Tuesday, 21 June 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 3

I sat on the toilet again and gently sucked his cock, moving the cum around in the condom with my tongue. We heard another guy come in to the bathroom and the guy pulled out of my mouth and I handed him some toilet paper to clean his cock off with and catch the cum as he pulled the condom off. Once he’d done this he gave me a final kiss, opened the door and left and I slipped my clothes back on. I could hear that someone else was still in the bathroom and couldn’t be bothered waiting so walked out of the stall and gave the guy a hello nod. He looked a bit surprised to see me but I made it quite obvious what we’d been up to as I stood in front of the mirror and straightened my clothes, then decided to have a bit more fun and lifted my skirt to wipe my pussy, splash a little water on it and wipe it once more. The new guy asked me if I often did things in hotel bathrooms so I told him no (with the reason being that it’s not often we stay in hotels), but that I liked having fun and enjoying myself so didn’t see why I shouldn’t make the most of it. I let the paper towel fall from my hand and kept ‘wiping’ my pussy with a couple of fingers, slipping them between my lips and circling my clit. I asked the guy if he liked having fun and he said he did so I wandered over to him and pulled his hand to my pussy. His fingers curled up into me but he asked what would happen if someone came in so I led him towards the stall I’d just used, pulled him inside and locked the door.

I asked if he wanted my breasts and let him pull my top off. He massaged them through my bra so I pulled this off and to save time, slipped my skirt back off as well. We quickly freed his cock and I repeated what I’d done with the first guy, sucking and then fucking him. We made it through without anyone else coming in to the bathroom and the guy warned me he was getting close. I told him he could cum as long as he fingered me afterwards (I wasn’t in the mood to give charitable fucks) and once he’d agreed to this I humped back against him so our bodies slapped together and told him how good his cock felt thrusting deep into my cunt. He came fairly quickly but he followed through on his promise and he sat on the toilet and fingered me while sucking on my nipples. Someone else came into the bathroom as he was doing this and to have a final bit of fun I whispered to the guy fingering me to play with my ass as well so he reached around with his other hand and pushed a finger a little way in to me. As my orgasm built I moaned a bit – not too loud, but enough that I guessed the other person in the bathroom could hear and I announced repeatedly that I was cumming as my orgasm pulsed through me. I let the guy leave the stall first (as I got dressed) and wandered out to see the person I presumed had heard me cum washing his hands so I just flashed him a smile, straightened my clothes and wandered out to see how Jen and Sara were getting on.

They were still both sitting with their respective targets so I went to each of them in turn and draped myself over them, reaching down Jen’s top and up Sara’s skirt as I did so and asked if they intended to go up to our room to carry things on. Both of the women asked if I’d be joining them and I said that I’d like to if they were interested. Fortunately both of them said yes, but it was still somewhat of a surprise for them when Jen walked in with her lady to see Sara, the other lady and me already there. There was a little hesitation but once Sara and Jen started undressing each other, the ladies seemed to decide to go with the flow and allowed us to kiss and caress them. They were eager to get to Jen and Sara’s breasts and my top was soon pulled up so I removed it along with my bra and to keep to form, slipped off my skirt so I was the first one completely naked. I fingered Sara under her skirt and this ended up being removed so one of the women could help out and Jen’s skirt was next, allowing her to be fingered. We told our guests that we didn’t mind having each other’s juices in us but that we’d want to use protection with them and they took this well and said it was sensible. One of the ladies toyed with my pussy while I undressed her and as soon as she was naked I pushed her back onto the bed, spread a dental dam over her pussy and went down on her. She held on to my head tightly, pulling me hard against her cunt as I ate her. I hadn’t had long to examine her but had seen she had a full covering of hair – although trimmed by the look of it. I pulled on either side of her pussy to spread her lips and sought out her clit with my tongue. She told me not to hurry so much and in response I told her I could slow down but that we didn’t intend to just make them cum only once. She laughed at this and said it could be a good night and then lay back – I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to take my time or go for it so slowed down a slightly, but still with the aim of getting her off for the first time relatively quickly. Her pussy had a fairly nice scent and I really wanted to slide my tongue into her properly and taste her but we’ve made it this far without getting any serious STDs (just the occasional bout of thrush) so I wasn’t going to risk it. I reached over to stroke Jen’s legs and she took this as a sign to help out, moving over to kiss the woman and then suck on her nipples. Between the two of us we got her off and she moaned her way through her orgasm and was left panting, saying that we were very good girls (which was a little patronising as she wasn’t that much older than me).

Meanwhile, Jen and Sara had been working on the other lady and Sara had continued this when Jen had come to help me out. I knelt behind Sara and lapped at her little pussy, then swirled my tongue around her ass before moving up onto the bed to sit on one side of the lady with Jen on the other. Jen and I toyed with her breasts and both kissed her while encouraging her to enjoy herself as much as possible. We dared her to cum as loudly as she could and she said it was embarrassing so we cajoled her along, saying that we were all naked, all wanted to cum and that she had the cutest redhead in York eating her cunt so she should make the most of it (Yes, I think Jen is cuter than Sara, but Jen isn’t really a York girl). We kept whispering to her that nobody but us would hear her and how she’d already heard her friend cum and that we’d all be cumming multiple times and letting her see and hear. She moaned a bit louder as she came and certainly looked like she was enjoying herself but once Sara moved away, she closed her legs and covered her breasts saying that she was embarrassed.

The other woman didn’t seem quite as self-conscious and was lying on her side watching us so I buried my face in Sara’s and then Jen’s pussy and allowed them to do the same to me (and each other). We told the women that we hoped that each of us could make each of them cum and then corrected this to include them making each other cum as well. They asked if we really meant that and I told them that we’d make them cum as many times as they wanted (assuming that if either of them had the same sort of sexual appetite I did that we could just sleep all the next day to recover for the party). Jen fished out a vibe and handed it to me and I ran it over my clit but she told me off and said she wanted me to use it on her. I gave a pitiful whine and told Sara to fetch a couple more so Jen, Sara and I could stimulate each other and the women moved to either end of the bed to make space for us to put on our little show. I made sure that the women occasionally got to see what I was doing to Jen as I fingered, ate and used the vibe on her and I wanted them to see Sara doing the same to me, but by this point I just wanted to cum again so wasn’t as bothered about exhibiting myself as I usually would be. I don’t know exactly what Jen was doing to Sara, but it seemed to be working as Sara was being much louder than she usually is and came quicker than either Jen or I did. Both Jen and I were more explicit than Sara in describing what we could feel and what we wanted with Jen telling me and me telling Sara how we wanted our cunts played with. I felt a second pair of hands on my ass and quickly looked back to see one of the women fondling me, but didn’t let it distract me from my work on Jen. Sara’s tongue flicked over my ass a few times and I decided to pass this on (with interest) and speared Jen repeatedly. I could hear Jen’s muffled mewing and felt my own orgasm rapidly approaching so I moaned loudly into Jen’s cunt, telling Sara to lick and finger me and then moaning more as I came. I fingered and frigged her rapidly as I came, then plunged my now well lubricated fingers into Jen’s ass, buried my face back in her cunt and ate her until she came. I kept this up until her orgasm ended and then licked all around her cunt with long, messy licks before rolling away from her and lying with my legs spread, displaying myself fully to one of the women and telling her how good that had felt.

We encouraged the women to fondle us and in return we did the same to them. As we played with each other they commented on our display and how uninhibited we seemed and I told them that life was much more fun that way. Jen made a comment about how Sara loved having her ass licked and Sara blushed a bit at this but admitted that she did. In return Sara told the women how Jen loved watersports, either just peeing herself as she came or having someone else involved. I wasn’t left out and Jen told them how I would fuck pretty much anyone, anytime, anywhere. I corrected her and said that it was more than ‘anywhere’ and the more public the better. Jen then moved on to telling them how many times I’d fucked already that day (and had to admit that she had also played with Clare) and it came out that Jen and I were partners, but that I had my husband at home who was with his girlfriend, looking after his and Jen’s baby. The women seemed amazed at the complexity of our sex lives (they aren’t really that complicated), but were also getting rather distracted as we were playing with them properly by this point, using vibes and fingers. They had agreed to let us use the vibes we’d used on each other, taking our word for it that we were disease free (which was a bit silly of them, but I liked the idea of getting our juices right into their cunts). After watching us, our conversation and our stimulating them, we had no trouble getting them both off and this time they moved to return the favour – using vibes on us (not the ones we’d used on them) as well as their fingers and tongues (with dental dams). Each of them had a go at fucking two of us at once and one of them seemed to especially enjoy feeding us each other’s juices. The younger of the two women seemed to be quite talented at cunnilingus and as I lay cumming with her mouth on my cunt I was thinking of how to compliment her on it without putting the other women out.

With the second round over we sat and chatted a bit more and the older woman suggested we order something to drink. She called room service and order champagne, saying that it felt right to celebrate as we were having such a good time. Both the women put bathrobes on in anticipation of the arrival of our drinks, but Jen, Sara and I remained naked. Jen thought I should go a step further and got me to sit up on the bed with my legs spread wide, using our body want on my pussy and keeping myself close to cumming. Jen answered the door naked and told the guy that he was welcome to come in as long as he didn’t mind seeing me cum and he apparently didn’t as he stepped in to the room and stood watching as Jen told me to stop holding back and to cum for him. Despite having cum a number of times, it was quite easy to do so again as the bodywand is a wonderful vibe (as any women who’ve used one will know) and I enjoyed the waves of pleasure throbbing out from my cunt as I came. Once my orgasm passed, I turned the wand off and slid a couple of fingers between my lips and slowly played with myself. Jen told the guy he could fuck me if he wanted but he said he needed to get back or he’d get in to trouble – when he’d gone the women asked if we tried that often and we told them we’d done it a number of times (and that I’d got a better response a number of times).

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