Tuesday, 7 June 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 1

We knew that this would probably be one of our last sex parties as the age difference between us (not so much Jen, but definitely for Mike and a little for me) and the students was getting too great. I’m not claiming that Mike had any issues with fucking sweet, innocent 18 year old girls (although while some of the girls that came to the parties were sweet, they were hardly innocent), we just thought we should stop before things became a bit too creepy. We weren’t quite ready to give up yet though and as Mike had been to the last party, it was my turn to enjoy an orgy. Even better was the fact that now Jen had spent a night away from MJ (when we’d gone to visit her Uni friends), she was coming too and I was looking forward to seeing her let go and be pleasured by multiple girls (providing I got a turn as well of course!).

We decided it wasn’t fair for both of us to ask to stay with someone so got a room in the Park Inn as a late deal and headed down quite early on the Friday. We did this to allow us to maximise our enjoyment there as we generally try to not cum on the Saturday before the party (after the early morning fuck anyway) so at least this way we’d have a sensible amount of time to do things on the Friday.

We travelled down by train and both wore panties for the journey, but the sets with the mini vibrating eggs built in to them. Both Jen and I had remote controls (that operated the eggs in both our panties) and this allowed us to tease each other but for either of us to turn them off if we got too close to cumming. We’d hoped to have enough space to ourselves on the train to be able to play with each other openly (possibly using fingers and tongues as well as the vibes) and while it was relatively quiet, there were still too many people around for us to find a sufficiently secluded space to reveal ourselves properly. We did manage to sit and show our crotches to each other while taking turns at getting ourselves as close to cumming as we could before one of us turned the eggs off. This turned out to be quite dangerous as Jen got noticeably wet – to the extent that there was a large damp patch on her panties and she moved over to sit beside me and whisper in my ear about how much she wanted to cum and how she’d happily stand for everyone to watch as she masturbated and then peed herself as she came. She slid a hand up my thigh so I did the same to her and then told her to get something out of her bag so I could play with her properly. She knew what I meant and stood facing away from me, bent forwards as she rummaged through her bag and I slid my hand under her skirt, my fingers into her panties and buried at first two and then three fingers inside her. She was certainly wet and she pushed back against my hand, allowing me to get my fingers as far into her as I could and I then held the crotch of her panties aside as I withdrew them so Jen could sit back down and watch as I sucked my fingers clean (she helped with this).

We considered giving in and allowing ourselves to cum, but by this point we were about halfway there so decided to try and hold out – or at the very least get ourselves into an even hornier state so we’d enjoy our train orgasms even more. A number of rounds of cum-chicken (seeing who could get closest without actually cumming) later, and Jen was even more desperate to cum, but still sufficiently stubborn to not be the one to give in. I’m not claiming that I was the paradigm of self-control by this point as my own pussy was soaked and all I could think about was allowing myself to cum. At one point I even threw caution to the wind and unbuttoned my dress up to my crotch, spread my legs and buried two fingers in my cunt and one in my ass while rubbing the vibe against my clit. I only just stopped before I came and had to hold the panties away from my crotch while asking Jen to turn the vibe off. At first Jen accused me of cumming as she said it looked like my pussy was pulsing, but she said she could see from my face just how frustrated I was so she believed me that I hadn’t cum.

We had a little break when the train stopped at a station and someone joined us on our section of seating. We considered moving but decided against it and via text we discussed how close to cumming we could get with our new arrival not being aware of it. It turns out that his presence didn’t make much difference (other than no longer being able to use fingers) and we each got quite close to cumming a few more times. I decided to change things up for the last part of the journey and on the way back from a quick trip to the bathroom I turned my vibe on while out of range of Jen. I sat down and enjoyed the sensation for a minute or so, then pressed the remote, turning my vibe off and Jen’s one on. I used hand gestures to let her know that we were now taking turns and watched as the vibe worked its magic on Jen’s clit. We think that we’ve both had more than enough practice at doing things in public to hide what we’re feeling – at least from other people, but we also know each other well enough to be able to read the subtle cues so I wasn’t too surprised when Jen reached into her pocket and I felt my vibe come alive again. I texted and asked her how close she’d got and she said ‘fairly’ so I immediately turned her vibe on again. Jen shook her head at me as texted that it wasn’t fair so I described how she could cum and pee everywhere, soaking her panties, dress and legs.

Jen switched things around so my vibe was on and proceeded to describe how I could moan out loud about what the vibe was doing to me and when people came to see what the noise was I could pull my clothes off to let them watch me cum and then have them fuck me one after the other. She knows that one of my fantasies is to ‘service’ a train full of people, taking the guys’ cum in and over my body and eating or being eaten by the girls, smearing their juices over my body. I told her that this wasn’t fair as she knows that I can’t resist fantasies like that and I could feel my orgasm building. I switched the vibe back to her and told her how we’d get a chance to eat Emily’s delicious nectar and play with Sara’s beautiful pussy. Jen said she was more looking forward to getting Clare off as one of the girls she/we had helped turn bi (it wasn’t just us, but I do think we played a reasonable part in it). It was Clare and Giles that we were meeting up with first so we ran with that fantasy and included them in our conversation so they would be aware that we’d be expecting their attention as soon as we arrived. Giles joined in the conversation wholeheartedly while Clare was initially a bit more reserved, but by the time the train pulled in to York she was texting that she would happily bury her face in Jen’s wet cunt and eat her clean.

The one good thing about the winter months is long coats as this allows fondling in public (inside the coat). I directed Giles to slide his hands into my coat and then up and under my skirt and finally into my panties. He commented on how wet I was and on the fact that my vibe was still buzzing and Jen hugged Clare, allowing Clare to feel how wet Jen was. Jen’s vibe was running fairly low on power by this point so we switched her one on and my one off as we walked towards the hotel and left Clare and Giles in no doubt that we’d be pouncing on them as soon as we arrived.

Jen and I checked in and we went up to the room. It had a good view over the river and Jen wasn’t at all surprised when I told her we’d be making good use of the windows (and the exposure they gave us). I let Giles remove my clothes while Jen and Clare undressed each other. I was soon left standing in just my panties and suggested that both Jen and I keep our panties on for the time being. Jen knelt and kissed Clare’s pussy and I quickly pulled Giles’ trousers and shorts down to free his cock so I could catch up. I knelt and sucked him and asked if he wanted to see Clare eat Jen and me (which he did). Jen got to go first and lay back on the bed so Clare could peel Jen’s panties off, revealing Jen’s engorged and soaked little cunt. I helped Clare spread Jen’s lips so we could all examine her and Clare then kissed and licked around Jen’s pussy. As Clare did this, I knelt behind her, stroked her ass and pussy and then knelt to lick her from behind. Giles seemed to especially like seeing this and I called him over so I could easily switch between licking Clare and sucking him. We then combined the two as I got him to slide into Clare and briefly fuck her before I sucked him clean. Jen was mewing away by this point and she said she couldn’t hold out much longer so I told her to switch places with me and I peeled my panties off and pulled Clare’s face to my cunt. Jen knelt behind Clare and ate her, pushing her tongue as deep into Clare’s pussy as she could and flicking it back and forth across Clare’s ass. Clare whimpered into my cunt but carried on licking me and I almost wanted to just lie there and let her make me cum but knew that would be greedy as Clare was meant to be getting Jen off.

Semi-reluctantly I told Clare to go and play with Jen but warned her that she would have to eat her boyfriend’s cum out of me in a little while and that I’d eat her properly in return. Clare made a comment to Giles which I didn’t catch and she then told us that he wasn’t her boyfriend anymore. She paused and I wondered briefly if they had broken up and just decided to be sex friends but she looked too happy and I guessed what it was just as she started to say that he was now her fiancé. Naturally we congratulated them and asked why they hadn’t said anything before and they told us that they had only told a few of their ‘normal’ friends but were waiting for the party to tell all of their sex friends. I corrected my earlier statement and told her that she’d have to eat her fiancé’s cum out of me and spread my legs once again, inviting Giles to eat me. He eagerly accepted the invitation and it felt nice but after just a minute or so I told him I needed to feel his cock so he stood up and pushed into me. Meanwhile, Jen had pulled Clare over her and I’d briefly watched as the two of them started to 69 but as Giles started to fuck me I concentrated on him, wrapping my legs around him and telling him how much I needed him to to get me off. As usual he played with my breasts quite a bit but when we changed position he also toyed with my clit. We heard Jen mewing away as she came and I told Clare to keep going as I was quite sure that Jen could easily cum twice after our teasing on the train. Giles said he was getting close so I took over frigging myself and told him to fuck me as hard as he wanted. He pumped in and out, his body slapping against mine with each thrust and I rapidly strummed my fingers back and forth across my clit. Giles came a little before I did but he remained buried inside me as I came and I pushed back against his cock.

Clare came as I lay enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm and I rolled over onto my side to caress her ass and kiss Jen’s leg. Clare lifted her face from Jen’s pussy to kiss me and I asked if she had the energy to get Jen off a second time. Jen had already switched to kitty kissing Clare so Clare was more than happy to remain where she was and Giles and I sat and watched as Clare brought Jen to her second orgasm. As soon as Jen had finished cumming I asked Clare to lick me clean as a fair bit of Giles’ cum had already leaked out of me and after that I asked if she would help me clean off his cock. By this point he had gone completely soft, but as Clare and I knelt and licked him, we felt him quickly start to stir and in no time he was nice and hard again. Not that getting him hard was our aim, but it made it easier to lick him clean and we carried on doing so while also kissing each other around the shaft and head. Jen joined us on the floor and slipped a hand between my legs and her other one between Clare’s. Jen described to Giles how she was fingering us both as we sucked him and offered us the fingers that had been in each other’s pussies to suck on (Giles didn’t even mind the brief interruption to us sucking his cock to clean Jen’s fingers). I told Giles I wanted him to fuck me against the window, so I could look out over York as I came and after a few minutes more of sucking and kissing his cock I led him over to the window, pressed my breasts up against it and told him to get inside my cunt.

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