Tuesday, 5 July 2016

December 2014 Sex Party – Part 5

When I rolled off of her she said that given our performance the previous night, she assumed I’d be able to cum twice in a row and I assured her it had felt good. We kissed a little longer until she had to get ready and she asked if I wanted to shower with her but I said I liked the idea of having her juices on my body for a while longer so I could keep her scent with me. I sat and chatted to her as she showered and then helped dry her off. As she did her makeup I reached around to caress her breasts and pussy (which was apparently distracting, but she let me do it) and told her that she could call me if she wanted me to join her and her husband anytime. I nestled a finger between her pussy lips and toyed with them while reiterating this idea and when she told me to leave my number I eagerly did so. I asked if she would be around later on (when we got back from the sex party) but unfortunately she was only staying the one night. I sat on the bed and took a photo of my thighs and pussy, telling her I hoped she’d look at it and remember to call me, then slipped on my dressing gown, kissed her goodbye and set off back to my room to see how Jen and Sara had got on.

My journey was slightly diverted when I passed someone putting out their breakfast tray. He nodded hello to me so I stopped and said hello and asked if it had been breakfast just for one. He said it had been so I said it must have been a bit lonely and as we talked I put my hands in the pockets of my robe and gently pulled my arms to my sides so the front of the robe started to slide open. I wasn’t exposing anything as the sides were still overlapping, but I’m sure it was obvious that if I kept going then he’d get to see something. He looked up and down the corridor and asked if I was a prostitute so I told him I wasn’t, I just liked enjoying myself, but if he wanted to pretend I was a hooker that I’d be up for that. By this point the bottom part of my robe was parting and I eased off as the material parted just enough to let him see my crotch. He asked if I was serious and I told him I was always serious about cumming and if he wanted to have some fun then I’d be more than willing to join him. As there was nobody else in the corridor I pulled on the tie of my robe and let it fall open fully, then remembered that I didn’t have any condoms with me. I knew I could have dashed back up to the room and grabbed some but that would have spoiled the moment so I asked him if he had any and when he said yes I walked up to him, placed my hand on his crotch and told him it felt like he was interested (there was a clear bulge).

I slid my hand into his robe and stroked him through his shorts, discovering that he felt like he was a decent size. I pulled one of his hands to me and his fingers probed my pussy so I tried to reach into his shorts and stroke his cock directly. I was really enjoying doing this in the hallway and would have let him do as much as he wanted to out there (let’s face it, if I could get away with it without being arrested I would have let him fuck me in the hotel lobby or the conference room with everyone watching), but unfortunately he said we should go into his room. Once inside he asked why I’d chosen him so I told the truth and said I was feeling horny and he was there. I knew this might have dented his pride a bit if he thought I’d been overcome by his looks and just had to fuck him but if he was insulted, he seemed to get over it as I freed his cock and stroked him properly. Just as I’d thought, he was a decent size, nothing abnormal, just a little larger than Mike and he asked me what I wanted to do. I looked him in the eye and said I didn’t mind as long as I came and that I’d suck him, let him fuck me and he could cum over my breasts if he wanted – just as long as I got to cum too. He said I certainly knew what I wanted so I told him at the moment that I wanted his cock inside me and asked where his condoms were.

He fished one out of his bag and handed it to me – unfortunately it was one with heat gel on it and I’m not overly keen on them but knew I could probably work most of the gel off before he got near my cunt so I rolled it on, stroked him a little more, then took a good length into my mouth. I didn’t suck him for long as I also don’t like the feeling of the heat gel in my mouth, but made sure he was nice and wet with my saliva before wrapping my breasts around his cock and stroking up and down. I rubbed him against my nipples and tit-fucked him, occasionally taking him in my mouth again to add extra saliva for lube. Once I got to the point where I couldn’t taste any more gel I leant back and spread my legs and told him to get inside me. He did as I ordered and he fucked me for a couple of minutes until I told him to lie on the bed so I could mount him. I rode him as he fondled my breasts and he then got me to lean forwards so he could suck on my nipples while pumping into me. I asked if he’d fuck me up against the window and we moved over to it. He pressed me hard up against it and pushed into me from behind. I told him to fuck me hard and he did – as he wasn’t playing with my clit I did it myself. I told him he had to warn me before he came but in return he could choose where he came and that he could use my mouth or cunt or take the condom off and cum over my breasts. He told me that my cunt felt good and he wanted to cum there so we just carried on in the same position and I frigged myself to orgasm, moaning loudly, telling him to fuck me harder and enjoying once again being on view to anyone in York who was looking our way (with binoculars!). The guy kept pumping away in me until he came and I let him rest inside me for a few moments before pulling myself off of his cock, kneeling and giving him a quick suck and then putting my robe on, thanking him and walking out of the room.

Jen and Sara were back at the room when I got there and we traded storied of what we’d got up to. Jen told me off for jumping the guy but she wasn’t really surprised. Both Jen and Sara had made their target cum and in return she’d got each of them off (mostly eating Jen and mostly fingering Sara, but she had also used the dental dam and lapped at Sara’s ass a few times). The three of us showered together and freshened up before Sara headed off as she had to finish packing and get ready to head home for Christmas but she said she’d give us a call later on once she was free. Jen and I took the opportunity to wander around and enjoy the Christmas arrangements in the shops (as it was only the start of December it wasn’t really Christmassy, but was still nice). I had decided to break with our usual rule of only cumming once (or only having one session at the start of the morning) on the day of the sex party and I really wanted to have a little time to enjoy Emily’s sweet nectar (she tastes so good that this is an apt description). I texted her as Jen and I sat having lunch and arranged to go round and see her at 2. Jen couldn’t decide whether or not she wanted to come, as even though she agreed with me (and everyone) that Emily tasted wonderful, Jen felt that it was like cheating on Sara. I assured her that Sara was fine with it (or at least that she said she was fine with it) and pointed out that if Mike had been with us, even though he loved Sara deeply (and she is quite special to him as she allowed him to take her heterosexual virginity), that he wouldn’t turn down a chance to bury his face between Emily’s legs. Jen pointed out that Mike wouldn’t turn down a chance to bury his face between any girl’s legs but I defended him and said that wasn’t fair – Mike has a strong preference for a particular type of girl (cute, younger than him and small – although the latter isn’t essential – and as a bonus, Asian). We discussed his other preferences – how he loves beautiful legs, shaved, or at least trimmed pussies, long hair and how he doesn’t care too much about breasts and I realised (not for the first time) how similar my tastes in girls are to his. Jen’s tastes don’t match up as strongly – she enjoyed doing things with the older women in the hotel more than I did and she is certainly far more breast focussed than Mike is. I then moved the conversation back round to Emily and Jen caved and said she would join me, at which point I told her she didn’t have to as if she was present it would mean I’d only get half as much time with Emily’s pussy (so she slapped me).

We made our way to Emily’s place and greeted her effusively. Emily knew full well why we were there but I told her how much I’d missed the taste of her juices and asked if I could spend an hour exploring her pussy before we got to the party and guys ruined it by cumming in it. Emily faked exasperation about people always wanting to go down on her (which isn’t quite a first world problem, but is certainly in the same class). I told her that in return she could do anything she wanted to either Jen or me. By this point of the conversation we were already up in Emily’s room and I was starting to undress her but she kept playing hard to get and said that she might not want to do anything with us. As I slid her panties down I flicked my tongue over her pussy and said that was fine and we’d just do things to her if she wanted. When she stepped out of her panties I didn’t let her put her legs back together and licked at her pussy more, then led her over to the bed and bent her forwards over it, spread her cheeks and offered her to Jen who knelt and ate Em from behind while I quickly undressed. As Jen and I ate Emily in various positions, we kept up the conversation with Emily trying to decide whether or not she was going to let us do anything to her and even after she cum for the first time she was saying that she wasn’t sure she was in the mood to do anything given we had the party later on.

As she was still ‘undecided’ we played along and kept trying to convince her, with Jen spending a while kitty kissing Em as I kissed her and we chatted. Em started fondling my pussy and I asked if that meant she was ready to play properly and promptly climbed up over her face. Em pulled my pussy to her mouth and went to work on me, causing Jen to complain that it wasn’t fair so I told her that as much as I loved Emily’s tongue, I’d happily swap places with her. Jen said she just wanted a couple more minutes with Emily’s pussy so I just enjoyed being licked and fingered until Jen wanted to swap. I gave Jen a big kiss to taste Em’s juices and then kissed Em to taste my own juices from her face. I helped Jen get in to position and then moved back down between Emily’s legs. I spent a while gently teasing her lips and occasionally brushing over her ass (having dated Sara, Emily was very used to ass play). As Jen mewed her way to another orgasm I made sure I got Emily off and after briefly kitty kissing her I climbed up onto the bed and pull Emily around so I could scissor with her. Em said she couldn’t cum again so quickly and as we had the party later on I decided not to push her (I’m more than confident that we could have made her cum) and just ground my cunt against hers while she toyed with my clit. I told her the idea was I wanted to have her juices covering my cunt so I’d taste as good as she did and as my orgasm approached I told her I wished she could squirt over and into me, filling my cunt and covering my body with her juices. As nice as this image was, sadly Emily isn’t a squirter (and rarely even gets dripping wet) so I had to content myself with just a coating of her juices.

With our session over, Jen and I headed back to the hotel and called Clare and Giles, offering to take them out to dinner to celebrate their engagement. They told us we didn’t have to do that but accepted the offer and we headed off to a nice oriental restaurant and ate while chatting about their plans (they didn’t have may definite plans but we were told that we would be invited to the wedding). I felt it was only fair to warn them that if we (and others from the sex party) were present, that someone would almost certainly try to fuck them unless they set down clear guidelines. Giles said he didn’t mind too much if Clare was fucked – as long as it was with one of the girls and she punched him. I teased Clare and said I’d be happy to eat her as Giles fucked her but that Sara would be the obvious choice to join the two of them – and then suggested that we could just get everyone from the party to fuck Clare in the middle of the dinner up on the head table. Clare said that she wasn’t sure her parents would approve of that so I nobly offered to take her place - but apparently that wouldn’t have made things much better and the conversation returned to more a realistic one.

We headed straight to the party afterwards – this time I hadn’t put on my schoolgirl outfit (as I’ve said before, I felt I was getting a little old to wear it – apart from with Mike, Jen and Sue of course – and I knew I couldn’t compete with Kiyomi or Miyako in cuteness when they wore their outfits. We weren’t the first to arrive and I was pleased to see Laura had come back (which we hadn’t been expecting). Sara was also already there and gave us a wave from between Kiyomi’s legs which impressed me as while both Kiyomi and Miyako will do things with girls (and each other), they generally need to have had a few drinks beforehand. Kiyomi was whimpering and biting her finger and I really wanted to dive in and help out but thought I should let Sara enjoy her prize so I wandered upstairs to see who else was present and find someone to pounce on. I was in luch as Craig and Caroline were just beginning to make out (she was already topless and he was grinding against her crotch, but they hadn’t started actually fucking). I asked if I could join in and Craig pulled me towards them so I leant down and kissed him, then kissed Caroline. As with the Japanese girls, Caroline usually takes a few drinks to loosen up before she plays with girls, so her kiss was a bit more tentative but she did at least kiss me back. I lay down beside her and encouraged Craig to keep playing with her, reaching between them to stroke the bulge in his trousers, fondle her breasts and reach down to stroke her panties. Craig kissed me as well and my top soon disappeared. Craig’s fingers found their way into my panties so I worked mine into Caroline’s, stroking up and down the length of her pussy and smearing her juices over her clit. I whispered to her that she felt very wet and asked if she wanted Craig’s cock inside her. She said yes  so I helped him unzip his trousers and free his cock, then pulled her panties to the side and helped guide him in to her. She gasped as he plunged into her and I circled my fingers around her clit as they fucked. Caroline reached over to my crotch and easily gained access to my slit (as usual I didn’t have panties on) but I didn’t intend on letting her have all the fun so asked Craig if I could have her for just a moment. He pulled out and I quickly enveloped his cock in my mouth, sucking it clean of Caroline’s juices, then asked him to slide back into her before moving out of the way. I pulled Caroline’s panties off and buried my face between her legs while reaching back to finger myself and Craig got the idea, moved around behind me and pushed in to me. I pointed out to Caroline that I was swallowing her juices while Craig was fucking her juices into my cunt but didn’t stay in that position for too long as I thought it would be rude to steal Craig’s cock away from her.

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