Sunday, 1 May 2016

Lis and Lucy Nov 2014 Visit – Part 2

I was surprised to see cum leak out of Lis when he pulled out of her and told Mike if it was that easy to get him to produce more cum that I’d give him a steady stream of girls to tease him. He liked the sound of that but said he couldn’t promise another decent load – although was willing to give it a try if we helped out. Lis told him he had a deal and would do pretty much anything (and that was quite brave of her as she is aware what ‘anything’ could translate to in our little world). Fortunately for Lis Mike didn’t take this as a challenge, but did insist that she wear nothing under her dress when we went out after lunch. While out he picked out a new dress for Lis (it was a summer dress in the sale) and she said she liked it but that it was too flimsy to wear in her current state (without underwear). Mike bought it anyway and said she could wear it later on – Lis didn’t realise what he meant by this but after dinner she found out…

We weren’t going out anywhere that night, but Mike said he felt like going to a pub for a drink and asked if the rest of us minded if he took Lis out for a little while. He’d already told Jen his plan so we told him to go ahead and he brought out the new dress for Lis to wear, reminding her that she would do anything to get him ready to cum in her again. Lis slipped the dress on and looked in the mirror to see how transparent it was. It was a white, light linen dress, easily see through with a light behind her, but even when illuminated from the front, her bra was easily visible and we could tell (if we hadn’t already known) that she didn’t have any panties on. I helped Mike tease Lis’ breasts and nipples until they were hard enough to be visible through her bra and dress and we decided that the bra was really getting in the way. Lis wasn’t at all surprised by this ‘unexpected turn’ and despite moaning that she would be too exposed (remember that Lis isn’t an exhibitionist), she allowed us to pull the top of her dress down, remove her bra and pull the dress back up. I have to say, that even though my husband was buying presents for other girls and not me, I really liked the dress and thought that Lis looked both very cute and incredibly sexy in it. It only came down to just below the top of her thighs (but was loose enough that it didn’t ride up or easily reveal anything). The length made it very easy to reach under and play with Lis’ pussy so as we chatted I stroked a vibe back and forth along the length of her slit and Jen toyed with Lis’ nips until they were even harder than we’d got them before. It would have been incredibly easy to make her cum but it only seemed fair to tease her a little bit so we took her to the brink of orgasm before pulling away and telling her to have a good time with Mike. Mike thanked us for our help and the two of them set off. Lucy went up with Jen to help settle MJ and I made use of the vibe I’d been using on Lis to tease myself, ending up lying naked on the sofa and keeping myself close to cumming for a fair while.

Before they went in to the pub. Mike took Lis down an alleyway and fondled her some more, getting her close to cumming once again and ensuring that her little nipples were nice and hard. He took her coat as soon as they entered the pub and Lis said she felt very self-conscious. She relaxed a bit as they stood at the bar and had a drink, although it didn’t help that Mike told her whenever he saw a guy staring at her. He told her that if it was me in her position that I’d probably be wet enough that my juices would be running down my legs by that point and they then had a discussion about how I did seem to get much wetter than I used to. As a bonus dare, Lisa had to go to the bathroom and play with herself, get as close to cumming as she could (without actually cumming) and return in a state of arousal with her nipples hard and visible through her dress. Before Lis left for the bathroom to undertake the dare, she leant towards Mike and told him she was only doing this because she wanted his cum. She was gone for a few minutes and as she walked back up to him he admired the look of arousal on her face and her clearly visible nipples. Mike caressed her legs as they chatted and he even got her to stand with one foot up on the support bar of a stool with her thigh almost horizontal. This meant that her pussy was quite probably visible to a number of people across the room and Mike slid his hand up a little and stroked her inner thigh, but avoided touching her actual pussy. Lis asked him if he’d find it arousing if she came right there (knowing he would) and Mike teased her about getting every guy in the bar to fuck her so she had so much cum in her that she’d absolutely have to get pregnant. Lis leaned in and told him he was just being naughty and that she only wanted him to give her a baby and they kissed. Mike instinctively slid his hand a bit higher and felt his index finger brush against Lis’ pussy. She didn’t pull away so he kissed her some more and nestled his finger between her lips, with the knuckle near her clit and the tip of his finger near the entrance to her pussy. He felt Lis gasp into his mouth as he slowly pressed the finger against her and he then whispered that he could always try and make her cum to see if they could manage it. Lis later said that she was actually tempted, but when she looked over Mike’s shoulder she saw a guy looking straight at her and she chickened out and pushed her legs together (although she let Mike keep his hand in place until the kiss ended).

As may be already evident, it wasn’t all one way teasing and Lis told Mike she was going to fuck him dry when they got home, that he would be allowed inside Lucy again, that she would eat Lucy and let him taste Lucy’s juices from her face or fingers. Mike told Lis (again) that she didn’t need to do anything to ‘help’ him get aroused and that he found his little lesbian to be more than cute, sexy and arousing enough that he loved being inside her. Lis told him that she had already decided to do everything she could to help eek out every last drop of cum from him that weekend, and he didn’t have a choice in that. Mike kissed her again and slid hid hands down her back, then up under her dress. This lifted it enough to reveal her ass (possibly a fair bit of it from what Lis said she felt) and she batted his hands away, letting the dress fall and cover her once more. Mike whispered to her and asked what she would do if he said he really wanted to make her cum with everyone watching. Lis just replied by saying that it would be a lot more difficult for them to fuck again if they were arrested and that she thought it would be much nicer cumming with his cock buried inside her.

Lis didn’t quite get away with this and once she had put her coat on (but before she had fastened it), Mike reached in to hug her and as they kissed he lifted her dress up to her stomach. Lis pressed herself against him so nobody could see and Mike commented on how the thin dress easily rode u her body and asked whether she thought he could get it up over her breasts without anyone noticing. Lis knew better than to say ‘you wouldn’t dare’ and ask they kissed he dipped his fingers between her ass cheeks and told her that her little cunt felt incredibly wet. Lis told him she hoped it would be getting much wetter when they got home and Mike promised her that as long as she came for him, he’d give her more cum. Lis pulled him out of the pub and Mike had to hide the bulge in his trousers, but he got revenge for this by wrapping his arm around her inside her coat and fondling her ass as they walked home. Before they got to the front door, Mike lifted Lisa and sat her on the bonnet of the car, pushed her dress up, spread her legs and ate her. Lis complained that people might see, but that didn’t stop Mike from pulling her down the bonnet closer to him, unzipping his trousers and pushing in to her. As he fucked her he got Lis to arch her back and he pushed her dress up to reveal her breasts and asked if she liked the idea of getting pregnant on the bonnet of a car. Lis said she didn’t care as long as it happened so Mike suggested that we order some food and he could fuck her in front of the delivery guy (or girl). Once again Lis said she didn’t care and that he could take her back to the pub and fuck her in front of everyone if he really wanted to. Mike said he’d love to do that but he knew that she’d never actually do that and she agreed, but told him not to assume he really knew how far she’d go.

Mike fucked her for a minute or so and then turned her over so her breasts and stomach were pressed up against the cold metal and fucked her from behind. The whole session didn’t last long as he didn’t want Lis to freeze so they pulled apart and made their way into the house. Mike hadn’t bothered putting his cock away so we could all immediately tell that they’d been up to something and when Lis disappeared to the bathroom, he told us how he had fondled her in the pub. As he did this I selflessly cleaned his cock off, kneeling on the floor in front of him and sucking it vigorously. I wasn’t trying to make him cum (as I knew Lis would kill me) but seeing as she was taking her time I felt it was my responsibility to keep him hard so I mounted him and asked if Jen or Lucy could help us out. By the time Lis returned, both Jen and Lucy had knelt and licked us, with my clit getting most of the attention, but Mike’s cock also got some tongue action. I was quite close to cumming by this point and asked Lis if she would finish me off, which she agreed to providing Mike didn’t cum.

Before she knelt down to lick me, she gave us (mainly Mike) a twirl and showed off the uniform she had brought with her. It was a simple white blouse, pleated blue skirt, long white socks and her hair in bunches and Mike approved of the ensemble wholeheartedly. As Lis lapped at my clit he explained that he hadn’t asked her to wear it and it was all her own doing (Lis confirmed this) but he added that now she was dressed that way, he would appreciate it fully and give her a good fucking. She did look very cute and I was more than happy to admire her as her tongue flicked rapidly over my clit. It felt wonderful and I gently cupped Lis’ face as my orgasm built, then allowed her to kitty kiss me (which is more difficult with a cock buried in my pussy, but she kissed around my mons and licked around my lips) before pulling her up to kiss her and thank her.

Mike and Lis remained downstairs by the fire that night and she teased him for a good while before they finally fucked. Mike toyed with Lis a fair bit during this time and got to fuck, finger and eat her to three orgasms, as well as spending a lot of time caressing her, stroking and kissing her legs and generally telling her she was very cute. Lis played along with the cute schoolgirl role for a while but also played a rather naughty schoolgirl, telling Mike how much she wanted his cock in her and describing how she was going to make him fill her with his cum. Lis remained mostly dressed throughout the whole session and even by the time they had the final fuck (with Mike cumming in her) she still had her blouse on (although open and with her bra pull off of her breasts) and her skirt on (but her panties off). They spooned and Lis rode him but finished off with Mike on top (to keep his cum in her) and lay for a while with him buried inside her and a pillow under Lis’ ass. She even let him kitty kiss her before they went to sleep and Mike spooned up behind her asking if she felt pregnant yet.

Up in Jen’s room, I let Jen and Lucy play with each other and just joined in from time to time. Lucy had a good suck on Jen’s breasts, extracting some of Jen’s milk (she did apologise to MJ, but she was asleep in her cot and didn’t seem to mind). Lucy and Jen scissored for a while and things got quite energetic. I used my fingers to help them both out (frigging them) but allowed them to finish off by just using each other’s cunts to hump against. The usual rules applied with having to carry on after she came until Jen also came. I then took the chance to kitty kiss both of them, loving the way the mixture of their juices tasted and planting myself over Jen’s face to let her eat and finger me. After a couple of minutes of this Lucy said she wanted to finish me off ‘as a thank you for allowing them to visit’ (as if it is a hardship for us) and I was treated to her licking my clit while using one of our vibes in my pussy with the clit attachment pressed up against my ass. Lucy then asked Jen if she would make her cum one last time and lay over her in a 69. It was great seeing Lucy in such a horny mood, but she had one last surprise for the evening and as she came, she squirted out just a little bit of pee into Jen’s mouth (I obviously only found this out afterwards, but Jen really enjoyed it). Lucy then promised Jen that she would get a lot more in the morning and if Jen wanted, she’d be happy to receive a similar payment in return. Jen told Lucy she would hold her to that and we lay chatting while we drifted off to sleep.

Mike ate Lis awake in the morning and then took her doggy style with her half lying on the sofa. They were sufficiently loud that we could easily hear them from upstairs and Lis slipped her school skirt and socks back on to reprise her role as the naughty schoolgirl. From what we heard, she certainly played the part well and repeatedly told Mike what she wanted him to do to her little body, ass and cunt. Jen fed MJ while Lucy and I played (we went into the other room as we try not to fuck in front of the baby) and I then took MJ to let Jen cuddle up with Lucy – although they did more than cuddle and ended up migrating into the bathroom. Once in the shower Lucy knelt in front of Jen and ate her, allowing Jen to pee into her mouth as she came and they then switched round and did the same thing, with Lucy peeing into Jen’s mouth and over her face and body. By the time the two of them cleaned up and left the bathroom, things had gone quiet downstairs so we assumed Mike and Lis had finished so went down to have breakfast. Lis looked quite contented and Mike was happy as he was getting to kitty kiss her while she lay with her ass raised.

Unfortunately they had to leave around lunchtime due to getting a cheap flight back (much faster than the train). Mike was allowed what had become his usual reward (or thanks) for fucking Lis and got to spend about 30 minutes between Lucy’s legs. She let him nuzzle her through her panties, but not to the point of orgasm. While he still desperately wanted to eat her to orgasm, he did get to fuck Lucy with Lis sitting over his face so he wasn’t too put out and after making Lucy cum, Lis quickly jumped onto his cock to allow him to finish off inside her. Jen and I both got to enjoy a final lick from Lis while she lay on her back, letting Mike’s cum soak in to her pussy and we all headed off into town with them and saw them off to the airport.

Over the following week, Mike, Jen and I discussed when it would be time for me to try to get pregnant and decided that we should really wait for Lis first as Mike would want to spend at least some time with her while she was pregnant and that it wouldn’t be fair if he was trying to do that with me at the same time (plus I wasn’t quite ready to come off the pill and limit the opportunities I had to enjoy fucking other guys). We all agreed that we didn’t want too large an age gap between MJ (mini-Jen) and MA (mini-Andi – or mini-Mike if it was a boy) and Mike promised he would do his best to get Lis pregnant as quickly as possible.

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