Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Vicky’s Return – Part 5

Vicky and Jen kissed and humped against each other to finish off (using their fingers on each other for an added bit of help) and they lay back and allowed Mike to move between them, kitty kissing each of them. As expected (and in his defence, just as he’d warned her), he started to concentrate more on Vicky and Jen shifted position to allow her to kiss Vicky and fondle her breasts. As Vicky started to squirm around on the bed she told the two of them that she could quite easily get used to be treated like that and Mike told her all she had to do was convince Oscar to keep coming back and she’d be treated like that as often as she wanted. As Vicky lay there on the edge of orgasm, Mike asked her if she would want to participate in the sex show and she panted that Oscar really wouldn’t approve, but she liked the sound of it. This was hardly news to us as Vicky has been to the sex parties with us and we’ve seen her fucked by many different people (both male and female) in one night, but Jen still teased Vicky and told her she was a dirty little tramp for wanting to have multiple strangers fuck her with cock after cock sliding into her cunt. Vicky took this the way it was intended and said she hoped it wouldn’t just be men and that she’d get to fuck Jen, Sue, me and other girls as well. Her back arched off the bed as she came and she was left panting and repeating ‘oh fuck’ as her orgasm faded. Jen teased her more about the fact that the thought of the strangers fucking her seemed to have been such a turn on but Vicky just swatted one of Jen’s breasts and told Jen that a little piss junkie like her could hardly criticize someone else’s perversions.

Mike kissed his way up Vicky’s body and then kissed her deeply as he slipped his cock into her pussy. He pointed out that none of us were criticizing her perversions and that we wanted to encourage them so she could enjoy herself fully (not that Vicky has much of a problem in that area). Mike slowly moved back and forth inside her but told her she could rest for a bit before they fucked. Vicky again warned him that she might not be able to cum again but Mike said he was confident they’d manage if they all worked together. He pulled out and moved around behind her to spoon and they discussed what they thought Oscar and I were getting up to in the room next door. They actually came up with a far wilder session than we were having as I’d just got Oscar to lick me and we’d then fucked. I started off riding him but we switched over to him being on top and then finishing off with him holding my legs up against his chest. He played with my clit and breasts quite a bit throughout the session but I frigged myself to orgasm to allow him to enjoy the final position and move more. I came a little before he did but not by much as I’d been holding back to try and cum at roughly the same time as him (I didn’t have the energy to try for a proper simultaneous orgasm – and as I knew he didn’t have any cum left it didn’t seem as worthwhile). Once he pulled out I gently licked his cock clean before snuggling up against him and getting him to promise to eat me awake.

Mike and Jen teased Vicky some more about whether she wanted to join us for the sex show and she conceded that if Oscar wanted he to do it that she would (but she knew that he wouldn’t). Mike held one of Vicky legs up to allow Jen to move down and lick them both until Vicky gave in and said she might be able to cum again. They gave her the option of whether she wanted Jen to keep helping and Vicky said that it sounded nice, but she also wanted to ride Mike for a bit. Jen wasn’t too bothered as she was also getting tired so moved away and let Mike and Vicky get into position. Once they were fucking, Jen whispered something to Mike and he started shifting down the bed a bit (taking Vicky with him) until Jen could pull the pillows away. She then stood up and lifted the print of Lis’ pussy down and propped it against the headboard. Vicky told Jen that she was terrible, but she looked at the picture as they fucked and ended up describing how she used to love burying her tongue between Lis’ soft lips and how Lis would use rapid licks to get Vicky off. Mike told Vicky he’d make sure to give Lis a fuck from him the next time she visited. Vicky asked Mike if he’d like to fuck her and Lis at the same time (which was a pointless question) and Mike said he’d happily buys his cock in one of them while eating the other – either way around. As Vicky got close to cumming, Mike kissed her neck, allowing her to stare directly at the picture of Lis’ pussy. Jen reached down and caressed Vicky’s ass as Mike and Vicky thrust against each other.

Vicky told them that she was about to cum and Mike told her to go ahead. He pictured his little lesbian (Lis) being eaten by Vicky and allowed his own orgasm to build. Vicky came and Mike thrust away inside her until he released whatever cum he had left and then slowed his movements. Vicky kissed him breathlessly and then told both him and Jen that they would be the death of her, in response to which Jen pointed out that it would at least be a good way to die. Mike late told me that he wished he’d known how I’d pictured his and Oscar’s cum filling my body when they’d spit roasted me as he’d have liked to picture his cum filling Vicky’s body and squirting out of her mouth into Lis’ pussy (and of course, getting Lis pregnant in the process). If that could actually happen I’m sure Mike would prefer fucking Lucy and getting Lis pregnant through her (and while he’s at it he may as well get Lucy pregnant), but I’m also sure he’d take what he could get… Vicky rolled off of him and spooned behind Mike so Jen could curl up against Vicky’s back and the three of them fell asleep fairly quickly.

Mike got up to pee in the middle of the night and almost woke MJ when he came back into the room. He spent a few minutes settling her and as he climbed back into bed he remembered his promise to Vicky. It was still too early to eat her awake, but as the challenge had been to make her cum without waking her he though this was as good a time as any (and to be fair, Mike will take any excuse to bury his tongue in someone’s pussy – or at least the pussy of someone he likes anyway. He placed his hand between Vicky’s legs and gently stroked her pussy and mons. She didn’t stir so he applied a bit more pressure and started sliding a finger up and down her lips while using his other hand to gently pull her legs apart. He then moved down the bed, spread her legs a little more, climbed between them and positioned himself with his mouth at her crotch. Mike kissed and nibbled on her lips, swirled his tongue between them and gently lapped at her clit. He doesn’t know how long he spent between her legs, but knows it was significantly longer than usual as he didn’t have to worry about anyone complaining that he was taking too long or that he was teasing them too much and they wanted to cum. Mike was really enjoying himself and says his cock felt incredibly hard and that 1he had to resist from grinding against the bed as he worked on Vicky. She certainly seemed to be reacting to the stimulation and he eagerly lapped up her juices, savouring the way her taste and its intensity increased and faded in waves.

As Mike was buried under the covers, he was quite warm and had no idea whether Vicky was actually still asleep or just being very still and enjoying what he was doing. Although the aim was to make her cum without waking her, he didn’t really care is she was asleep (as long as she was enjoying it). The only issue with doing this to someone while asleep is that it is apparently difficult to know how aroused they actually are (at least to the same level as when they’re awake). He really thought that Vicky was awake near the end as she shifted around a bit and he could tell that she was breathing much more rapidly, but once again, as she wasn’t complaining he just assumed that she was enjoying what he was doing and he carried on. He certainly knew when she came and he licked her the whole way through her orgasm, then kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes before crawling out from under the covers and giving her a kiss. It was at this point that he found out he had succeeded and that she had woken up mid-orgasm (or at least after it had started). Vicky briefly complained that he was all sweaty but kissed him anyway and said that it was even better waking up to an orgasm than it was waking up to being eaten. She was a bit surprised at the time (it was only about 4.30) and Mike explained that this was just a trial run and he’d happily do it again in the morning. He asked to spoon with her and Vicky said he could, but warned him she might fall asleep and he assured her he didn’t want to fuck her (or rather he did, but wouldn’t) and just wanted his cock buried inside her while he fell asleep. He cupped one of her breasts and gently massaged it while kissing her shoulder and telling her how much he had loved eating her little pussy. She was quite surprised at how long he’d spent down there before she came (Mike isn’t exactly sure what time he started but is fairly confident he spent the best part of an hour on her). Vicky dozed off with Mike gently moving in her and the last thing he remembers is him still being hard and inside her before he fell asleep.

Both Mike and Vicky were glad that they had the earlier session as it wasn’t as successful when Mike tried to repeat it in the morning. He did manage to get started on her, but she woke up after just a couple of minutes. That didn’t stop Mike though anckyd even though Vicky said she needed to pee he held her in place until she’d cum (it wasn’t as if she was trying to escape) and only then did he let her dash to the bathroom. When she returned, Jen insisted on kitty kissing her and this migrated to Jen and Vicky 69ing with Mike taking Jen from behind at the same time. Vicky got Jen off fairly easily but Mike held back and didn’t cum (saving it for a later session with Vicky). When they told Jen the details, she said she was quite jealous of Vicky’s dream-cum and asked if Vicky had been dreaming of sex while Mike had been eating her but unfortunately Vicky couldn’t remember.

My morning session featured a long cunnilingus session with Oscar. As instructed, he had eaten me awake and I was quite detailed in giving him instructions on what felt good and what he should do to make it feel even better. This was part of the ‘deal’ with Vicky as while she loves being fucked, she wishes that Oscar was as keen on eating her as Mike is (and Lis was). I think Oscar was aware of this as he seemed to be quite open to accepting direction and doing what I told him to do. I got him to eat me slowly to my first orgasm and then told him if he got me off again I would ride him as energetically as he wanted. I also had to promise to once more describe what it was like when I did things with Sue and once I’d promised this he went down on me again (with more direction from me) and he ate me to a very satisfactory orgasm. As promised, I then rode him and described in detail how Sue and I had fingered, kissed, scissored, fucked and eaten each other. Oscar gripped my hips firmly as he got close to cumming and pulled me hard against his cock with each thrust. I was quite thankful that he lasts quite a while as it gave my body a chance for another orgasm to build and I helped this along a bit by masturbating while riding him and pretending (out loud so he could hear) that it was Sue who was stroking me. I came a bit before Oscar did and my pussy felt quite tender (we’d been fucking quite hard and it was my third orgasm in a relatively short space of time). I kept riding him though, determined to repay him (and in the process receive his cum as my reward). I leant forwards and whispered to him, asking if he wanted to watch me slide my tongue between my little sister’s pussy lips and eat her cunt. This was enough to help push him over the edge and he told me he was cumming. I encouraged this, telling him to pump as much of his cum as he could          into my cunt and that I’d show him just how much I loved it over breakfast. I lay on top of him for a minute or so, squeezing myself around him and thanking him for making me cum before we headed downstairs to join Mike, Jen, MJ and Vicky.

As Oscar’s cum leaked out of me I smeared it over my body but had something else in mind for the cum that was still inside me. I moved my chair back from the table, spread my legs and used a banana to fuck myself with, pumping it into me a few times and then rubbing it over my face and breasts to transfer the cum to my body. After a few rounds of this I pushed it in as far as I could worked it around inside me, then withdrew it and ate it while looking straight at Oscar. To ensure I didn’t end up with a yeast infection from the sugars in the banana, I gave myself a yoghurt douche (using natural yoghurt) and allowed Oscar, Vicky, Jen and Mike to help lick it out of me as I lay on the table. This ended up making the usual mess and Mike smeared some of the yoghurt over Jen’s pussy as she licked me so she would in turn have to be licked clean by Vicky. Mike decided to test Oscar and asked him to finger some of the yoghurt into Vicky as she ate Jen so he (Mike) could eat Vicky clean. Oscar did this without making any fuss so I knelt and sucked Oscar while Mike ate Vicky.

We obviously needed to clean up properly so Jen, Vicky and I headed up to the shower. After we had washed each other I stood behind Vicky and reached around to caress her breasts while Jen knelt and licked her. I told Vicky that she knew what Jen wanted and asked if she would join in properly and Vicky said if she could make Jen happy then she was more than willing to play along. I thanked Vicky and said that she would be rewarded, then kissed my way down her back, spread her ass cheeks and flicked my tongue back and forth across her asshole. Vicky moaned out loud and Oscar said it looked incredible (both he and Mike were watching us). He asked to take some photos and we told him to go ahead so he pulled back the shower curtain (even though it’s clear, it still distorts the photos) and got both photos and video of us getting Vicky off and her emptying her bladder over Jen’s face and body. Vicky even played along and kissed Jen deeply, fully aware that Jen’s face was still soaked in her pee. She then asked if Jen wanted her to return the favour and Jen eagerly accepted but I told Vicky she could choose between front and back as I wanted to help out again. Vicky said she didn’t mind and Jen mischievously asked if she could pee on both of us. I said I didn’t mind and Vicky echoed this sentiment so we started off with Vicky eating Jen and me lapping at Jen’s ass. After a couple of minutes Jen let out a few good squirts of pee (enough to cover Vicky’s face and run down her body) and once Vicky had licked Jen clean, we swapped places so I could finish Jen off. This didn’t take long and as Jen’s mewing increased, she pushed hard and I felt a strong spray of pee squirt into my mouth and over my face. I know that Jen loves whoever is eating her getting in to things when she pees so I ate her as energetically as I could, allowing the piss to cover my body and face. I let Jen see me swallow some of the liquid – at which point she gave me one of her wonderful smiles – and Vicky and I carried on gently lapping at her ass and pussy until Jen let out a sigh, thanked us and said we should clean up before we used up all the hot water. I did suggest that Mike and Oscar should shower together but neither of them were on board with that (although Mike later said if Vicky had wanted it – and Oscar had been willing – he would have jerked Oscar off, allowed us to suck them both at once or fucked us with both his and Oscar’s cock in our cunts.

After heading out for a walk, we returned for a final session. Mike took care of MJ while Oscar and I fucked and Vicky and Jen humped and scissored. Jen allowed Oscar and I to fuck on the bed beside her and Vicky so Oscar could watch them and he reached over and caressed Vicky’s breasts a few times and even got her to suck his cock while Jen was eating her. Not intending to be left out, I got Vicky to eat me (just for a moment) and then got Oscar to do it for a while longer. We considered using a strap-on so Oscar could join in and DP either Vicky or me but thought we’d save that for the next visit (giving him something to look forward to). I told Oscar he could either cum in me there and then or save it for our later session (while Mike was fucking Vicky) and he opted to just make me cum but save his own orgasm. I told him I preferred that idea as it would mean his cum would leak out of me as we walked to the station and promised in return to keep him nice and aroused until it was time for his orgasm.

Vicky wanted a little break between fucking Jen and Mike but she gave in and allowed him to kitty kiss her to help prepare her for her next round. In the meantime I knelt and sucked Oscar, used a vibe on his cock, occasionally sat over him and rode him and generally tried to keep my promise of ensuring he stayed hard and ready to fuck. Mike ate Vicky to an orgasm then kitty kissed her some more before fucking her. They started off with him on top, then she had a turn riding him and they finished by spooning while facing the mirror so Vicky could watch herself as she came. Mike whispered to her how with the promise of Sue (and probably Josie) along for their next visit, that he didn’t think there would be any problem convincing Oscar to come back and that he couldn’t wait to sink his tongue into her smooth cunt again. Vicky asked if he would give her another sleep orgasm and he assured her he’d do that anytime she wanted. He offered her the chance to take Jen’s pair of panties with the vibrating pad home so Oscar could turn them on during the night and try to give her multiple sleep orgasms but Vicky said she thought it would be much nicer if it was Mike eating her. As Vicky came, Mike described how he could be fucking her, with Josie lapping at her ass, me sucking on her nipples, Sue sitting over her face and Oscar sliding his cock between Sue’s lips and into her mouth. The practicalities of this position aside, Vicky liked the idea of us all giving her pleasure and reached around to pull Mike harder against her. Mike pushed into her as deep as he could and told her to look after his cum as he unloaded in to her.

He then helped Vicky get dressed, smoothing her tights on (without panties of course), fastening her bra, helping with her skirt and top and caressing her through her clothes for a couple of minutes. When they came downstairs I was still toying with Oscar and he was reaching the point of really wanting to cum. I waited until we were just about to leave before allowing him to do this though and I leant forwards over the arm of the sofa, used a vibe on my clit and let him take me from behind. He lasted longer than I’d thought he would given the amount of time I’d teased him and I came a good few minutes before he did. I didn’t mind too much though and let him pound away inside me while feeling one of this thumbs swirl around my ass and gently press in to it. He came in me and I squeezed myself around him a few times, then turned and wiped his cock on my breasts, then sucked it clean. I slipped on a short t-shirt (without a bra underneath) and some long socks, then put my raincoat over the outfit. It was long enough that I could have been wearing a short skirt underneath it so it wasn’t obvious that I was semi-naked but the best part was feeling Oscar’s cum leaking out and running down my legs as we walked. Unfortunately there was only a little, but I still enjoyed it and we sat and had a drink with them while waiting for their train.

We called Sue later on that night to tell her that Oscar and Vicky wanted them to join us. The discussion quickly moved to the promise of letting Oscar see Sue and me doing things together and from there to how much we were looking forward to seeing each other at Christmas. After our previous encounter where Sue and I had gone ‘all the way’ and finally eaten each other to orgasm, we had decided to try to pull back but we both admitted that we had enjoyed it and with just a little encouragement from Mike, Jen and Josie, Sue and I were telling each other how much we really wanted to do it again. The others encouraged this and as Sue and I described how we would make each other cum, Mike fucked me while Jen frigged me and Josie and Sue toyed with each other. They tried to make Sue and I cum at the same time and didn’t do too bad a job but Sue came a little bit before I did. She continued to play along in her post-orgasmic state and kept telling me how she wanted me to cum for her so she could drink my pussy juice and I imagined it was her tongue in place of Mike’s cock and Jen’s fingers. Both Sue and I felt a little embarrassed about some of the things we’d said during the session but got over it fairly quickly and promised each other and everyone else that we’d put on a good show for them and fuck properly again at Christmas.

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