Wednesday, 15 June 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 2

As regular readers will have noticed, I haven't been posting as frequently. This is due to not having time to write things up due to changes in our circumstances (that are probably fairly easy to guess for those who have been following the commentary interspersed with the sex). I'll keep doing my best but I've only really got time to either enjoy myself or write about having enjoyed myself and as much as I love people reading about me cumming, I love *actually* cumming more :)


He did as I asked and pressed me harder against the glass as he pushed into me. Jen got Clare to stand next to me (she needed a little convincing to stand naked at the window, but played along) and Clare reached down to play with my clit. I pulled Clare to me so I could kiss her and then got her to kiss Giles and Jen joined in by kneeling down and once again burying her face in Clare’s pussy. I told Giles to pace himself as he also needed to fuck Clare like that – at first she said she couldn’t, but once again allowed herself to be convinced to join in and was soon pressed up against the window with Giles in her while I toyed with her clit. Jen didn’t leave me out and knelt to lick my pussy. This felt good but she knew I wanted Giles in me as I came so she didn’t try too hard to get me off. I then got Clare to step back a little so I could crawl between her and the wall and she leant forwards so her breasts were pressed up against the glass as I licked her and Giles fucked her. Jen also joined in and reached down between Clare and Giles to rub her finger back and forth across Clare’s ass and we teased her about letting three people make her cum in full view of everyone in York (or at least a good number of people). Clare moaned that it wasn’t her fault and I told her to just let go and enjoy herself and anyone who did actually see her would be lucky to see someone so hot cumming – but also assured her that we were quite high up so actually fairly safe. I made Giles promise not to cum (so he could do the same to me afterwards) and we carried on stimulating Clare. Jen leant against her and reached up to fondle one of Clare’s breasts and then announced that she was going in and pressed about half her finger into Clare’s ass. I lapped at her clit and Giles carried on fucking her and we encouraged Clare to moan and tell us what she could feel. She described the various sensations we were giving her and how she was getting closer to cumming and panted loudly, saying she was cumming over and over.

When Giles pulled out I got him to slide his cock back between Clare’s legs so I could suck the head and told him to stay hard as I needed him to get me off again. Clare sat on the floor and watched as Giles fucked me, at first she just reached up and played with my clit while Jen stood and fondled one of my breasts (which were again pressed up against the window) but once Clare recovered from her orgasm she asked if I wanted her to repay me. I told her she could copy what I’d done if she wanted or she could just keep frigging me and Jen slapped my ass and told me to tell Clare what I actually *wanted* her to do. I pointed out to Jen that we were on my home turf and she was meant to do what I said (our old rules from before we lived together and visited each other) but played along anyway and told Clare that I wanted to feel her tongue on my clit, have her lick my cunt as her fiancé fucked me and to help eat me to orgasm as the town watched. I shifted back a bit to allow her to crawl between me and the wall and pointed out that it was a pity we didn’t have full-height windows so everyone could see exactly what we were doing. As Clare started to lick me I felt Jen slide her hand down my back and across my ass and asked her to caress my ass. I tried reaching over to fondle Jen’s pussy but needed both my hands to keep my balance. I described what I could feel in a similar way to Clare had, just with slightly dirtier language (Clare still doesn’t say ‘cunt’ too much). As my orgasm built I told Clare to suck my clit, Giles to fuck my cunt and Jen to finger my ass. When I said this, Jen gave my breast a squeeze so I corrected my request and asked her to ‘finger my ass and fondle my breasts’. Giles said he was very close and I panted to him to just keep going for a few moments longer. I imagined every building I could see had people staring directly at us (or me) and this helped push me over the edge. I came loudly and enthusiastically, telling Giles to fuck and cum in my cunt again and begging the girls to lick and finger me. I imagined all the guys watching me wanking and their cum shooting over my body and got a bit carried away with my fantasy so didn’t really pay attention and missed Giles cumming. He came in me though so I didn’t mind and even felt a little bit of cum leak out of me when he pulled out.

We moved over to the bed and chatted some more, getting the full details of how Giles had proposed and finding out that even though they were saving the general announcement for the party that they had told Sara already (during a session with her). I asked Clare if she intended to let us continue to fuck her once she was married and she tried to look serious and said she would consider it but it was obvious from the look on her face that she was just messing around and I told her that I looked forwards to eating her newly married cunt and fucking her husband’s newly married cock. As time was getting on and we had a dinner date we started to get ready. In this case, ‘getting ready’ didn’t involve Jen or I showering as we wanted to go out with the various sex-juices smeared over us (and given we were seeing Sara we knew she wouldn’t mind). As a parting shot, Jen and I each rubbed Clare’s pussy and smeared her juices over our breasts and then briefly buried our faces between her legs to get a final coat of her juices on our faces. I got the added bonus of wiping Giles’s cock over my breasts and face (although I’d already drained him of cum earlier so this was more for show than to get anything more on me). Naturally Clare didn’t escape unscathed and her breasts were flavoured with Jen’s and my juices (we took one each) for Giles to enjoy later on. I made him promise to go down on her and that I wanted photographic evidence. Clare said that she’d cum enough and that he didn’t need to but gave in after a couple of minutes of badgering and said she’d let him eat her.

We wandered out with Clare and Giles, said our goodbyes and headed off to meet up with Sara. Unfortunately Sara didn’t have a long coat on so we couldn’t grope her as we hugged hello (although she slid her hands under our skirts). Jen made up for this at the restaurant though as she went to the bathroom with Sara and fondled her there – discovered that Sara had panties on and as punishment told her that she not only had to remove the panties but also her bra as well. Sara knew better than to argue (not that Jen could have easily forced Sara to strip) and went into one of the stalls, slipped her bra off and handed it out to Jen. Jen semi-discreetly carried the bra and panties back to the table and handed them to me and I told Sara off for having had panties on but congratulated her for going braless. Sara told me she could smell and taste Clare on us and I said she’d get to taste Giles from me later on if she wanted to fuck. She said we hadn’t changed and I told her that I hoped she hadn’t changed either but the waiter came so we had to tone down the conversation and once we’d ordered we chatted about Clare and Giles’ engagement and whether Sara thought she would remain as their fuck-toy.

After dinner we went back to the hotel and sat in the bar area to have drinks. There was some sort of conference on which meant there were a good number of single people around. Jen dared me to show myself off to a few people and I easily managed this (either by sitting with legs spread far enough to let them see up my short skirt, or by bending over while beside them so my skirt rode up. We decided that as it is always fairly easy to pick up guys that it would be more of a challenge (and more fun) to see if we could pick up and of the women at the convention. I suggested that we could do both and see if we could help along a budding office romance (or affair) and get things kick-started with a four or fivesome but we thought that would be too difficult so went back to looking for a woman (although not entirely as I told Sara and Jen that if a nice guy happened to show an interest in me that I’d probably let him fuck me). We couldn’t be too overt as we sat and chatted, but tried to make it fairly obvious that we were lovers by occasionally kissing each other and lots of semi-innocent touching (nothing too bad, just less innocent and more frequent than would be the case for ‘just friends’).

We noticed two women who seemed to have their eye on us and Jen and Sara headed off to walk past them and test the waters. Jen flashed her cute smile and gave her target a brief greeting and Sara acted similarly to the other woman. Within minutes each of the women had bought drinks and both Jen and Sara were sitting chatting with them. I wandered over to Jen first and draped my arms around her shoulders, letting one hand slide down under Jen’s top and running my fingers across the top of Jen’s breasts. I asked Jen to introduce me and after a brief chat said I’d let Jen get on with her conversation but that I’d be back. I then headed over to Sara but her top was too tight to get to her breasts so I went a bit further and sat beside her then ran my hand up Sara’s thigh while looking at the woman and then down to Sara’s skirt as I slid it up to reveal she was naked underneath. I asked the woman if she’d want to join us later on for a drink upstairs and she said she might once she’d gotten to know Sara a bit better so I left them to chat and headed off to the bathroom.

I got a bit sidetracked on the way and ended up flirting with a guy I’d noticed earlier. He was very smartly dressed which gave me lots of opportunities to stroke his suit and comment on the fabric. I leant across him at one point and pressed my body up against him and felt him push back slightly against me. I whispered in his ear if he wanted to come with me and he said he thought I was interested in women (he’d apparently noticed my display with Jen and Sara – not that we’d been trying to hide it) and I told him I enjoyed men every bit as much as I do women. He let me lead him away by the hand and at that point I had no idea where I was going to take him. I considered going back to our room and letting him fuck me but saw a bathroom and pulled him into it. He seemed surprised that I’d want to do things in a place like that, but I pointed out that it was very clean and that I liked the idea of being fucked somewhere we could be caught. He was a bit taller than me so I stood on tip-toe to kiss him and reached down to caress his crotch. I guided one of his hands to my breasts and we backed into a stall to carry on, at which point he quickly pulled my top up and I helped him remove it, along with my bra. I freed his cock and sat on the toilet to suck him (after putting a condom on it of course). We kissed a bit more and he fingered me until I asked if he wanted me to be naked. He did, so I slipped my skirt off and caressed myself then moved closer to him and rubbed his cock against my pussy. He told me I was wonderful and I said he should wait until we’d fucked to decide that and I quickly turned around, leant against the wall and presented my ass to him. He rubbed along the length of my cunt again and slowly worked his cock into me, getting a little deeper with each thrust until he was all the way in. I asked him to fondle me and he played with my breasts but then moved a hand down to my clit just before I was about to ask him to do that. We heard someone else come in to the bathroom and he stopped moving but I carried on, slowly rocking back and forth, taking his cock deep in to my cunt and then pulling forwards so just the head was inside me. He remained still but squeezed my breasts quite firmly and didn’t try to stop me from moving. I reached down to the hand he had on my clit and pushed his fingers until he started frigging me again and I continued to hump back against him like that until the other person left the bathroom. The guy started moving in me again and said he’d never done anything like this before so I told him he’d been missing out and should take the opportunity to enjoy himself as much as possible. I got him to rub my clit a bit faster and he also squeezed my breasts a lot more, but it wasn’t too hard so I let him have his fun with them. As my orgasm approached I told him to keep frigging me even if someone else came in but we weren’t interrupted and I came, then got him to feed me my juices from his fingers as he finished off fucking me and came.


  1. Hope the update means finally properly filled your womb

  2. That's exactly what it means - Mini-Jen is no longer an only child :)