Wednesday, 29 June 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 4

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We chatted more as we drank the champagne and moved on to teasing each other with it – dripping it over nipples, thighs, belly buttons… and licking it off. Jen dripped a little between Sara’s ass cheeks and licked her clean, then licked some more until Sara moaned and said it felt good. I pointed out that Sara could cum just from having her ass licked and she told me to shut up but allowed Jen to keep going. Unfortunately for Sara, Jen didn’t carry on long enough to get her off (it does take quite a while), but she didn’t mind as I’d got the women to agree to kneel on the bed and to let Sara lick them. It seemed a shame to waste the position so I climbed up in front of them and offered myself. I asked Jen if she wanted to join me but she wasn’t ready to cum again so I let the women take turns toying with my pussy and also watched as they kissed each other. We hadn’t noticed Jen preparing the strap-on and it was only when she told the women she was going to fuck them that they turned around to look and Jen told them she could use a condom for each of them but the women said they didn’t mind sharing. Jen slipped in to one of them and fucked her as Sara lapped at the ass of the other and they switched places a few times. I got Jen to pass me another dental dam and asked the younger woman to eat me again. She did this quite eagerly and I teased her about how experienced she must be. Between licks she said that she’d been with a number of women but not so often since getting married and as she got more aroused with what Jen and Sara were doing to her I asked how many times she’d had threesomes with her husband. It turned out that they had tried it but it hadn’t gone too well and not wanting to dampen the mood I stopped asking and just encouraged her to make me cum. She did this and I then turned around and crawled between the women so I could fondle and kiss their nipples to help get them off and once they’d cum, Jen got each of them to suck both their and the other woman’s juices from the strap-on.

It was getting late by this point but despite complaining (in a joking way) that they had cum so many times, neither of them women stopped us from playing with them more. We gently teased each other while drinking some more and one of them made a comment about order room service to get a cucumber so we pulled out one of our double dildos and said we already had that covered – although I’d fuck a cucumber if they had one to hand. We ended emptying out the remainder of the toys we’d brought along and told them that we’d promised to take them to the sex party. This required explanation so we gave them details and I said how much I loved having multiple people fuck me and finish the night covered and filled with pussy juice and cum. The younger woman (who was married) gave more details about her failed threesomes and it turned out that they’d tried with someone they knew and found it to be too awkward. Her husband didn’t know that she had slept with other people at conferences (usually men) but thought he’d be fine with the idea of her sleeping with three younger girls. I told her I’d be more than happy to join them and either eat her husband’s cum from her cunt or let him fuck me and have her eat me clean. The older woman reached over to caress me and said that I really liked fucking so I slid my fingers between her legs and kissed her while asking what was wrong with that and pointing out that she was hardly sweet and innocent. I got Jen to lube up the double-ended dildo with some tingle gel and slid it into the older woman’s pussy. I then asked the younger one if she wanted to help out and once she was in position I helped guide the other end of the dildo in to her and they shimmied together until they swallowed the dildo between them and their cunts were touching. Jen, Sara and I sat either side of the women as they humped and ground against each other and kissed, stroked and frigged them. I whispered to the younger woman a few times about wanting to feel her husband’s cock filling my cunt and how I’d eat her as she fucked him but we mostly concentrated on helping the women enjoy themselves. Jen asked if they would 69 and they both nodded so we let them pull themselves free of the dildo and watched as the younger one climbed on top and they buried their tongues in each other’s cunts. Jen tried to fuck the younger woman with the strap on but the position didn’t work out too well and she wasn’t keen on something that size being in her ass – both of the women did however let us use fingers on their asses, mostly rubbing around the area but with a little penetration. They easily got each other off but it looked like they were beginning to tire so Sara, Jen and I fell on each other and asked the women to help out, getting them to finger us and use toys until the three of us came again.

As the women dressed, we talked some more and asked if they would be up for a morning fuck. The younger woman accepted almost straight away and Jen managed to talk the older woman in to it (she didn’t take much convincing, she just wasn’t as immediately keen as the younger one). They gave us their room numbers and warned us that they had conference sessions starting at 9.30 so we promised to drop by for breakfast and to ensure their day started well. After saying our goodbyes we cleaned up the various toy’s we had used and collapsed into bed. Sara said she had really wanted to eat the ass of the younger woman and I commented on how good I’d thought she smelt and wished I could have eaten her cunt. Neither Jen nor Sara had been as taken with her scent as I’d been and Sara kept mentioning how she’d wanted to rim her so I suggested that Sara could work out her frustrations on Jen’s ass. Jen whined a bit and said she was tired, but she finds it hard to refuse Sara so ended up kneeling on all fours and letting Sara indulge her fetish. In turn I found it hard to resist Sara’s little pussy as it bobbed back and forth and crawled under her to lap at her crinkle-cut pussy lips. When I ran a finger over Sara’s ass she whimpered and said it felt good so I changed position, knelt behind Sara and swirled my tongue around her ass while stroking her clit. She moaned her appreciation into Jen’s pussy and I carried on, rimming, spearing and frigging her until she swore a number of times and said she was cumming.

Jen was mewing away by this point (always a sign she is getting close to cumming) and I said that she should get to cum properly and suggested we move to the shower. Jen said we didn’t have to do that but I needed to make up for her making me do things earlier and she followed along. I let Sara have the choice of front or back and she (unsurprisingly) opted to continue working on Jen’s ass. Jen stood in the shower with Sara kneeling behind her and me in front with our tongues swirling around and invading Jen’s ass and cunt. Sara and I reached over to caress each other, but most of our attention was focussed on Jen who warned us that it wasn’t going to take long. She mewed and panted more as her orgasm built and I told her to try and hold back for as long as possible. Her mewing have way to ‘ah-ah’ sounds and a few grunts and then a longer moan, accompanied by a strong stream of pee that rapidly filled my mouth and sprayed over my face and body. I kept licking Jen, both her pussy and clit and rubbed her piss over my body as well as plunging my fingers into my cunt and fucking myself. I loved helping her cum like this and she sounded as if she was really enjoying herself which made it all the better.

Once Jen’s orgasm has passed, she said it was my turn. I said that I’d cum enough and Jen said ‘fine, we’ll just get cleaned up’ and turned on the shower. I briefly thought that she wasn’t going to do anything to me but she then pushed me against the wall, told Sara to hold my lips open and used the spray on my clit. Considering how many floors up we were, the water pressure was quite good, but without a pulse shower head I knew it wasn’t going to make me cum. Jen was determined though and removed the top part of the shower, placed her finger over the end of the hose and made a high-pressure jet that she flicked back and forth across my clit. She then turned the temperature of the water up – not so it was hot enough to burn me, but it certainly felt very hot and with Sara continuing to spread my lips and fully expose my clit it also felt quite good. It was slow going at first and I warned them I wasn’t sure if it would actually make me cum but Jen just said that the hot water wasn’t going to run out and she would wait for as long as it took. Once I felt the familiar tingle start to build, it progressed much quicker (but I was also concentrating on thoughts of things I’d like to do) and I told Jen to get in position. I came and emptied my bladder over Jen as I did so and she then fastened her mouth to my pussy and licked up inside me, around my lips and gently over my throbbing clit before handing the shower to Sara to fix.

We cleaned off and went to bed but set our alarms so we could be sure to be awake in time to sneak in a morning session with our new older women. Jen fell asleep fairly quickly but Sara and I chatted for a while. I asked her if she minded me doing things with Emily (Sara’s old girlfriend who cheated on her) and Sara assured me that she was sufficiently over her. I teased Sara about having moved on to Clare and Giles and how I was sure they’d let her join them permanently if she wanted. Sara said she wasn’t sure about that sort of relationship but admitted that it seemed to have worked out quite well for Jen. We dozed off to sleep and I dreamt about Sara being fucked by Giles as Clare sat watching then woke up to the alarm that was really set at too early an hour for a Saturday (and if it hadn’t been in order to fuck I would have ignored it). Jen and Sara also woke up and we briefly played with each other but decided to save ourselves for the women and after quickly freshening up, we donned bathrobes, pocketed a few toys and dental dams each and I headed off to the younger woman’s room while Sara and Jen went to visit the older one (she was only a couple of years older than the younger one).

I arrived at the room, knocked and waited and the woman seemed a little surprised I’d actually come. She ushered me in and I told her I understood if she didn’t want to do anything but that if she did, I’d be happy to make sure she got a good start to the day. She hesitated briefly so I moved over and embraced her, slid my hands down her back and back up under her nightdress to her ass. As I fondled it I kissed her and said I was glad she slept without panties on and once she kissed me back I worked my fingers deeper between her ass cheeks and sought out her pussy. We slipped out of our clothes and moved on to the bed and between kisses I asked if she would rather have me eat her husband’s cum out of her or have her do it to me. She gave me a little slap and told me to behave but as I already had a couple of fingers inside her I decided it was a bit late for that and told her if he could cum twice then we could eat each other clean. I got her to describe her husband’s cock to me along with how he fucked, how long he lasted and so on – all the time encouraging her to be more explicit and telling her how I wanted to feel him inside my cunt and how I’d suck on her clit as he fucked her. I humped against her thigh as I teased her and she said it sounded nice so I kept describing it as I rubbed my thumb back and forth over her clit until she came.

She thanked me and then blushed a bit when she recalled how she had been talking to me, kissed some more and I whispered to her that I wanted to 69 with her before leaving as I loved the way her cunt smelled. She seemed surprised at this but I assured her she had an incredibly sexy scent and told her how much I wished I could bury my tongue in her and eat her properly. She needed a couple of minutes to recover from her first orgasm but that just gave her time to play with my breasts and she said that she wished hers were as large as mine. I pointed out that hers were a decent size (she was a C cup) and that her smaller nipples were probably more sensitive than mine then lay back and let her spend time kissing, stroking and licking my nips until they were nice and hard. She kept her thigh pressed between my leg as she did this so I could carry on humping against her and when she said she was ready to 69 I warned her that it might not take me long to cum. She said that was the idea and we got in to position and went to work on each other. While I couldn’t taste her through the dam, I could still fill my nose with her scent and I allowed myself to get lost in the moment. As expected I came fairly quickly but she kept eating me and I just powered through the post-orgasmic intense feelings until the licking felt good again – all the while with me eating her. She managed to get me close to cumming by the time she came so I switch to kitty kissing her to encourage her to keep going, but this was her intention all along and she lapped at my pussy and clit until I came again and moaned into her cunt.

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