Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Vicky’s Return – Part 1

For the last weekend of Nov 2014 Mike and Jen got something they had been looking forward to – a chance to ‘catch up’ with Vicky. We hadn’t seen them (in person) for a few months, with the last time being at Lis and Lucy’s wedding where I’d got to fuck Oscar and Mike and Jen had got to play with Vicky. Following that, Oscar had said he wasn’t sure he was comfortable with Vicky doing things with Mike and Vicky (rightly) responded that it was only fair that if he got to do things with me that she should be allowed to do things with Mike and Jen – although Oscar didn’t mind about Jen! Vicky spoke to us about the situation and we advised that unless both of them were completely sure about things that it would be better not to do anything with anyone else. We were aware that as a couple, Vicky and Oscar really care about each other so certainly didn’t want to be the cause of any friction between them, or worse jealousy and them splitting up.

So for about a month it really looked like our fun with them had ended, but as they lay after fucking one time, it was Oscar who mentioned to Vicky that he wouldn’t mind watching me play with her again. They didn’t have ‘the conversation’ the first few times he brought this up as Vicky thought he just wanted to relive the events and described to him how it felt doing things with me and Jen (and Sue and the girls at the sex parties) to get him in the mood for another round. After the fourth or fifth time he brought it up though, she told him that I’d be more than willing to join them, but that he knew what the price was. Oscar asked her if she really wanted to fuck Mike that much and she again told him that it was only fair, although that he got the better deal out of it as he got to watch her and me fuck, do things with me and also watch Vicky and Jen play with each other. She was quite surprised when Oscar said he might not mind too much if she did things with Mike and she stopped playing with his cock (which she’d already stroked back to life) so they could talk properly. The conversation lasted quite a while apparently but resulted in them having a good fuck after agreeing to try joining us once more for some fun. Oscar still wasn’t keen on actually seeing Vicky do things with Mike but was prepared to let Mike fuck her in return for time with me (and time with Vicky and me). We were obviously all happy when we found this out but advised them to take a bit of time and ensure they were really okay with what was being proposed (mostly from Oscar’s point of view). Only after they had told us over the period of a few weeks that they still wanted to go ahead did we agree (and I got Oscar to ‘beg’ to let me fuck him – although in return I masturbated for him over Skype while Vicky sucked him off) and this led up to our ‘reunion’ being at the end of November.

In order to keep things separate, they had considered staying at a hotel so Mike or I could go there and the relevant other person could come to our house to fuck. In the end they decided that it would be better to test the situation out properly and they came to stay with us. Mike and I left work early and met up with them at the train station (where we also met Jen and MJ). It was a little awkward at first as Mike couldn’t greet Vicky in the way he usually would (by reaching under her skirt and fondling her), but I helped break the ice by doing this in his place and we then turned around (so I was facing the wall) and let Vicky do the same to me. I took Oscar’s arm while Vicky greeted Mike, Jen and MJ. We headed home and had dinner, after which Mike and Oscar headed out for a drink and chat. This gave them a chance to talk ‘man to man’ and they openly discussed whether Oscar was really happy going through with things. Oscar asked how Mike felt about Vicky and Mike answered honestly that he really liked her and thought she was incredibly sexy, but that he wasn’t in love with her – and even if he was that he knew that Vicky was in love with Oscar. They had a couple of drinks together and as things became more relaxed and it became clear to Mike that he was going to get to sleep with Vicky, he pushed Oscar a bit to find out how far he was willing to go. Oscar thought he might possibly be prepared to have a threesome - the ‘bad’ kind (from his point of view anyway, both kinds are good in my opinion), although he thought he;d have to be a bit drunk beforehand.

On the way back to the house Mike texted us and suggested we get started so Oscar could walk in on us and I replied by telling Mike that Jen was already playing with Vicky. Unfortunately MJ was still awake so I couldn’t join them but I had been watching. It had started out with Jen just wanting to play with Vicky’s breasts (Jen loves breasts) and in return Jen had allowed Vicky to directly sample some of her breast milk. I had suggested that Vicky fondle Jen properly while sucking on her breasts and Jen had eagerly spread her legs, allowing Vicky’s fingers access to her pussy. Not to be outdone, Jen stroked and fingered Vicky and when I suggested they strip off and do things properly, neither hesitated (despite knowing they were meant to be waiting to see how the chat between Mike and Oscar went). They were already naked when Mike texted and by the time the guys got back to the house, Jen and Vicky’s faces were buried between each other’s legs in a passionate 69. Oscar wanted to watch and was given permission to join in on the provision that he didn’t touch Jen. Mike knew full well that I wanted to join them and took MJ from me, telling me to ensure Oscar got a good first session and asking me to try and keep Vicky;s pussy free from cum as he wanted to eat her later. I assured Mike that I would be the one getting Oscar’s cum, handed the baby to him and dived into the bedroom while pulling off my clothes.

I gave Vicky’s pussy and ass a few licks before turning on Oscar and taking his cock into my mouth. I guided him in to Vicky’s pussy (getting her to lift her crotch away from Jen’s face first) and got him to pump into her for a minute or so before I sucked him again, getting to taste the juices from deep inside Vicky. I then helped to spread Vicky’s pussy and fingered her while Jen ate her and for completeness did the same to Jen, allowing Oscar to see up into Jen’s pussy. I joined the girls for a little while and helped Jen to eat Vicky, lapping away at both her pussy and ass. Oscar couldn’t take this and ended up pushing into me from behind. I contracted myself around him and told him he could fuck me as many times as he wanted and that I’d take as much of his cum into me or over me as he could produce that weekend. As he fucked me I felt his thumb press against my ass and I pushed back, telling him he could also fuck me wherever he wanted and that I’d happily take a load of him cum in my ass, but that I wanted the first lot in my cunt.

Vicky briefly broke contact with Jen to comment on the fact that I was as lewd as ever but she didn’t have a reply when I pointed out that I’d had my tongue buried in her cunt for the previous couple of minutes and she hadn’t been complaining about it. Vicky came not long after that but kept working on Jen until she came and the two of them continued to kitty kiss each other. I moved up beside them on the bed with Oscar still fucking me from behind and asked if he wanted me to ride him or use any other position. He was happy the way he was as he could watch Jen still licking Vicky while enjoying my pussy and I didn’t mind as he reached around under me to play with my clit. He started using longer strokes (which he knows I like) and I encouraged him to make me cum. As I know he can last a while and he knows I don’t mind being fucked after I cum I didn’t try to hurry my orgasm along, but he didn’t hold back and frigged me in time with his strokes. I looked over and watched as Vicky kissed around Jen’s pussy and I shared a smile with her. As my orgasm approached I edged towards Vicky and told her to kiss me and she leant over and gave me a big wet kiss, pushing her tongue against mine and letting me taste Jen from her mouth. I pushed harder against Vicky’s mouth as I came, moaning into her and making it clear just how much I was enjoying having her boyfriend pumping away inside me and frigging me.

I kissed Vicky the whole way through my orgasm then pulled away to let her resume kitty kissing Jen while Oscar finished off inside me. True to form, he lasted a fair while longer and I wished I’d gone for a second orgasm, but as we were just starting out I wasn’t worried about being too greedy. Jen and Vicky finished with each other and Jen crawled under me to suck on one of my nipples. Vicky spread my ass cheeks to give Oscar a better view of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy and I felt a finger brush back and forth across my ass a few times, causing me to whimper. I was just at the point of asking them to make me cum again when Oscar said he was getting close so I restrained myself and concentrated on pushing back against and contracting myself around his cock, telling him to pump as much cum into me as he could. Vicky reached back and caressed his balls and told me he hadn’t cum for 2 days but that she had teased him a fair bit (as I’d requested) and I promised them both that if he could fill me then I’d make them cum as many times as they wanted over the weekend. Oscar said he’d do his best and kept thrusting into me. I imagined the view from inside my pussy and as he announced he was cumming I pictured jet after jet of thick cum squirting from his cock and coating my insides. He kept moving a fair bit as he came and even though he slowed down considerably, he continued his long strokes in and out of me, occasionally stopping when he was all the way in and trying to push in a bit deeper.

After a minute or so he said he was going to pull out and as he did I held on to my pussy lips and pressed them gently together to keep his cum inside me. I then turned over and lay on my back, getting Vicky to pass me a pillow to place under my ass and I slowly released my lips and dipped a couple of fingers inside myself. I coated my fingers with the cum, smeared it around my lips, rubbed some over my nipples and then sucked my fingers clean. Some cum slowly dribbled out of my pussy and I let it run down over my ass before catching it and smearing it around the whole area. I realised I’d forgotten my manners and asked Oscar if he wanted me to clean him off, at which point he crawled over beside me and let me gently lick his cock. This wasn’t that easy while I was lying down so Vicky took over and sucked him clean properly. When she was done I asked if we could call Mike up so we could chat and Oscar said he wanted to get dressed first. We let him do this but Jen, Vicky and I remained naked and Mike joined us (with a now sleeping MJ in his arms).

He commented that it looked like we’d all enjoyed ourselves and didn’t hide the fact he was staring at my wet pussy and Vicky’s naked body. Mike asked Oscar if I’d performed satisfactorily  (which apparently I had) so Oscar was told he could keep me for the weekend. We chatted some more and I noticed Oscar examining the large photos we had up above the bed. These were shots we’d had taken by a local photographer of Mike’s cock and Jen’s, Sue’s, Lisa’s, Lis’, Lucy’s and my pussies. They’ve been there for long enough now that we’re used to them (although still occasionally look at them while fucking to pretend that the others are there with us). Oscar easily identified my pussy from the line up and when Jen moved around to let him see her pussy he got that one. Vicky identified Lis’ pussy (she dated Lis for a while before Lis ended up with Lucy). From this it was easy enough to guess which was Lucy’s pussy (beside Lis’) and we pointed out which was Sue’s and Lisa’s. Oscar asked if it was really a picture of Sue’s pussy and when I said it was he asked if I really did things with my sister. I told him that I did, but that it was mostly Mike and Jen who fucked her. He clearly wasn’t put off by the thought of me playing with my little sister and asked more questions and while we didn’t tell him everything, I was quite open about the fact that we’d had threesomes (and more) with guys and girls, including Vicky and that we’d done more than a little with each other including making each other cum multiple times.

I liked that the conversation was getting him obviously aroused again and suggested that as it was getting late that we could head off to bed for more fun (reaching over to caress Oscar’s crotch as I said this). This wasn’t entirely a selfish move as I knew that Mike would be desperate to get at Vicky (and that Jen would probably be keen to have another go with her) and I stood to take Oscar to the other bedroom. As I’d been expecting, more of his cum leaked out of my pussy and I let it drip from me and run down my legs before wiping my hand through the moisture and rubbing it properly around my pussy, ass, breasts and face. I let Jen suck some of it off my nipples and she commented that he tasted quite good. Jen then pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy and worked them around inside me to coat them in the cum so she could experience what I meant when I describe it as silky and smooth. She mostly fed the mix of Oscar’s cum and my juices to Vicky, although sucked some of it from her fingers and once I’d stopped dripping, I led Oscar into Mike’s room, pulled his trousers off and told him I expected him to fuck me to at least one more orgasm that night.

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