Saturday, 21 May 2016

Vicky’s Return – Part 3

When he returned, Jen had finished with Vicky’s nipples but was still idly fondling her pussy and Mike told her not to hog Vicky as it was his turn next. He then told us that Sue was okay with it and asked Oscar if he wanted to see any of the videos of Sue doing things with us. Oscar jumped at the chance and we moved to the living room while Mike started up the media PC. We let Oscar see the full set of pictures of Sue from the professional photoshoots first, starting with the ‘tasteful’ nudes, then moving on to the explicit ones and close-ups of her pussy (the one we got made into a print was just the best one). As we were showing him Sue it only seemed fair to let him see the pictures of Jen and me and I openly stroked myself at the sight of him enjoying seeing the close-ups of me. Vicky asked if we could see the shots of Lis and Lucy but we said no as we didn’t have their permission (and I couldn’t imagine Lucy being happy about Lis’ ex-girlfriend seeing either her or Lis naked). Oscar knew what Lis looked like from Vicky’s own photos of her – some of these being nude, but he was more concerned with getting to the videos so our refusal to show the pictures wasn’t really an issue.

We started off gently with a short clip of Sue and I sitting beside each other on the sofa (the same one we were all currently sitting on) masturbating ourselves. I mirrored what I was doing in the video and when Sue and I kissed each other, I turned and kissed Jen and then Oscar. The next clip had Sue and I masturbating each other. We were still sitting beside each other on the sofa, with our legs drawn up to expose our pussies and we started off by stroking and frigging each other, but moved on to fingering each other and turning to face each other so we could kiss. We didn’t cum in that clip but the next one had us scissoring (with a dildo shared between us) and there were some explicit close ups of us mashing our cunts together as well as longer shots showing both of our bodies and faces as our orgasms approached and then hit us.

My pussy was soaked by this point and I made Oscar aware of this by pulling his hand to it. He didn’t stop me as I fished his cock out and I took him in my mouth while still watching the TV with one eye. Vicky seemed to decide that for fairness, she was allowed to do the same to Mike and started sucking him and Mike put on a video of Sue and I taking turns kneeling in front of each other eating the other person and then another one of us 69ing on the rug by the fire. Despite having fucked not long ago, Oscar’s cock felt rock hard in my mouth and I was looking forward to getting it back inside me. As Sue and I came in the video, I pulled away and asked him if he was ready to fuck. He eagerly followed me upstairs and as we left Mike crawled down between Vicky’s legs to eat her (it was Jen’s turn to look after MJ). The two of them migrated upstairs to Jen’s room (with Mike sliding in to Vicky multiple times on the way up the stairs) and they fucked as Oscar and I did the same.

I showered with Oscar and was surprised when Mike went in to the shower alone, but all was made clear when Jen said that she had already reserved Vicky to shower with her. Oscar was invited in to watch (the benefits of having a clear shower curtain) as Jen knelt and licked at Vicky then received the contents of Vicky’s bladder as she came. As with pretty much all of our ‘traits’, Oscar also knew about this one in advance – as well as the fact that Vicky participated fully, but he was still enthralled to watch as Vicky swapped placed with Jen, ate her and continued doing so as Jen peed over Vicky’s face through her orgasm. They washed each other down thoroughly before leaving the shower and Oscar asked Vicky if she wanted him to do that to her. Vicky said that she only really did it because Jen liked it so much but if it was something he really wanted to try then she would. Jen asked to be present should they decide to try it as her pee fetish is sufficiently strong that she gets off on watching other people do it (although not as much as doing it herself or having it done to her).

It was quite cold out so even though we all wore skirts (apart from Mike and Oscar), we wore thick stockings. We could of course have worn tights (or even trousers) but that would have spoiled the fun and Oscar enjoyed Vicky being out without panties on (which she did occasionally but not as a matter of course). We had a fun time sitting and showing ourselves off – mostly to Oscar and Mike, but we managed to flash a number of guys either by sitting and letting them ‘accidentally’ see up our skirts or by bending over to pick things up and letting our skirts ride up to give them a really good view from behind. We debated taking them to our usual sex shop to let Vicky try out the sybian but were at the wrong end of town and couldn’t be bothered walking back (not that a sybian orgasm isn’t worth the effort, but we were feeling the cold). We joked about pooling our money to buy our own one and I said I was sure I knew a number of other girls who’d be willing to chip in, but then we’d have the problem of where it would live (with us obviously!). We discussed what it would be like to have a sybian at one of the sex parties in York and how every girl could ride it for as long as she could take it, creaming over it multiple times while the guys came over us and leaving the whole thing soaked in a mixture of cum and pussy juices (that I’d be happy to coat myself in before leaving the party).

I wanted at least one orgasm in town though and Vicky was kind (and adventurous) enough to join me in a changing room. She said she didn’t need to cum, but she still stripped off with me and we kissed and fingered each other. She then stood behind me and reached around to fondle my breasts and kiss my neck (she knows I like this) while using my lipstick vibe on my clit (it’s sufficiently quiet that it was safe, but also not incredibly strong so it took a little while and I ended up fantasising about Sue again). I came but it didn’t do much to satisfy my desire – we couldn’t stay in the changing room any longer though so got dressed and re-joined the others to head home. As I was still feeling horny I took Oscar’s hand and placed it in my lap on the bus ride home, then pushed it up under my skirt and hissed at him to finger me. He tried to do this but it was an awkward position so I lifted my ass from the seat and got him to slide his hand under me. From this angle he could easily get his fingers into me and while there wasn’t any pressure on my clit (so I knew I wasn’t going to cum), I enjoyed being fingered in public and when I stood up and Oscar withdrew his hand, his fingers were clearly coated in my juices.

Given Oscar had primarily wanted to visit again to see (and participate) with Vicky and me, I propositioned her when we got home and asked if she would fuck me by the fireplace. She thought that this sounded like a good way to warm up so as Mike built the fire, Vicky and I stripped each other off, kissed stroked and licked almost every part of each other’s bodies (apart from feet – I know some people really like that but I don’t get that particular fetish) and settled down on the sheepskin rug to pleasure each other properly. Jen asked Oscar if we should record the session and that they’d obviously be given a copy of the video. We assured them that nobody else would see it without their permission and as we had just refused to let them see Lis’ and Lucy’s pics and vids they believed us (plus Vicky knows and trusts us anyway). Mike quickly fetched his camera and set it up on a tripod to catch most of the action and we settled down to play with each other.

We didn’t do anything particularly special, just kissed, fondled and scissored for a while, both with and without a dildo (Oscar asked us to repeat what he’d seen Sue and me doing in the video). Mike got some close-ups of us and Jen joined in for a while as an added bonus for Oscar (fully aware that she would be part of his masturbatory material or at least used when he and Vicky were fucking (Jen may not be an exhibitionist to the same degree I am, and she is certainly gay but she still enjoys the power that her body and sexuality has over men). Jen and I double teamed Vicky for a while, kissing and stroking various parts of her body while fingering her. I ate Vicky while Jen rode her face and Jen and I then ate Vicky and rimmed her. Mike got a good shot of the three of us as Vicky came (Oscar got to choose this) and he opted for a close up of my face as I came. For Jen’s orgasm he wanted her eating Vicky so they 69ed, allowing Jen’s expression of joy to be captured while still seeing her lapping at Vicky’s cunt.

Needless to say, Oscar was ready to fuck again by the time we finished but he appreciated the fact that I wanted to try and get as much cum out of his as possible so agreed (or at least didn’t object) when I said I’d play with him for a bit but that he couldn’t cum just yet. I sat on his cock (facing away from him) and Vicky knelt and licked us both while he reached around and fondled my breasts. We had a nice relaxed chat as if nothing was happening and Mike asked Oscar if he could play with Vicky at the same time. Oscar told him to go ahead so Mike knelt behind Vicky and stroked her pussy, then got her to kneel on all fours so he could slide into her. Jen had remained naked after playing with Vicky and me and I suggested that we all have dinner in the nude but Oscar said he wasn’t quite there yet (although he didn’t seem bothered by the fact he was fucking me in front of Mike who was fucking his girlfriend). I told him he was no fun and just a prude, but kept slowly riding him and told him he could make it up to me later on with his cum. Vicky lapped at my clit faster and I warned her I’d cum if she kept going – so she did, and I did. Mike asked Vicky how she wanted to cum and she said he didn’t need to make her cum, but that wasn’t what he’d asked. He gave Jen a say in it (asking if she wanted to take care of Vicky) but she said she’d do that later and he could finish her off if he wanted. We made Mike and Oscar promise not to cum and Vicky carried on licking me until I came while Mike fucked and frigged her until she came. I felt we were quite a bit closer to playing ‘properly’ and once Mike had pulled out of Vicky and I pulled myself off of Oscar, I sucked Mike clean and Vicky took care of cleaning Oscar’s cock of my juices. She somewhat patronisingly congratulated him for fucking in front of Mike and he pointed out that he couldn’t really see Mike as I’d been in the way.

As we made dinner (with Vicky, Jen and I still naked) we chatted to Oscar about his attitudes to gay sex – not in an accusatory way as he isn’t homophobic, he’s just a bit more on the hetero end of the spectrum than Mike. For his part, Mike explained how he didn’t really have any interest in men (he’s fairly hetero as well), but that he’d experimented a little over the years, had allowed guys to give him handjobs and blowjobs, had fucked a guy and would now (relatively) happily lick a girl who had a guy buried inside her (although admittedly not quite in the same way I would where I’d lick up and down the shaft of the cock as well). Oscar said he’d be willing to try a spit roast later but wasn’t quite ready for DP yet and that even then this was still dependent on him being drunk enough to go through with it. Both Vicky and I teased Oscar quite a bit as we ate, telling him how much we wanted to feel two cocks inside us. As Oscar came round to the idea (or possibly just resigned himself to it) he was given the choice of whether he wanted to fuck the mouth or the cunt. I told him I didn’t care which he used and that I just wanted to feel his wonderful cum shooting into my body again. It became apparent that both Vicky and I wanted to be the pig being roasted and while manners should have meant that Vicky got to have priority (as our guest), I *really* wanted them both inside me at the same time. I started off by challenging Vicky to see who could cum the most over dessert and they would win the cocks. This was deemed unfair though as I can cum far more times than she can so we switched to bartering and after promising her that Mike and Jen would make her cum all night I told her I would visit and pleasure her for as long as she wanted on a weekend of her choosing. In the end I agreed to be her little slut for a weekend and follow whatever instructions she gave me and this was enough to secure the right to have my husband and her boyfriend fuck me together.

We still had the matter of dessert to get through though and Vicky, Jen and I took turns lying on the table with strawberries, cream and crushed meringues smeared over our breasts and pussies to be licked clean. Oscar wasn’t allowed to lick Jen (but I don’t think he minded too much as eating pussy isn’t really his thing).  He was given a special dispensation though and Vicky fed him strawberries that had been rubbed over and pushed into Jen’s pussy, which is more than most guys get to do. Mike, Jen and I were much more enthusiastic though and we were each eaten to orgasm with Oscar sucking on Vicky’s and then my nips as we came. The guys weren’t entirely left out and we poured some of the cream over their cocks and crushed some strawberries onto them before licking and sucking them clean. They weren’t allowed to cum though as the aim was to just tease them in preparation for fucking me. We all washed ourselves down before moving on to the fucking but before Jen showered, MJ was given a treat and allowed to feed from Jen’s strawberry and cream flavoured breasts. Vicky then held MJ while Jen showered and Mike was going to warn Oscar that Vicky might start wanting babies if she held MJ too long, but decided not to spoil the mood as I was keeping Oscar ‘interested’ while we waited for Jen.


  1. Was also like Oscar when wife and I entered the lifestyle. But over many years curiosity and horniness took over and experienced more and more things with guys till I realized it's all just pleasure.

    1. I get that some guys don't like doing things with guys (and similar for some girls with girls - or guys with girls...) - each to his/her own (although I enjoy being able to get/give pleasure to/from anyone).