was rewarded for helping out with Jen and was dragged back over to the rug, pushed onto my back and had a bottle pushed in to my cunt. Vicky joined in as well and frigged my clit but Jen told her I deserved more than that and handed the other bottle to Vicky and told her to use it in my ass. I relaxed and allowed her to slide the neck in and then enjoyed the sensations as they pumped the bottles in and out of both of my holes. I saw that Mike was recording the session and he said it was a bonus gift for Oscar to take away so I told the girls to make sure they did a good job and showed off as much as possible (of me). I felt them spreading my lips, exposing my clit and spreading my ass cheeks to give various views and Mike got a few close-ups as well as full-body shots. I had tingle gel smeared over my clit, pussy, ass and nips and Oscar was invited to help out by fondling various parts of me and having a turn at using each of the bottles to fuck me. I got him to kneel beside my head and guided his cock into my mouth. He was no longer just semi-hard and I knew I’d almost certainly get him inside me again that night but for the time being I just concentrated on sucking him. I had vibes used on my clit and nipples and moaned that I couldn’t hold out much longer althoughI could have if I’d tried but as my capacity to cum has increased I now don’t hold back as much as it’s more fun to just cum.

Having said that, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be allowed to actually cum as Mike and Jen still like teasing me and getting me close but then pulling back. That can lead to incredible orgasms (as well as the occasional very disappointing one) but this time Jen just went for the kill and kept stimulating me as my orgasm built and I came. I swore, moaned and panted – partially for the camera but mostly out of actual enjoyment. Vicky eased off on my clit as my orgasm faded, but they kept pumping the bottles into my pussy and ass and Oscar kept using the vibes on my nipples. After a couple of minutes Jen pulled the bottle in my cunt out and went down on me. It was a bit more intense than kitty kissing, but not ‘proper’ eating. Mike had a go next and kitty kissed me, followed by Vicky and finally Oscar. He was instructed to eat me properly and concentrate on my clit while Jen and Vicky took turns sitting over my face and I had to switch between kitty kissing and eating them on demand. Oscar had a quick break from eating me to give me a quick fuck but went back to using his mouth to finish me off and I came again with his tongue flicking over my clit, his fingers buried in my and the other beer bottle still in my ass. This orgasm was much sharper and not as pleasant as my previous ones but I dutifully thanked everyone for making me cum and told them that I was, as ever, their little fuck-toy and would do whatever they wanted to pleasure them (or would let them pleasure me).

We sat round drinking and chatted and I suggested that Vicky should join me for the sex show that I occasionally do. Oscar wasn’t too keen on this idea as he said he didn’t like the idea of 8-12 strangers fucking his girlfriend. I suggested that Vicky could just join in for the lesbian section and that I (possibly along with Sue, Julia or whoever else I got to join in) would take the guys and then suggested that Oscar could be a part of the pre-orgy part of the show. He said he wasn’t brave enough to fuck in front of an audience and I told him this was a pity as I’d love to have his cock buried in my, fuck him energetically, have him cum over me and then massage his cum into my body while everyone watched.

I spent the rest of the evening moving between Oscar, Mike, Vicky and Jen, caressing, licking and sucking them. I wasn’t the only one doing things to other people as Mike licked at Vicky, Jen and me and Oscar played with both Vicky and me. Jen and Vicky played with each other a bit but were mostly content with letting the rest of us tease them and by bedtime my pussy felt like it had fully recovered from its earlier punishment and it was clear that we were all heading upstairs for another proper fuck.

We didn’t even make it to bed before things started as there was a fair bit of fondling in the bathroom while people washed and brushed their teeth. Jen sat on the toilet and peed in front of everyone while gently stroking her clit and occasionally bringing her fingers to her mouth to suck them clean. Jen and I both fondled Vicky and I toyed with Oscar’s cock to ensure it remained hard and got him to briefly fuck me as I leant against Jen. As a final show of lewdness, I wiped my toothbrush against Vicky’s pussy and then against mine and Jen’s before using it to brush my teeth and told Oscar that now he could imagine he was eating all of us when we kissed. Oscar then remained with me in the bathroom while Mike, Jen and Vicky said goodnight and went into Jen’s room.

Mike pushed Jen onto the bed and buried his face in her pussy, licking her clean and preparing her for Vicky (Jen likes having this done instead of wiping after she pees). Vicky then took over and ate Jen while Mike took Vicky from behind and they then switched position so Mike could eat Vicky while she carried on eating Jen. The girls then scissored for a bit, grinding their pussies together and trying to get as much pressure on their clits as they could. Naturally Mike helped out and caressed various parts of their bodies, then concentrated on their nipples (Mike isn’t a breast man, but he knew both Vicky and Jen are, both in the giving and receiving sense). Mike told Vicky that he intended to eat and fuck her before she would be allowed to go to sleep and she warned him she might not have the energy to cum that many more times (being well aware that Jen intended to make her cum at least once). Mike assured her that she would cum, even if she did it in her sleep and Vicky said that sounded like a nice idea. Mike accepted the challenge and told her that instead of eating her awake in the morning, he would try and eat her to orgasm without waking her (it’s possible as both Jen and I have had this done multiple times.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Vicky’s Return – Part 3

When he returned, Jen had finished with Vicky’s nipples but was still idly fondling her pussy and Mike told her not to hog Vicky as it was his turn next. He then told us that Sue was okay with it and asked Oscar if he wanted to see any of the videos of Sue doing things with us. Oscar jumped at the chance and we moved to the living room while Mike started up the media PC. We let Oscar see the full set of pictures of Sue from the professional photoshoots first, starting with the ‘tasteful’ nudes, then moving on to the explicit ones and close-ups of her pussy (the one we got made into a print was just the best one). As we were showing him Sue it only seemed fair to let him see the pictures of Jen and me and I openly stroked myself at the sight of him enjoying seeing the close-ups of me. Vicky asked if we could see the shots of Lis and Lucy but we said no as we didn’t have their permission (and I couldn’t imagine Lucy being happy about Lis’ ex-girlfriend seeing either her or Lis naked). Oscar knew what Lis looked like from Vicky’s own photos of her – some of these being nude, but he was more concerned with getting to the videos so our refusal to show the pictures wasn’t really an issue.

We started off gently with a short clip of Sue and I sitting beside each other on the sofa (the same one we were all currently sitting on) masturbating ourselves. I mirrored what I was doing in the video and when Sue and I kissed each other, I turned and kissed Jen and then Oscar. The next clip had Sue and I masturbating each other. We were still sitting beside each other on the sofa, with our legs drawn up to expose our pussies and we started off by stroking and frigging each other, but moved on to fingering each other and turning to face each other so we could kiss. We didn’t cum in that clip but the next one had us scissoring (with a dildo shared between us) and there were some explicit close ups of us mashing our cunts together as well as longer shots showing both of our bodies and faces as our orgasms approached and then hit us.

My pussy was soaked by this point and I made Oscar aware of this by pulling his hand to it. He didn’t stop me as I fished his cock out and I took him in my mouth while still watching the TV with one eye. Vicky seemed to decide that for fairness, she was allowed to do the same to Mike and started sucking him and Mike put on a video of Sue and I taking turns kneeling in front of each other eating the other person and then another one of us 69ing on the rug by the fire. Despite having fucked not long ago, Oscar’s cock felt rock hard in my mouth and I was looking forward to getting it back inside me. As Sue and I came in the video, I pulled away and asked him if he was ready to fuck. He eagerly followed me upstairs and as we left Mike crawled down between Vicky’s legs to eat her (it was Jen’s turn to look after MJ). The two of them migrated upstairs to Jen’s room (with Mike sliding in to Vicky multiple times on the way up the stairs) and they fucked as Oscar and I did the same.

I showered with Oscar and was surprised when Mike went in to the shower alone, but all was made clear when Jen said that she had already reserved Vicky to shower with her. Oscar was invited in to watch (the benefits of having a clear shower curtain) as Jen knelt and licked at Vicky then received the contents of Vicky’s bladder as she came. As with pretty much all of our ‘traits’, Oscar also knew about this one in advance – as well as the fact that Vicky participated fully, but he was still enthralled to watch as Vicky swapped placed with Jen, ate her and continued doing so as Jen peed over Vicky’s face through her orgasm. They washed each other down thoroughly before leaving the shower and Oscar asked Vicky if she wanted him to do that to her. Vicky said that she only really did it because Jen liked it so much but if it was something he really wanted to try then she would. Jen asked to be present should they decide to try it as her pee fetish is sufficiently strong that she gets off on watching other people do it (although not as much as doing it herself or having it done to her).

It was quite cold out so even though we all wore skirts (apart from Mike and Oscar), we wore thick stockings. We could of course have worn tights (or even trousers) but that would have spoiled the fun and Oscar enjoyed Vicky being out without panties on (which she did occasionally but not as a matter of course). We had a fun time sitting and showing ourselves off – mostly to Oscar and Mike, but we managed to flash a number of guys either by sitting and letting them ‘accidentally’ see up our skirts or by bending over to pick things up and letting our skirts ride up to give them a really good view from behind. We debated taking them to our usual sex shop to let Vicky try out the sybian but were at the wrong end of town and couldn’t be bothered walking back (not that a sybian orgasm isn’t worth the effort, but we were feeling the cold). We joked about pooling our money to buy our own one and I said I was sure I knew a number of other girls who’d be willing to chip in, but then we’d have the problem of where it would live (with us obviously!). We discussed what it would be like to have a sybian at one of the sex parties in York and how every girl could ride it for as long as she could take it, creaming over it multiple times while the guys came over us and leaving the whole thing soaked in a mixture of cum and pussy juices (that I’d be happy to coat myself in before leaving the party).

I wanted at least one orgasm in town though and Vicky was kind (and adventurous) enough to join me in a changing room. She said she didn’t need to cum, but she still stripped off with me and we kissed and fingered each other. She then stood behind me and reached around to fondle my breasts and kiss my neck (she knows I like this) while using my lipstick vibe on my clit (it’s sufficiently quiet that it was safe, but also not incredibly strong so it took a little while and I ended up fantasising about Sue again). I came but it didn’t do much to satisfy my desire – we couldn’t stay in the changing room any longer though so got dressed and re-joined the others to head home. As I was still feeling horny I took Oscar’s hand and placed it in my lap on the bus ride home, then pushed it up under my skirt and hissed at him to finger me. He tried to do this but it was an awkward position so I lifted my ass from the seat and got him to slide his hand under me. From this angle he could easily get his fingers into me and while there wasn’t any pressure on my clit (so I knew I wasn’t going to cum), I enjoyed being fingered in public and when I stood up and Oscar withdrew his hand, his fingers were clearly coated in my juices.

Given Oscar had primarily wanted to visit again to see (and participate) with Vicky and me, I propositioned her when we got home and asked if she would fuck me by the fireplace. She thought that this sounded like a good way to warm up so as Mike built the fire, Vicky and I stripped each other off, kissed stroked and licked almost every part of each other’s bodies (apart from feet – I know some people really like that but I don’t get that particular fetish) and settled down on the sheepskin rug to pleasure each other properly. Jen asked Oscar if we should record the session and that they’d obviously be given a copy of the video. We assured them that nobody else would see it without their permission and as we had just refused to let them see Lis’ and Lucy’s pics and vids they believed us (plus Vicky knows and trusts us anyway). Mike quickly fetched his camera and set it up on a tripod to catch most of the action and we settled down to play with each other.

We didn’t do anything particularly special, just kissed, fondled and scissored for a while, both with and without a dildo (Oscar asked us to repeat what he’d seen Sue and me doing in the video). Mike got some close-ups of us and Jen joined in for a while as an added bonus for Oscar (fully aware that she would be part of his masturbatory material or at least used when he and Vicky were fucking (Jen may not be an exhibitionist to the same degree I am, and she is certainly gay but she still enjoys the power that her body and sexuality has over men). Jen and I double teamed Vicky for a while, kissing and stroking various parts of her body while fingering her. I ate Vicky while Jen rode her face and Jen and I then ate Vicky and rimmed her. Mike got a good shot of the three of us as Vicky came (Oscar got to choose this) and he opted for a close up of my face as I came. For Jen’s orgasm he wanted her eating Vicky so they 69ed, allowing Jen’s expression of joy to be captured while still seeing her lapping at Vicky’s cunt.

Needless to say, Oscar was ready to fuck again by the time we finished but he appreciated the fact that I wanted to try and get as much cum out of his as possible so agreed (or at least didn’t object) when I said I’d play with him for a bit but that he couldn’t cum just yet. I sat on his cock (facing away from him) and Vicky knelt and licked us both while he reached around and fondled my breasts. We had a nice relaxed chat as if nothing was happening and Mike asked Oscar if he could play with Vicky at the same time. Oscar told him to go ahead so Mike knelt behind Vicky and stroked her pussy, then got her to kneel on all fours so he could slide into her. Jen had remained naked after playing with Vicky and me and I suggested that we all have dinner in the nude but Oscar said he wasn’t quite there yet (although he didn’t seem bothered by the fact he was fucking me in front of Mike who was fucking his girlfriend). I told him he was no fun and just a prude, but kept slowly riding him and told him he could make it up to me later on with his cum. Vicky lapped at my clit faster and I warned her I’d cum if she kept going – so she did, and I did. Mike asked Vicky how she wanted to cum and she said he didn’t need to make her cum, but that wasn’t what he’d asked. He gave Jen a say in it (asking if she wanted to take care of Vicky) but she said she’d do that later and he could finish her off if he wanted. We made Mike and Oscar promise not to cum and Vicky carried on licking me until I came while Mike fucked and frigged her until she came. I felt we were quite a bit closer to playing ‘properly’ and once Mike had pulled out of Vicky and I pulled myself off of Oscar, I sucked Mike clean and Vicky took care of cleaning Oscar’s cock of my juices. She somewhat patronisingly congratulated him for fucking in front of Mike and he pointed out that he couldn’t really see Mike as I’d been in the way.

As we made dinner (with Vicky, Jen and I still naked) we chatted to Oscar about his attitudes to gay sex – not in an accusatory way as he isn’t homophobic, he’s just a bit more on the hetero end of the spectrum than Mike. For his part, Mike explained how he didn’t really have any interest in men (he’s fairly hetero as well), but that he’d experimented a little over the years, had allowed guys to give him handjobs and blowjobs, had fucked a guy and would now (relatively) happily lick a girl who had a guy buried inside her (although admittedly not quite in the same way I would where I’d lick up and down the shaft of the cock as well). Oscar said he’d be willing to try a spit roast later but wasn’t quite ready for DP yet and that even then this was still dependent on him being drunk enough to go through with it. Both Vicky and I teased Oscar quite a bit as we ate, telling him how much we wanted to feel two cocks inside us. As Oscar came round to the idea (or possibly just resigned himself to it) he was given the choice of whether he wanted to fuck the mouth or the cunt. I told him I didn’t care which he used and that I just wanted to feel his wonderful cum shooting into my body again. It became apparent that both Vicky and I wanted to be the pig being roasted and while manners should have meant that Vicky got to have priority (as our guest), I *really* wanted them both inside me at the same time. I started off by challenging Vicky to see who could cum the most over dessert and they would win the cocks. This was deemed unfair though as I can cum far more times than she can so we switched to bartering and after promising her that Mike and Jen would make her cum all night I told her I would visit and pleasure her for as long as she wanted on a weekend of her choosing. In the end I agreed to be her little slut for a weekend and follow whatever instructions she gave me and this was enough to secure the right to have my husband and her boyfriend fuck me together.

We still had the matter of dessert to get through though and Vicky, Jen and I took turns lying on the table with strawberries, cream and crushed meringues smeared over our breasts and pussies to be licked clean. Oscar wasn’t allowed to lick Jen (but I don’t think he minded too much as eating pussy isn’t really his thing).  He was given a special dispensation though and Vicky fed him strawberries that had been rubbed over and pushed into Jen’s pussy, which is more than most guys get to do. Mike, Jen and I were much more enthusiastic though and we were each eaten to orgasm with Oscar sucking on Vicky’s and then my nips as we came. The guys weren’t entirely left out and we poured some of the cream over their cocks and crushed some strawberries onto them before licking and sucking them clean. They weren’t allowed to cum though as the aim was to just tease them in preparation for fucking me. We all washed ourselves down before moving on to the fucking but before Jen showered, MJ was given a treat and allowed to feed from Jen’s strawberry and cream flavoured breasts. Vicky then held MJ while Jen showered and Mike was going to warn Oscar that Vicky might start wanting babies if she held MJ too long, but decided not to spoil the mood as I was keeping Oscar ‘interested’ while we waited for Jen.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Vicky’s Return – Part 2

As soon as Oscar and I had left Jen’s room, Mike placed MJ in her cot and climbed onto the bed beside Vicky. He asked Jen if he could borrow Vicky for a little while and Jen said she didn’t mind as long as she got Vicky’s breasts against afterwards. Mike kissed Vicky and then guessed that she had been eating Jen. When Vicky confirmed this, he slid a finger between Vicky’s pussy lips and said that he assumed that meant that Jen had been working down there, but that he doubted I would have ignored her so she’d probably been eaten or fingered by both Jen and me. Vicky told him he was half right but that while I’d licked her pussy a little bit, that I’d mostly concentrated on her ass. Mike dipped his finger down to her ass and rubbed back and forth across it while he teased her about how she liked having it licked and telling her she was a naughty girl. Vicky had her hands in his trousers by this point, stroking his cock and just told him that was the way he liked her then asked him to fuck her. Mike told her that she should know better and that there would be no fucking until he’d got reacquainted with her pussy. Vicky said she just wanted him inside her for a bit so he climbed on top and let her guide his cock to her pussy, slid in to her and slowly fucked her as they kissed. Vicky told him that she’d been looking forward to this and Mike whispered to her that he’d been looking forward to *this*, as he slid out and kissed his way down her body. Vicky knows full well what Mike can be like when eating pussy and she begged him not to tease her too much and to let her cum. Mike pointed out he hadn’t even started yet, but then quickly buried his tongue between her lips, swirled it around inside her, sucked on her lips and moved to her clit. Vicky swore and held on to Mike’s head but this didn’t stop him from moving his tongue around the whole area, mostly concentrating on her pussy but occasionally flicking over or spearing her ass.

Jen joined in and played with Vicky’s breasts as well as kissing her. Mike reached over and stroked Jen’s pussy, pointing out that she seemed quite wet and that Vicky would probably clean her off again if she wanted. Jen said that Vicky had already eaten her and Mike asked when the fact that something had already been done had stopped us from doing it again. Vicky said she didn’t care and pulled at Jen who easily gave in and moved around to sit over Vicky’s face. Between licks, Mike told Vicky that she was in the perfect position for Jen to pee over her and Vicky pushed Jen up a bit to reply by saying that she could do the same to Mike. Mike told Vicky she was welcome to do so, but that she’d be a lot better off waiting until Jen was eating her and that it would be less messy if they waited until they were in the shower. Vicky didn’t reply and was moaning into Jen’s pussy so Mike knew she was getting close. He didn’t hurry things along, but didn’t try to tease her too much and just enjoyed her pussy (with side of ass) until Vicky came for him. As Jen hadn’t cum yet, he had ample opportunity to kitty kiss Vicky while she finished Jen off and a couple of minutes after this, Jen climbed down and kissed Mike to taste Vicky and Mike kissed Vicky to taste Jen.

Vicky was still a bit out of breath and told Mike that she was always amazed at just how much he liked eating her (or indeed almost any other girl). Mike told her that he loved her little pussy and would happily eat her as much as she wanted him to – and then acknowledged that he might have to give Jen and me a turn or we’d get jealous. He’d been half-lying on her while they’d chatted, slowly rubbing his cock against Vicky’s body and pussy, slipping slightly into her but not pushing all the way in. Jen curled up against Vicky’s side and reached down to stroke Vicky’s pussy and toy with her clit as they kissed. Jen spread Vicky’s pussy lips but Mike asked her to leave them as he was enjoying the feeling of the head of his cock sliding in and out of her, sometimes popping between her lips in either direction. He commented on how wet Vicky seemed and she said that it was their fault as they wouldn’t stop playing with her. Vicky reached down to Jen’s pussy and said that Jen felt wetter, but not as much as when she’d been pregnant and Mike lamented the loss of the river of Jen juice but (indicating to the sleeping MJ) that he’d got something much better.

Mike slowly worked his cock deeper into Vicky and they fucked as Jen frigged her and kissed them both. Mike teased Vicky and told her to look at the picture of Lis’ pussy as she came but Vicky told him that she’d been doing that while he’d be eating her earlier anyway. Vicky got Mike to describe how things had gone with Lis during their previous visit (she knew that Lis was trying to get pregnant with Mike) so Mike and Jen both described the sessions with Lis and how she’d had her cunt filled with Mike’s cum multiple times. Vicky seemed to get more aroused as she heard this and wrapped her legs around Mike, telling him she wanted to feel the same thing and have him fill her cunt with his cum. Mike said he’d be happy to oblige and had saved some up for her (just as Oscar had been asked to save it for me), which elicited a big smile from Vicky. Their fucking sped up a bit, but not too much until Vicky gently bit Mike’s shoulder and told him she wanted him to fuck her hard. Mike asked if she’d ride him and they rolled over, got comfortable and started pumping against each other faster and harder. Jen still kissed them both and helped caress Vicky’s ass and her nearest leg. Mike told Vicky he’d missed her and she said ‘likewise’, but then said not to tell Oscar she’d said that as she didn’t want him to get jealous. Mike said he didn’t think Oscar would be that jealous as he probably had his cock buried in me again by that point and Vicky said that if that was the case Mike would have to cum twice as much in her. Mike couldn’t promise that, but said he give her everything he could just as soon as she came again for him.

That wasn’t a surprise for Vicky as she knows that a girl cumming is probably the third most arousing thing for Mike (after eating pussy and watching or participating with two girls). She asked if he could withstand a long hard fuck so Mike took hold of her hips and guided her up and down on his cock as he thrust against her. Their movements sped up and their bodies slammed against each other over and over. Vicky moaned and gasped saying it felt good and Mike told her he loved the way her cunt felt around him. He told her he wanted to see her cum and Vicky said she was close but seemed to hang on the edge of orgasm for a while before saying ‘noowwwww’ and panting much more as she came. She kept thrusting against him hard and Mike pushed as deep into her as he could. He came just as her orgasm was ending and pulled her mouth to his so they could kiss deeply as he emptied his cum into her. He held her tightly against him, only letting Vicky move a little until he didn’t feel as sensitive but then let her stay on top, slowly rocking back and forwards as they both felt the moisture seep out of her pussy and make a sticky mess between their crotches. Mike asked Vicky if that was what she’d wanted and she gave him a big kiss and said ‘yes’. He said he’d fuck her again in the morning if she wanted and once he’d recovered could spoon with her but Vicky said she might call on his promise to eat her. Mike said he’d happily spend the night doing that and it would only take a little while for the taste of his cum to disappear and Jen warned Vicky that Mike would indeed spend all night between her legs (or at least a good part of it) – both Jen and I have first-hand knowledge of just how long Mike can spend performing cunnilingus. Jen gave both Mike and Vicky a few licks to clean up some of their shared mess and a little later on Vicky settled for the spooning with Jen spooning up against Vicky’s front. Mike semi-fucked Vicky for a while but with neither of them cumming and then remained hard inside her until she fell asleep.

While Mike and Jen had been playing with Vicky, I’d managed to get another fuck out of Oscar. I’d started off by kneeling in front of him and giving his cock an enthusiastic and wet suck. I’d let him fuck my breasts and we then moved on to the bed where he kissed and licked them while grinding against me and eventually sliding in to me. We ground against each other for a while like this and Oscar got me to describe what it was like fucking my sister. He got very excited when I told him that I could ask her to come along and join in one weekend – assuming of course that Oscar was okay with us all playing with Vicky as well. He really liked this idea (especially as I told him he would probably get Josie (Sue’s girlfriend) as well but as much as he liked the idea of seeing Vicky with four other girls, he said he really wanted to see me and Sue fucking. His cock certainly felt quite hard in me (which I told him) and he asked if he could take my ass. I said he could and got him to climb off of me so I could fetch some lube and returned with a couple of toys as well. I lubed up Oscar’s cock and then placed a large blob of lube on my ass and worked it into me with an anal vibe, then took up the position (on all fours) and told him I was ready. He eased in to me, a little at a time and between us we worked a good length of his cock into me before he started fucking me. At this point I pushed a vibe into my pussy and pressed it up against the wall between my pussy and ass so Oscar could feel it.

I asked him if he got to fuck Vicky’s ass often and he said it happened occasionally but not too frequently. I described to him how wonderful it felt having both my holes filled and that if he was up for it I’d happily let him and Mike DP me and that I was sure that Vicky would be happy to ‘let’ them do it to her as well (Oscar knows she’s had both types of threesomes before – and technically all three types as she’s done things with two other girls). He didn’t seem quite as keen on this as he had been on doing things with Sue and me so I didn’t push it and just enjoyed the feeling of him fucking my ass. I contracted around him a few times and he returned the favour by playing with my clit. I warned him I wouldn’t last long with him in my ass, the vibe in my cunt and his fingers on my clit but he said it wasn’t important as I could cum so many times. I challenged him to make me cum twice and he accepted this, easily getting me off once by just continuing what he was doing and then easing off on my clit and waiting for a little while (but still steadily fucking my ass). He cheated for my second orgasm and used one of our vibrating eggs on my clit. He got me to describe the things Sue and I had done (again) and asked when I’d next be seeing her. I told him it would probably be Christmas (unless we got them to visit beforehand, which seemed very appealing right at that point in time) and confirmed that Mike Jen and I would almost certainly all fuck Sue (and her girlfriend Josie) multiple times. Between the stimulation and the thought of my tongue sliding back between Sue’s lips I could feel another orgasm building and told Oscar this. He said he was getting close so I told him to cum whenever he wanted, as long as he could stay hard inside me long enough for me to cum. It was as pointless saying this to him as it would have been saying it to Mike as he was just as determined that I’d cum before he did. He didn’t have to wait long though and I came while picturing Sue and I doing things with Oscar wanking over us and covering us with his cum. Oscan came only a short time after I did and told me my ass felt wonderful and we curled up together to doze off to sleep with him asking me more about fucking Sue.

Mike went down on Vicky in the morning and after making her cum he then licked at Jen while Jen had a turn eating Vicky (she started off by kitty kissing her). He then fucked Vicky while she 69ed with Jen but they were interrupted by MJ waking up. Jen said she would go and feed her but Mike pulled out of Vicky and told the two of them to carry on and he’d take care of the baby (but warned Vicky that he’d want her later – not that she was opposed to that in any way). I’d woken Oscar in a similar way and after sucking him I rode him until he came in me and I let him watch as I fingered his cum out of me and spread it over my body.

Oscar and I had actually finished by the time Mike went downstairs with MJ and I wandered out naked to join him. Oscar put trousers on and followed me (Mike had a dressing gown on in respect of Oscar’s wishes, plus he doesn’t like carrying MJ while he’s naked and has an erection). Mike mentioned that Vicky was still playing with Jen and Oscar asked if he could go up and watch (and was told yes). Mike and I prepared breakfast and fed MJ while he was gone and once we were ready (and assuming that Jen and Vicky would have finished, or told us otherwise) we called them down to eat. Mike was hard again by this point, but it wasn’t really his fault as I’d decided to suck his cock clean of Vicky’s juices. Over breakfast I teased Oscar about his fascination with Sue and how he’d adapted fast enough that he was no longer content just having a threesome but wanted to bring my little sister into it as well. Vicky teased him about whether he also wanted to fuck her older or younger sisters and Mike warned him that it was obviously a trick question and that there was no safe answer. I rescued Oscar and said it was unfair that Vicky had got to play with Sue but that we hadn’t got to play with either of her sisters (or her brother) and Vicky said that she had no problem with Mike, Jen or me doing things with them, she just didn’t want to do things with them – or have Oscar do things with them.

Jen rubbed a little jam onto one of Vicky’s nipples and as she sucked it off she teased Vicky and said she was sure if Alex (her older sister) was sucking her lick this that it would feel just as good. Vicky denied this but let Jen keep licking her and spread her legs to let Jen’s fingers find their way back to Vicky’s pussy. Mike whispered to me and asked if I thought Sue would mind us showing some of the pictures – I said that she probably wouldn’t but that we should ask her so Mike disappeared and quickly Skyped her. After a number of rings she answered and he’d clearly woken her up but Sue didn’t mind too much as it isn’t unknown for us to call her first thing in the morning and is usually because we want to play and watch her play with herself (or with Josie). Mike explained the situation to her and Sue was a little surprised that we’d told yet another about her, but Vicky knew anyway (from personal experience) and we’d agreed earlier in the year that we weren’t going to hide things as much so she didn’t really care. Sue said she also didn’t mind if we showed the pictures and videos of her and Josie was convinced to say yes (with the promise of Sue doing whatever she wanted for a day). Of course Mike was told that he now owed Sue payment for this and he said he’d do his best to make it up to her.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Vicky’s Return – Part 1

For the last weekend of Nov 2014 Mike and Jen got something they had been looking forward to – a chance to ‘catch up’ with Vicky. We hadn’t seen them (in person) for a few months, with the last time being at Lis and Lucy’s wedding where I’d got to fuck Oscar and Mike and Jen had got to play with Vicky. Following that, Oscar had said he wasn’t sure he was comfortable with Vicky doing things with Mike and Vicky (rightly) responded that it was only fair that if he got to do things with me that she should be allowed to do things with Mike and Jen – although Oscar didn’t mind about Jen! Vicky spoke to us about the situation and we advised that unless both of them were completely sure about things that it would be better not to do anything with anyone else. We were aware that as a couple, Vicky and Oscar really care about each other so certainly didn’t want to be the cause of any friction between them, or worse jealousy and them splitting up.

So for about a month it really looked like our fun with them had ended, but as they lay after fucking one time, it was Oscar who mentioned to Vicky that he wouldn’t mind watching me play with her again. They didn’t have ‘the conversation’ the first few times he brought this up as Vicky thought he just wanted to relive the events and described to him how it felt doing things with me and Jen (and Sue and the girls at the sex parties) to get him in the mood for another round. After the fourth or fifth time he brought it up though, she told him that I’d be more than willing to join them, but that he knew what the price was. Oscar asked her if she really wanted to fuck Mike that much and she again told him that it was only fair, although that he got the better deal out of it as he got to watch her and me fuck, do things with me and also watch Vicky and Jen play with each other. She was quite surprised when Oscar said he might not mind too much if she did things with Mike and she stopped playing with his cock (which she’d already stroked back to life) so they could talk properly. The conversation lasted quite a while apparently but resulted in them having a good fuck after agreeing to try joining us once more for some fun. Oscar still wasn’t keen on actually seeing Vicky do things with Mike but was prepared to let Mike fuck her in return for time with me (and time with Vicky and me). We were obviously all happy when we found this out but advised them to take a bit of time and ensure they were really okay with what was being proposed (mostly from Oscar’s point of view). Only after they had told us over the period of a few weeks that they still wanted to go ahead did we agree (and I got Oscar to ‘beg’ to let me fuck him – although in return I masturbated for him over Skype while Vicky sucked him off) and this led up to our ‘reunion’ being at the end of November.

In order to keep things separate, they had considered staying at a hotel so Mike or I could go there and the relevant other person could come to our house to fuck. In the end they decided that it would be better to test the situation out properly and they came to stay with us. Mike and I left work early and met up with them at the train station (where we also met Jen and MJ). It was a little awkward at first as Mike couldn’t greet Vicky in the way he usually would (by reaching under her skirt and fondling her), but I helped break the ice by doing this in his place and we then turned around (so I was facing the wall) and let Vicky do the same to me. I took Oscar’s arm while Vicky greeted Mike, Jen and MJ. We headed home and had dinner, after which Mike and Oscar headed out for a drink and chat. This gave them a chance to talk ‘man to man’ and they openly discussed whether Oscar was really happy going through with things. Oscar asked how Mike felt about Vicky and Mike answered honestly that he really liked her and thought she was incredibly sexy, but that he wasn’t in love with her – and even if he was that he knew that Vicky was in love with Oscar. They had a couple of drinks together and as things became more relaxed and it became clear to Mike that he was going to get to sleep with Vicky, he pushed Oscar a bit to find out how far he was willing to go. Oscar thought he might possibly be prepared to have a threesome - the ‘bad’ kind (from his point of view anyway, both kinds are good in my opinion), although he thought he;d have to be a bit drunk beforehand.

On the way back to the house Mike texted us and suggested we get started so Oscar could walk in on us and I replied by telling Mike that Jen was already playing with Vicky. Unfortunately MJ was still awake so I couldn’t join them but I had been watching. It had started out with Jen just wanting to play with Vicky’s breasts (Jen loves breasts) and in return Jen had allowed Vicky to directly sample some of her breast milk. I had suggested that Vicky fondle Jen properly while sucking on her breasts and Jen had eagerly spread her legs, allowing Vicky’s fingers access to her pussy. Not to be outdone, Jen stroked and fingered Vicky and when I suggested they strip off and do things properly, neither hesitated (despite knowing they were meant to be waiting to see how the chat between Mike and Oscar went). They were already naked when Mike texted and by the time the guys got back to the house, Jen and Vicky’s faces were buried between each other’s legs in a passionate 69. Oscar wanted to watch and was given permission to join in on the provision that he didn’t touch Jen. Mike knew full well that I wanted to join them and took MJ from me, telling me to ensure Oscar got a good first session and asking me to try and keep Vicky;s pussy free from cum as he wanted to eat her later. I assured Mike that I would be the one getting Oscar’s cum, handed the baby to him and dived into the bedroom while pulling off my clothes.

I gave Vicky’s pussy and ass a few licks before turning on Oscar and taking his cock into my mouth. I guided him in to Vicky’s pussy (getting her to lift her crotch away from Jen’s face first) and got him to pump into her for a minute or so before I sucked him again, getting to taste the juices from deep inside Vicky. I then helped to spread Vicky’s pussy and fingered her while Jen ate her and for completeness did the same to Jen, allowing Oscar to see up into Jen’s pussy. I joined the girls for a little while and helped Jen to eat Vicky, lapping away at both her pussy and ass. Oscar couldn’t take this and ended up pushing into me from behind. I contracted myself around him and told him he could fuck me as many times as he wanted and that I’d take as much of his cum into me or over me as he could produce that weekend. As he fucked me I felt his thumb press against my ass and I pushed back, telling him he could also fuck me wherever he wanted and that I’d happily take a load of him cum in my ass, but that I wanted the first lot in my cunt.

Vicky briefly broke contact with Jen to comment on the fact that I was as lewd as ever but she didn’t have a reply when I pointed out that I’d had my tongue buried in her cunt for the previous couple of minutes and she hadn’t been complaining about it. Vicky came not long after that but kept working on Jen until she came and the two of them continued to kitty kiss each other. I moved up beside them on the bed with Oscar still fucking me from behind and asked if he wanted me to ride him or use any other position. He was happy the way he was as he could watch Jen still licking Vicky while enjoying my pussy and I didn’t mind as he reached around under me to play with my clit. He started using longer strokes (which he knows I like) and I encouraged him to make me cum. As I know he can last a while and he knows I don’t mind being fucked after I cum I didn’t try to hurry my orgasm along, but he didn’t hold back and frigged me in time with his strokes. I looked over and watched as Vicky kissed around Jen’s pussy and I shared a smile with her. As my orgasm approached I edged towards Vicky and told her to kiss me and she leant over and gave me a big wet kiss, pushing her tongue against mine and letting me taste Jen from her mouth. I pushed harder against Vicky’s mouth as I came, moaning into her and making it clear just how much I was enjoying having her boyfriend pumping away inside me and frigging me.

I kissed Vicky the whole way through my orgasm then pulled away to let her resume kitty kissing Jen while Oscar finished off inside me. True to form, he lasted a fair while longer and I wished I’d gone for a second orgasm, but as we were just starting out I wasn’t worried about being too greedy. Jen and Vicky finished with each other and Jen crawled under me to suck on one of my nipples. Vicky spread my ass cheeks to give Oscar a better view of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy and I felt a finger brush back and forth across my ass a few times, causing me to whimper. I was just at the point of asking them to make me cum again when Oscar said he was getting close so I restrained myself and concentrated on pushing back against and contracting myself around his cock, telling him to pump as much cum into me as he could. Vicky reached back and caressed his balls and told me he hadn’t cum for 2 days but that she had teased him a fair bit (as I’d requested) and I promised them both that if he could fill me then I’d make them cum as many times as they wanted over the weekend. Oscar said he’d do his best and kept thrusting into me. I imagined the view from inside my pussy and as he announced he was cumming I pictured jet after jet of thick cum squirting from his cock and coating my insides. He kept moving a fair bit as he came and even though he slowed down considerably, he continued his long strokes in and out of me, occasionally stopping when he was all the way in and trying to push in a bit deeper.

After a minute or so he said he was going to pull out and as he did I held on to my pussy lips and pressed them gently together to keep his cum inside me. I then turned over and lay on my back, getting Vicky to pass me a pillow to place under my ass and I slowly released my lips and dipped a couple of fingers inside myself. I coated my fingers with the cum, smeared it around my lips, rubbed some over my nipples and then sucked my fingers clean. Some cum slowly dribbled out of my pussy and I let it run down over my ass before catching it and smearing it around the whole area. I realised I’d forgotten my manners and asked Oscar if he wanted me to clean him off, at which point he crawled over beside me and let me gently lick his cock. This wasn’t that easy while I was lying down so Vicky took over and sucked him clean properly. When she was done I asked if we could call Mike up so we could chat and Oscar said he wanted to get dressed first. We let him do this but Jen, Vicky and I remained naked and Mike joined us (with a now sleeping MJ in his arms).

He commented that it looked like we’d all enjoyed ourselves and didn’t hide the fact he was staring at my wet pussy and Vicky’s naked body. Mike asked Oscar if I’d performed satisfactorily  (which apparently I had) so Oscar was told he could keep me for the weekend. We chatted some more and I noticed Oscar examining the large photos we had up above the bed. These were shots we’d had taken by a local photographer of Mike’s cock and Jen’s, Sue’s, Lisa’s, Lis’, Lucy’s and my pussies. They’ve been there for long enough now that we’re used to them (although still occasionally look at them while fucking to pretend that the others are there with us). Oscar easily identified my pussy from the line up and when Jen moved around to let him see her pussy he got that one. Vicky identified Lis’ pussy (she dated Lis for a while before Lis ended up with Lucy). From this it was easy enough to guess which was Lucy’s pussy (beside Lis’) and we pointed out which was Sue’s and Lisa’s. Oscar asked if it was really a picture of Sue’s pussy and when I said it was he asked if I really did things with my sister. I told him that I did, but that it was mostly Mike and Jen who fucked her. He clearly wasn’t put off by the thought of me playing with my little sister and asked more questions and while we didn’t tell him everything, I was quite open about the fact that we’d had threesomes (and more) with guys and girls, including Vicky and that we’d done more than a little with each other including making each other cum multiple times.

I liked that the conversation was getting him obviously aroused again and suggested that as it was getting late that we could head off to bed for more fun (reaching over to caress Oscar’s crotch as I said this). This wasn’t entirely a selfish move as I knew that Mike would be desperate to get at Vicky (and that Jen would probably be keen to have another go with her) and I stood to take Oscar to the other bedroom. As I’d been expecting, more of his cum leaked out of my pussy and I let it drip from me and run down my legs before wiping my hand through the moisture and rubbing it properly around my pussy, ass, breasts and face. I let Jen suck some of it off my nipples and she commented that he tasted quite good. Jen then pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy and worked them around inside me to coat them in the cum so she could experience what I meant when I describe it as silky and smooth. She mostly fed the mix of Oscar’s cum and my juices to Vicky, although sucked some of it from her fingers and once I’d stopped dripping, I led Oscar into Mike’s room, pulled his trousers off and told him I expected him to fuck me to at least one more orgasm that night.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Service Station Fuck

 We saw a foreign film where girls from a home were taken to truck stops and sold as prostitutes to the drivers. It wasn’t an explicit film (in the sense that nothing other than breasts were ever visible) and certainly didn’t count as porn, but as regular readers will know, I love the idea of having complete strangers fuck me so I found it quite arousing. Ever since watching the film, I’d had a fantasy of copying what they’d done – apart from charging of course – and letting myself be used by truckers. Naturally I didn’t want to do anything that would actually put me in danger and while Mike is a reasonable size and in fairly good shape, he isn’t a fighter and wouldn’t claim that he’d be able to stop something from happening if a large guy tried to hurt me, so it was a little while before we figured out a way for me to get my fantasy.

Using Alistair (the sex shop manager) as our contact, we managed to find a guy who had a job as a bouncer. In return for ‘certain favours’ he said he would come along with us and stand with Mike (and then obviously intervene should the need arise). We identified a suitable location (a motorway service station with a truck stop that wasn’t too far from where we live) and on a Tuesday evening, after picking up our hired muscle, we set off.

Jen had shaved me earlier that evening and Mike had gone down on me, but not let me cum. This wasn’t really necessary as I definitely didn’t need any help getting horny given what we were about to do, but he liked to think he was helping out! We pulled in to the service station and parked, then after checking the coast was clear (not that we were doing anything actually illegal as we weren’t charging), we wandered over towards the parked lorries and rapped on the front of a few of them until we saw life in one. The guy looked out and then opened his door a little way to ask what we wanted and Mike indicated to me and asked if he was interested. He looked me up and down and asked how much and I literally felt my pussy throb at the thought of being sold as a whore. Mike told him I was a free sample (we hadn’t be able to think of any better way of putting it without explaining it was just a game or fantasy of mine) and the guy asked if we were being serious. I lifted my skirt and caressed my pussy through my panties (one of the rare times I wore them) and told the guy that as long as he used protection, I would suck him or fuck him as much as he wanted. He seemed rather suspicious (I guess you don’t get the offer of a free hooker very often), but indicated for me to climb up, so I did.

As soon as I was in the cab I straddled him and told him I wanted to feel his cock. He shut and locked the door (presumably worried that I was a distraction and that the two guys with me were going to mug him) before turning his attention to me and his hands went straight to my breasts. He massaged them through my top and then quickly slid them under it to squeeze them through my bra. I lifted my arms and he pulled my top off and then leant back and told him to wait a moment while I unhooked my bra. As soon as I slipped it off and tossed it over with my top, his hands immediately returned to my breasts and kneaded them. I made appreciative moaning sounds and ground back and forth against his lap, edging my pussy closer to his crotch as he fondled and then sucked on my breasts and nipples. I asked if he liked them (which he did) and then asked what he wanted to do to me. He said he wanted me to suck him and I said I would but that I wanted him to fuck me as well. He slipped a hand down between my legs so I leant back to give him better access and felt his fingers stroking around my pussy and pressing my panties between my lips. I hissed at him that I wanted his fingers inside me and told him to pull my panties aside. He used his other hand as well and after a bit of tugging, got the crotch pulled out of the way and his fingers pushed into me. I let him work his fingers deeper inside me and leant forwards again so he could suck on my nipples (he seemed to love breasts) and I wasn’t too surprised when he commented on how wet I was as I felt like I could cum incredibly quickly just from what was being done. I moaned lots and told him it felt wonderful, said that he could make me cum as many times as he wanted and told him I couldn’t wait to get his cock in me.

A part of me had hoped he would keep playing with me until I came, that I could then toy with him for a bit and then get him to fuck me so we both came, but I guess the point of a prostitute isn’t for her to get off (although I’m sure many men would find that arousing). He told me to suck him so I crawled off of his lap (and peeled my panties off), then helped him pull his trousers down so I could roll a condom on. He wasn’t the slimmest of guys and had to scooch his ass forwards a bit but once I had access to his cock, I took him in my mouth and enthusiastically bobbed up and down, swirling my tongue around the head, taking him as deep as I could and moaning throughout. I used quite a bit of saliva and got his cock and balls fairly wet, but that was no different than the state of my crotch as I could feel my pussy was still soaking as my ass wiggled around in the air. The guy reached around and stroked my ass and I wished he would finger me, but he either couldn’t reach or was content with just fondling my ass. After sucking him for a while I lifted my head and asked if he would fuck me. He said yes so I clambered over his lap, held his cock against my pussy and slid down onto it. As I humped up and down he fondled my breasts and licked the nipples. I reached down to play with my clit so I could cum as well and told the guy I wanted to feel him cum deep inside me. He slid a bit further down in his seat to make it easier for me to ride him (although I did bump against the steering wheel a couple of times) and he continued to knead my breasts as we fucked. I frigged myself faster and harder, moaning out loud, telling him how I loved his cock and telling him how he was going to make me cum (technically I was doing most of the work in this area, but…). He told him to fuck him harder, called me a whore and told me to let him see me cum. I was more than happy to oblige and frigged myself to orgasm while squeezing myself around his cock.

I was quite a bit louder than I really needed to be as I came but he seemed to enjoy the effect and grabbed me by the hips, guiding me up and down faster and faster as he pushed back against me every time I pushed down and swallowed his cock. I kept telling him that I wanted him to cum and could see that he was quite close. We thrust against each other hard and fast, he said he was about to cum and I repeatedly told him to give me his cum and to enjoy my cunt. He grunted as he came and pulled me hard against him, thrust into me a few more times and then pulled me tight against his cock once more. I contracted myself around him as hard as I could and he said it felt good so I let him suck on my nipples again while I used my pussy to milk as much cum from his cock as possible.

As I climbed off of him he reached for my pussy and pushed a couple of fingers into me so I stood up a bit more, putting my cunt almost at his eye level. He took the hint and explored my pussy with his fingers and I bHe He riefly thought he was going to try and make me cum again but he just pumped a couple of fingers into me for a bit, then withdrew them and wiped them on my thigh.

I climbed over to the passenger seat and retrieved my top, bra and panties but didn’t make any move to put them on. I asked the guy if he would have paid for what I’d just done and he said I’d easily have been worth £50 (that was a bit higher than I’d expected). I spread my legs and caressed my pussy and asked if he’d pay to watch me masturbate (so he could jack off if he hadn’t just cum). Her said he’d probably pay about £20 for that if I was completely naked (I still had my skirt and stockings on, but they didn’t really hide anything). I kept fingering myself and he said he wasn’t going to pay but I assured him that this was still a part of the free sample. I worked my fingers deep into my cunt and frigged my clit with my other hand. I liked the idea of cumming again for him, but also knew that there were potentially other people who I could cum for so after sucking my fingers clean (he really liked that) I opened the door, climbed down to stand with Mike and then put my panties, bra and top back on.

We walked around a few more trucks and the drivers were either asleep or elsewhere (or just not answering). I was beginning to wonder (and worry) if we would find anyone else when a light went on in a truck we hadn’t knocked on yet and a guy stuck his head out of the window and asked if I was available. I wandered over and asked what he had in mind and he said I knew what he meant. I lifted my skirt and asked if he meant ‘this’ while pulling my panties aside and he said yes. I looked back to make sure Mike saw me going in to the lorry and then climbed up. I basically repeated the same thing I’d done with the first guy – let him fondle me, sucked his cock and then fucked him. There were a few differences though – one being that when we fucked he asked me to face away from him so I was looking out the front window and he fondled my breasts and clit. I kept telling him I wanted him to make me cum and he told me that as long as he could cum, I could. I promised I’d keep fucking him and gave him direction on how to rub my clit and he managed to make me cum. Once again I was a fair bit louder than I needed to be and thrust back against his cock and once my orgasm finished I supported myself on the steering wheel and rode his cock faster, slamming back against it with each stroke. He was a bit more vocal than he first guy and moaned a fair bit as his orgasm built. I told him to fuck me and how much I wanted to feel him cum in me and in a similar way to my previous fuck, he grabbed my hips and pulled my against him as he came.

I milked him for a minute before climbing off. He didn’t try to finger me so I just sat on the passenger seat with my legs spread and toyed with myself. He pulled out his wallet and asked how much and I said that it was dangerous to not have agreed a price beforehand. As I smeared my juices over my nipples I asked how much he thought I’d been worth and he suggested £40, offering me two £20 notes. I told him I didn’t fuck for money and that it was free and he said if that was the case that he’d go again. I slipped a couple of fingers back between my pussy lips and told him I’d happily let him use my cunt as many times as he could. I tossed my panties over for him to use to clean his cock with (he’d already pulled the condom off) and I masturbated while he used the panties and then cleaned his hands off with some wipes. I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to get hard again – or if he could, how long it would take, but I’m always willing to help out and had an idea.

I got a couple of wipes from him and cleaned off the gearstick, rolled a condom on to it and told him I’d give him a show to help him get ready. I straddled the gearstick and as I lowered myself I asked if anyone had fucked it before. He said he hadn’t seen anyone do it and I felt the knob press against my pussy. I started to push against it and realised that my skirt was going to get in the way (or I’d have to hold it up to let him watch. I was half-tempted to ask him to tear it off so I’d have to walk back to the car naked from the waist down, but I quite liked it so I quickly clambered back onto the seat and slid the skirt off. I once again crouched over the gearstick and spread my lips, rubbed back and forth against it to coat it in my juices and then slowly pushed down. The knob on the end wasn’t huge, but I felt my lips stretch around it and then close as it slid into me. I humped up and down, slowly working it deeper into my pussy and stroked my clit. I watched as the guy stroked his cock and I told him I wanted him nice and hard by the time I came so we could fuck again. He said that it wouldn’t be a problem and got me to describe to him what I was feeling. I told him how I could feel the texture of the knob through the condom and how my pussy stretched around it. I almost lifted myself off of the gearstick a few times so he could see the knob pulling out and being pushed back in to my cunt. I stroked my clit with a rapid circular motion and let the guy fondle my breasts with his free hand (I told him not to touch my pussy as he might still have his cum on his hands). I told him he could either watch me cum or I’d pounce on his cock when I was close and he said as long as I could cum again for him he wanted to see me fuck his truck. I promised that I’d cum again for him and he asked how many times I could cum. He didn’t believe me that I could cum 20, 30 or 40 times in a day (the latter is a real stretch and takes a concerted group effort) but was willing enough to believe that I could manage three orgasms for him (and he didn’t even know about the other driver I’d cum for).

As my pussy got used to the knob moving up and down inside it I settled into a nice rhythm and synchronised my frigging with my movements. I really wanted to have more people watching me and the thought of my Uni friends (who don’t know about my exhibitionist and nymphomaniac sides) watching me popped in to my head. This worked quite well and I imagined being back in York, somehow doing this in the middle of Uni with everyone I knew standing around watching me. As my fantasy developed, some of my male friends pulled their cocks out to wank and some of the girls reached into their panties to stroke themselves. By the time I came (IRL), my fantasy friends were crowded closely around me and I had cocks and cunts rubbing against my body, cum squirting over me and fingers covered with pussy juice being pushed into my mouth. I came hard and told the guy I couldn’t wait to fuck him. He asked if I needed a break but I just grabbed my bag, fished out a condom, rolled it on to his cock and pulled myself off the gearstick and planted myself on him.

The was an audible squishing sound as I took his cock into me and I told him to fuck me as hard as he wanted. My pussy still felt quite sensitive, but not in a bad way and I was quite certain that I recognised the feeling and that I’d be able to cum again fairly quickly. I wanted to make sure of keeping my promise of cumming again for him so I grabbed a vibe from my bag and held it against my clit. It felt good but the guy said he couldn’t move easily so I quickly climbed off of him and knelt across the cabin with my hands on the passenger seat. He clambered around behind me and pushed back into me, holding on to my hips and pumping away inside me. I pushed the vibe back against my clit and held it in place, continuing the fantasy in my mind while staying in the moment enough to talk to the guy and encourage him to fuck me. In my fantasy I’d moved on to letting the guys fuck me while I was semi-forcefully eating my female friends (they resisted at first but all liked it). I saved the image of eating Jo (one of the first girls I fantasised about when I was being trained to be bi) for my orgasm and I moaned out loud again, telling the guy I loved how his cock felt inside me. More to his surprise than mine, I’d cum before he did but I let him carry on using me and could now concentrate on pushing back against him. He didn’t last much longer and told me he was cumming in me so I flexed myself around him (or tried to, I don’t think it was as effective as it had been earlier in the evening) and let him rest in me briefly before I crawled forwards and pulled myself off of his cock.

I turned around and took hold of his cock, gently took him in my mouth and sucked my juices from the condom. He had produced a little bit of cum, although nowhere near as much as the first time. I told him I was impressed he’d cum again so quickly and he said I’d done better as I’d managed to cum three times. My pussy felt a little tender by this point so I didn’t play with it again but let him use my panties to wipe himself clean again and as we chatted I slipped my clothes back on (minus panties of course). I thanked him for the fun and climbed down to Mike and our hired muscle and confirmed a second success (although I knew they’d probably seen some of what had happened).

We drove our friend home and I thanked him profusely for helping me fulfil my fantasy. I told him he could have some additional ‘payment’ if he wanted and he seemed a little surprised that I was still up for more, but was more than happy to take me up on the offer. Mike headed in to the house with us but waited downstairs while I headed up to the bedroom, stripped off and let the guy fuck me. I knew from our previous sessions that he liked my breasts so let him play with them and used them to give him a partial tit-fuck but made sure that he finished off inside me. When we went downstairs, Mike was talking to the guy that our friend shared the house with and he asked whether we’d actually been doing the things that Mike had told him about. We confirmed that we had (both at the service station and then fucking upstairs) and Mike told the housemate that I’d probably be up for letting him use me if he wanted. The housemate seemed somewhat dubious but when I allowed Mike to lift my skirt and finger me he told me if I was up for it then he’d fuck me. I went back upstairs with him and joked about whether they had anyone else living there as I could just stay upstairs afterwards and wait for them to fuck me, but it was just the two of them.

The session wasn’t really anything special – I knelt and sucked him, let him play with me, spooned with him, rode him and finished off with me bent over the bed and him standing and taking me from behind. I did manage to cum again though so it was enjoyable and I remained naked when I wandered back downstairs afterwards (as they’d both fucked me there didn’t seem much point covering up). We chatted and I told them jokingly that I’d happily let them both fuck me at the same time if they wanted and was pleased to find out that they had actually done this once or twice with girls that they’d brought home. Unfortunately they weren’t as quick to recover as the second driver I’d fucked and they said that they’d probably need to be fairly drunk (I guess to lower their inhibitions and be naked in front of each other) so I promised I’d return sometime and that they could with spit-roast of DP me, depending on what they wanted. Mike whispered something to me and I asked them if they’d prefer it if I brought another girl along as well so they could do us both and watch us play with each other. They’d seen this before too but were more than happy to repeat it so I told them that we’d find someone (knowing full well that Lisa would be the ‘other girl’), but only on the assurance that I’d get both their cocks inside me at the same time.

I only wore my coat for the drive home and occasionally reached over to stroke Mike’s cock. At first this was through his trousers, but I ended up fishing it out and playing with it as he drove. On arriving at our house I briefly sucked him, then let him semi-fuck me up against the car before we went in and relayed the events of the night to Jen. Mike ate me as I told her what had happened and after he’d got me off Jen went down on me while Mike gently fucked and licked her. He saved his cum for me though and once Jen had made me cum, he kitty kissed me until I was ready and we fucked one last time until I came and he came in me. I let his cum leak out of me as we walked upstairs and allowed Jen to sneak a few licks of my pussy as I brushed my teeth. I half expected them to make me cum again, but Mike just spooned with Jen (who cuddled me) and they told me that I’d been a good little whore – even if I hadn’t actually taken any money.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Lis and Lucy Nov 2014 Visit – Part 2

I was surprised to see cum leak out of Lis when he pulled out of her and told Mike if it was that easy to get him to produce more cum that I’d give him a steady stream of girls to tease him. He liked the sound of that but said he couldn’t promise another decent load – although was willing to give it a try if we helped out. Lis told him he had a deal and would do pretty much anything (and that was quite brave of her as she is aware what ‘anything’ could translate to in our little world). Fortunately for Lis Mike didn’t take this as a challenge, but did insist that she wear nothing under her dress when we went out after lunch. While out he picked out a new dress for Lis (it was a summer dress in the sale) and she said she liked it but that it was too flimsy to wear in her current state (without underwear). Mike bought it anyway and said she could wear it later on – Lis didn’t realise what he meant by this but after dinner she found out…

We weren’t going out anywhere that night, but Mike said he felt like going to a pub for a drink and asked if the rest of us minded if he took Lis out for a little while. He’d already told Jen his plan so we told him to go ahead and he brought out the new dress for Lis to wear, reminding her that she would do anything to get him ready to cum in her again. Lis slipped the dress on and looked in the mirror to see how transparent it was. It was a white, light linen dress, easily see through with a light behind her, but even when illuminated from the front, her bra was easily visible and we could tell (if we hadn’t already known) that she didn’t have any panties on. I helped Mike tease Lis’ breasts and nipples until they were hard enough to be visible through her bra and dress and we decided that the bra was really getting in the way. Lis wasn’t at all surprised by this ‘unexpected turn’ and despite moaning that she would be too exposed (remember that Lis isn’t an exhibitionist), she allowed us to pull the top of her dress down, remove her bra and pull the dress back up. I have to say, that even though my husband was buying presents for other girls and not me, I really liked the dress and thought that Lis looked both very cute and incredibly sexy in it. It only came down to just below the top of her thighs (but was loose enough that it didn’t ride up or easily reveal anything). The length made it very easy to reach under and play with Lis’ pussy so as we chatted I stroked a vibe back and forth along the length of her slit and Jen toyed with Lis’ nips until they were even harder than we’d got them before. It would have been incredibly easy to make her cum but it only seemed fair to tease her a little bit so we took her to the brink of orgasm before pulling away and telling her to have a good time with Mike. Mike thanked us for our help and the two of them set off. Lucy went up with Jen to help settle MJ and I made use of the vibe I’d been using on Lis to tease myself, ending up lying naked on the sofa and keeping myself close to cumming for a fair while.

Before they went in to the pub. Mike took Lis down an alleyway and fondled her some more, getting her close to cumming once again and ensuring that her little nipples were nice and hard. He took her coat as soon as they entered the pub and Lis said she felt very self-conscious. She relaxed a bit as they stood at the bar and had a drink, although it didn’t help that Mike told her whenever he saw a guy staring at her. He told her that if it was me in her position that I’d probably be wet enough that my juices would be running down my legs by that point and they then had a discussion about how I did seem to get much wetter than I used to. As a bonus dare, Lisa had to go to the bathroom and play with herself, get as close to cumming as she could (without actually cumming) and return in a state of arousal with her nipples hard and visible through her dress. Before Lis left for the bathroom to undertake the dare, she leant towards Mike and told him she was only doing this because she wanted his cum. She was gone for a few minutes and as she walked back up to him he admired the look of arousal on her face and her clearly visible nipples. Mike caressed her legs as they chatted and he even got her to stand with one foot up on the support bar of a stool with her thigh almost horizontal. This meant that her pussy was quite probably visible to a number of people across the room and Mike slid his hand up a little and stroked her inner thigh, but avoided touching her actual pussy. Lis asked him if he’d find it arousing if she came right there (knowing he would) and Mike teased her about getting every guy in the bar to fuck her so she had so much cum in her that she’d absolutely have to get pregnant. Lis leaned in and told him he was just being naughty and that she only wanted him to give her a baby and they kissed. Mike instinctively slid his hand a bit higher and felt his index finger brush against Lis’ pussy. She didn’t pull away so he kissed her some more and nestled his finger between her lips, with the knuckle near her clit and the tip of his finger near the entrance to her pussy. He felt Lis gasp into his mouth as he slowly pressed the finger against her and he then whispered that he could always try and make her cum to see if they could manage it. Lis later said that she was actually tempted, but when she looked over Mike’s shoulder she saw a guy looking straight at her and she chickened out and pushed her legs together (although she let Mike keep his hand in place until the kiss ended).

As may be already evident, it wasn’t all one way teasing and Lis told Mike she was going to fuck him dry when they got home, that he would be allowed inside Lucy again, that she would eat Lucy and let him taste Lucy’s juices from her face or fingers. Mike told Lis (again) that she didn’t need to do anything to ‘help’ him get aroused and that he found his little lesbian to be more than cute, sexy and arousing enough that he loved being inside her. Lis told him that she had already decided to do everything she could to help eek out every last drop of cum from him that weekend, and he didn’t have a choice in that. Mike kissed her again and slid hid hands down her back, then up under her dress. This lifted it enough to reveal her ass (possibly a fair bit of it from what Lis said she felt) and she batted his hands away, letting the dress fall and cover her once more. Mike whispered to her and asked what she would do if he said he really wanted to make her cum with everyone watching. Lis just replied by saying that it would be a lot more difficult for them to fuck again if they were arrested and that she thought it would be much nicer cumming with his cock buried inside her.

Lis didn’t quite get away with this and once she had put her coat on (but before she had fastened it), Mike reached in to hug her and as they kissed he lifted her dress up to her stomach. Lis pressed herself against him so nobody could see and Mike commented on how the thin dress easily rode u her body and asked whether she thought he could get it up over her breasts without anyone noticing. Lis knew better than to say ‘you wouldn’t dare’ and ask they kissed he dipped his fingers between her ass cheeks and told her that her little cunt felt incredibly wet. Lis told him she hoped it would be getting much wetter when they got home and Mike promised her that as long as she came for him, he’d give her more cum. Lis pulled him out of the pub and Mike had to hide the bulge in his trousers, but he got revenge for this by wrapping his arm around her inside her coat and fondling her ass as they walked home. Before they got to the front door, Mike lifted Lisa and sat her on the bonnet of the car, pushed her dress up, spread her legs and ate her. Lis complained that people might see, but that didn’t stop Mike from pulling her down the bonnet closer to him, unzipping his trousers and pushing in to her. As he fucked her he got Lis to arch her back and he pushed her dress up to reveal her breasts and asked if she liked the idea of getting pregnant on the bonnet of a car. Lis said she didn’t care as long as it happened so Mike suggested that we order some food and he could fuck her in front of the delivery guy (or girl). Once again Lis said she didn’t care and that he could take her back to the pub and fuck her in front of everyone if he really wanted to. Mike said he’d love to do that but he knew that she’d never actually do that and she agreed, but told him not to assume he really knew how far she’d go.

Mike fucked her for a minute or so and then turned her over so her breasts and stomach were pressed up against the cold metal and fucked her from behind. The whole session didn’t last long as he didn’t want Lis to freeze so they pulled apart and made their way into the house. Mike hadn’t bothered putting his cock away so we could all immediately tell that they’d been up to something and when Lis disappeared to the bathroom, he told us how he had fondled her in the pub. As he did this I selflessly cleaned his cock off, kneeling on the floor in front of him and sucking it vigorously. I wasn’t trying to make him cum (as I knew Lis would kill me) but seeing as she was taking her time I felt it was my responsibility to keep him hard so I mounted him and asked if Jen or Lucy could help us out. By the time Lis returned, both Jen and Lucy had knelt and licked us, with my clit getting most of the attention, but Mike’s cock also got some tongue action. I was quite close to cumming by this point and asked Lis if she would finish me off, which she agreed to providing Mike didn’t cum.

Before she knelt down to lick me, she gave us (mainly Mike) a twirl and showed off the uniform she had brought with her. It was a simple white blouse, pleated blue skirt, long white socks and her hair in bunches and Mike approved of the ensemble wholeheartedly. As Lis lapped at my clit he explained that he hadn’t asked her to wear it and it was all her own doing (Lis confirmed this) but he added that now she was dressed that way, he would appreciate it fully and give her a good fucking. She did look very cute and I was more than happy to admire her as her tongue flicked rapidly over my clit. It felt wonderful and I gently cupped Lis’ face as my orgasm built, then allowed her to kitty kiss me (which is more difficult with a cock buried in my pussy, but she kissed around my mons and licked around my lips) before pulling her up to kiss her and thank her.

Mike and Lis remained downstairs by the fire that night and she teased him for a good while before they finally fucked. Mike toyed with Lis a fair bit during this time and got to fuck, finger and eat her to three orgasms, as well as spending a lot of time caressing her, stroking and kissing her legs and generally telling her she was very cute. Lis played along with the cute schoolgirl role for a while but also played a rather naughty schoolgirl, telling Mike how much she wanted his cock in her and describing how she was going to make him fill her with his cum. Lis remained mostly dressed throughout the whole session and even by the time they had the final fuck (with Mike cumming in her) she still had her blouse on (although open and with her bra pull off of her breasts) and her skirt on (but her panties off). They spooned and Lis rode him but finished off with Mike on top (to keep his cum in her) and lay for a while with him buried inside her and a pillow under Lis’ ass. She even let him kitty kiss her before they went to sleep and Mike spooned up behind her asking if she felt pregnant yet.

Up in Jen’s room, I let Jen and Lucy play with each other and just joined in from time to time. Lucy had a good suck on Jen’s breasts, extracting some of Jen’s milk (she did apologise to MJ, but she was asleep in her cot and didn’t seem to mind). Lucy and Jen scissored for a while and things got quite energetic. I used my fingers to help them both out (frigging them) but allowed them to finish off by just using each other’s cunts to hump against. The usual rules applied with having to carry on after she came until Jen also came. I then took the chance to kitty kiss both of them, loving the way the mixture of their juices tasted and planting myself over Jen’s face to let her eat and finger me. After a couple of minutes of this Lucy said she wanted to finish me off ‘as a thank you for allowing them to visit’ (as if it is a hardship for us) and I was treated to her licking my clit while using one of our vibes in my pussy with the clit attachment pressed up against my ass. Lucy then asked Jen if she would make her cum one last time and lay over her in a 69. It was great seeing Lucy in such a horny mood, but she had one last surprise for the evening and as she came, she squirted out just a little bit of pee into Jen’s mouth (I obviously only found this out afterwards, but Jen really enjoyed it). Lucy then promised Jen that she would get a lot more in the morning and if Jen wanted, she’d be happy to receive a similar payment in return. Jen told Lucy she would hold her to that and we lay chatting while we drifted off to sleep.

Mike ate Lis awake in the morning and then took her doggy style with her half lying on the sofa. They were sufficiently loud that we could easily hear them from upstairs and Lis slipped her school skirt and socks back on to reprise her role as the naughty schoolgirl. From what we heard, she certainly played the part well and repeatedly told Mike what she wanted him to do to her little body, ass and cunt. Jen fed MJ while Lucy and I played (we went into the other room as we try not to fuck in front of the baby) and I then took MJ to let Jen cuddle up with Lucy – although they did more than cuddle and ended up migrating into the bathroom. Once in the shower Lucy knelt in front of Jen and ate her, allowing Jen to pee into her mouth as she came and they then switched round and did the same thing, with Lucy peeing into Jen’s mouth and over her face and body. By the time the two of them cleaned up and left the bathroom, things had gone quiet downstairs so we assumed Mike and Lis had finished so went down to have breakfast. Lis looked quite contented and Mike was happy as he was getting to kitty kiss her while she lay with her ass raised.

Unfortunately they had to leave around lunchtime due to getting a cheap flight back (much faster than the train). Mike was allowed what had become his usual reward (or thanks) for fucking Lis and got to spend about 30 minutes between Lucy’s legs. She let him nuzzle her through her panties, but not to the point of orgasm. While he still desperately wanted to eat her to orgasm, he did get to fuck Lucy with Lis sitting over his face so he wasn’t too put out and after making Lucy cum, Lis quickly jumped onto his cock to allow him to finish off inside her. Jen and I both got to enjoy a final lick from Lis while she lay on her back, letting Mike’s cum soak in to her pussy and we all headed off into town with them and saw them off to the airport.

Over the following week, Mike, Jen and I discussed when it would be time for me to try to get pregnant and decided that we should really wait for Lis first as Mike would want to spend at least some time with her while she was pregnant and that it wouldn’t be fair if he was trying to do that with me at the same time (plus I wasn’t quite ready to come off the pill and limit the opportunities I had to enjoy fucking other guys). We all agreed that we didn’t want too large an age gap between MJ (mini-Jen) and MA (mini-Andi – or mini-Mike if it was a boy) and Mike promised he would do his best to get Lis pregnant as quickly as possible.