Thursday, 5 May 2016

Service Station Fuck

 We saw a foreign film where girls from a home were taken to truck stops and sold as prostitutes to the drivers. It wasn’t an explicit film (in the sense that nothing other than breasts were ever visible) and certainly didn’t count as porn, but as regular readers will know, I love the idea of having complete strangers fuck me so I found it quite arousing. Ever since watching the film, I’d had a fantasy of copying what they’d done – apart from charging of course – and letting myself be used by truckers. Naturally I didn’t want to do anything that would actually put me in danger and while Mike is a reasonable size and in fairly good shape, he isn’t a fighter and wouldn’t claim that he’d be able to stop something from happening if a large guy tried to hurt me, so it was a little while before we figured out a way for me to get my fantasy.

Using Alistair (the sex shop manager) as our contact, we managed to find a guy who had a job as a bouncer. In return for ‘certain favours’ he said he would come along with us and stand with Mike (and then obviously intervene should the need arise). We identified a suitable location (a motorway service station with a truck stop that wasn’t too far from where we live) and on a Tuesday evening, after picking up our hired muscle, we set off.

Jen had shaved me earlier that evening and Mike had gone down on me, but not let me cum. This wasn’t really necessary as I definitely didn’t need any help getting horny given what we were about to do, but he liked to think he was helping out! We pulled in to the service station and parked, then after checking the coast was clear (not that we were doing anything actually illegal as we weren’t charging), we wandered over towards the parked lorries and rapped on the front of a few of them until we saw life in one. The guy looked out and then opened his door a little way to ask what we wanted and Mike indicated to me and asked if he was interested. He looked me up and down and asked how much and I literally felt my pussy throb at the thought of being sold as a whore. Mike told him I was a free sample (we hadn’t be able to think of any better way of putting it without explaining it was just a game or fantasy of mine) and the guy asked if we were being serious. I lifted my skirt and caressed my pussy through my panties (one of the rare times I wore them) and told the guy that as long as he used protection, I would suck him or fuck him as much as he wanted. He seemed rather suspicious (I guess you don’t get the offer of a free hooker very often), but indicated for me to climb up, so I did.

As soon as I was in the cab I straddled him and told him I wanted to feel his cock. He shut and locked the door (presumably worried that I was a distraction and that the two guys with me were going to mug him) before turning his attention to me and his hands went straight to my breasts. He massaged them through my top and then quickly slid them under it to squeeze them through my bra. I lifted my arms and he pulled my top off and then leant back and told him to wait a moment while I unhooked my bra. As soon as I slipped it off and tossed it over with my top, his hands immediately returned to my breasts and kneaded them. I made appreciative moaning sounds and ground back and forth against his lap, edging my pussy closer to his crotch as he fondled and then sucked on my breasts and nipples. I asked if he liked them (which he did) and then asked what he wanted to do to me. He said he wanted me to suck him and I said I would but that I wanted him to fuck me as well. He slipped a hand down between my legs so I leant back to give him better access and felt his fingers stroking around my pussy and pressing my panties between my lips. I hissed at him that I wanted his fingers inside me and told him to pull my panties aside. He used his other hand as well and after a bit of tugging, got the crotch pulled out of the way and his fingers pushed into me. I let him work his fingers deeper inside me and leant forwards again so he could suck on my nipples (he seemed to love breasts) and I wasn’t too surprised when he commented on how wet I was as I felt like I could cum incredibly quickly just from what was being done. I moaned lots and told him it felt wonderful, said that he could make me cum as many times as he wanted and told him I couldn’t wait to get his cock in me.

A part of me had hoped he would keep playing with me until I came, that I could then toy with him for a bit and then get him to fuck me so we both came, but I guess the point of a prostitute isn’t for her to get off (although I’m sure many men would find that arousing). He told me to suck him so I crawled off of his lap (and peeled my panties off), then helped him pull his trousers down so I could roll a condom on. He wasn’t the slimmest of guys and had to scooch his ass forwards a bit but once I had access to his cock, I took him in my mouth and enthusiastically bobbed up and down, swirling my tongue around the head, taking him as deep as I could and moaning throughout. I used quite a bit of saliva and got his cock and balls fairly wet, but that was no different than the state of my crotch as I could feel my pussy was still soaking as my ass wiggled around in the air. The guy reached around and stroked my ass and I wished he would finger me, but he either couldn’t reach or was content with just fondling my ass. After sucking him for a while I lifted my head and asked if he would fuck me. He said yes so I clambered over his lap, held his cock against my pussy and slid down onto it. As I humped up and down he fondled my breasts and licked the nipples. I reached down to play with my clit so I could cum as well and told the guy I wanted to feel him cum deep inside me. He slid a bit further down in his seat to make it easier for me to ride him (although I did bump against the steering wheel a couple of times) and he continued to knead my breasts as we fucked. I frigged myself faster and harder, moaning out loud, telling him how I loved his cock and telling him how he was going to make me cum (technically I was doing most of the work in this area, but…). He told him to fuck him harder, called me a whore and told me to let him see me cum. I was more than happy to oblige and frigged myself to orgasm while squeezing myself around his cock.

I was quite a bit louder than I really needed to be as I came but he seemed to enjoy the effect and grabbed me by the hips, guiding me up and down faster and faster as he pushed back against me every time I pushed down and swallowed his cock. I kept telling him that I wanted him to cum and could see that he was quite close. We thrust against each other hard and fast, he said he was about to cum and I repeatedly told him to give me his cum and to enjoy my cunt. He grunted as he came and pulled me hard against him, thrust into me a few more times and then pulled me tight against his cock once more. I contracted myself around him as hard as I could and he said it felt good so I let him suck on my nipples again while I used my pussy to milk as much cum from his cock as possible.

As I climbed off of him he reached for my pussy and pushed a couple of fingers into me so I stood up a bit more, putting my cunt almost at his eye level. He took the hint and explored my pussy with his fingers and I bHe He riefly thought he was going to try and make me cum again but he just pumped a couple of fingers into me for a bit, then withdrew them and wiped them on my thigh.

I climbed over to the passenger seat and retrieved my top, bra and panties but didn’t make any move to put them on. I asked the guy if he would have paid for what I’d just done and he said I’d easily have been worth £50 (that was a bit higher than I’d expected). I spread my legs and caressed my pussy and asked if he’d pay to watch me masturbate (so he could jack off if he hadn’t just cum). Her said he’d probably pay about £20 for that if I was completely naked (I still had my skirt and stockings on, but they didn’t really hide anything). I kept fingering myself and he said he wasn’t going to pay but I assured him that this was still a part of the free sample. I worked my fingers deep into my cunt and frigged my clit with my other hand. I liked the idea of cumming again for him, but also knew that there were potentially other people who I could cum for so after sucking my fingers clean (he really liked that) I opened the door, climbed down to stand with Mike and then put my panties, bra and top back on.

We walked around a few more trucks and the drivers were either asleep or elsewhere (or just not answering). I was beginning to wonder (and worry) if we would find anyone else when a light went on in a truck we hadn’t knocked on yet and a guy stuck his head out of the window and asked if I was available. I wandered over and asked what he had in mind and he said I knew what he meant. I lifted my skirt and asked if he meant ‘this’ while pulling my panties aside and he said yes. I looked back to make sure Mike saw me going in to the lorry and then climbed up. I basically repeated the same thing I’d done with the first guy – let him fondle me, sucked his cock and then fucked him. There were a few differences though – one being that when we fucked he asked me to face away from him so I was looking out the front window and he fondled my breasts and clit. I kept telling him I wanted him to make me cum and he told me that as long as he could cum, I could. I promised I’d keep fucking him and gave him direction on how to rub my clit and he managed to make me cum. Once again I was a fair bit louder than I needed to be and thrust back against his cock and once my orgasm finished I supported myself on the steering wheel and rode his cock faster, slamming back against it with each stroke. He was a bit more vocal than he first guy and moaned a fair bit as his orgasm built. I told him to fuck me and how much I wanted to feel him cum in me and in a similar way to my previous fuck, he grabbed my hips and pulled my against him as he came.

I milked him for a minute before climbing off. He didn’t try to finger me so I just sat on the passenger seat with my legs spread and toyed with myself. He pulled out his wallet and asked how much and I said that it was dangerous to not have agreed a price beforehand. As I smeared my juices over my nipples I asked how much he thought I’d been worth and he suggested £40, offering me two £20 notes. I told him I didn’t fuck for money and that it was free and he said if that was the case that he’d go again. I slipped a couple of fingers back between my pussy lips and told him I’d happily let him use my cunt as many times as he could. I tossed my panties over for him to use to clean his cock with (he’d already pulled the condom off) and I masturbated while he used the panties and then cleaned his hands off with some wipes. I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to get hard again – or if he could, how long it would take, but I’m always willing to help out and had an idea.

I got a couple of wipes from him and cleaned off the gearstick, rolled a condom on to it and told him I’d give him a show to help him get ready. I straddled the gearstick and as I lowered myself I asked if anyone had fucked it before. He said he hadn’t seen anyone do it and I felt the knob press against my pussy. I started to push against it and realised that my skirt was going to get in the way (or I’d have to hold it up to let him watch. I was half-tempted to ask him to tear it off so I’d have to walk back to the car naked from the waist down, but I quite liked it so I quickly clambered back onto the seat and slid the skirt off. I once again crouched over the gearstick and spread my lips, rubbed back and forth against it to coat it in my juices and then slowly pushed down. The knob on the end wasn’t huge, but I felt my lips stretch around it and then close as it slid into me. I humped up and down, slowly working it deeper into my pussy and stroked my clit. I watched as the guy stroked his cock and I told him I wanted him nice and hard by the time I came so we could fuck again. He said that it wouldn’t be a problem and got me to describe to him what I was feeling. I told him how I could feel the texture of the knob through the condom and how my pussy stretched around it. I almost lifted myself off of the gearstick a few times so he could see the knob pulling out and being pushed back in to my cunt. I stroked my clit with a rapid circular motion and let the guy fondle my breasts with his free hand (I told him not to touch my pussy as he might still have his cum on his hands). I told him he could either watch me cum or I’d pounce on his cock when I was close and he said as long as I could cum again for him he wanted to see me fuck his truck. I promised that I’d cum again for him and he asked how many times I could cum. He didn’t believe me that I could cum 20, 30 or 40 times in a day (the latter is a real stretch and takes a concerted group effort) but was willing enough to believe that I could manage three orgasms for him (and he didn’t even know about the other driver I’d cum for).

As my pussy got used to the knob moving up and down inside it I settled into a nice rhythm and synchronised my frigging with my movements. I really wanted to have more people watching me and the thought of my Uni friends (who don’t know about my exhibitionist and nymphomaniac sides) watching me popped in to my head. This worked quite well and I imagined being back in York, somehow doing this in the middle of Uni with everyone I knew standing around watching me. As my fantasy developed, some of my male friends pulled their cocks out to wank and some of the girls reached into their panties to stroke themselves. By the time I came (IRL), my fantasy friends were crowded closely around me and I had cocks and cunts rubbing against my body, cum squirting over me and fingers covered with pussy juice being pushed into my mouth. I came hard and told the guy I couldn’t wait to fuck him. He asked if I needed a break but I just grabbed my bag, fished out a condom, rolled it on to his cock and pulled myself off the gearstick and planted myself on him.

The was an audible squishing sound as I took his cock into me and I told him to fuck me as hard as he wanted. My pussy still felt quite sensitive, but not in a bad way and I was quite certain that I recognised the feeling and that I’d be able to cum again fairly quickly. I wanted to make sure of keeping my promise of cumming again for him so I grabbed a vibe from my bag and held it against my clit. It felt good but the guy said he couldn’t move easily so I quickly climbed off of him and knelt across the cabin with my hands on the passenger seat. He clambered around behind me and pushed back into me, holding on to my hips and pumping away inside me. I pushed the vibe back against my clit and held it in place, continuing the fantasy in my mind while staying in the moment enough to talk to the guy and encourage him to fuck me. In my fantasy I’d moved on to letting the guys fuck me while I was semi-forcefully eating my female friends (they resisted at first but all liked it). I saved the image of eating Jo (one of the first girls I fantasised about when I was being trained to be bi) for my orgasm and I moaned out loud again, telling the guy I loved how his cock felt inside me. More to his surprise than mine, I’d cum before he did but I let him carry on using me and could now concentrate on pushing back against him. He didn’t last much longer and told me he was cumming in me so I flexed myself around him (or tried to, I don’t think it was as effective as it had been earlier in the evening) and let him rest in me briefly before I crawled forwards and pulled myself off of his cock.

I turned around and took hold of his cock, gently took him in my mouth and sucked my juices from the condom. He had produced a little bit of cum, although nowhere near as much as the first time. I told him I was impressed he’d cum again so quickly and he said I’d done better as I’d managed to cum three times. My pussy felt a little tender by this point so I didn’t play with it again but let him use my panties to wipe himself clean again and as we chatted I slipped my clothes back on (minus panties of course). I thanked him for the fun and climbed down to Mike and our hired muscle and confirmed a second success (although I knew they’d probably seen some of what had happened).

We drove our friend home and I thanked him profusely for helping me fulfil my fantasy. I told him he could have some additional ‘payment’ if he wanted and he seemed a little surprised that I was still up for more, but was more than happy to take me up on the offer. Mike headed in to the house with us but waited downstairs while I headed up to the bedroom, stripped off and let the guy fuck me. I knew from our previous sessions that he liked my breasts so let him play with them and used them to give him a partial tit-fuck but made sure that he finished off inside me. When we went downstairs, Mike was talking to the guy that our friend shared the house with and he asked whether we’d actually been doing the things that Mike had told him about. We confirmed that we had (both at the service station and then fucking upstairs) and Mike told the housemate that I’d probably be up for letting him use me if he wanted. The housemate seemed somewhat dubious but when I allowed Mike to lift my skirt and finger me he told me if I was up for it then he’d fuck me. I went back upstairs with him and joked about whether they had anyone else living there as I could just stay upstairs afterwards and wait for them to fuck me, but it was just the two of them.

The session wasn’t really anything special – I knelt and sucked him, let him play with me, spooned with him, rode him and finished off with me bent over the bed and him standing and taking me from behind. I did manage to cum again though so it was enjoyable and I remained naked when I wandered back downstairs afterwards (as they’d both fucked me there didn’t seem much point covering up). We chatted and I told them jokingly that I’d happily let them both fuck me at the same time if they wanted and was pleased to find out that they had actually done this once or twice with girls that they’d brought home. Unfortunately they weren’t as quick to recover as the second driver I’d fucked and they said that they’d probably need to be fairly drunk (I guess to lower their inhibitions and be naked in front of each other) so I promised I’d return sometime and that they could with spit-roast of DP me, depending on what they wanted. Mike whispered something to me and I asked them if they’d prefer it if I brought another girl along as well so they could do us both and watch us play with each other. They’d seen this before too but were more than happy to repeat it so I told them that we’d find someone (knowing full well that Lisa would be the ‘other girl’), but only on the assurance that I’d get both their cocks inside me at the same time.

I only wore my coat for the drive home and occasionally reached over to stroke Mike’s cock. At first this was through his trousers, but I ended up fishing it out and playing with it as he drove. On arriving at our house I briefly sucked him, then let him semi-fuck me up against the car before we went in and relayed the events of the night to Jen. Mike ate me as I told her what had happened and after he’d got me off Jen went down on me while Mike gently fucked and licked her. He saved his cum for me though and once Jen had made me cum, he kitty kissed me until I was ready and we fucked one last time until I came and he came in me. I let his cum leak out of me as we walked upstairs and allowed Jen to sneak a few licks of my pussy as I brushed my teeth. I half expected them to make me cum again, but Mike just spooned with Jen (who cuddled me) and they told me that I’d been a good little whore – even if I hadn’t actually taken any money.

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