Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Vicky’s Return – Part 2

As soon as Oscar and I had left Jen’s room, Mike placed MJ in her cot and climbed onto the bed beside Vicky. He asked Jen if he could borrow Vicky for a little while and Jen said she didn’t mind as long as she got Vicky’s breasts against afterwards. Mike kissed Vicky and then guessed that she had been eating Jen. When Vicky confirmed this, he slid a finger between Vicky’s pussy lips and said that he assumed that meant that Jen had been working down there, but that he doubted I would have ignored her so she’d probably been eaten or fingered by both Jen and me. Vicky told him he was half right but that while I’d licked her pussy a little bit, that I’d mostly concentrated on her ass. Mike dipped his finger down to her ass and rubbed back and forth across it while he teased her about how she liked having it licked and telling her she was a naughty girl. Vicky had her hands in his trousers by this point, stroking his cock and just told him that was the way he liked her then asked him to fuck her. Mike told her that she should know better and that there would be no fucking until he’d got reacquainted with her pussy. Vicky said she just wanted him inside her for a bit so he climbed on top and let her guide his cock to her pussy, slid in to her and slowly fucked her as they kissed. Vicky told him that she’d been looking forward to this and Mike whispered to her that he’d been looking forward to *this*, as he slid out and kissed his way down her body. Vicky knows full well what Mike can be like when eating pussy and she begged him not to tease her too much and to let her cum. Mike pointed out he hadn’t even started yet, but then quickly buried his tongue between her lips, swirled it around inside her, sucked on her lips and moved to her clit. Vicky swore and held on to Mike’s head but this didn’t stop him from moving his tongue around the whole area, mostly concentrating on her pussy but occasionally flicking over or spearing her ass.

Jen joined in and played with Vicky’s breasts as well as kissing her. Mike reached over and stroked Jen’s pussy, pointing out that she seemed quite wet and that Vicky would probably clean her off again if she wanted. Jen said that Vicky had already eaten her and Mike asked when the fact that something had already been done had stopped us from doing it again. Vicky said she didn’t care and pulled at Jen who easily gave in and moved around to sit over Vicky’s face. Between licks, Mike told Vicky that she was in the perfect position for Jen to pee over her and Vicky pushed Jen up a bit to reply by saying that she could do the same to Mike. Mike told Vicky she was welcome to do so, but that she’d be a lot better off waiting until Jen was eating her and that it would be less messy if they waited until they were in the shower. Vicky didn’t reply and was moaning into Jen’s pussy so Mike knew she was getting close. He didn’t hurry things along, but didn’t try to tease her too much and just enjoyed her pussy (with side of ass) until Vicky came for him. As Jen hadn’t cum yet, he had ample opportunity to kitty kiss Vicky while she finished Jen off and a couple of minutes after this, Jen climbed down and kissed Mike to taste Vicky and Mike kissed Vicky to taste Jen.

Vicky was still a bit out of breath and told Mike that she was always amazed at just how much he liked eating her (or indeed almost any other girl). Mike told her that he loved her little pussy and would happily eat her as much as she wanted him to – and then acknowledged that he might have to give Jen and me a turn or we’d get jealous. He’d been half-lying on her while they’d chatted, slowly rubbing his cock against Vicky’s body and pussy, slipping slightly into her but not pushing all the way in. Jen curled up against Vicky’s side and reached down to stroke Vicky’s pussy and toy with her clit as they kissed. Jen spread Vicky’s pussy lips but Mike asked her to leave them as he was enjoying the feeling of the head of his cock sliding in and out of her, sometimes popping between her lips in either direction. He commented on how wet Vicky seemed and she said that it was their fault as they wouldn’t stop playing with her. Vicky reached down to Jen’s pussy and said that Jen felt wetter, but not as much as when she’d been pregnant and Mike lamented the loss of the river of Jen juice but (indicating to the sleeping MJ) that he’d got something much better.

Mike slowly worked his cock deeper into Vicky and they fucked as Jen frigged her and kissed them both. Mike teased Vicky and told her to look at the picture of Lis’ pussy as she came but Vicky told him that she’d been doing that while he’d be eating her earlier anyway. Vicky got Mike to describe how things had gone with Lis during their previous visit (she knew that Lis was trying to get pregnant with Mike) so Mike and Jen both described the sessions with Lis and how she’d had her cunt filled with Mike’s cum multiple times. Vicky seemed to get more aroused as she heard this and wrapped her legs around Mike, telling him she wanted to feel the same thing and have him fill her cunt with his cum. Mike said he’d be happy to oblige and had saved some up for her (just as Oscar had been asked to save it for me), which elicited a big smile from Vicky. Their fucking sped up a bit, but not too much until Vicky gently bit Mike’s shoulder and told him she wanted him to fuck her hard. Mike asked if she’d ride him and they rolled over, got comfortable and started pumping against each other faster and harder. Jen still kissed them both and helped caress Vicky’s ass and her nearest leg. Mike told Vicky he’d missed her and she said ‘likewise’, but then said not to tell Oscar she’d said that as she didn’t want him to get jealous. Mike said he didn’t think Oscar would be that jealous as he probably had his cock buried in me again by that point and Vicky said that if that was the case Mike would have to cum twice as much in her. Mike couldn’t promise that, but said he give her everything he could just as soon as she came again for him.

That wasn’t a surprise for Vicky as she knows that a girl cumming is probably the third most arousing thing for Mike (after eating pussy and watching or participating with two girls). She asked if he could withstand a long hard fuck so Mike took hold of her hips and guided her up and down on his cock as he thrust against her. Their movements sped up and their bodies slammed against each other over and over. Vicky moaned and gasped saying it felt good and Mike told her he loved the way her cunt felt around him. He told her he wanted to see her cum and Vicky said she was close but seemed to hang on the edge of orgasm for a while before saying ‘noowwwww’ and panting much more as she came. She kept thrusting against him hard and Mike pushed as deep into her as he could. He came just as her orgasm was ending and pulled her mouth to his so they could kiss deeply as he emptied his cum into her. He held her tightly against him, only letting Vicky move a little until he didn’t feel as sensitive but then let her stay on top, slowly rocking back and forwards as they both felt the moisture seep out of her pussy and make a sticky mess between their crotches. Mike asked Vicky if that was what she’d wanted and she gave him a big kiss and said ‘yes’. He said he’d fuck her again in the morning if she wanted and once he’d recovered could spoon with her but Vicky said she might call on his promise to eat her. Mike said he’d happily spend the night doing that and it would only take a little while for the taste of his cum to disappear and Jen warned Vicky that Mike would indeed spend all night between her legs (or at least a good part of it) – both Jen and I have first-hand knowledge of just how long Mike can spend performing cunnilingus. Jen gave both Mike and Vicky a few licks to clean up some of their shared mess and a little later on Vicky settled for the spooning with Jen spooning up against Vicky’s front. Mike semi-fucked Vicky for a while but with neither of them cumming and then remained hard inside her until she fell asleep.

While Mike and Jen had been playing with Vicky, I’d managed to get another fuck out of Oscar. I’d started off by kneeling in front of him and giving his cock an enthusiastic and wet suck. I’d let him fuck my breasts and we then moved on to the bed where he kissed and licked them while grinding against me and eventually sliding in to me. We ground against each other for a while like this and Oscar got me to describe what it was like fucking my sister. He got very excited when I told him that I could ask her to come along and join in one weekend – assuming of course that Oscar was okay with us all playing with Vicky as well. He really liked this idea (especially as I told him he would probably get Josie (Sue’s girlfriend) as well but as much as he liked the idea of seeing Vicky with four other girls, he said he really wanted to see me and Sue fucking. His cock certainly felt quite hard in me (which I told him) and he asked if he could take my ass. I said he could and got him to climb off of me so I could fetch some lube and returned with a couple of toys as well. I lubed up Oscar’s cock and then placed a large blob of lube on my ass and worked it into me with an anal vibe, then took up the position (on all fours) and told him I was ready. He eased in to me, a little at a time and between us we worked a good length of his cock into me before he started fucking me. At this point I pushed a vibe into my pussy and pressed it up against the wall between my pussy and ass so Oscar could feel it.

I asked him if he got to fuck Vicky’s ass often and he said it happened occasionally but not too frequently. I described to him how wonderful it felt having both my holes filled and that if he was up for it I’d happily let him and Mike DP me and that I was sure that Vicky would be happy to ‘let’ them do it to her as well (Oscar knows she’s had both types of threesomes before – and technically all three types as she’s done things with two other girls). He didn’t seem quite as keen on this as he had been on doing things with Sue and me so I didn’t push it and just enjoyed the feeling of him fucking my ass. I contracted around him a few times and he returned the favour by playing with my clit. I warned him I wouldn’t last long with him in my ass, the vibe in my cunt and his fingers on my clit but he said it wasn’t important as I could cum so many times. I challenged him to make me cum twice and he accepted this, easily getting me off once by just continuing what he was doing and then easing off on my clit and waiting for a little while (but still steadily fucking my ass). He cheated for my second orgasm and used one of our vibrating eggs on my clit. He got me to describe the things Sue and I had done (again) and asked when I’d next be seeing her. I told him it would probably be Christmas (unless we got them to visit beforehand, which seemed very appealing right at that point in time) and confirmed that Mike Jen and I would almost certainly all fuck Sue (and her girlfriend Josie) multiple times. Between the stimulation and the thought of my tongue sliding back between Sue’s lips I could feel another orgasm building and told Oscar this. He said he was getting close so I told him to cum whenever he wanted, as long as he could stay hard inside me long enough for me to cum. It was as pointless saying this to him as it would have been saying it to Mike as he was just as determined that I’d cum before he did. He didn’t have to wait long though and I came while picturing Sue and I doing things with Oscar wanking over us and covering us with his cum. Oscan came only a short time after I did and told me my ass felt wonderful and we curled up together to doze off to sleep with him asking me more about fucking Sue.

Mike went down on Vicky in the morning and after making her cum he then licked at Jen while Jen had a turn eating Vicky (she started off by kitty kissing her). He then fucked Vicky while she 69ed with Jen but they were interrupted by MJ waking up. Jen said she would go and feed her but Mike pulled out of Vicky and told the two of them to carry on and he’d take care of the baby (but warned Vicky that he’d want her later – not that she was opposed to that in any way). I’d woken Oscar in a similar way and after sucking him I rode him until he came in me and I let him watch as I fingered his cum out of me and spread it over my body.

Oscar and I had actually finished by the time Mike went downstairs with MJ and I wandered out naked to join him. Oscar put trousers on and followed me (Mike had a dressing gown on in respect of Oscar’s wishes, plus he doesn’t like carrying MJ while he’s naked and has an erection). Mike mentioned that Vicky was still playing with Jen and Oscar asked if he could go up and watch (and was told yes). Mike and I prepared breakfast and fed MJ while he was gone and once we were ready (and assuming that Jen and Vicky would have finished, or told us otherwise) we called them down to eat. Mike was hard again by this point, but it wasn’t really his fault as I’d decided to suck his cock clean of Vicky’s juices. Over breakfast I teased Oscar about his fascination with Sue and how he’d adapted fast enough that he was no longer content just having a threesome but wanted to bring my little sister into it as well. Vicky teased him about whether he also wanted to fuck her older or younger sisters and Mike warned him that it was obviously a trick question and that there was no safe answer. I rescued Oscar and said it was unfair that Vicky had got to play with Sue but that we hadn’t got to play with either of her sisters (or her brother) and Vicky said that she had no problem with Mike, Jen or me doing things with them, she just didn’t want to do things with them – or have Oscar do things with them.

Jen rubbed a little jam onto one of Vicky’s nipples and as she sucked it off she teased Vicky and said she was sure if Alex (her older sister) was sucking her lick this that it would feel just as good. Vicky denied this but let Jen keep licking her and spread her legs to let Jen’s fingers find their way back to Vicky’s pussy. Mike whispered to me and asked if I thought Sue would mind us showing some of the pictures – I said that she probably wouldn’t but that we should ask her so Mike disappeared and quickly Skyped her. After a number of rings she answered and he’d clearly woken her up but Sue didn’t mind too much as it isn’t unknown for us to call her first thing in the morning and is usually because we want to play and watch her play with herself (or with Josie). Mike explained the situation to her and Sue was a little surprised that we’d told yet another about her, but Vicky knew anyway (from personal experience) and we’d agreed earlier in the year that we weren’t going to hide things as much so she didn’t really care. Sue said she also didn’t mind if we showed the pictures and videos of her and Josie was convinced to say yes (with the promise of Sue doing whatever she wanted for a day). Of course Mike was told that he now owed Sue payment for this and he said he’d do his best to make it up to her.

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