Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Vicky’s Return – Part 4

I decided not to be quite as greedy and told the guys that if they could promise to hold out that they could spit-roast Vicky first. Vicky said she’d like to give it a quick try but would wait until they could fuck her properly before having a ‘real’ go (meaning she didn’t intend to cum). I found this a bit odd as if I’d been in her position I’d have happily accepted the opportunity to cum around their cocks, even if they weren’t going to cum in me. I didn’t really care though and told Vicky it was her choice and she knelt on the rug, let Oscar slide into her cunt and took Mike in her mouth. Mike moved back a little so she could get the right length of his cock in as she rocked back and forth without choking and I watched as Vicky enjoyed the sensation of two cocks being inside her. I half expected her to change her mind and ‘let’ them make her cum, but she showed remarkable restraint and pulled back from Mike after a minute and asked them to switch round. She let them use her for another couple of minutes with Mike in her cunt and Oscar in her mouth before pulling away and saying it was now my turn to enjoy them.

I eagerly took her place and we started off with Mike in my pussy and Oscar in my mouth. They both fucked me eagerly (a little too eagerly in Oscar’s case as he pushed in a bit too far, but he pulled back when I gagged). Vicky helped out and played with my clit, which made me realise that I should have done that for her and we would have made her cum whether she’d wanted to or not. It was too late to worry about that now though and I was in no doubt that Mike and Jen would ensure Vicky was sufficiently satisfied later on that night anyway so stopped worrying about it and just enjoyed the sensations. Mike said that now Vicky was helping that they should make me cum at least once with his cock in my cunt and once with Oscar buried there. I murmured an ‘uuh-huh’ as a sign on agreement (not that my opinion would have mattered much) and pushed back against him to get him deeper into me. Vicky used her other hand to fondle my breasts and I wanted to reach over and play with her pussy, but needed both hands on the ground to hold me up. As my orgasm built I imagined both Mike and Oscar cumming in me, their cum pumping out in jets, filling my body and meeting in the centre (Mike’s anime may have influenced this image). I humped back hard against Mike and sucked furiously on Oscar as my orgasm pulsed through me. It felt incredible (as in better than usual) and Vicky kept frigging me gently as my orgasm faded which seemed to help make it last longer.

I pulled away from Oscar to tell them how good it had felt and Mike pulled out of me (at which I whimpered a little cry) and I was left kneeling on all fours on the rug, catching my breath. Mike went upstairs but reappeared almost immediately with a couple of toys and I told them I didn’t think I’d need any help cumming again as I’d have the added help of knowing Oscar was going to actually be cumming in me. Mike said that it couldn’t hurt to use them and if they were going to try and make me cum then they should go all out. I rolled onto my side and described how strong the previous orgasm had been, but that just led to them saying that the next one had to be stronger and I told them that they were more than welcome to try and if they could make me cum hard enough to pass out that I’d be a very happy girl (providing as long as I got to feel enough of the orgasm first anyway). Vicky kindly helped out by 69ing and kitty kissing with me to help me prepare for the proper spit-roast. I offered to make her cum but Jen said Vicky’s next orgasm was hers so I just teased her. Oscar slipped back inside me so Vicky could lick him at the same time as me and just before Vicky and I broke apart, Mike slid into Vicky to get his cock coated with her juices (for me to suck off later). I got Oscar to slide into Vicky one last time so he could fuck her juices into me in advance of his cum and I then took up the same position I’d been in earlier and told the guys I was ready for them.

Oscar slid into my waiting pussy and I had to tell Mike to stop licking Vicky and kneel in front of me. I took him in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and flicked it repeatedly across the underside. He said it felt good and I contracted myself around Oscar’s cock as I started rocking back and forth in time with Oscar’s thrusts. Vicky knelt beside me again and toyed with my clit but this time she also applied some tingle gel to my clit and nipples. I could see the anal vibe lying there and just waited for Mike to tell her to add some of the gel to it and once she’d done this she handed it to Oscar who turned it on and pressed it against my ass. I relaxed and it slid into me easily (it’s quite slim) and once again settled down to enjoy the multiple stimulatory sensations. Vicky didn’t use too much pressure on my clit and we fucked for quite a while like this. I could feel y orgasm slowly building but it didn’t feel frustrating as I didn’t want what we were doing to end. Mike said that the way I was sucking him felt really good and I briefly broke contact with him to ask Vicky if she minded if I took a load of his cum. Vicky said she had wanted to fuck him once more that night but he promised her he would manage to do so and this satisfied her.

I know how to read Mike fairly well in terms of arousal but still not so much with Oscar so told him to let me know when he was getting close. As I no longer had to hold back with Mike I sucked faster on the head of his cock (and some of the shaft, but he likes having the head licked and sucked)
as I pushed back harder against Oscar. I felt him pushing on the end of the anal vibe, moving it around slowly inside me and knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Vicky commented on the fact that I felt very wet and that her fingers were coated with my juices. I could feel my saliva running down my chin as I sucked Mike and tried to tell her that I was wet as it felt so good, but didn’t want to break contact with Mike’s cock so just hummed around it to agree with her. Oscar said he was getting close and I flicked my tongue rapidly on the underside of the head of Mike’s cock to try and speed him up. In my mind I still had the fantasy of them both cumming as I came and filling my body with their cum and as I concentrated on it I could feel my own orgasm building a bit too quickly but decided to stop holding back and just enjoy it again. It was nowhere near as strong this time but that allowed me to concentrate on pleasing the guys as I came so it wasn’t too long after I’d cum that Mike announced he was about to cum and I felt his cum pulse into my mouth. Oscar followed suit a minute or so later and pushed deep into me. I contracted myself around him and pictured his cum pumping into my pussy while pushing back hard against Oscar and gently sucking on Mike.

Mike pulled out first, allowing me to let out a long ‘aaahhhh’ and when Oscar pulled out I remained kneeling but put my knees together and remained in that position while his cum slowly dribbled out of my pussy and ran down my thighs. As expected, he hadn’t produced that much cum so I wasn’t soaked but he’d still made enough that when I finally stood up, another few drops leaked out and ran down my legs. I massaged this over my thighs, pussy and mons and thanked the guys for their cum. Vicky commented once more on how much I seemed to have enjoyed myself and asked Oscar if he was willing to repeat that with her. He said that he would (just obviously not straight away) and Vicky told him he was the best boyfriend ever.

Mike got me to sit facing the sofa with my legs spread and slowly finger myself. Oscar was briefly surprised that I still wanted to play but then remembered that I can cum almost endlessly (as far as practicality and time allow anyway - unless people are making a concerted effort, in which case I can be beaten). Mike suggested I use some toys to put on a show but Jen went one better and said we should use some of the beer bottles. Mike quickly rinsed a couple of these out (you don’t want yeast in certain places) and smeared some tingle gel on to them. He handed one to me and one to Vicky and Jen complained about being left out. While Mike prepared another bottle, Jen headed upstairs and put MJ down to sleep then returned and immediately took the offered bottle and slid it in to herself. The three of us sat fucking ourselves until Jen reminded Vicky that she had reserved Vicky’s next orgasm so Jen took over moving the bottle in Vicky and also frigged Vicky’s clit. I eased off slightly with my bottle play as I watched them and enjoyed how much Jen seemed to be enjoying playing with Vicky. For once Jen wasn’t distracted by Vicky’s breasts and just concentrated on her cunt and clit. I didn’t want Jen to miss out so I pulled the bottle from my own cunt and ran it up and down Jen’s lips. Jen pushed back and the neck slipped in to her and Oscar now had the choice of watching Jen’s little cunt being bottle fucked or the same being done to Vicky but with the occasional addition of Jen’s tongue.

Vicky was obviously enjoying herself and I wanted Jen to feel just as good so I used my juices to lubricate a finger and circled it around Jen’s ass. I didn’t really probe her with it, but pressed against her ass a number of times and got a few whimpers from Jen as I did this.                Jen was happily mewing away by the time Vicky came and she kitty kissed Vicky while I used the bottle to fuck her and my fingers to frig her to her own orgasm. I made a show of sucking the bottle clean of her juices and then reached over to do the same with the bottle that had been used in Vicky. Jen and Vicky kissed for a while and I crawled over to kneel between Oscar’s legs and gently fondled his cock. He didn’t seem quite ready to get properly hard again but he wasn’t completely limp and I told him I was looking forward to having him fuck me again that night.

I was rewarded for helping out with Jen and was dragged back over to the rug, pushed onto my back and had a bottle pushed in to my cunt. Vicky joined in as well and frigged my clit but Jen told her I deserved more than that and handed the other bottle to Vicky and told her to use it in my ass. I relaxed and allowed her to slide the neck in and then enjoyed the sensations as they pumped the bottles in and out of both of my holes. I saw that Mike was recording the session and he said it was a bonus gift for Oscar to take away so I told the girls to make sure they did a good job and showed off as much as possible (of me). I felt them spreading my lips, exposing my clit and spreading my ass cheeks to give various views and Mike got a few close-ups as well as full-body shots. I had tingle gel smeared over my clit, pussy, ass and nips and Oscar was invited to help out by fondling various parts of me and having a turn at using each of the bottles to fuck me. I got him to kneel beside my head and guided his cock into my mouth. He was no longer just semi-hard and I knew I’d almost certainly get him inside me again that night but for the time being I just concentrated on sucking him. I had vibes used on my clit and nipples and moaned that I couldn’t hold out much longer althoughI could have if I’d tried but as my capacity to cum has increased I now don’t hold back as much as it’s more fun to just cum.

Having said that, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be allowed to actually cum as Mike and Jen still like teasing me and getting me close but then pulling back. That can lead to incredible orgasms (as well as the occasional very disappointing one) but this time Jen just went for the kill and kept stimulating me as my orgasm built and I came. I swore, moaned and panted – partially for the camera but mostly out of actual enjoyment. Vicky eased off on my clit as my orgasm faded, but they kept pumping the bottles into my pussy and ass and Oscar kept using the vibes on my nipples. After a couple of minutes Jen pulled the bottle in my cunt out and went down on me. It was a bit more intense than kitty kissing, but not ‘proper’ eating. Mike had a go next and kitty kissed me, followed by Vicky and finally Oscar. He was instructed to eat me properly and concentrate on my clit while Jen and Vicky took turns sitting over my face and I had to switch between kitty kissing and eating them on demand. Oscar had a quick break from eating me to give me a quick fuck but went back to using his mouth to finish me off and I came again with his tongue flicking over my clit, his fingers buried in my and the other beer bottle still in my ass. This orgasm was much sharper and not as pleasant as my previous ones but I dutifully thanked everyone for making me cum and told them that I was, as ever, their little fuck-toy and would do whatever they wanted to pleasure them (or would let them pleasure me).

We sat round drinking and chatted and I suggested that Vicky should join me for the sex show that I occasionally do. Oscar wasn’t too keen on this idea as he said he didn’t like the idea of 8-12 strangers fucking his girlfriend. I suggested that Vicky could just join in for the lesbian section and that I (possibly along with Sue, Julia or whoever else I got to join in) would take the guys and then suggested that Oscar could be a part of the pre-orgy part of the show. He said he wasn’t brave enough to fuck in front of an audience and I told him this was a pity as I’d love to have his cock buried in my, fuck him energetically, have him cum over me and then massage his cum into my body while everyone watched.

I spent the rest of the evening moving between Oscar, Mike, Vicky and Jen, caressing, licking and sucking them. I wasn’t the only one doing things to other people as Mike licked at Vicky, Jen and me and Oscar played with both Vicky and me. Jen and Vicky played with each other a bit but were mostly content with letting the rest of us tease them and by bedtime my pussy felt like it had fully recovered from its earlier punishment and it was clear that we were all heading upstairs for another proper fuck.

We didn’t even make it to bed before things started as there was a fair bit of fondling in the bathroom while people washed and brushed their teeth. Jen sat on the toilet and peed in front of everyone while gently stroking her clit and occasionally bringing her fingers to her mouth to suck them clean. Jen and I both fondled Vicky and I toyed with Oscar’s cock to ensure it remained hard and got him to briefly fuck me as I leant against Jen. As a final show of lewdness, I wiped my toothbrush against Vicky’s pussy and then against mine and Jen’s before using it to brush my teeth and told Oscar that now he could imagine he was eating all of us when we kissed. Oscar then remained with me in the bathroom while Mike, Jen and Vicky said goodnight and went into Jen’s room.

Mike pushed Jen onto the bed and buried his face in her pussy, licking her clean and preparing her for Vicky (Jen likes having this done instead of wiping after she pees). Vicky then took over and ate Jen while Mike took Vicky from behind and they then switched position so Mike could eat Vicky while she carried on eating Jen. The girls then scissored for a bit, grinding their pussies together and trying to get as much pressure on their clits as they could. Naturally Mike helped out and caressed various parts of their bodies, then concentrated on their nipples (Mike isn’t a breast man, but he knew both Vicky and Jen are, both in the giving and receiving sense). Mike told Vicky that he intended to eat and fuck her before she would be allowed to go to sleep and she warned him she might not have the energy to cum that many more times (being well aware that Jen intended to make her cum at least once). Mike assured her that she would cum, even if she did it in her sleep and Vicky said that sounded like a nice idea. Mike accepted the challenge and told her that instead of eating her awake in the morning, he would try and eat her to orgasm without waking her (it’s possible as both Jen and I have had this done multiple times.

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